21 Magnificent Italian Living Room Furnitures You Will Admire

Italy still has a great influence on interior design worldwide. Without a doubt, nothing can defeat the Italian living room furnitures.

If you want to make your indoor seating area more stunning, take a look at these pieces below.

Furthermore, Italy is unarguably a global design leader and trendsetter. Luigi Caccia even says that Italian people are the best.

They are not only great mediators between the future and the past but also do have more imagination.

There are lots of reproductions in the market these days. Moreover, they are a rare mix of quality and affordability.

The units provide the same Italian vibe too. Here are some  items of furniture with iconic designs.

1. High-End Italian Designer Living Room Furnitures

High-End Italian Designer Living Room Furnitures

Italian designers are great at mixing modern techniques with traditional skills. Furthermore, they can craft outstanding sets of deluxe living room furniture pieces.

Moreover, many people love Italian living room furnitures for their masterful craftsmanship. The designers also craft them with the modern style’s vanguard outlook.

When family members or friends are coming over to your house, these Italian living room furnitures will blow their minds. Somehow, they look like the things celebrities would own.

2. Traditional Italian Living Room Furniture

Traditional Italian Living Room Furniture

No country can produce prestige furniture items like Italy. It gained a large reputation for manufacturing high-quality units. Moreover, their living room tables and chairs continue the wonderful tradition.

Here, the living room is so large. However, it looks slightly stagged. If your seating area is as big as this one, we guess you will certainly be inviting more family or friends over for refreshing drinks.

The designers normally use European woods, interesting metals, and fine fabrics to create these marvelous Italian living room furnitures. Meanwhile, the yellow chandelier emphasizes the white coffee table well.

3. Yellow Italian Furniture for Royal Living Room

Yellow Italian Furniture for Royal Living Room

People generally use cream, gold, and purple to decorate their luxury living rooms. The mix of these three colors screams elegance.

Speaking of Italian living room furnitures, you may think that yellow is less flashy than gold or silvery gray. However, it definitely looks impressive. The color will also bring personality and grace to your space.

Moreover, these Italian armchair and sofas carve a regal feel. Meanwhile, the throw pillows come in white, yellow, and brown. They produce a cohesive look.

4. Italian Leather Living Room Furniture

Italian Leather Living Room Furniture

Getting decorations or light fixtures to match the living room sofa can be challenging sometimes. However, this doesn’t apply to this space. Here, it seems very achievable.

Furthermore, this curved sofa has rich tones. It boasts superior materials like unique metals and exotic crocodile leather. The unit fits nicely into the living room without eating up too much floor space.

Both coffee and side tables complement the sofa. Meanwhile, throw pillows and table lamps unify the room.

5. Bright Italian Living Room Furnitures

Bright Italian Living Room Furnitures

These living room furniture pieces look so radiant. They come in white and gold. The colors instantly open up the whole space. Furthermore, the units employ ornate sun pattern.

Moreover, the fine textiles for the furniture upholstery exude a sense of elegance. The armchair and sofas make the living room more visually pleasing too. They also provide maximum comfort.

The armoire, plant stand, and tables take the space to another level of luxury. Lastly, two large arched windows keep the room sunny and airy.

6. Aphrodite Italian Living Room Furniture

Aphrodite Italian Living Room Furniture

We really love the color of this living room furniture set. It infuses a feminine feel and a dreamy appeal into space. The units themselves lend the area a touch of masterful craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the armchair and sofas feature satin fabric. The material creates a cozy ambiance and a glamorous look. Meanwhile, floral decorations instantly enrich the upholstery.

These posh Italian living room furnitures include comfortable seats and wide arms. They look so divine. The area rug is not our favorite though.

7. Gold Italian Living Room Furniture

Gold Italian Living Room Furniture (1)

Don’t you adore this Italian furniture set? It does not only look fun but also brings sparkles to the living room. Furthermore, the gold finish reinsures the space with timeless grandeur.

