20 Spectacular Boys Bathroom Ideas That’ll Inspire You

Designing a bathing space for your kids is a great option yet challenging. When decorating theirs, here are some terrific boys bathroom ideas you should consider.

If you have younger boys, create one of these fun and cool bathrooms for them. Moreover, the bathing space will allow them to host their male cousins.

Speaking of bathroom habits, little boys are difficult to teach. Although you make simple rules, they may not clean the messes up.

Some days, your bathing space can look like a zoo. However, there are ways to keep theirs clean while maintaining their privacy.

Below are bathrooms that feature wonderful decors. They will definitely encourage you to build one for your beloved boys. Without further ado, let’s check out these amazing pictures.

1. Boy Bathroom Wall Decor

boys bathroom ideas

Talking about boys bathroom ideas, you should try this design. Here, the homeowner refaced the old wooden vanity with vibrant green new doors. They lend the space a fun, playful look instantly.

This shared bathroom boasts double vanity. The vanities keep your little boys from fighting, yelling, or creating clutter. Furthermore, with the units, they won’t right next to one another.

The step stools let the little boys have safe and easy access to the white sinks. Meanwhile, framed artworks and sunburst mirrors adorn the wall. They inject pops of color into the scene and develop a cohesive look.

2. Nautical Themed Boys Bathroom Ideas

boys bathroom sets

Speaking of boys bathroom ideas, you do not have to go overboard. Here, the toilet wastes bin, cabinets, and floor tiles wear different blue shades. They prevent the bathing space from being flat.

You could stencil the cabinet doors. Another option is painting something by hand.

Furthermore, we recommend using the pattern of navy signal flags. For a simple look, create a few anchors or fish shapes on the cabinets’ face.

The metal towel bar holds personalized towels. Meanwhile, the built-in shelves nicely accommodate the folded ones. Lastly, the vanity top infuses a vivid splash of color into the bathroom.

3. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Arrow Wall Shelf

baby boy bathroom decor

Looking for boys bathroom decor ideas? If yes, apply the design of this bathing space. The red arrow-shaped shelf keeps both clean towels and toilet papers in place. It spices the interior up as well.

Moreover, this clean bathroom boasts a kid-friendly sink. The white basket houses the homeowner’s little boy’s bath toys. Meanwhile, the colorful stripes are both exciting, fun, and stimulating.

Soap dispenser and clock wear blue which is an amazing boys color. Vibrant toys stand out against a stark white backdrop. The beige bathroom curtain maintains privacy while tying the whole interior together.

4. Boys Bathroom with Funky Wallpaper

boy bathroom icon

This is one of the marvelous boys bathroom ideas. The built-in marble shelves look glamorous and lovely all at once. However, they do not match perfectly with the wallpaper’s adorableness.

Moreover, the wallpaper itself spruces the wall up. It reinsures the bathing space with fun, too. The colorful piece on the toilet tank brings visual interest and vibrancy to the bathroom.

The porthole mirror lends the interior dimension. Meanwhile, the modern white sink keeps the space feeling clean and airy. It also strikingly contrasts with the black backsplash tiles. What a catchy and stunning bathroom!

5. Boys/Guest Bathroom Ideas with Penny Mosaic Tiles

boy in bathroom clipart

As you see, this bathroom is stylish, clean, and bright. White door, toilet, vanity, and tiles open the space up. The wall lamps elegantly emphasize the silver-framed rectangular mirror.

The vanity comes with drawers. They accommodate extra towels, soaps, toothbrushes, and bath toys. Metallic drawer knobs look terrific against the white backdrop and produce a cohesive feel.

Using hexagon penny mosaic tiles is always a brilliant option. They contrast amazingly with white subway tiled walls. Striped towels carve a playful look, while metal towel bars keep them off the floor.

6. Kid Bathroom Wall Decor

bathroom boy joke gossip girl

We really admire this classic kids’ bathroom. The orange-painted walls are a fabulous contrast to monochrome floor tiles and white appliances.

Meanwhile, a marble vanity top imbues the bathing space with a sumptuous atmosphere.

