20 Magnificent Tuscany Living Room Ideas for You

Italy is famous for its traditions, artistic legacy, and landscapes. Moreover, it has a huge influence on design. If you want to create a Mediterranean style private oasis, take a look at our remarkable Tuscany living room ideas.

Tuscany region is the Italian Renaissance’s birthplace. It boasts great museums like the Pitti Palace.

Florence itself is one of the most significant water-color centers in the world. This city has large architecture and art concentration.

Here, we’re going to present some Tuscany-style living room interior designs. They will certainly amaze you because each picture reflects a beautiful culture.

Without further ado, let us scroll through these marvelous photos together.

1. Tuscany Living Room Sets

tuscan living room wall decor

We truly admire this Phoenix family room. As you see, it lets the homeowner’s family members relax on a nice covered patio from October to May.

They can also enjoy the jaw-dropping mountain views while being inside.

The motorized doors separate the family room from the patio. When the homeowner opens them, they tuck away instantly.

This space is perfect for watching shows together, entertaining, and unwinding. The cream yellow walls carry warmth to the room. Meanwhile, classic furniture set, chandelier, armoire, and wall sconces ooze glamor.

2. Tuscany Style Living Room with Gray Walls

tuscan living room accessories

This Tuscany living room in Silverleaf Residence employs an asymmetrical ceiling design. It makes the space more interesting than others.

Take a look at the slender and sleek furniture units. They could probably pass for vintage.

Normally, Tuscan style rooms wear warm colors. However, that’s not always the case. Here, light gray walls set a tranquil vibe. They allow patterned curtains to steal the show too.

The reclaimed wooden ceiling beams give the living room a rustic Mediterranean flavor. Fireplace produces a cozy ambiance, while black vintage chandeliers illuminate the area at night.

3. Luxury Tuscany Living Room

tuscan style living room chairs

Don’t you love this Casa Paralea living room? It boasts stunning fabrics for the sofas and chairs.

In addition, the furniture pieces and color scheme are just lovely. Meanwhile, large windows and French doors let daylight pass through.

The enclosures on either side of the fireplace are unique. They also deliver Mediterranean romance to the living room. Meanwhile, the window scarf infuses an elegant feel into the interior.

Speaking of Tuscany living room decor, you won’t go wrong with bright red and yellow. The colors warm up the area quickly. Then, use fresh flowers, houseplants, and statues to adorn the space.

4. Contemporary Tuscany Living Room

tuscan style living room decor

This living room belongs to the Beach Villa. The sectional sofa looks super comfy. Furthermore, it features ornate nailhead trim. The black metal fireplace screen offers striking details.

Moreover, brown and yellow are the dominant players in this Tuscany inspired living room. They effortlessly develop a soothing ambiance. The wooden coffee table comes with drawers that house knick-knacks.

Golden curtains and silver sunburst mirrors generate a lavish atmosphere. Two framed paintings embellish the yellow wall. They remind everyone of the beautiful Tuscan landscape, while throw pillows spice up a neutral sofa.

5. Tuscany Living Room with French Doors

tuscan living room furniture for sale

It’s safe to say that this is one of the best Tuscany inspired living rooms in Santa Barbara. The space employs arched French doors. They open to a large veranda with an amazing vista.

Yellow ceiling and walls bring the sun of the Tuscany region directly to the living room. The wooden beams, fireplace mantel, floor, and coffee table develop an outdoorsy feel.

Meanwhile, the brown-red area rug radiates warmth. The orange sofas, stools, and throw pillows also add more Tuscan flavor to the room. Painting, plants, as well as family photos, round out the look.

6. Tuscany Style Living Room with A Rustic Twist

tuscan living room paint ideas

This living room nestles at Villa Terra. The stone fireplace showcases delightful carved details. The wooden cupboard keeps the corner from being wasted. Meanwhile, unique furniture pieces make the space pretty interesting.

Furthermore, dark brown leather armchairs and coffee tables deliver a masculine feel to the living room. The yellow patterned curtains soften the look. They lend beauty and elegance to space too.

