20 Captivating Maroon Living Room Ideas You’ll Adore

Red is a dramatic and exciting color. It also carves a stately feeling. Furthermore, this hue of passion can instantly lend boldness to home decor. If you love the rich shade, browse through our maroon living room ideas.

Maroon is a dark brown-red color. This warm hue is not only strong but also stimulating. People use it frequently in dining areas to spark up some conversation and stimulate the appetite.

Some homeowners include maroon in their living rooms. However, they use it in just small doses like on the accent wall. You could paint the walls in this color to create a very strong statement.

Today, we’ve gathered up some pictures of living rooms. They will clearly explain to us what warm shades like maroons do in these delightful spaces. Without further ado, let’s get into our ideas!

1. French Country Living Room with Maroon Walls

maroon living room chairs

We love this New York abode. It boasts muted maroon walls. They deliver a warm ambiance and comfortable vibe to the living room. The vintage wall sconce and black-framed artwork look awesome against them.

The blanket, book, throw pillow, table lamps, and vases offer hints of blue. Moreover, they make the living area more lively.

Light fixtures, furniture units, and decorative pieces ooze French country charm. Meanwhile, the white coffered ceiling and wainscoting panel keeps the living room from feeling too moody.

2. White and Maroon Living Room

maroon and grey living room

Talking about maroon living room ideas, this is one of the impressive designs you should steal. The seating area looks homey and inviting at once.

Moreover, since maroon is one of the red shades, it is certainly perfect for your accent walls. Marrying the color with white is definitely a good move. The combination works wonderfully all the time, too.

Both the maroon wall and wood floor impart a cozy ambiance quickly. Different white shades prevent this living area from looking flat. Lastly, a trio of artworks generates a unified feeling.

3. Contemporary Maroon Living Room Ideas

maroon accent wall living room

As you see, this contemporary living room wears maroons and reds. The homeowner also paired them with white and black. This makes the combination seem to work amazingly for one another.

Deep maroon walls add enough drama to this living room. Furthermore, they convey warmth, excitement, and passion. Meanwhile, the monochrome artworks look fabulous against them.

The furniture items and throw pillows come in red as well as stark white. Those two colors produce an eye-catching contrast. Beige floor and black tables tone the bold hues down.

4. Gold and Maroon Living Room

teal and maroon living room

This traditional living room is both vibrant and vivacious. The maroon wallpaper lends its design a real facelift. Meanwhile, the carpet pattern and throw pillows continue the bold color.

Golden mirror and curtains deliver a touch of grandeur to this classic living room. They make the sitting area more interesting as well. Table lamps and side tables exude vintage flair in an instant.

The French doors and crisp white ceiling set an open feeling. Meanwhile, neutral-toned upholstery keeps the color palette from being too busy. Lastly, bright flowers in vases gussy the living room up.

5. Maroon Living Room Decor Ideas

how to design a maroon living room

In this example, the living area boasts an almost-brown maroon accent wall. It does not only warm the space up but also develops a bold impression.

Furthermore, the sunburst mirror hangs on the accent wall spectacularly. This decor balances the larger-than-life artwork out really well.

Two armless chairs face the off-white leather sofa. The throws pillows and seat cushions sport different maroon shades. They help to stimulate congenial conversation. Wood floor and jute rug cozy up the living area.

6. Maroon Living Room Suite

maroon and black living room ideas

Since this living room is spacious, you can coat all the walls with Morris & Co’s maroon paint. We recommend adding light-toned elements into space. Here, the ceiling, sectional sofa, and table lamps lighten up the interior.

The carpet, ceiling, and sectional sofa lend the living area rich textures. Meanwhile, yellow throw pillows impart a cheerful atmosphere. They carry instant fun to the room.

Windows allow natural light to enter the maroon living area. The long black table infuses a bit of drama into the room.

It features lower shelves for storing books and tiny accessories, while a recessed shelf provides additional storage space.

7. Magnificent Living Room with Maroon Walls

navy blue and maroon living room

If you are passionate about warm colors, give this living room design a shot. The sitting area features almost-brown maroon walls. They generate a dramatic statement while sending out a cozy atmosphere.

The white bookshelves allow homeowners to have their home library. Furthermore, in a jiffy, they set an open ambiance. Meanwhile, the box bay window lets an abundance of daylight in.

Moreover, the yellow accents radiate happiness. The furniture pieces make for an ultra-comfy seating area. Blacks and grays balance vibrant colors out. Lastly, paintings adorn the maroon walls.

8. Contemporary Living Room with Maroon Wall and Decor

maroon couch living room

This is one of the wonderful maroon living room ideas. We admire its rendered design. Honestly, it is such an excellent example of a stunning seating area.

Moreover, the maroon accent walls instantly change everything. They do not only warm this living area up but also evoke cozy vibes. The floor lamps and throw pillows come in darker maroons.

The furniture pieces inject a contemporary appeal into the living area. Black floating shelves accommodate vase, initial signs, and framed photos. While the light-toned wood floor keeps the room from looking dark.

9. Asian Inspired Maroon Living Room

maroon couch living room ideas

Talking about maroon living room layout ideas, consider this Asian interior design.  According to Chinese culture, the color itself represents happiness, joy, and good luck.

In this example, the maroon accent wall livens up the living area quickly. The paintings blend with it delightfully. Meanwhile, the windows and white ceiling make the space feel clean as well as bright.

This living room is a nice empty canvas for indoor plants and modern low furniture. The built-in end table tops the handmade silk rug. Dark brown throw pillows and plaid blanket reinsure the area with a snuggly ambiance.

10. Vintage Maroon Living Room Ideas

maroon living room interior design

As you see, this living area employs some flea market findings like the wooden bench, center table, and armchairs. They ooze vintage-modern appeal. The classic sofa lends the interior a fresh, young appearance.