The step stools allow little boys to reach the toothbrushes, sinks, and soap. Stainless steel towel holder keeps the bathroom organized. Black vanity injects drama as well as depth into the interior.

Moreover, the double vanity prevents your kids from making clutter or fighting. While the wall sconces and mirrors provide visual symmetry.

Lastly, rubber duck, colorful curtain, and animal-themed artworks generate playful vibes.

7. Superhero Themed Boys Bathroom Ideas

kids bathroom ideas

As you see, this boy’s bathroom is not only colorful but also fun and inviting. The yellow walls freshen the space up. Meanwhile, the English telephone box door looks unusual. It is really attractive to children, too.

Moreover, the pow shower curtain infuses a blast of colors into the bathroom. It also ties the whole space together and offers privacy at once. The metal towel bar holds blue and red towels.

The homeowner hung the towel bar at her kid’s level. That’s why he does not need to reach his towels. Meanwhile, the superhero-themed kid bathroom wall signs remind the little boy to do daily routines.

8. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Graffiti

kids bathroom accessories

Your kid’s powder room has a small amount of sunlight. Why not spruce it up with some cool graffiti?

Integrating the decor into dark space is an awesome option. The foundation itself lets blue, purple, and yellow pop effortlessly.

Furthermore, the large basin sink is a lovely contrast to the black wall. It also lends this loft powder room comfort as well as function. Additionally, the unit keeps the space looking clean.

The toilet paper holder keeps the boy’s powder room messes at bay. Meanwhile, the lighting emphasizes the fantastic graffiti. Lastly, the wall hanging makes the space unique and develops a unified look.

9. Blue and White Boys Bathroom Ideas

kids bathroom signs

Searching for impressive boys bathroom ideas? If yes, we suggest trying this idea. The bathtub in this bathing space is quite large. No surprise, both children and adults love the area.

Moreover, the wooden bathtub caddy lets you store towels, shampoo, and soap. The homeowner painted the walls muted blue. Not only do they jazz up the remodeled bathroom, but also exhibit a serene vibe.

White cabinets ensure wonderful, reachable storage for his toothbrushes, towels, and toys. This allows the little boy to declutter his bathroom. Meanwhile, the black-framed works of art convey cohesiveness.

10. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Nautical Accents

kids bathroom mirror

When thinking of boys bathroom ideas, you can’t go wrong with a nautical theme. It perfectly adorns these kids’ bathing space. Crisp white vanity and walls impart an airy ambiance quickly.

The windows allow for great ventilation and lots of sunlight while maintaining privacy. Meanwhile, the white step stool lets your boys access their things with ease. Two round mirrors expand the bathroom visually.

Moreover, navy blue rugs top the pale gray floor. Double vanity keeps the kids separated.

It also has large counter space for a toy bucket, colorful cubic, and soap. Red towels brighten up the bathroom, while wall sconces tie the space together.

11. Modern Boys Bathroom Ideas

kids bathroom rugs

This bathroom features large tiles and small mosaic. They come in gray and blue. Those cool boy’s colors tastefully complement each other. Meanwhile, the fun saying over the toilet decorates the blank wall.

The double vanity allows your little ones to use the same bathroom without creating chaos.

Furthermore, the wooden drawers come with tiny metal knobs. They provide proper storage for your kids’ toys, bath products, and towels.

Metal towel hooks on the gray shower wall let small boys hang their towels. The extra-wide mirror makes the kid’s bathroom seem bigger. Two metallic wall sconces lend the space an industrial charm and a masculine feel.

12. Kid Bathroom Wall Hanging

kids bathroom tiles

Searching for fabulous boys bathroom ideas? If so, don’t hesitate to steal this look. The round mirrors with nautical ropes hang over the sink. Two pendant lamps give the space a relaxing glow at night.

The large sink with two faucets is a wonderful addition to the small boys bathroom. Meanwhile, the distressed wood vanity features an open shelf and drawers. Hexagon mosaic tiles draw the eye.