Wooden ceiling and beams warm up the area. Weathered metal decorative items and floor lamp imbue the living room with a rustic charm. Two black wall sconces provide relaxing illumination.

7. Inviting Tuscany Living Room

tuscan style living room paint colors

Without a doubt, this is one of the most enchanting Tuscany living rooms in Carmel by the sea, California. We particularly love the warm colors as well as the style. The space is very welcoming and homey.

The yellow and light brown sofas face each other. They ooze elegance without making the living room feeling too stuffy. Meanwhile, red armchairs, stools, and patterned throw pillows carve a bold statement.

Natural stone fireplace and limestone floor transform the room into a Tuscany style retreat. The French and arched windows bring in the breathtaking scenery. Light fixtures give off a glamorous look.

8. Tuscany Style Living Room with A Vaulted Ceiling

tuscany living

This living room undoubtedly represents the Tuscany style. Take a look at the terrific ceiling treatment. It lends a unique feel to the interior, while white walls quickly assert a sense of openness.

Brown sofas send out a snuggly atmosphere. The wooden coffee table allows the multicolored area rug to draw attention.

Bench by the window creates extra seating space, while patterned throw pillows gussy it up.

The terracotta floor and stone fireplace complement each other. Meanwhile, the round metal chandelier contrasts against the white vaulted ceiling.

Mirror, wood sideboards, windows, and candle holders generate a classic, elegant appearance.

9. Tuscany Living Room with Italian Products

tuscan home design plan

We adore this Tuscany style of living space. It boasts Italian products throughout the room’s structure. Meanwhile, the charm and character nicely wrap the space from the ceiling to the floor.

Stone accent wall, sandstone floor, and wooden ceiling beams bring the outside in. The arched windows offer marvelous outdoor views. Side tables, a golden vase, and lamps fill the space with a luxurious ambiance.

Moreover, the living room features curved back furniture units. They assist visualize in an inviting and cozy home.

10. Tuscany Inspired Sunken Living Room

modern tuscan home design

This stepped down living room belongs to the retreat home at Lake Keowee. It showcases a vaulted ceiling and wooden beams. In no time, they exhibit a comfortable atmosphere.

Stone fireplace, wood floor, and pillars celebrate nature’s beauty. Meanwhile, wall sconces and chandeliers add a touch of Mediterranean glamor to the interior. They light up the family room after dark too.

Furthermore, the furniture pieces sport orange, yellow, and brown. Those colors keep the room feeling snuggly.

Lastly, throw pillows come in different sizes and shades. They effortlessly generate a cohesive appearance.

11. San Fransisco Tuscany Living Room

tuscan villa home designs

We really like the large yet comfy Tuscany style living room furniture here. The gorgeous scenery painting and black sconces fill the walls. Wooden elements carry timeless charm and warmth to space.

The orange sofa, brown leather armchairs, and yellow curtains inject Tuscan vibes into the interior.

Gray upholstered stools and cream walls tone bright colors down. Wood-framed doors are gracefully open to a spacious veranda.

Furthermore, the area rug and sofa chairs lend the living room impressive details. The slim coffee table prevents the space from looking heavy.

Meanwhile, rustic chandeliers and floor lamps provide appropriate lighting.

12. Tuscany Living Room with Arched Ceiling

tuscan home designs

As you see, this living room features yellow walls. They brighten up the interior while making it look tranquil. The sandstone floor, houseplant, and natural stone fireplace deliver a touch of nature to the whole area.

The arched ceiling wears a darker color compared to the ceiling or walls. It instantly gives the living room visual depth. Brown sofas ooze comfort in a flash. Meanwhile, red armchairs capture the Tuscany region’s warmth.

Mirror and wall hangings titivate the living room. The ceiling fan infuses a vintage touch into space. The blue round ottoman coffee table conveys togetherness, while curtains tie the interior together.

13. Tuscany Traditional Living Room

tuscan home plan

Obsessed with traditional style? If so, this is one of Tuscany’s living room ideas to try. The fireplace sports metal scrollwork. It quickly imparts a cozy ambiance and a glamorous atmosphere at once.

