20 Impressive Contemporary Living Room Ideas for You

Some of you confuse contemporary interior design with the modern one. In fact, these two are different. Essentially, contemporary style means living at present while embracing traditional fad. It also employs elements from the other styles.

Furthermore, contemporary design is continuously evolving. This flair does not devote to a specific look and time. If you would like to incorporate it into your dwelling, read up on my contemporary living room ideas below.

Contemporary Living Room on A Budget

This sitting area is chic and tranquil at the same time. You can notice a stunning mix of color palettes, patterns, and textures.

The budget-friendly blackboard wall lets your artworks to be the centerpieces. Plus, vintage furniture lends the interiors an eclectic touch.

Complete Living Room Sets

When it comes to contemporary style, you should use neutral colors and basic furniture. Here, earth-toned units give the zone a warm ambiance.

Blanket, rug, and throw pillows elicit a sense of comfort. Meanwhile, simple wall arts adorn the area.

Living Room Ideas 2019

The raised sofa, wooden side table, cabinet, curvy work chair, and armchair fit well in this living room. They develop a clean setting.

A patterned rug, throw pillow, and fabric basket work as the showstoppers. Houseplants and dark green items tie the space together.

Living Room Color Combinations

This sitting area unquestionably boasts a contemporary design. You can quickly notice an astonishing combination of purple and beige.

Throw sofa blanket and shag rug, both offer maximum comfort. The metallic pendant light and the acrylic table lamp enhance the room’s splendor.

Best Living Room Paint Colors

I really love the way pastel colors soothe the living room. The soft green wall is such perfect backdrop for black-and-white framed artworks.

Three-legged wooden table keeps the space homey. Lastly, geometric patterns result in an appealing lounge area.

Examples of Contemporary Design

Stripped sofa and curtains along with grey rug provide layers of texture. Taupe walls and white ceiling make the area serene.

Glass windows allow you to enjoy surrounding views. Fake flowers in the vases add splash of invigorating colors to the zone.

Contemporary Living Room Pinterest

A lot of people on Pinterest love this contemporary-style sitting room. The white walls and curtains let the blue furniture pieces stand out.

An abstract painting draws the eye in a flash. Bonsai tree and artificial flowers rejuvenate the space.

Latest Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

Here, you can quickly spot clean lines in the form of table and raised sofa. They produce a uniform look.

Polished wooden floor and white shag rug exude a cozy atmosphere. Meanwhile, red and green units offset neutral palettes.

Modern Living Room 2018

Unlike modern design, contemporary style still has a room for curved lines. The pod hanging chair and floor lamps make the area feel fitted.

Steel blue wall poses as a cool backdrop. Pink sofa, blue shag rug, and throw pillows carve a sweet, elegant sitting area.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

Hanging artworks on the pastel pink wall do not only bring the room together, but also generate aesthetic minimalism.

Yellow sofa makes a bold statement. Dark green blanket infuses depth and drama into the area, while purple flowers promote a dynamic setting.

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

No contemporary sitting room is complete without basket woven furniture. Here, the coffee table and pouf teams excellently with light grey floor.

Ombre grey wall is dreamily captivating. Lastly, orange armchairs and flowers energize the whole area.

Cozy Modern Living Room Ideas

This monochrome lounge room is incredibly cozy and sunny. It features large glass windows and provides ample seating.

The built-in wood burning fireplace heats up the entire space. Additionally, chevron rug attracts the attention.

Modern Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

In the picture above, the tiny room is filled with sleek furniture pieces. Their straight lines and sharp edges produce a modern look.

Shelving units, throw pillows, wall decals, poufs, and hanging artworks add pops of vivid colors to the otherwise neutral area.

Small Living Room Designs

Pure white ceiling and walls offer the small apartment a bright and clean environment. Wooden table and shelving units infuse inimitable warmth.

Wicker basket, blanket, pouf, and throw pillows deliver rich textures to the scene. Potted indoor plants bring the outside in.

Contemporary Living Room Decorating Ideas

When decorating your lounge area, make sure you hang soft-toned and monochrome artworks as they are not overly fancy.

Then, pair pastel grey sofa and chairs with oval-shaped wooden table and patterned rug. Floor lamps and pendant lights cast an ambient glow after dark.

Blue and Grey Contemporary Living Room

In this contemporary sitting area, you can see curved and well-defined lines. Faux fur blanket, pouf, rug, and brick walls lend the room textural contrast.

Blue sofa, rocking chair, and throw pillows make a bold impression without overpowering the space. A gold-colored piece sumptuously elevates the design.

Pastel Paint Colors for Contemporary Living Rooms

Here, the wall is painted pastel chartreuse and sage green. These colors truly give you a peaceful state of mind.

Pink shag rug, blanket, flower, and tufted cushion carve a feminine feel. Lastly, indoor plants transform your space into a contemporary sanctuary.

Modern Center Table Designs for Living Room

Needless to say, this living room screams contemporary interior design. Navy wingback chair, blanket, and throw pillows pop against white floor.

A stylish metal-and-wood center table matches with the room. Black framed blue wall posters are the true head-turning pieces.

Eclectic Minimalist Living Room

This sitting room is bright and open with the help of white space scheme. It also has a ton of character. Throw pillows embellish the area.

Unfinished wood square shelves lead to country rustic feel. Meanwhile, retro floor lamp and black dresser complement the zone.

Scandinavian Contemporary Lounge

White ceiling, floor, and walls produce a clutter-free environment. Framed artwork, patterned rug, striped wall hanging, and decorative coffee tables are a sight for sore eyes.

Plus, you can notice clear shapes, sexy curves, modern light fixtures, and natural elements. For sure, this Nordic lounge will blow your guests’ minds.

Contemporary living room is basically about creating the perfect balance in your own space. This design also teaches you not to be afraid of playing with patterns and colors.

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