20 Mansion Living Rooms That Will Leave You Speechless

When you hear the term mansion, the thing that comes to your mind is a glamorous and grand house. That is not necessarily true. Here, I have put together remarkable mansion living rooms in different styles.

Today, I present you with a wide variety of mansion architecture including modern, rustic, Victorian, contemporary, industrial, and more. Without further ado, let us see what unlimited interior budget can do. I guarantee you will admire these rooms.

1. Mansion Living Room Paint

Soft tones are used throughout this contemporary mansion living room. They set a tranquil environment. Two potted plants perk up the space.

The large arched sofa faces striped sofa chairs for an intimate conversation. Meanwhile, recessed lights and a polished stone fireplace offer warmth.

2. All-White Mansion Living Room

This mansion sitting room features a cathedral ceiling. It exudes a feeling of luxury in no time. The windows allow the sunlight to shine.

Moreover, the white color scheme makes the space appear more expansive. A dark-toned wood center table with wheels keeps the room from being too plain.

3. Mansion Living Room Furniture

In this Victorian living room, the laced sofas, armchairs, and center table create an elegant look. The carpet matches the shape of a wide circular opening.

Two woman figures stand fabulously on the entrance. A crystal chandelier provides sumptuous illumination.

4. Mansion Living Room Window Ideas

This living room is so calm, thanks to the soft color palette. Many French windows carve an open feel.

The wood coffee table, armchair, ottoman, and mirror blanket the space with grandeur. Several throw pillows enhance the room’s coziness. A potted plant develops a welcoming atmosphere.

5. Mansion Living Room with TV

The room pictured above is a captivating mansion living room viewing the blue waters outside. The wall-mounted TV takes the room to the next level.

Since it boasts neutral colors, straight lines, and simple forms, it celebrates the modern style. The chairs and throw pillows introduce a vivid contrast.

6. Big Living Room Ideas

The light tones give this French-style living room a relaxing atmosphere. A chandelier is magnificently hung from the groin vault ceiling.

Furthermore, the carving and molding of the furniture pieces add beauty to this big living room. Lastly, polished limestone floors and potted greenery bring the outdoors inside.

7. Modern Mansion Living Room

This living room is mostly styled in neutral colors. The strict lines and sharp edges lend the space a modern appeal.

Large windows let in lots of sunlight. The L-shaped sofa, rug, and throw pillows inject some boldness into the room.

8. Cottage Mansion Living Room

Beiges, off whites, and grays generate a serene environment. Meanwhile, shiplap walls, wood center table, and seagrass carpet emanate a cottage feel.

The vaulted ceiling and windows assert a sense of openness. A pale coral pom-pom pendant light is the true charmer.

9. Cabin Living Room

This cabin-inspired living room is graceful. Wood cathedral ceiling, beams, and furniture units warm up the whole area.

Both cream sofa and dark brown leather seats fill the space with timeless sophistication. Lastly, the ottoman table and throw pillows work as the color bearers.

10. Mid Century Modern Mansion Living Room

This living room has a mid-century modern aesthetic. Look at the cream sofa and white chair. They employ wooden hairpin legs.

Maple floor carves a homey atmosphere. The accessories rest on the open shelves. Meanwhile, black metal posts, window frames, cabinets, and piano inject a bit of drama.

11. Rustic Mansion Living Room

This living room is wrapped with industrial charm, thanks to the exposed ceiling and concrete fireplace wall. The seat configuration sparks up a great conversation.

Large windows prevent the spaces from appearing gloomy. The floral area rug, potted plant, and figures spice the room up.

12. Big Living Room with Coffered Ceiling

White walls make this room feel bright and airy. Both the coffered ceiling and chandeliers draw the eye up.

The framed paintings, curtains, and blue stained windows create a visual balance. Moreover, pink wingback chairs, sofas, and armchairs accent the space.

13. Mediterranean Living Room

The white arched doorways lead to the living room. They infuse the space with Mediterranean vibes, while the glass windows open to blue waters outside.

Furthermore, sky blue sofas and white armchairs carry the feel of summer to the room. The large opening echoes the shapes of circular coffee tables.

14. Minimalist Mansion Living Room

A mansion living room does not have to be outfitted with much furniture. This space is minimally furnished, but it looks so lovely.

Lots of white and light gray make the room feel bigger. The window connects indoor and outdoor areas. Wood accents balance out the cold tones.

15. Old Mansion Living Room

Polished concrete, stone fireplace wall, and limestone floor stamp a rustic vibe. The wrought iron chandeliers lend the living room the old, classy touch.

Moreover, the arrangement of furniture units and table lamps evoke a sense of formality. A patterned area rug is a stunner.

16. Bright Mansion Living Room

The double tray ceiling wraps the living room with splendor. White walls and windows keep the space feeling light.

Paintings, patterned rugs, chandeliers, and furniture details jazz the interior up. Dark-toned wood floor warms up the space dominated by cool tones.

17. Luxury Mansion Living Room

The brick stone fireplace delivers a rustic appeal to the living room. Two brown leather sofas evoke a state of glamour.

A chandelier casts a soft glow and steals the spotlight at once. Potted houseplants purify the indoor air.

18. Asian-Inspired Living Room

The glass windows offer natural lighting and breathtaking outside views. Meanwhile, purple carpet and throw pillows add a luxurious air to the interior. A human-size figure injects an exotic vibe into the room.

19. Mansion Living Room Pinterest

Cream walls, olive green armchairs, and beige tufted sofa keep the space welcoming. The open wall lets the sunlight and fresh air in. Lastly, shag rug, wool blanket, and throw pillows create a cozy interior.

20. Traditional Mansion Living Room

Above is a Victorian-style living room. A fireplace develops an intimate seating area. The glamorous textiles, antiques, and ornate light fixtures represent the aristocratic grandeur, while red accents enliven the space.

I hope you enjoyed seeing those mansion living rooms. Although you do not have a large property, you can still bring the mansion feel to yours. The sophisticated furniture, light fixtures, and decors will make your living room shine.

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