Framed wall hanging and orange towel gussy the bathroom up. Wicker baskets on the shelf let little boys know where their toys go. Lastly, the real plant infuses an organic element into the scene.

13. Boys Bathroom Ideas for Teenage Kids

bathroom design tool

This teenage boy’s bathroom looks like a blend of vintage and modern design. White appliances and tiles keep the interior feeling clean. The metal rack under the pedestal sink holds toilet papers.

The wall art and curtain make your teenage boy feel like he is in his favorite barbershop. A rustic chair allows him to read a magazine comfortably.

Black tiles and towels inject drama into this bathroom. The metal towel bar and hat add a masculine touch to the interior. Meanwhile, houseplants in the small pots enliven the space.

14. Submarine Themed Boys Bathroom Ideas

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Wallpaper is not your thing. Why not cover the boy’s bathroom walls with colorful mosaic tiles? Here, they do not only instill a playful ambiance but also transport him to the submarine.

The white tub lets your little boy rest and relax. Meanwhile, the gold bath caddy keeps his toys, shampoo, and soap close at hand.

Pedestal sink pairs with the oval mirror very well. Lastly, the door and ceiling light lend a rustic feel to the boy’s bathroom.

15. Cottage Bathroom Ideas for Little Boys

bathroom designs for small bathrooms

The kids’ bathroom features stark white beadboard wainscoting, chair rail, and taupe walls. They imbue it with a timeless cottage appeal. Meanwhile, the chunky mirror makes the bathing space seem bigger.

Children’s artworks, special quotes, choral pieces, and towels set a fun ambiance.

The striped curtain evokes playfulness without making the bathroom feel too childish. Double vanity keeps your kids from fighting over the sink space.

16. Family/Boys Bathroom Ideas with Square Tiles

bathroom design ideas 2020

This family bathroom employs aqua square cube tiles. They generate a fresh look instantly. Meanwhile, the old school sink comes with two sinks. It makes space a true showstopper.

The mirror cabinets enlarge the space and boast extra storage. While the gray curtain ensures that little boys have privacy.

Freestanding shelving unit accommodates toilet papers, towels, and toys, while wall hanging unifies the bathroom.

17. Boys Bathroom Ideas with Rope Towel Rack

bathroom design and remodel near me

As you see, this boy’s bathroom features a porthole mirror cabinet for stowing medicines. White pedestal sink and walls develop an airy feeling.

Meanwhile, the sky blue beadboard wainscoting prevents the space from being bare.

The red towel holder is simple yet unique. It keeps your little boy’s towels off the floor. Window shutters bring a little daylight into space. Lastly, nautical wall sconces illuminate this child’s bathroom after dark.

18. Basement Boys Bathroom Ideas

bathroom design acnh

If you have limited space, we recommend creating a teenage kid’s bathroom in your basement. The manhole tile and black/yellow street tiles will definitely make it more appealing.

Furthermore, the shower boasts black, yellow, and red tiles. They represent the traffic light. The accent wall and vanity top liven the space up, while open shelves hold teen kid’s toys.

19. Boy’s Bathroom with Animal Decals

bathroom design apps for iphone

What’s not to adore about this boy’s bathroom? It boasts single vanity with a marble top, light color scheme, and eye-catching floor. The animal silhouette wall decals infuse a fun touch into the scene.

The towel bar and vanity provide appropriate storage for towels as well as bath essentials. Yellow accents set happy vibes.

Also, the medicine cabinet comes with a mirror. Lastly, the houseplant is a splendid addition to this kid’s bathroom.

20. Baby Boy’s Bathroom Ideas

create a bathroom design

This is one of the magnificent boys bathroom ideas. The neutral canvas lets space grow with the child. The simple fixtures match any ornaments.

Moreover, the curtain lends the baby boy’s bathroom pops of color. It maintains his privacy while he’s in the tub, too. Glass shelving unit houses clean towels and bath essentials.

Those boys bathroom ideas certainly made your day. Use any of them to assist you to create a cool and fun retreat for children. Pick the design that completely suits the kid’s liking and matches the existing decor.

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