20 Cottage Bathrooms Ideas That’ll Leave You Awestruck

You might have dreamt of moving to the countryside. If this seems impossible, no worries. Just create a relaxing personal retreat away from your home’s bustle. For some inspiration, take a gander at our fantastic cottage bathrooms ideas.

Speaking of bathroom trends, cottage design is undoubtedly the most elegant and welcoming.

It normally involves a distressed mirror, vintage furniture, and floral wallpaper. This style features unpretentious materials and sweet hues too.

Cottage style bathrooms are not all about weathered pieces as well as shiplap walls.

In fact, they have room for industrial, modern, and contemporary twists. The design mixes practicality and charming style.

We guarantee these 25 cottage bathrooms will definitely inspire you. Try some of them to turn yours into a calming showpiece.

1. Small Country Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom lighting

This is one of the fabulous country cottage bathrooms ideas for small spaces. Bright white wainscoting, toilet, and pedestal sink generate a clean look.

They expand the area visually, too. Wood accents and greenery carve an outdoorsy vibe.

Moreover, the bathroom boasts stunning floral wallpaper over white wainscoting. It injects both visual interest and color into space.

The towels lend the interior a bit of vibrancy while sticking to the color scheme. Meanwhile, a good housekeeping poster exudes a vintage flair.

2. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Wide Gray Vanity

cottage bathroom tile

White shiplap walls make this bathroom feel more expansive. Furthermore, they carve an airy atmosphere and a cottage atmosphere at once. Meanwhile, a marble vanity top delivers an air of glamor to the interior.

The wide blue-gray vanity lends the bathroom an elegant feeling. It oozes a vintage charm and produces a relaxing ambiance, too.

Moreover, the white window framed mirror blends well into the background. The artwork and wall sconces adorn the shiplap walls. Lastly, geometric floor tiles add contemporary touches to the bathroom.

3. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Weathered Vanity

beach cottage bathroom accessories

Looking for lake cottage bathroom ideas? If yes, then implement this design. The weathered green vanity infuses a shabby chic feel into space. Additionally, it freshens the interior up.

Furthermore, the rectangular sink and wall sconces give the bathroom a vintage flair. Purple flowers in a glass vase generate a romantic ambiance. Meanwhile, the mirror visually expands the space.

The diamond rug, subway tiled walls, and hexagon floor tiles evoke a sense of contemporary refinement. Then the wicker basket under the vanity holds rolled towels. It carves a lived-in appearance as well.

4. Rustic Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

acnl cottage bathroom

When it comes to timeless traditional bathrooms ideas, you should incorporate unrefined materials into space. Here, wood door, floor, and ceiling beams carve a rustic charm. The stone wall brings the outdoors in.

Moreover, the unfinished wooden vanity screams simpler times. It effortlessly blends in as well as provides ample storage. Meanwhile, the windows allow natural light to illuminate the bathroom during the daytime.

White walls and ceiling exhibit an airy feel. Stainless steel towel bar keeps the towels off the floor. The bathtub and stool give the interior an up-to-date twist.

5. Cottage Bathroom with Rustic Vanity and Mirror

 ideas for a cottage bathroom

This bathroom boasts rustic blue vanity. It emanates an unpretentious feel and brightens up space at once. The white laminate top and stainless steel fixtures lend the unit some polish.

Since the mirror has a distressed surface, it complements the blue vanity really well. Meanwhile, the large windows keep the bathroom feeling light and airy. Wooden floor sends out a casual vibe instantly.

The area rug lends the bathroom rich texture. Vintage shelving unit houses linens and towels neatly. Lastly, the indoor plant and white faux flowers titivate the bathing space in a flash.

6. French Cottage Bathroom Ideas

decorating a small cottage bathroom

The ornate mirror is the focal point of this French cottage inspired bathroom. Moreover, the homeowner painted it off white. In no time, the item evokes a calming atmosphere and vintage elegance.

Wall sconce carries an extra classy touch to the space. Two round sinks let you and your spouse do daily routines comfortably. Meanwhile, brass accents generate a sumptuous feel quickly.

