20 Modern Living Room Ideas That Will Enchant You

Most of the time, modern style is associated with something lacks personality and sterile. This wrong belief should be put to rest. Modern living room can be welcoming and homey too.

Modern space typically features basic embellishment, but it still looks captivating. If you favor modernism, take cues from these excellently designed rooms. They are definitive proofs and going to leave you inspired.

1. Modern Living Room Setup

Who states modern interior can’t be appealing? Here, the abstract artwork, round coffee table, and two industrial pendant lights keep the area from feeling stark.

White-painted ceiling and walls form a bright indoor space. Straight lines and sharp edges evoke a sense of organization.

2. Cozy Modern Living Room Ideas

This space has two roles, as sitting room and home office. The white color palette makes it seem more expansive.

Large glass window connects the indoor area with the great outdoors. Bursts of blue give the entire space a calming environment.

3. Modern Living Room Ideas Gray

Love the concept of modernism? Steal this idea. As you can see, the lounge area boasts well-defined lines and streamlined silhouettes.

Gray and white work together in creating a stylish living room. Painting, rug, and patterned throw pillows add visual interest.

4. Living Room Styles

This living room is mostly modern in style. However, the acrylic table lamp and metallic pendant light inject a contemporary feel into space.

Purple wall and throw pillow catch the eye in a jiffy. Meanwhile, beige sofa and gray rug tone down the vibrant elements.

5. Mixing Mid Century Modern

Pretty pastel colors lend the zone a casual ambiance. Bold patterns, simple lines, and rich textures make for a mid-century modern living room.

Black clock and framed artwork pop elegantly against the mint green wall. Meanwhile, wooden furniture reveals nature’s splendor.

6. Modern Living Room Colors

As shown in the picture above, neutral palettes exhibit a tranquil vibe and soothing look. Sleek units carve a modern flair.

The golden wingback chair acts as a statement piece. It stands out and oozes luxury at the same time.

7. Modern Living Room Ideas 2018

The thing that I love about modern style is it can be mixed with the other designs. Here, furniture, light fixture, and wall decor create a transitional living room.

White ceiling and floors enlarge the space, so it does not feel cramped. Lastly, green plants infuse a level of Zen into the interior.

8. Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Neutral foundation tones keep the area calm and inviting. Sleek coffee table and streamlined sofa convey simplicity.

Underfoot is a white shag rug. It incredibly pampers your feet. Green and red pieces add vibrancy to the entire area.

9. Latest Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

This sitting room doubles as the home office. There are five neutral colors strategically used throughout the space: black, white, gray, brown, and taupe.

The coffee table and sofa are super trendy. They promote an aura of airiness too. Lastly, tree stick and old CDs make for an unusual wall ornament.

10. Modern Living Room Furniture for Small Space

Your living area may be tiny in size, but it can be great in style. Opt for furniture units that expose straight lines like the ones pictured here.

To master the modern space, contrast neutral furniture and walls with bold items. Fuchsia vase, yellow throws, and blue curtains emanate a cheery ambiance.

11. Modern Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

What’s not to like about this living room? It is such an on-trend social space, thanks to streamlined sofa set and curtains.

Navy pillows pop on the gray sofa. Wooden floor warms up the whole area. Round coffee table and ball floor lamp balance out the linear lines.

12. Modern Color Schemes for Living Room

White and light taupe colors are go-to neutrals. They offer a modern appeal and a soft touch at once.

Blanket, area rug, throw pillows and curtains cozy up space. The downlights illuminate the area after dark.

13. Eclectic Minimalist Living Room

White wall and open shelves let the ornamental pieces take center stage. The gray sofa is undeniably classical in style.

Wooden coffee table exposes raw beauty. Blanket, chair, and throw pillows generate an eclectic look.

14. Modern Living Room Ideas Pinterest

This sitting area has unique personality, thanks to the various styles. Mid-century modern round chair teams well with minimalist coffee table.

Maritime blue wingback chairs give the space timeless appeal. Houseplants, rattan and wicker units produce a coastal atmosphere. Patterned rug on white floor serves as a wow factor.

15. Simple Living Room Designs

Are you tight on space? This idea is exactly for you. Paint your ceiling and walls white. They help open up the room easily. Install wooden floor to radiate warmth.

Pair raised white sofa with monochrome floral throw pillows. Use bold painting and floor lamps to energize the zone.

16. Modern Living Room Ideas on A Budget

Create a sunny and breezy atmosphere by adding glass window to your living room. For the color scheme, look no further than neutrals.

The chalkboard wall provides a lovely backdrop. Painting, pouf, plants, flowers, and throw pillows perk up the area.

17. Minimalist Living Room Apartment

Semi-circular furniture configuration in this loft apartment encourages an intimate conversation. Industrial pendant lamp, wall sconce, and track task light brighten the room.

Gray wall, distressed white floor, and metal stairs promote a masculine vibe. Dark wood table takes the chill off metallic surface.

18. Mid Century Modern Furniture

This house features living room with separate dining area. Streamlined sofa and coffee table lead to a modern aesthetic.

An arc floor lamp delivers a contemporary charm. Purple curtains add a regal touch to the space.

19. Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Concrete gray wall, slim coffee table, and floor lamp set an industrial chic. Painted frames and wall decal decorate the small room.

Muted sofa and floor highlight colorful throw pillows as well as poufs. Tall potted plant fills awkward corner.

20. Modern Living Room Ideas 2019

Since modern design emphasizes on cleanliness, you won’t go wrong with light tones. Plus, streamlined sofa and chair fit well in the space.

Curved lines and pastel colors infuse feminine energy into the room. The indoor plants refresh the whole zone.

Basically, modern design values simplicity and utility. But that does not mean it neglects beauty. Anyway, what’s your favorite modern living room idea?

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