23 Fantastic Triangle Table Ideas for Every Dining Room

Talking about decorating a dining area, many people looking for square, rectangular, oval, and round table inspirations. They rarely choose triangle table ideas.

It is because they find the triangular buffet unusual but it actually looks amazing. Thus, that is why we collected some cool triangle table ideas for you.

People pick rectangle tables because of their magnificent appeal. Meanwhile, others use round-shaped ones for easier and more intimate mealtime conversations.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to those options. Triangular dining tables are both wonderful and aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, these furniture pieces typically feature clear contours and well-defined lines. Let’s take a gander at our best selection!

1. Palm Triangle Dining Table

Palm Triangle Dining Table

Searching for stylish triangle table ideas? Give this furniture item a go. It boasts a palm wood tabletop, lending function, and organic style to your dining room.

Furthermore, the aluminum pedestal nicely supports the palm tabletop. In addition, it gives the dining table great stability.

This triangle dinner table looks graceful because it has no sharp edges. Without a doubt, the unit is convenient for smaller families.

2. Triangular Dining Table from Walnut

Triangular Dining Table from Walnut

This is undoubtedly one of the most stunning triangle table ideas. It looks really clean. We guarantee the unit makes your dining room feel trendy and sophisticated.

Moreover, this triangle walnut dining table is sleek and sumptuous. Additionally, it will send out a homey atmosphere instantly.

The unit is a great solution for your pocket-sized dining room or kitchen. It provides comfort without crowding the space.

3. Locking Triangle Dining Table

Locking Triangle Dining Table

As you see, this triangle-shaped dinner table looks so unique. It carries an industrial charm to the dining room too.

This triangular metal table brings functionality to your kitchen or dining area. In addition, it exudes a one of a kind flair.

It certainly works great for modern interiors. Due to its material, the unit has a sturdy construction as well.

4. Boomerang Triangle Table Set

Boomerang Triangle Table Set

Speaking of triangle table ideas, consider buying this dining set. As the picture shows, the furniture pieces come in black. They quickly deliver depth and drama to any interior.

The counter height dining set includes a triangle table, a curved bench, and two high stools. It is definitely perfect for newlyweds who are just beginning a family.

Tufted leather seat cushions produce a classy look in an instant. Meanwhile, the lower shelf of the triangular table can hold magazines or books.

5. Tracy Triangular Dining Table

Tracy Triangular Dining Table

This dining table has a triangle shape. It enables you and your loved ones to have an intimate conversation during meals.

Moreover, this glass triangle table looks terrific. It won’t block the natural light, plus the item helps expand the dining area visually.

The dining set adds convenience to space without making it look cluttered. Furthermore, it is suitable for contemporary and modern interiors. Bright white chairs set an airy ambiance.

6. Teak Triangle Table Ideas

Teak Triangle Table Ideas

When purchasing a triangular dining table, you should put the size and material into your consideration. Solid wood like teak is an excellent choice. It is both durable and strong.

This triangle dining table features a teak tabletop and steel legs. These materials lend it a contemporary flavor.

Moreover, this triangular table is super charming. It injects visual aesthetics and practicality into your home setting. We believe your guests will admire the unit too.

7. Ameillia Triangular Counter Height Dining Set

Ameillia Triangular Counter Height Dining Set

Searching for fabulous triangle table ideas? If so, you should give this Ameillia dining set a chance. It certainly fits in a modern style kitchen decor due to its sleek design.

This counter height dining set comes with a dark-toned wood triangle table and four stools. They effortlessly deliver ultimate comfort to the room.

Furthermore, this unusual furniture set oozes timeless beauty and elegance. The pink floral rug underneath complements the units perfectly.

8. Dining Set with Triangle Glass Top Table

Dining Set with Triangle Glass Top Table

We really love this dining set. It includes a triangular table, a bench, and four armless chairs. Moreover, a mix of glass and oak makes an outstanding composition that works nicely for modern interiors.

This dining room set can accommodate up to 6 people. It does not only look stunning and majestic but also infuses style into the interior. The glass tabletop features a lower shelf and enlarges the area at once.

9. LEM Triangular Dining Table

LEM Triangular Dining Table

Do you have a small family? If yes, this is one of the triangle table ideas to try. Here, the wood is the unit’s primary material. It generates an inviting ambiance.

This triangular dining table comes with slim angled metal legs. They give it a very smooth appearance and modern appeal.

Moreover, this triangle-shaped table will be a delightful addition to your small dining room. It provides convenience while keeping the interior feeling light. The unit also leaves enough space for movement.

10. Wicker Triangle Table Ideas

Wicker Triangle Table Ideas

This triangular wicker table is so lovely. Without a doubt, it is an awesome accent for the culinary space. The glass tabletop looks very stylish. Moreover, the feature produces a light feeling.

Furthermore, this triangle wicker table certainly fits well in coastal or tropical-inspired interiors.

It is a brilliant solution for tiny spaces, be it in the dining area or kitchen. The unit lends the room an outdoorsy ambiance too.

11. Rare Dining Set with A Triangular Table

Rare Dining Set with A Triangular Table

To many homeowners, a triangle table is a rarity. Here, the dining set is definitely uncommon. If you like hosting a small dinner party, then we recommend having this one.

Moreover, this rare large dining set includes a triangular table and nine armchairs. It would certainly accommodate all your guests. In addition, furniture units have no sharp edges. They look gorgeous and elegant at once.

12. Triangle Table Ideas from Spray Stone

Triangle Table Ideas from Spray Stone

This triangle shaped dining table looks so sturdy. It employs a solid spray stone tabletop. The material itself provides wonderful stability. Moreover, the unit sports a clean contour as well as smooth lines.