The unfinished wood vanity and stool inject rustic charm into the bathroom. Woven rattan basket accommodates rolled towels. Wall sconce lights up the area at night, while pink flowers liven the interior up.

7. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Repurposed Vanity

cottage backsplash bathroom

Speaking of cottage bathrooms ideas, people usually turn their vintage furniture items into vanities. This brings back old memories without skimping on convenience. The units give the space centerpieces as well.

In this case, the homeowner transformed her dresser into a lovely vanity. It holds towels, bath products, and personal items.

The item contrasts fabulously with the pure white sink, too. Meanwhile, greenery enlivens the scene.

Moreover, the mirror and wall sconces deliver a country cottage flair to the bathroom. Both patterned area rug and wallpaper lend the space some visual appeal. The black metal basket keeps tissue rolls in place.

8. Small Cottage Bathroom Ideas

beach cottage bathroom ideas

Do you have a small bathroom? If so, steal this look. Here, crisp white window shades and shiplap walls make the bathing space feel larger.

The pedestal sink and oval mirror carry a cottage feel to the interior immediately.

Furthermore, windows set an airy ambiance. The distressed orb chandelier illuminates the bathroom. It also injects a shabby chic flavor into the space. Metal wire basket in the corner holds rolled towels.

The subway tiled walls exude a contemporary appeal. Meanwhile, the black and white patterned floor tiles give the bathroom an elegant look. Decorations on the wall and above the oval mirror round the interior out.

9. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Double Width Vanity

cottage bathroom colours

The off white painted wood paneling reinsures this bathroom with a calming ambiance and light feeling.

Wood ceiling and mirror frame radiate warmth. Meanwhile, short curtains dress up the window right above the toilet.

Furthermore, the double width sink and faucets infuse an antique feel into the bathroom. The open wood shelf displays folded towels.

Wicker basket, wood towel holder, and stone floor evoke a rustic flair instantly. The area rug steals the attention. Vintage light fixtures brighten up the bathroom, while yellow flowers bring instant boost to the interior.

10. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Subway Tiles

 cottage bathroom color schemes

This bathroom combines practicality and charming cottage style. The subway tiled walls in the shower area give the space a modern feel. Meanwhile, the muted green vanity exudes an air of tranquility in a flash.

Wooden stool and mirror frame bring nature in. The monogrammed curtain personalizes the bathroom and provides privacy at once.

Natural stone topper matches perfectly with the vanity. Black accents lend a bit of drama to the bathroom. Meanwhile, geometric floor tiles tie the space together.

11. Coastal Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathroom designs pictures

As you see, this bathroom wears fresh colors such as light blue and bright white. They instantly send out a coastal ambiance. Subway tiles cover the wall and exude a contemporary charm at once.

The light blue vanity carries a country flair to the space. Moreover, black knobs introduce a tasteful contrast. Meanwhile, distressed wood mirror carves a warm atmosphere and shabby chic feel.

Two black and glass wall sconces lend the bathroom a classy touch. Basketweave floor gives a visual interest to space. The potted flowers offer an invigorating blast of colors.

12. Cottage Bathroom with Elaborate Mirror

cottage bathroom decor shelf

This is one of the marvelous cottage bathrooms ideas. It boasts a corner rectangular bathtub. It does not only look elegant but also maximizes the space. The ornate mirror with light gray frame spices up the wall.

Furthermore, pink floral wallpaper reinsures the space with a French country cottage flavor. It produces a feminine feel quickly, too. Meanwhile, the crystal chandelier emits a superior glow after dark.

The beige painted bathroom armoire houses wicker baskets, towels, and bath products. Additionally, it fills the space with gracious style.

Gold table carves a lavish ambiance, while pink roses and white vase generate a unified look.

13. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Wood Accents

cottage bathrooms images

When thinking of delightful cottage bathrooms ideas, this look certainly deserves a try. The distressed wood mirror, ladder towel holder, and vanity produce a rustic atmosphere. They lend the space a casual vibe, too.

White ceiling, sink, window frame, and toilet open up the bathroom. Meanwhile, the muted green shiplap walls impart a calming ambiance. Brass fixtures infuse a dash of luxury into the bathroom instantly.