Skillful craftsmen made these living room furniture pieces from top quality metal and smooth leather. Those two materials inject sophistication into the area.

Moreover, the sofa and armchairs come with wings. These features ooze old-world charm effortlessly. Meanwhile, a gold round table and crystal chandelier add an extra luxurious feel to the room.

8. Italian Furniture for Dark Living Room


Looking for white Italian living room furniture? If yes, give Rhea Series a chance. As you see, it looks very ravishing. We think this set could be the most wonderful range n their website.

Moreover, these crisp white Italian living room furniture items from Rhea Series deliver airy elegance to space. They also generate a light feeling. Meanwhile, the dark purple background lets them stand out.

These Italian living room furnitures lend the living room captivating details. The rectangular table with a lower shelf accommodates decorations, while the chandelier emphasizes it.

9. Green Italian Living Room Furnitures

Green Italian Living Room Furnitures

Using shades of green in Italian living room furnitures is slightly uncommon. However, it perfectly worked out for this set. Here, the units carry inviting calmness to space.

Furthermore, these European-style furniture pieces exhibit a refreshing vibe. They infuse a classic flavor into the interior too.

This living room furniture design used two green variants to get a beautiful result. The satin upholstery and silver frame give the units a touch of elegance. Meanwhile, an armoire accompanies opulent sofas and armchair.

10. Elegant Italian Living Room Furniture

Elegant Italian Living Room Furniture

We have a strong feeling that Cleopatra would use this living room if she were still alive today. As the image shows, this space is not only luxurious and sophisticated but also has a classic flair to it.

Here, the Italian living room furnitures imbue the interior with unmatched grandeur. The brocade upholstery brings exquisite details to the area.

Furthermore, mustard yellow tablecloth, white tables, and throw pillows tie the space together. Meanwhile, two extra tall mirrors and cream curtains offer formal symmetry.

11. Graceful Italian Living Room Furnitures


This Italian-style living room is so elegant. Furthermore, the furniture set and sheer curtain come in darker neutral shades. They imbue the whole space with visual depth. In addition, the pieces carve a mysterious look.

Both richly toned armchair and footstool send out an inviting ambiance. The furnishing lends the living room a classic appeal as well.

These Italian living room furnitures boast smooth brocade and prestigious woods. In a flash, the materials give the space a touch of finesse. Lastly, the black floor allows the rug and furniture to draw the eye.

12. Luxury Italian Living Room Furniture

Luxury Italian Living Room Furniture

If you live in a big house with a Cathedral window, a large pillar, and a grand staircase, try this idea. These Italian living room furnitures will certainly boost up its existing glamor as well as class.

Moreover, this Swarovski 2 Luxury collection comes in gold, black, and white. What more could you want? The colors bring this living room to another sophistication level.

The furniture set features stunning brocade, Swarovski pieces, and European woods. These materials elicit a sense of exclusivity. Meanwhile, gold decorations on the wall and tables complete the look.

13. Living Room with Italian Two-Seat Sofa

Living Room with Italian Two-Seat Sofa

This traditional Italian living room employs a large double seat sofa. Moreover, it looks really gorgeous and bouncy. Even, we would love to own this unit at home, perhaps in our sleeping space.

Furthermore, this Italian two-seat sofa generates a comfortable living room. It is also similar to a loveseat. Additionally, the furniture unit fits nicely in more compact spaces.

Despite coming in white, this double seat sofa still steals the show. Throw pillows in neutral shades provide maximum comfort. Meanwhile, the black floor, wall panel, and chandelier add drama to the interior.

14. Contemporary Italian Living Room Furnitures

Contemporary Italian Living Room Furnitures

The Italian living room furnitures are not all about classic pieces. This one represents the contemporary style. Furthermore, the color scheme of the space is absolutely interesting.

Moreover, contemporary Italian living room furniture set updates traditional style to the current period. It stands out for amazing craftsmanship too.

Here, the fine, dark-toned wood lends the area a touch of refinement. The floral throw pillows look pretty against sofa and armchairs.

