20 Living Room Layout Ideas You Need to Know

The living room serves many roles. It is a place where you have a conversation with your family and entertain guests. This area probably doubles as playroom and home office. That’s the reason you must master living room layout.

At first glance, arranging furniture seems like an intimidating affair. No, it is not. I’m sharing brilliant ideas to help you determine the placement of furniture pieces.

1. Open Living Room Layout

This open-air living room allows you to see panoramic view while talking with your friends. Gray and white furniture units are placed on polished stone tiles.

Move to the dining area, long table and wavy armless chairs look amazing on wood laminate floor. Neutral space scheme develops a unified feel.

2. Living Room Layout Planner

As a planner, you definitely love the furniture configuration in this lounge. Upholstered armchair and sofa offer simple yet ultra-comfy seating.

White walls and glass windows keep the indoor space bright. Lastly, multi-toned rug beneath wooden coffee table ties the room together.

3. Living Room Furniture Arrangement Examples

As you can see, the coffee table is positioned in the middle of the monochrome armless chair and L-shaped sofa. It evokes an intimate aura.

Sand shag rug on ceramic tiles encourages your visitors to stay awhile. Abstract wall art acts as a focal point.

4. Rectangular Living Room Layout Ideas

The furniture arrangement in this rectangular room is obviously formal. You can easily spot two tufted sofas facing each other.

Coffee table and track lights lend the area a modern industrial flair. There is a designated zone for hosting events too. Meanwhile, rug and throws steal the show.

5. Living Room Layout with Fireplace

This sitting area looks so welcoming, thanks to the fireplace and wooden floor. Sofa chair and footstool are arranged near the fireplace.

Blanket, throw pillow, curtains, shag, and round rugs inject textural contrasts into indoor space. Bay window highlights the room’s unique bones.

6. Small Living Room Layout with TV

In this lounge room, TV is the center of attraction. The armchair, coffee table, and sofas are located in front of the TV.

Wicker, ornamental wild grass, flagstones, and river rocks bring outside in. Tray ceiling offers the illusion of depth and spaciousness.

7. Living Room Arrangement with Corner TV

The homeowner paired the tan sofa with two armchairs in the opposite corners. These furniture pieces surround glass table and two-tone rug.

TV sits on a long black console cabinet. Well, the room is not just casually glamorous, but also welcomes your relatives for a fun game night.

8. Large Living Room Layout Ideas

This large conversation area is set around a colorful painting. Meanwhile, a round coffee table is put in the middle of blue velvet sofa, chair, and stool.

A couple of pendant lights give the room a rustic appeal. Bonsai tree and yellow flowers prettify the entire space.

9. Small Living Room Layouts

Here, the tall floor lamps take the place of the living room’s side table. Sand sofa and armchair hug the walls.

Black-painted brick accent wall leads to a dramatic interior. Shag rug and stool bring more texture to the zone as well as generate a cozy ambiance.

10. Different Ways to Arrange a Sectional

If the sitting area of yours is not spacious, you must try this idea. First of all, place a tan sectional sofa in the corner of the room.

After that, complement the sofa with neutral-toned throw pillows and coral rug. Arrange a contemporary floor lamp next to the seating.

11. Help Me Arrange My Living Room Furniture

As the image shows, two sofas are located against white and gray brick walls. Along with pendant light, they introduce a contemporary appeal.

Large glass window lets lots of sunlight in. Mocha curtain continues the neutral space scheme. An area rug adds a shaggy texture to the room.

12. Living Dining Room Layout

This living room looks luxurious and inviting at the same time. Under the glass windows, you can spot taupe sofas and tufted wingback chair.

The integrated dining area is outfitted with a rectangular table and classic chairs. An ornate black mirror on the wall adorns the space.

13. Living Room Ideas with Sectionals and Fireplace

Six colors were cleverly used throughout the lounge room: white, taupe, lime green, brown, black, and gray. Flowers bring energy to the area.

Around the industrial-style fireplace, you can see a sectional sofa, chair, and rectangular ottoman. They spark up an intimate conversation.

14. How to Place Sectional in A Small Living Room

In this example, the back of the sectional sofa is positioned to the dining space. That means the homeowner has two separate areas.

Wooden floor emanates a warm ambiance. Geometric throw pillows and yellow flowers beautify the room in a flash.

15. Living Room Layout Ideas for Long Room

Since the room is long, beige sofa and armchair are arranged to hug the white walls. Wall hanging and sconces fill the bare walls.

Decorative units and lamps stand in the corners of the room. They keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

16. Spacious Living Room Size Layout

Needless to say, this living room is spacious. Due to this fact, the homeowner designated conversation area and board game zone.

Window walls let the natural light in as well as frame astonishing views. The oversized floor lamp is such an attention-grabbing addition.

17. Small Living Room Sectional Layout Ideas

Dwelling in a small apartment? This idea could be used as your inspiration. White base makes space seem larger than it is.

The ivory sectional sofa fits perfectly in the corner of the room. Light taupe shag rug delivers cozy vibes.

18. Modern Living Room Layout Ideas 2018

Modern white sofa, floor lamp, and side table are placed in front of blue statement wall. Black rug and vases contrast strikingly with white floor. Wall decal and framed artwork turn the room into an artsy escape.

19. Contemporary Living Room Pinterest

Here is a contemporary sitting area with an industrial twist. The brown sectional sofa and soft stool are nicely put in between floor lamps. Golden framed wall hanging is minimalist yet opulent.

20. Eclectic Living Room Layout

Pastel peach in this lounge acts almost like the neutral. Moreover, peach wall provides a great backdrop for eclectic sofa, floor lamp, table, and rug. Mini potted plants embellish the room in a lovely way.

Essentially, you should figure out what thing matters the most before you arrange the furniture. Plus, apply any of those living room layout ideas.

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