The wicker storage basket keeps small bath products from visually cluttering the space. Greenery and flowers enhance the bathroom’s beauty naturally.

Vintage vanity with open shelf evokes a feeling of airiness. Lastly, geometric floor tiles make the bathroom look brand new.

14. Black and White Cottage Bathrooms Ideas

cottage bathrooms

We are truly obsessed with this bathroom. The black and white color palette develops a clean look. Meanwhile, the shiplap walls inject a cottage vibe into the bathing space in an instant.

The vanity comes with open shelf and drawers. They can accommodate your towels and bath essentials. Round mirror and wall sconces instill a contemporary ambiance quickly.

Light gray painted wood floor produces a soothing atmosphere. Meanwhile, wicker basket and greenery bring the outdoor elements inside.

15. Beach Cottage Bathroom Ideas

cottage bathrooms pinterest

Without a doubt, this is one of the amazing seaside cottage bathrooms ideas. The baby blue wall paneling perks space up. White ceiling and gray walls make the interior airy as well as light.

The vanity with black knobs adds practicality and cottage appeal to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the mirror boasts agray frame. It does not only blend in effortlessly but also offers extra storage.

Fixtures and wall sconces bring silver accents to the bathroom. They emanate a glamorous feel immediately. Meanwhile, the striped floor tiles lend the space fresh contemporary touches.

16. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Exposed Beam

cottage bathroom ideas

This bathroom beautifully boasts white ceiling, door, toilet, and walls. They generate a clean setting. Meanwhile, the clawfoot tub injects Victorian elegance into the bathing space quickly.

The wooden exposed beam, floor, and mirror exude an inviting ambiance. Two candle holders sit on the wood box. They deliver a vintage flavor to the bathroom. Small metal rack holds bath products.

Moreover, the floral sheer curtains offer a sense of separation while preserving your privacy. They carry beauty and glamor to the bathroom, too. White subway tiles reinsure the space with a contemporary feel.

17. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Open Shelving

pictures of cottage bathrooms

The pale blue shiplap walls and glass vase create a coastal ambiance. They spruce up the otherwise neutral colored bathroom, too.

Marble floor tiles produce a sumptuous look, while white vanity top and mirror set an open feeling.

Furthermore, wooden vanity comes with open shelves. They house rolled towels, wicker storage baskets, and glass jars for bath essentials. Black accents lend the bathroom a touch of visual drama.

Two black metal and glass wall sconces cast a calming glow. Meanwhile, wooden ladder serves as a towel holder. Lastly, the faux flowers embellish the space.

18. Cottage Bathroom with Upcycled Vanities

cottage bathroom design ideas

As you see, this bathroom employs white door and wall paneling. Not only do they develop a light ambiance, but also keep the space feeling clean. The fixtures and wall sconces inject some vintage appeal into the interior.

Double repurposed vanities lend the bathroom weathered beauty. They also imbue the interior with a shabby chic flair.

Wooden framed mirrors perfectly complement the vanities. Hexagon floor tiles draw everyone’s attention instantly.

19. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Farmhouse Curtains

cottage bathroom designs

This bathroom is so homey, thanks to wooden floor. Meanwhile, double sinks exude a contemporary vibe. The striped curtains infuse a farmhouse feel into the bathing space. Patterned vanity skirts hide unsightly plumbing.

Window shutter allows in daylight. Marble vanity top and golden framed mirror carve a luxurious look. The wall sconces evoke some vintage appeal, while wood rug cozies up the bathroom.

20. Cottage Bathrooms Ideas with Shiplap Paneling

cottage bathroom decor

We love this cottage style bathroom. It features off-white shiplap walls. They generate an inviting and open atmosphere. Meanwhile, the round mirror is the focus of attention.

The unfinished wood vanity, shelves, and artwork frames inject a rustic charm into the space. River rocks give the bathroom an element of Mother nature. Rectangular sink emanates an up-to-date feel.

Whether you dwell in the big city or suburban town, don’t hesitate to try those cottage bathrooms ideas. Some people stick to the classics, while others include modern interpretations. The choice is completely yours.

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