Meanwhile, a wooden coffee table brings functionality and beauty to space. Area rugs and lamps impart a warm ambiance.

15. Modern Italian Living Room Furniture

Modern Italian Living Room Furniture

Speaking of luxury homes, people usually forget about modern Italian living room furnitures. Here, the units are pretty delightful. They make the space feel stylish as well as sleek.

This Italian-style sofa, side table, and armchairs wear pure white. In no time, they scream cleanliness and lightness. Moreover, the furniture pieces carry airy grandeur to the living room.

The mirrored table and huge wall mirror trick the eye into seeing the living room are more spacious. Pops of gold and silver instill a luxurious feel, while wood decorations and houseplants bring the outside inside.

16. Monochrome Italian Living Room Furnitures

Monochrome Italian Living Room Furnitures

When you hear a European-style living room, Italian furniture definitely springs to your mind.

Here, the sitting area features a sofa and a double seat from Italy. Their color palette matches tastefully with the whole home decor.

Moreover, the leather armchair infuses timeless glamor and unparalleled comfort into the living room. The black and white coffee table boasts a plaid pattern. It also adds a modern flair to space.

The two side tables sit on both sides of the sofa. Although the units have different sizes, shapes, and materials, they look great together.

17. Classic Italian Living Room Furniture Sets

Classic Italian Living Room Furniture Sets

Whites and golds come perfectly together in this living room. They also carve a sunny feeling instantly.

Furthermore, incorporating these shades into your color scheme can make the area lighter and brighter. The Italian-style furnishing delivers a classy look to this space.

In addition, both armchairs and sofas showcase brocade upholstery as well as prestigious European woods. They improve the comfort level of the living room.

White coffee table with glass top houses red decorative pieces. Meanwhile, the area rug, armoire, and plant stand lend an extra classic touch to the interior.

The wooden floor as well as brown wall moldings impart a homey vibe.

18. Opulent Italian Living Room Furniture

Opulent Italian Living Room Furniture

If you are into deluxe Italian living room furnitures, steal this look. As the image shows, the units seem so unbelievably sumptuous and comfortable.

No surprise, the craftsmen designed them with class and functionality in mind.

Moreover, the armchair and sofa’s center parts look like the cats’ heads. They are pretty weird, but without them, this furniture set from Italy is just as fabulous.

The units are definitely an admirable complement to your living room.

19. Antique Living Room Furniture from Italy

Antique Living Room Furniture from Italy

This Italian furniture set fits awesomely in this large living room. It is so attractive, from the lining on armchairs and sofa’s edges to the color palette. You certainly love these pieces of furniture as much as we do.

Moreover, these furniture units come in floral satin. The hints of gold reinsure the living room with timeless glamor. Meanwhile, painting, lamps, and side tables lend the space a nice visual balance.

20. Regal Living Room Furnitures from Italy

Regal Living Room Furnitures from Italy

As you see, this space includes adorable throw pillows and stuffy seat cushions. Those are the things homeowners love in an Italian living room furniture set. The area carpet also looks very regal.

The color scheme of the armchair and sofas is so appealing. Moreover, the carved details add to the living room’s existing glamor, while the coffee table holds animal statues.

We guarantee anyone surely feels like a royal in this space.

21. Italian Living Room Furnitures in Blue

Italian Living Room Furnitures in Blue

If you are not into classic Italian living room furnitures, opt for this set. The designers crafted these units from high-quality leather from Italy. They look terrific in the homes with contemporary stylings.

Furthermore, this Italian sectional sofa with metal legs has a bold blue color. It jazzes up the otherwise neutral living room. The unit screams dynamism too.

The brown leather swivel chair faces the blue sofa. Additionally, it carries the ultimate comfort and timeless appeal to the interior.

In conclusion, Italian living room furnitures are normally more costly than the others. However, the result is gorgeous and seriously worth it. If you plan on refitting your home, we suggest integrating them into yours.

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