31 Chic Family Room Ideas with TV for Every Home Style

A list of family room ideas with TV can give you adequate inspiration on how to decorate your space with this entertainment equipment.

With more than 30 ideas, this article will show you a lot of different ways to arrange your family room with a TV.

1. In the Corner of a Living Area

If you cannot afford a dedicated TV room, consider placing it in the corner of your living area. With proper adjustments, this idea will be a perfect solution for sure.

Instead of a bulky TV table, you can go with a homemade wooden stand as shown in this picture. This will save more floor space and add some character to the room.

2. Earthy Tones

Let’s continue with these family room ideas with TV that have a warm and cozy décor. The earthy tones used throughout the space create a warm feeling.

Meanwhile, the fireplace and the television are on separate sides of the room, offering different design functions. Rather than a traditional coffee table, the center point of this family room is a classy billiard table.

3. Timeless Color Palette

A combination of gray and white always makes up a timeless look in any part of the house. Your family room is no exception.

With a timeless color scheme, this family room features three televisions that are mounted on the wooden panel.

The TV panel is between the two jerseys of the homeowner’s favorite football team. A few personal items are also there in the open-shelving units.

4. Family Room Ideas with TV and Fireplace

Your TV and fireplace do not always need to be next to each other to create a harmonious look. You can have the fireplace on one wall and let the television sit on the available storage unit just like this one.

In addition to the leather upholstered sofas, this family room features a beige accent chair located next to the fireplace.

This arrangement creates a comfy nook for you to watch the TV while enjoying the warm fire closely.

5. Wooden Panel for an Accent

Walls in this family room have two different textures and colors. It has a wall-to-wall wooden accent on one side while the rest comes up with an all-white design.

Thanks to the spacious wooden panel, this room can have a pair of TVs that matches the length of the couch.

The entertainment center below the TVs is long enough to suit the arrangement. Then, an extended coffee table has complemented the interior of this room.

6. A Family Room with a View

Outdoor family room ideas with TV are pretty popular nowadays since these allow you to enjoy the comforting breeze and nature while gathering with others.

However, if you cannot go with such an idea, bringing a touch of the outdoors in must be sufficient. This charming family room has the view of nature thanks to the several wide windows.

Steal this look by positioning your TV as the central point of the room and surround its panel with floor-to-ceiling windows.

7. Bright and Natural

With a floor-to-ceiling glass wall on one side of the room, this living area receives adequate natural light to appear bright all day. The all-white color scheme makes the space even brighter and airier.

The wall-mounted TV serves as a focal point in this modern design. Placed against the wooden-finish accent wall, this item creates a contrasting appeal when turned off.

8. Next to Each Other

A fireplace and TV are something you should not miss in a family room. Wherever you place these two items, they will be both functional and decorative in your living area.

Due to the size, the TV sits on a dedicated furniture piece next to the accent wall rather than mounted over the mantle of the fireplace.

9. Small Family Room Ideas with a TV

Even with limited space, you can create an inviting family room with a TV and fireplace. Stack these two items on one wall and position the seating area to surround them.

To save some space, the seating area in this family room combines an L-shaped sofa with a pair of compact armchairs.

The round end table at the corner provides additional floor space to make you move easily within the seating area.

10. Over the Fireplace

This wooden mantle houses a television and a pair of matching houseplants. Against the white shiplap walls, the TV matches the dark tone of the modern fireplace when switched off.

Next to them are single clover paintings that fit the simplicity of this farmhouse-style living room. Complementing the design and function of the space are the gray sectional sofa and the individual armchair.

11. Stunning TV Room and Office Combo Ideas

A TV room and workplace combo is getting more popular nowadays. This design matches the needs of many urban dwellers that do not have much space for a dedicated home office.

Get a wall-to-wall bookcase just like this one and use the center to house your TV. Then, you can turn the space at the window into a reading nook by incorporating a cozy chair.

12. Minimalistic Charm

In family room ideas with TV that applies a minimal design, this entertainment center may be the few items utilized in the space.

While the fireplace and TV do not have to pull the room together, you can still stack them on one wall if the space allows.

These two items share the role as a focal point of the room with the full-sized artwork behind the beige couch.

13. Chic Curved Sofas

There is a TV mounted on the wall that houses a modern-looking fireplace in this family room. Completing this focal point is the floor-to-ceiling cabinetry unit that is placed on either side.

A light beige curved sofa wraps around the round coffee table, offering a chic and more inviting look. Meanwhile, the added individual chair beside the fireplace allows you to get closer to the source of warmth in this room.

14. Harmonious Look

If you need family room ideas with TV for your modern home, this one should be on the top list. The light gray walls and white ceilings give the furniture pieces a chance to stand out.

