23 Timeless Traditional Bathroom Ideas That Fits Any Era

When it comes to designing a bathroom, many homeowners still opt for traditional style, because it packs the space with a ton of charm. That is the reason I rounded up these traditional bathroom ideas to help you get inspired.

Traditional bathing space typically involves glamorous touches and elegant hues. So, it feels like a relaxing oasis. There must be one detail that works for you whether you have a period property or not.

1. Transitional Bathroom Ideas

Lots of pure white keep things bright. A potted plant and ornaments sit fabulously on the windowsill.

Sage green subway wall tiles offer a moment of serenity. Wood-look floor tiles and toilet seat develop a homey ambiance.

2. Traditional Shower Bath

Grays and whites create a soothing atmosphere. Pedestal sink, clawfoot tub, and silvery fittings lend the bathroom a vintage appeal.

Distressed wood floor in a herringbone pattern carves a lived-in feel. A green striped rug poses as the centerpiece.

3. Wood Paneling for Traditional Bathrooms

Light gray walls exude a sense of timelessness. The ash gray-painted vertical wall panel ups the country vibe.

White units take center stage, while wall-mounted cabinet hides the eyesores. Lastly, wood bath accessories and laminate floors produce a welcoming mood.

4. Traditional White Bathrooms

As the picture shows, the white color palette makes this tiny attic bathroom appear lighter and bigger. Skylight and window allow in sunlight.

Clawfoot tub, subway tiles, and pedestal sink cement traditional style. Striped towel and rug grab the attention. Wood floor and artwork ooze a dash of warmth.

5. Traditional Bathroom Pictures

In this bathroom, white dominates the scheme. It emanates a clean environment and airy feel at once. The units and hardware provide a classic touch.

Sage green accents infuse calm into the space. Gray floor tiles in various patterns steal the spotlight without overwhelming the room.

6. Traditional Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery

Medium gray subway tiles and stainless steel pieces deliver a masculine vibe to the bathroom. Plenty of crisp whites lighten up the space.

Both sink and toilet embrace traditional aesthetic. The reclaimed wood floor and dark brown toilet seat both tame the coldness of grays and whites.

7. Classic Small Bathroom Design

White subway and hexagon tiles help enlarge the attic bathroom. Window and glass shower panels set an open scene.

Gold accents inject a touch of luxury into the area. Potted greenery livens up the bathing space in a snap.

8. Victorian Bathroom

Cream vertical wall panels fool the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher. Brown window trim and moldings enhance the bathroom’s tranquil feel.

Tub, display cabinet, sink, stool, and wall sconces take the bather back to the Victorian era. Butterfly artworks lend the space a contemporary twist.

9. Traditional Bathrooms 2019

Rectangular tub and gray wood laminate floor give the classic bathroom a modern edge. White units and tiles conjure a clean environment.

Raw wood bath mat draws the eye and makes the space pleasingly warm. The houseplants prevent the room from being lifeless.

10. Traditional Bathroom Tiles

Basket weave and subway tiles cement traditional design. Moreover, they add character to the bathroom. A striped towel spices up the space, while yellow stuff evokes a sense of cheerfulness.

11. Traditional Bathroom Colors Pictures

This bathroom is dressed in beiges and whites for a tranquil scene. Wood-paneled tub, burlap shade, and slate details offer country charm. Corner spa shelves and a rolled towel transform the space into a home spa.

12. Traditional Bathroom Suites Cheap

Any woman wants to pamper herself in this bathroom. Floral painting, chandelier, and fresh flowers emanate a sense of femininity.

The bathroom suites and sand walls develop a casual look. Charcoal mirrored cabinet stores bath knick-knacks.

13. Traditional Bathroom Ideas Pinterest

Cream wall coverings embellish the bathroom. Rich woods warm up the entire area instantly.

Brass accents convey luxury. Meanwhile, tub, sink, and curtains lend the space historical authenticity. Greenery and flowers jazz up the scheme.

14. Traditional Bathroom Window Treatments 2019

This traditional bathroom soothes your senses, thanks to lots of creams. Wall sconces and a flush mount ceiling light illuminate the area.

Silk window valances, vanity, and pillar deliver unrivaled splendor to the area. Some greenery breathes life into the room.

15. Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

White vanity comes with two oval sinks and stainless steel drawer knobs. Monochrome floor tiles are a feast for the eyes. Shots of navy and yellow carry some boldness to the bathroom.

16. Traditional Master Bathroom Ideas

The Emperador marble tiles and countertop exude a sumptuous air. An arched wall, pillars, and wrought iron pieces fill the master bathroom with grandeur. Flowers quickly beautify the area.

17. Traditional Bathroom Sinks


Floor-to-ceiling windows and shower glass enclosure result in an open bathroom. Bronze vessel basins, mirrors, wall sconces, faucets, and vanity introduce a symmetrical balance. The rough stones generate rustic charm.

18. Timeless Bathroom Tile Ideas

Black mosaic tiles cover the shower wall. They give the space a dramatic impact and male energy.

Copper tub, chandelier, and fittings carve a classic flavor. Soft lilac accents keep the bathroom gender-neutral.

19. Classic Gray and White Bathroom

The neutral color scheme allows silvery wall tiles and curvy blonde wood shelves to shine. Stone floor tiles, granite countertop, and some greenery bring the outdoors in. Windows promote a sunny setting.

20. Modern Traditional Bathroom

Teal accent wall makes a striking statement. Pedestal tub and roll-top bath offer a more traditional look. Glass panel, mirror, and chair deliver a modern touch to the interior. The wood floor maintains the cozy feel of the space.

21. Edwardian Bathroom Lighting

Natural stone tiles, houseplants, and rolled towels lead to a spa-like oasis. Full-width mirror, glass shower doors, and windows help bring light into the space. The Edwardian flush mount ceiling light illuminates the room after dark.

22. Classical Bathrooms

Neutral tones set a peaceful scene. Floor-to-ceiling curtains offer elegance and complete privacy.

Curved cherry bench represents the Colonial style. Potted plant and unfinished wood caddy tray deliver the elements of nature.

23. Traditional Bathroom Wall Niches

The mahogany-painted wall is a gorgeous contrast to the mostly cream bathroom. Skylights and windows let sunlight pass through. Meanwhile, the wall niches provide more storage space.

Essentially, classic bathroom design combines the elements of historical periods and the units that are on the latest trend. That is why it never gets old. So, will you be stealing any of those traditional bathroom ideas?

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