The sofa, rug, armchair, and walls wear varying yellow shades. They develop a unified look. Moreover, bookcases, tables, and floor display earth tones. Thanks to them, the living room seems homey as well as gorgeous.

Graystone pillars contrast with yellow walls delightfully. The indoor plants breathe life into the room. Wall sconces produce a relaxing effect. Meanwhile, arches offer Mediterranean grandeur.

14. Tuscany Living Room with Black Ceiling Beams

what is tuscan home design

Speaking of Tuscany living room ideas, you should pick the color palette that doesn’t confuse the eyes. In this case, the combination is sort of related to each other. It is also snuggly, soft, and inviting.

No Tuscany inspired living room is complete without traditional materials. Here, space features a tufted leather stool, wood floor, and natural stone fireplace. The vivid painting perks up the interior.

The homeowner painted his ceiling and walls yellow. Black wooden beams are definitely a high contrast to them. Light brown curtains, striped sofa chair, and orange throw pillows exude a homey feeling.

15. Tuscany Living Room with Clerestory Windows

luxury tuscan home designs

This Tuscany style living room is both wonderful and warm. The color scheme may be basic, but it does go a long way. Moreover, the ceiling and walls wear the same hue. Simplicity makes the interior look so charming.

The floral sofa and striped armchairs add comfort to the interior. Meanwhile, the round side table represents togetherness. Throw pillows cozy up the living room, while indoor plants instantly enliven the area.

Clerestory windows and folding doors infuse a modern vibe into the Tuscany living room. They enhance the space, while tall orange curtains warm up the interior.

16. Tuscany Style Living Room with Blue Accents

tuscan home style

Needless to say, this Tuscany inspired living room is truly breathtaking. The off white walls exude an airy ambiance.

They also keep the space from looking too stark. Wooden cupboard and ceiling beams give off a timeless appeal.

The large sectional sofa and oval coffee table lend a modern flair to the living room.

Windows and glass doors bring sunlight indoors. Meanwhile, blue accents make the space more lively. They also carve Mediterranean summer vibes.

17. Tuscany Living Room with Gold Hints

tuscan room designs

This living room makes use of natural materials. It boasts a sandstone floor, wood ceiling beams, and a rugged stone arch. They bring different outdoor elements inside.

The cream yellow walls allow luxury curtains to steal the show. Meanwhile, the dark-toned wood shelves hold family mementos.

Moreover, the tables provide intricate yet incredible details. The sofa and chair fill the area with warm colors. A black metal chandelier catches the eye. Windows as well as doors make the room feel sunny.

18. Tuscany Living Room with Coffered Ceiling

tuscan rooms bagni di lucca

Here, the living room features a dark wood floor. It does not only let the gray area rug stand out, but also generates a Tuscan feel. The sofas, stools, and coffee table infuse a modern appeal into the interior.

Moreover, the ceiling, walls, and curtains wear the same color. They elicit a sense of spaciousness as well. The arches lend unmatched grandeur to the room.

Furthermore, the coffered ceiling adorns the living room and produces a classic flair. Flowers, plants, and throw pillows complete the scene.

19. Tuscany Farmhouse Living Room

tuscany living room decor

This living room has yellow walls and light brown sofas. They give off a comfortable ambiance quickly. Moreover, the farmhouse antiques carry charm and personality to space.

Natural jute rug, rattan planter, stone fireplace, and wood floor offer a strong Tuscan flavor. Meanwhile, open shelves display pictures, small jugs, and colorful books.

20. Tuscany Living Room with Brick Ceiling

tuscan living room furniture collection

Pure white walls generate a fresh look. They make this living room feel bigger too. The gray sofa and bookshelf carry a modern vibe to the interior. Meanwhile, the crystal chandelier effortlessly oozes glamor and elegance.

Furthermore, this living room employs a rough stone floor, reclaimed wood floating shelf, and brick ceiling. They bring a rustic appeal to space. Simple coffee table and armchairs keep the area from looking stuffy.

In short, Italy has a wonderful artistic heritage. It boasts palaces, piazzas, and museums. With our Tuscany living room ideas, you can bring small trimmings of their popular culture to your home.

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