A glass-top honeycomb coffee table is between the matching mid-century modern couches. The tones of the throw pillows reflect the rug beneath the seating area.

15. Different Design Purpose

There is no rule to position your fireplace and TV in the family room. Although most homeowners prefer to place them close to each other, you can do otherwise.

Instead of a TV, the space over this room’s fireplace is used to display a painting. Meanwhile, the TV sits on the white cabinet across the seating area.

Placing these two items to stand on their own allows them to serve different design purposes in this family room.

16. Wooden Fair

Everything looks just right in this charming family room. The TV is mounted over the fireplace on a concrete accent wall and becomes the focal point of the space.

Meanwhile, the ceiling and one side of the wall display the rich beauty of stained wood.

17. TV Table with Storage

Many family room ideas with TV feature storage units and this one is no exception. It comes with closed cabinetry on each side for storing everything securely.

There are also some drawers under the TV that can house your entertainment center. Meanwhile, the upper cabinetry makes it possible to display simple decorations.

18. Rich of Pattern

This living room has everything needed to be a cozy space for every family member to spend their spare time together.

The floor-to-ceiling curtain, stools, throw pillows, and even the wall accent introduce different patterns that make this family room even more stylish.

19. Spot to Enjoy the Fire Warm

An accent chair placed beside the fireplace creates a relaxing nook for reading or simply enjoying the warmness. Meanwhile, for the entertainment purpose, you can place a couch across from a wall-mounted TV.

20. Room for Conversation

In a family room full of earthy tones, this black fireplace wall surround is indeed outstanding. The flat TV even camouflages against it when turned off.

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, a fireplace wall surround like this makes a great statement. Position your seating area around it to promote conversation.

21. Eye-Catching Area Rug

This oriental area rug is the perfect element that enlivens the earthy tone in this family room. Instead of sitting on a table, the wide TV is mounted on the wall.

Installing a hidden lamp behind this entertainment source makes a great statement here.

22. Coastal Vibes

The best thing about this idea is the sky blue backdrop on the TV panel. This tone fits the coastal vibe that the room offers.

Mix several types of seats in your family room and arrange them across the TV. Incorporate in some throw pillows in different patterns for additional décor and comfort.

23. On the Same Wall with the Fireplace

In this spacious family room, having both the fireplace and TV running alongside each other on the same wall will not be an issue.

Two couches and a pair of individual sofas surround the wooden table. With an arrangement like this one, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows or series from wherever you sit.

24. Matching Vases

Colorful matching vases can frame your TV perfectly although you do not put any floral arrangement in them.

To make it more appealing, you can display seasonal blossoms in the vases or arrange some that match the palette of your family room.

25. Overstuffed Furniture

Although this living area is not that spacious, it still appears very welcoming and comfortable thanks to the overstuffed furniture that sets the tone of the space.

How the flat TV sits on the cabinet is also perfect. You will love the charm of the floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the outdoor beauty inside the room.

26. Functional Accent Chair

Don’t underestimate the power of an accent chair in your family room. This olive green bench does not match the rest of the furniture, but still feels meant to be.

The contrasting color serves a fancy break from the rest of the style. Besides, you can easily move the chair to make it more functional within the room.

27. Mountain Charm

This family room gives out that cozy mountain charm that will make every member of your family want to stay longer.

The TV is mounted on the wall over the fireplace, offering the right angle for everyone sitting on the sofas and couch to enjoy the entertainment center.

28. Stacked with Fireplace

Stacking a TV over a fireplace creates a focal point in this family room. Other pieces of furniture and decorations can simply follow the position of this center point.

If space allows, you can put the TV on top of the mantle. However, mounting it on the panel over the fireplace’s covering makes a good choice too.

29. Vibrant Accents

In a family room with neutral tones, a pair of yellow chairs adds an eye-catching pop of color. Their vibrant hue enlivens the appearance of the space while offering additional seating area to enjoy the TV.

Although the floating table has some space, the TV is mounted on the wall for aesthetic purposes.

30. Comforting Palette

Set a soothing mood in your family room by combining subtle color, functionality, and style. Don’t overlook the use of chandeliers, tabletop, and floor lighting too.

This living area has a variety of illumination sources that complement each other. You can steal the look of the use of the light floor covering that sets the entire mood of the space.

31. Natural Rustic Vibe

When a fireplace is freestanding in the center of a room, it doubles as a natural divider between the two sides of the house.

You can position your TV on one side of the fireplace, particularly above its mantel to provide an entertainment side.

On the open-shelving unit beside the fireplace, place a collection of small decorations or a stack of carefully-arranged woods to create a personal side.

Finally, you can pick your favorite one out of the above family room ideas with TV to create a cozier and more welcoming interior design.

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