24 Gold Living Room Ideas That’ll Leave You Awestruck

Most people love golden pieces. Furthermore, incorporating them into the interiors will make a huge impact on their looks. If you want to upgrade your plain space, then below we’ve had some great gold living room ideas.

You should know the definition of gold first. It is a yellowish-brown or dark lustrous yellow color. People normally associate this hue with something gorgeous, superior, and precious.

We think any golden things look special and luxurious. In this article, you are going to explore some fantastic gold living rooms. There must be one remarkable design that truly blows your mind.

1. Gray and Gold Living Room Ideas

Gray and Gold Living Room Ideas

We admire this posh sitting area so much. The living room features an ottoman, sofa, and upholstered chairs. Furthermore, the gold trimmings make them look super stunning.

The table lamp and artwork frames wear gold too. They inject sophistication and glamor into the living room instantly.

Light gray furniture pieces balance out the gold details. Meanwhile, a dark-colored accent wall produces a dramatic effect.

2. Living Room with Golden Frames

Living Room with Golden Frames

You can integrate gold into your interior in so many ways. In this example, the homeowner didn’t use it as the main color of her living room. The mirror with golden frames makes the area brighter and visually bigger.

Both fireplace screen and chandelier lend hints of gold to the space. They give the room a classy look.

Meanwhile, arched windows, piano, and furniture infuse more charm into the scene. Lastly, grays and whitestone golden accents down.

3. Red and Gold Living Room Ideas

Red and Gold Living Room Ideas (1)

Traditional spaces like this living room always boast golden elements. In here, you definitely can find many gold details, from the crown molding to the antique clocks. They exhibit a sumptuous atmosphere quickly.

The red sofa and curtains generate a bold statement. Additionally, they carve a romantic ambiance. Both reds and golds lend the living room a majestic feel. Table lamps and sideboards create visual symmetry.

4. Gold Living Room Ideas with Sunburst Mirrors

Gold Living Room Ideas with Sunburst Mirrors

You love gold but don’t plan on painting your walls in this color. Then, implement our idea. As the picture shows, the space features refined country sunburst mirrors with golden frames.

Moreover, gold sunburst mirrors on the wall deliver glamorous and glitzy touches to the living room. They scream timeless elegance as well. It seems like the homeowner couldn’t get enough of them.

The round tables complement golden wall ornaments. Cream sofa, gray walls, and taupe armchairs set a calming vibe. Meanwhile, the area rug ties the interior together.

5. Black, White and Gold Living Room Ideas

Black, White and Gold Living Room Ideas

The brilliant use of black, gold, and white is timeless indeed. Furthermore, the color combination makes any living room look captivating. Meanwhile, different patterns carry instant visual interest to space.

Black floor and furniture units infuse drama into the living room. They contrast magnificently with white walls. Gold throw pillow and decorations glorify the area.

Lastly, the marble fireplace and cowhide rug ooze timeless grandeur.

6. Gold Living Room Decor Ideas

Gold Living Room Decor Ideas

This living room employs dark gray walls. They lend drama and sophistication to it.

Meanwhile, furniture items and light fixtures infuse a mid-century modern flair into the sitting area. The wooden floor carves a homey vibe.

The gold decors are subtle in here. However, they can convert the living room into something more glamorous.

Those pieces will certainly tickle everyone’s senses too. Deep purple, plum, and red accents jazz the interior up.

7. Gold Living Room Ideas with Eclectic Lamp

Brick-Wall-Living-Room-Ideas-12 Gold Living Room Ideas with Eclectic Lamp

As you see, the living room has exposed brick wall and metal track lighting. They bring a rustic industrial flavor to the space. The lounge bench and mismatched armchairs produce a comfortable atmosphere.

Moreover, the lighting and black furniture make this space appear a bit dark. The moss green curtains dress arched sash windows. Meanwhile, the lamp comes with golden details, giving the living room a dash of opulence.

8. Transitional Gold Living Room Ideas

Transitional Gold Living Room Ideas

This transitional family room is just astonishing. The gold ikat custom made lounge chairs send out a lavish atmosphere. They add gorgeous patterns to the otherwise neutral seating area as well.

Gold table lamp and vases tastefully complement lounge chairs. Furthermore, they make the family room feel cohesive.

Varying gray shades bring dimension to the interior, while windows keep the space airy and bright.

9. Black Living Room with Gold Details

Black Living Room with Gold Details

This living room is beyond fabulous. White walls and curved furniture pieces effortlessly open the space up. They also convey openness and airiness.

The off white floor emanates a soothing atmosphere. Two wall sconces lend a modern feel to the living room. Meanwhile, gold track lighting keeps the room from looking dingy at night.

Wall painting and sculptures bear gold. They takes the living room from simple to sumptuous. Lastly, the black grand piano injects both elegance and visual drama into the interior.

11. Classic Gold Living Room Ideas

Classic Gold Living Room Ideas

We really adore the cream tufted walls. They exude a sense of grandeur instantly. Meanwhile, the table lamp and chandelier come in gold finish. Thanks to them, the living room looks more attractive and glamorous.

Sofa, armchairs, and built-in benches provide ample seating capacity. The golden throw pillows spice them up.

Table lamp and wall ornaments sport metallic tones. They bring extra touches of chic and luxury to the interior. Coffered ceiling, valance, and fireplace mantel infuse a traditional flavor into the living room.

12. Modern Gold Living Room Ideas

Modern Gold Living Room Ideas 

The golden table lamp, area rug, and some throw pillows wear gold. They give this living room a huge impact.