Maroon wall and ceiling carry a dramatic effect to the sitting area. Furthermore, they keep the interior from looking lifeless. The patterned wallpaper makes the living room divine.

Furthermore, the golden sunburst mirror produces a lavish feeling. Chevron and multicolor throw pillows lend the living area a visual interest. Grays, whites, and browns offset maroons as well as blues.

11. Large Living Room with Maroon Accent Wall

maroon leather living room furniture

When thinking of maroon living room ideas, give this design a go. As the photo shows, it looks welcoming, airy, and homey all at once.

Here, the maroon wall delivers a dash of drama to the living area. It doubles as the room’s acoustical treatment, too. The unit is fabulous but functional, while the black piano exudes grandeur quickly.

Yellow marble floor tiles carry timeless glamor and beauty to space. The large windows keep this room feeling airy. Meanwhile, the houseplant, stones, and wood elements bring the outside indoors.

12. Eclectic Maroon Living Room Ideas

maroon rugs for living room

This New York living area is both inviting and warm. Here, the colors perfectly complement one another. The tufted stool and sofas are not only comfortable but also classy and elegant.

Maroon walls and curtains inject boldness into the sitting area. They exhibit a homey vibe in a jiffy and stimulate the intimate conversation. Meanwhile, the artworks and mirrors lend the room an eclectic feel.

Furthermore, the table lamps bring modern vibes to the interior. The area rug and throw pillows spruce the living area up. Giant candles and red flowers decorate the black side table.

13. Animal Themed Classic Living Room with Maroon Walls

maroon feature wall living room

What’s not to admire about this traditional style of the living room? Obviously, it is gorgeous and an attention-grabber.

Muted maroon walls infuse cozy vibes into the sitting area. They are a mesmerizing contrast to the stark white ceiling, too.

Brown leather sofa develops a stately look. Meanwhile, the French doors and windows let a great amount of daylight enter the space. The distressed red bench evokes a shabby chic feel.

Zebra rug, antler pendant lamp, and deer head wall decorations turn the living area into a charming safari wonderland. The fireplace, plants, and framed artworks provide visual symmetry.

14. Traditional Maroon Family Room

gray and maroon living room ideas

Looking for classic maroon living room ideas? If so, then this design surely deserves a try. The rich maroon walls inject a homey touch into the interior. They nicely highlight the simple neutral furniture pieces as well.

White ceiling and wainscoting panel contrast with the dark maroon walls. Meanwhile, the slipcovered sofas and rug ooze maximum comfort.

The coffee table, floor lamp, and candle holders give the room a French country flair.

Cream curtains and white-framed windows keep the living area from being moody. Lastly, maroon and patterned throw pillows bring the entire interior together.

15. Maroon Living Room with Dark Furniture

maroon living room interior

We completely heart this living room. It is not only enchanting but also homey and welcoming.

The striking stand lamp and black sofa make the space feel bold. White walls and base bolding prevent the area from becoming gloomy.

Vibrant maroon accent wall lends the living area a dramatic effect. It quickly sets an inviting atmosphere. The artwork and mirror titivate the blank walls.

Sofa, chairs, and tables deliver minimal aesthetics to the living room. Greenery enlivens the space, while the pendant lamp illuminates the seating area.

In addition, carpet and throw pillows give the interior visual appeal.

16. Teal and Maroon Living Room

 jamie marion living room realty

Maroon and teal create a stunning living room combo. Those two shades also fabulously complement each other in the color wheel. That’s why you should include them in your sitting area.

The dark maroon accent wall perks the interior up. It provides a vivid background for a sunburst mirror as well. Golden decorations glorify the living room.

Moreover, the navy-teal chair lends the space an extra touch of boldness. Natural wood tones and houseplants emanate an outdoorsy vibe. Lastly, the geometric area rug evokes a modern flair.

17. Gray and Maroon Living Room

orange and maroon living room

Maroon is strong and passionate. That’s the reason you shouldn’t use it in large doses. Here, the living room accent wall wears this color. No surprise, the space looks cozy and welcoming.

Furthermore, gray walls balance the maroon accent wall out. They immediately produce a tranquil atmosphere. Black coffee table and sideboard infuse drama and depth into the scene.

White ceiling, as well as windows, keep moodiness at bay. Wood floor and roses bring the outside in.

Light fixtures and furniture items carve a vintage feel. The artworks, pattern throw pillows, and area rug perfectly complete the look.

18. Beige and Maroon Living Room Ideas

living room paint colors with maroon furniture

This modern living room boasts a deep maroon accent wall. It quickly exudes a warm ambiance and carves a bold statement. Moreover, the color itself encourages the guests to have great conversations.

White ceiling, base molding, and wall maintain the room’s clean setting. Beige furniture pieces instill a calm atmosphere.

Wood floor and plant lend the space a natural touch, while the embellishments produce a cohesive look.

19. Brown and Maroon Living Room

maroon living room ideas

Talking about a living room, do not skimp on color completely. Here, the homeowner painted her accent wall in dark maroon. It carries a touch of drama to space.

The brown floor and leather sofa make the living area feel homey. While the off-white throw pillows and chairs soften the look. Lastly, an oversized round wall hanging draws the eye.

20. Maroon and Orange Living Room

maroon living room curtains

This living room features a deep maroon wall. Not only does it cozy the space up, but also provides a terrific backdrop for framed painting and prints.

The dark orange velvet ottoman and sofa assert a sense of glamor. Meanwhile, the metal skinny side table keeps the living area from feeling stuffy.

Hopefully, you liked our maroon living room ideas. They help bring enough drama to your sitting area. Moreover, the interior’s aura certainly gets more compelling since the wall wears an intense color.

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