Furthermore, this small triangular table infuses an industrial feel into the dining room. Undoubtedly, it is really convenient for your small family. You can use the lower shelf-like feature for displaying cookbooks or magazines.

13. Triangular Table and Dining Chairs

Triangular Table and Dining Chairs

Some homeowners think that a triangular dining table doesn’t have any functionality because it holds fewer people. Well, this is not necessarily true. This will depend on your furniture item’s size.

Moreover, this dining set is an incredible complement to a contemporary or modern interior. It comes with a bench, a triangle table, and four chairs.

In addition, the natural leather seat cushions create a glamorous, timeless look in a jiffy.

This is surely one of the most excellent formal triangle table ideas. The triangular unit just has three sides. However, it can seat up lots of guests. We suggest trying the design for yourself.

14. Tavolo Trident Triangle Dining Table

Tavolo Trident Triangle Dining Table

If you are into minimalist triangle table ideas, we recommend buying this triangular piece. The unit may look unusual, but it gives any dining room a unique appeal.

Furthermore, the triangle table’s soft curve surely defines complexity, lending it a stylish appearance. Besides adding visual aesthetics to your dining area, the unit provides great functionality.

This triangle table won’t make any dining room feel heavy due to its simple design. It is really suitable for a Scandinavian style interior. Additionally, the furniture piece ensures optimal leg’s movement.

15. Black Triangle Table Ideas for Dining Room

Black Triangle Table Ideas for Dining Room

Square and rectangular coffee tables are too common. If they are not your thing, try thinking outside the box. Then, consider purchasing this dining set with a triangle table.

Don’t you love this Emory triangular dining set? The corners inside the home can be a great area for placing your breakfast table. Furthermore, these furniture pieces make the room more attractive and functional.

Black triangle table and chairs create a dramatic statement in the dining room. They are supremely stylish as well. In addition, the units send out a comfortable ambiance in a flash.

16. Triangle Table Ideas from Oak

Triangle Table Ideas from Oak

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most fabulous triangle table ideas. Here, the oak wood furniture set fills the dining room with unmatched warmth. It carries a touch of Mother Nature to the interior as well.

Moreover, the triangular oak dining table partners nicely with low stools. They give the dining area a distinctive and refreshing look. Additionally, furniture items are very comfortable for small families.

Both triangle table and stools evoke a sleek ambiance. Since the units are not large, they do not clutter the dining room.

Furthermore, the triangular table and low stools come with rounded edges. That means they are very kid-friendly.

17. Ludwig Triangle Modern Dining Table

Ludwig Triangle Modern Dining Table

This triangle shaped dining table sports a high-end design. For sure, it is such a fantastic addition to any modern home. The unit’s contour is clear, while the lines are smooth.

The glass tabletop itself looks marvelous. It makes the dining room appear bigger and allows the light to shine through at once. More importantly, the feature quickly injects a sleek touch into the interior.

Three slim metal legs reinsure the dining area with an industrial charm. Like other triangle table ideas in our list, this one has soft edges. It enables you to entertain a few visitors as well.

18. Mikayla Dining Set with A Triangular Table

Mikayla Dining Set with A Triangular Table

When it comes to triangle table ideas, consider the material too. For a classic choice, pick this dark-toned wood dining set. The pieces work wonderfully for both contemporary and modern interiors.

We guarantee your family and friends will enjoy their meals being served on this triangle dining table. Although the unit sports a minimalist design, it can nicely accommodate up to nine diners.

Furthermore, the curved benches with black leather cushions are so chic. They do not only pose as excellent conversation pieces but also give your dining room versatility.

In addition, the units spark congenial conversations during meals.

19. Guitar Pick Inspired Triangle Table Ideas

Guitar Pick Inspired Triangle Table Ideas

Here is another splendid triangle dining table. As you see, it resembles your guitar pick’s shape. This oak and teak furniture unit lends elegance and functionality to any dining area.

Moreover, this guitar pick-shaped table is very stylish. Not only does it fit your small family, but also provides an amazing dining experience.

This triangle dining table is a hot spot where family members spend quality time together. Since the item is lightweight, you can move it easily.

20. Triangle Dining Table with Yellow Accents

Triangle Dining Table with Yellow Accents

We truly love this perfectly shaped dining table. Without a doubt, it is appropriate for contemporary interiors.

This triangular dining table is ideal for people who want to go sleek. It certainly keeps your room looking neat and welcoming.

Furthermore, the triangle table is a lovely place to enjoy your tasty meals. Additionally, it enhances your dining room.

21. Triangle Table Ideas with Marble Tops

Triangle Table Ideas with Marble Tops

This dining set is super enchanting. As the picture shows, it comes with a counter-height table, a storage bench, and two chairs.

The triangle table itself features an elegant white Carrara marble top. It pairs stunningly with the dark cherry finish.

Moreover, the triangular table is ideal for conversation or dining. Both storage bench and counter chairs can seat up to 6 diners.

22. Small Triangle Table Ideas

Small Triangle Table Ideas

What’s not to love about this Reid triangular dining set? It is both versatile and captivating. Moreover, the furniture units fit really well into small spaces.

Here, this furniture set complements various styles. Furthermore, the chairs come in different colors. The padded backs and chair seats provide dining comfort.

The triangle table and chairs employ tapered legs. They inject a splash of artistic style into the room. These pieces also make for a cozy dining area under stairs.

23. Triangle Table for Small Dining Room

Triangle Table for Small Dining Room

We adore this corner triangle table. It is such an incredible solution for tiny spaces, whether in the dining area or the kitchen. The item infuses a vintage appeal to space too.

This oak dining set includes a bench, a triangular table, and a sectional couch. The units make the dining room elegant and inviting.

There are various materials and designs of triangular dining tables on the market. We hope our triangle table ideas clear away the confusion. Pick the one that is both fabulous and functional.

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