Those pieces make the space more mesmerizing and brighter at once. Two mirrored hexagonal center tables set a modern vibe.

Moreover, the other throw pillows come in red and hot pink. They carry invigorating blast of colors to the room.

Colorful painting and stripes imbue the space with instant cheer. Lastly, whites and pale taupes tone the intense hues down.

13. Living Room with Gold Tables

Living Room with Gold Tables

We truly can’t stop looking at this living room. The large sectional sofa in dark gray produces a cozy ambiance.

Meanwhile, two separate conversation areas convey intimacy. The patterned rug poses as a focal point.

The coffee table comes with glass top and intricate gold legs. It carries an air of luxury to the living room. Red throw blanket stands out against dark gray sectional.

Furthermore, the round side table and rectangular throw pillow are magnificent accents. Meanwhile, the wooden floor gives off a welcoming vibe.

14. Cream and Gold Living Room Ideas

Cream and Gold Living Room Ideas

This living room nestles in Presidio Heights apartment. The golden sectional sofa, decorations, and wall trimmings carve a lavish atmosphere. Moreover, varying gold tones keep the interior from feeling monotonous.

The mirrored rectangular coffee table develops a sophisticated look. White walls and black floor generate a high visual contrast.

Wall sconces and flowers titivate the space, while striped tablecloth brings the living room together.

16. Gold Living Room Ideas in Victorian Style

Gold Living Room Ideas in Victorian Style

In this case, the living room features coffee table and paintings with gold frames. They instantly add some wonderful gatsby luxury to the interior. Floor-to-ceiling curtains make the space seem more expansive.

Moreover, the floral chairs lend style and comfort to the seating area. Yellow walls and flowers brighten the living room up.

Meanwhile, the crystal chandelier quickly draws the eye upward. Grand piano brings back to the Victorian era.

17. French Colonial Gold Living Room Ideas

French Colonial Gold Living Room Ideas

This living room sports gold accents, from the decorative mirror to the vase. They make the interior seem even more extravagant. Meanwhile, the furniture items and light fixtures inject French Colonial flair into the space.

Black piano and floor bring dimension to the interior. Cream walls balance gold details out, while patterned area rug pampers the guests’ bare feet. Flowers and plants perk this living room up.

18. Gold Living Room Ideas with Purple Accents

Gold Living Room Ideas with Purple Accent

Don’t you love this vibrant living room? The golden walls prettify the space and send out a warm ambiance. Furthermore, they double as a bold background for decor and reinsure the interior with a lavish atmosphere.

Crisp white fireplace, ceiling, shutters, and moldings keep the seating area airy. Small gold accents lend an extra touch of glamor to the living room. Meanwhile, the cream sofas offset the purple rug.

19. Gold Living Room Ideas for Apartments

Gold Living Room Ideas for Apartments

Do you dwell in an apartment? If yes, apply this idea. Here, the living room is mostly bright white. The color wraps the space, from the sofa to the ceiling. It develops a light feeling and expands the area visually.

Two gold ottomans create a sumptuous look. They pair with the rug and wooden center table as well.

The golden barrel, decoration, and throw pillows deliver an extra touch of class to the interior. Windows provide cool skyline views.

20. Blue and Gold Living Room Ideas

Blue and Gold Living Room Ideas

This living room sports a white ceiling, moldings, and table lamps. In no time, they give off an airy vibe.

Light gray area rug and sofa produce a serene ambiance. On the other hand, the wood floor and side table bring the outdoor element inside.

The round coffee table and lamps showcase stunning gold details. They lend a sophisticated feel to the living room too.

Gray-blue curtains create a great impression. Additionally, they make the living room ceiling appear higher than it is. The artwork, throw pillows, and flowers infuse splashes of color into space.

21. White and Navy Living Room with Gold Accents

White and Navy Living Room with Gold Accents

We find this living room dazzling and glamorous. The golden wallpaper, hanging light, coffee table, and floor lamps carve a classy appearance. Their abstract geometric patterns deliver a modern feel to the interior.

White ceiling and walls assert a sense of lightness. The sofas set a dramatic aura. Meanwhile, the oversized artwork and throw pillows unify the space. This is certainly one of the terrific navy and gold living room ideas.

22. Living Room Ideas with Gold Curtains

Living Room Ideas with Gold Curtains

The geometric area rug, table, and sofas wear sharp edges as well as clean lines. They make this living room stylish. Meanwhile, gold curtains and vases add instant glamor to the sitting area.

Two golden yellow ottomans provide extra seating space. The black floating shelf houses vase and metallic decorative items.

Ceiling treatment enhances the living room. Built-in cubbies hold other decorations, while the artworks spice the interior up.

23. Rose Gold Living Room Ideas

Rose Gold Living Room Ideas

As you see, this living room has a neutral color scheme. It boasts a white wall, brown carpet, gray chair, and beige rug. They quickly lend the space an inviting ambiance.

The pink sofa and throw pillow add a feminine touch to the living room. The sideboard, table lamp, and floating shelf evoke a vintage appeal. Lastly, rose gold accents infuse an air of luxury into space.

24. Living Room Ideas with Gold Wallpaper

Rose Gold Living Room Ideas (1)

The wood and gray furniture pieces fill this living with grandeur. They exhibit a peaceful atmosphere and offer maximum comfort too.

Yellow coffee table displays intricate details. Meanwhile, gold wallpaper and sunburst mirror take the room from plain to posh.

We do hope our gold living room ideas come in handy. Regardless of your personal preference, they are certainly worth to try. Let’s make the sitting area extra special with golden decors!

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