23 Bathroom Window Ideas To Make It More Eye-Catching

Windows are a vital architectural element of any bathroom. They allow in the fresh air and natural light. Moreover, they give the bathing space style. To get inspired, scroll through these remarkable bathroom window ideas.

Here, there is a broad selection of windows, from single hung to casement. You also will learn how to dress up your windows to make them more appealing.

1. Bathroom Window Design

Creams and whites come together in this bathroom. Those neutrals exhibit a relaxation vibe in a split second.

The black casement window adds high contrast to the space. A white freestanding soaking tub is adjacent to it. Therefore, the homeowner can admire the outside view.

2. Bathroom Windows in Shower

The marble subway tiles are laid on the bathroom walls in a stack bond pattern. They bring feelings of movement and luxury to the area.

A white-framed awning window sets an airy atmosphere. It lets the sunlight shine through as well. Meanwhile, built-in bench offers maximum comfort.

3. Unique Bathroom Windows

Here, opaque glass window blurs people as well as units. Raw wood blind complements the window and generates a homey scene. The artwork pops against cream backdrop.

No matter how small your windows, they deserve your attention. You can steal any of those bathroom window ideas to keep the starkness at bay. Do not hesitate to mix and match window treatments for a one-of-a-kind look.

4. Bathroom Window Treatments over Tub

The off white window shutters over tub contribute to the bathroom’s contemporary aesthetic. They also evoke a sense of security.

Black mosaic tiles deliver interesting details to the scheme. Lastly, green, navy, and white rolled towels carve a spa-like vibe.

5. Bathroom Window Coverings for Privacy

Light gray walls and distressed wood framed artworks develop a modern coastal look. Chevron ottoman accommodates bath essentials.

Moreover, white blind complements the opaque glass window. It allows sunlight to diffuse in gently while maintaining privacy.

6. Fixer Upper Bathroom Window Treatments

Lilac and white wall leads to an elegant, open powder room. Folded washcloths tie the space together. Floral artwork and potted flowers exude a feminine feel.

Two-tone patterned cafe curtain offers a classy touch. It only covers the half window. Not to mention, it ensures privacy and natural light.

7. Bathroom Shutters near Me

This powder room seems larger than it is, thanks to the white color palette. Marble tiles assert a sense of opulence.

White vinyl shutter adorns the window and produces a clean setting. Moreover, it promises an amazing light control.

8. Bathroom Window Placement

Here, the positioning of black-framed windows contributes to the bathroom’s symmetrical balance. Those units permit the sunlight to shine through too.

Black Arabesque floor tiles and wall sconces inject the space with a traditional flair. Lastly, a gold carved mirror promotes a lavish scene.

9. Bathroom Transom Window

This contemporary bathroom employs white framed transom windows. Gray and white Roman shades make them fit in with the overall decor.

A freestanding tub and fittings lend the space an air of elegance. The wallpaper creates a gorgeous statement.

10. Bathroom Windows Frosted Glass

Soft tones deliver a tranquil ambiance to the bathing space. Frosted glass window provides privacy while letting the sunlight pass through. Meanwhile, wall sconces and gold fittings infuse glamour into the area.

11. Bathroom Window Types

The drop-in tub generates a cozy feel. Black framed picture windows allow you to enjoy the mesmerizing outdoor views. They also exhibit a sunny atmosphere and breezy ambiance at once.

12. Arched Windows Photo Gallery

This bathroom boasts a calm bath and shower areas. The arched windows add a focal point to the space. They stamp the Mediterranean style as well as bring in an abundance of sunlight.

13. Wayfair Bathroom Window Curtains

Brown bathroom walls set a homey environment. The windows are delightfully finished with burlap cafe curtains from Wayfair. Raw wood stool and ladder shelf raise the rustic vibe, while a star pendant light draws the eye upward.

14. Bathroom Blinds IKEA


A clawfoot tub looks enchanting against lilac backdrop. The two-tone striped blind covers the lower portion of the bathroom window. It helps the space get sunlight without sacrificing homeowner’s privacy.

15. Modern Bathroom Window Treatment


White marble tiles with light gray veins elicit a feeling of class. The mountain-inspired roller blinds represent modern bathroom aesthetic and steal the show. Gold details develop a sumptuous setting.

16. High Bathroom Windows


Varying shades of gray are used throughout the bathroom to calm the senses. High window shutters allow in sunlight and protect the homeowner from prying eyes. A shapely mirror titivates the area.

17. Bathroom Window Curtains


The off-white curtains convey the feelings of elegance and tranquility. They block out irritating sun’s rays too. Windows bridge indoor and outdoor areas, while wooden floor lends the bathing space unparalleled warmth.

18. Bathroom Window Glass Design


Wood-look natural stone tiles elicit coziness. Meanwhile, pendant light is a head-turning piece. A pink rectangle stool adds a punch of color to the room.

Square and rectangular-shaped glass windows are perfect to accommodate the white freestanding tub. They also bring jaw-dropping view and sunlight inside.

19. Small Bathroom Window Ideas


The subdued tones ooze a sense of serenity. Gold and silvery details infuse a glamorous air into the bathroom.

Furthermore, white arched window lends the area a visual interest. Since it is stained, it adds texture and pops of color to the scene.

20. Rustic Window Treatments for Large Windows

Pure and off whites keep the bathroom feel light as well as inviting. The wooden ladder shelf and stool rival metallic elements. Burlap shades do not just embellish the large windows, but also deliver a rustic vibe.

21. Bathroom Window Ideas Small Bathrooms

This tiny bathing space appears brighter and bigger because of white color scheme. Black double-hung windows maximize natural light and outside views. Patterned floor tiles catch the eye, while potted plant livens up the room.

22. Waterproof Bathroom Window Curtains

Marble floor and walls carry splendor to the bathroom. The opaque window film is an easy way to get instant privacy. Waterproof Roman shade exudes a feeling of softness in no time.

23. How to Dress a Small Bathroom Window

The white color palette makes this tiny bathroom appear larger than it is. Floral wallpaper creates a classic appeal.

The orange-and-white Roman shade is not just visually pleasing, but also provides privacy whenever needed. Faux potted plants lend color to the zone.


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