17 Captivating Living Room Paint Ideas You Will Love

Paint is seriously able to change the way the living room looks. Moreover, it offers a different ambiance and represents your taste. For you who would like to update the lounge area, take inspiration from these living room paint ideas.

Perhaps, painting the room seems so daunting and time-consuming job. However, your hard work and effort will be paid off. Without further ado, here are wonderful paint choices. I am sure they unlock your inner interior designer.

1. House Painting Designs and Colors

In this modern sitting area for students, the walls are painted beige. They deliver a soothing and tranquil ambiance in no time.

Peach tufted sofa, rug, guitar, ceiling, and rolling chairs make the entire room more lively and energetic. Wooden floor and accent walls add a touch of nature to the sitting area.

2. Living Room Colors Photos

Unexpectedly, pastel colors bring comfort and serenity to this living room. That’s the reason you must include them in your social space as well.

Pastel teal, yellow, and pink on the wall create a cheery atmosphere. Bumblebee seater sofa pops against the color wall. Lastly, camel floor tiles tone down the bright hues.

3. Paint Color Trends 2019

If you love an on-trend living space, give this idea a try. Sapphire blue wall quickly makes a bold statement. It serves as a cool backdrop too.

White coffee table, gray sofa, black metal side tables, and wall hangings catch more attention. Potted houseplants rejuvenate the space.

4. Best Color for Living Room Walls

Beige is the best color to create a calm and welcoming living room. It may be softer but still introduces a clean environment. Additionally, your space seems bigger than it is.

Grey sofa and throw pillows pair strikingly with the painted textured wall. Framed floral pictures elegantly fill the bare wall.

5. Living Room Color Combinations

As you can see, the jade green wall allows the off-white pearl sofa to stand out. Pastel green armchair, side table, and mermaid throw pillow result in a coordinated look.

Golden wall decor, copper coffee table, and marble open shelves raise the room’s luxury. Plus, indoor plants transform the space into an urban jungle.

6. Living Room Kitchen Paint Ideas

In this minimalist wooden cottage, there are a living room and integrated kitchen. White sofa and throw pillows contrast beautifully with black double-decker coffee table.

Burnt orange accent walls and unfinished wooden ceiling marry together. They evoke a sense of warmth and rustic at once.

7. Popular Living Room Colors

Mid-century modern light gray sofa, modern cabinet, classic off-white doors, and retro table lamp offer the room a ton of personality.

Cacti in wicker planter and pots bring a breath of fresh air to the scene. Meanwhile, orange wall brightens up the area.

8. Living Room Paint Colors with Brown Furniture

If you have been dreaming of an intimate living room, this idea is the best way to go. Paint your walls earthly ochre. They calm your mind in a split second.

You can place tan brown sofas and wooden tables on the ochre floor. Put potted plant on the coffee table to jazz up the room.

9. Wall Painting Design Pictures for Living Room

Pastel pink wall emanates a feminine feel. Meanwhile, butterscotch yellow sofa pops against it. The floor cabinet houses storage boxes and ornamental pieces.

Polka dot throw pillows on the sofa grab the attention. Potted plant cleans the air. Black framed artworks blend all the elements together.

10. Gray Living Room Walls

This gray living room undoubtedly boasts an industrial design style. You can notice metallic coffee table, sunburst wall decor, floor, and table lamps. Leaves in vase keep the space from feeling cold.

Gray sofa and walls generate a stylish as well as cozy living room. The 3-panel foldable mirrors create the illusion of more space.

11. Benjamin Moore 2019 Color Trends

Here, I have a Scandinavian living room. The walls are painted using Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. They lead to crisp white living room walls. Glass windows develop a sunny and open atmosphere.

Multi-tone throw pillows on gray sofa convey an aura of playfulness. Wooden ceiling, floor, cabinet, and coffee table bring outdoors indoor.

12. Wall Paint Color Catalog

Obsessed with Nordic interior design? Give this idea a shot. Super white walls do not only enlarge the space, but also provide a nice backdrop and bounce sunlight around the living room.

Wooden furniture units elicit a sense of intimacy. They inject nature’s beauty into the scene too. Glass walls allow for the exterior views.

13. Classic Living Room Paint Colors

This retro Scandinavian sitting room is spacious, organized, and homey. Wooden ceiling, floor, coffee table, floating shelves, and shelving units reveal nature’s rawness.

Fuchsia couch and table lamp add a dash of passion to the area. Pendant light illuminates the space after sun goes down.

14. Gray and White Living Room Decorating Ideas

I am sure this interior wins your heart. The white-painted brick ceiling contrasts magnificently with deep gray wall.

Metal coffee table, staircase, track task light, and exposed pipes lend the area an industrial appeal. Patterned throw pillow pops on black sofa. Lastly, pink flowers soften the look of masculine living room.

15. Asian Paints Color Combination

This minimalist Asian-style living room is definitely worth to try. Crisp white wall and black furniture units generate a terrific contrast.

Scarlet red sofa adds an aura of happiness to the scene. It also draws the eye to relaxed chair and tables. This social space surely releases your inner Zen.

16. Best White Paint for Interior Walls

Super white on the wall provides a clean, airy, and breezy ambiance. It helps bounce the daylight around the space too.

Dark gray sofa and black table produce a dramatic look. Faded pink blanket and throw pillow bring a slightly feminine touch to the room. Pastel yellow on area rug romanticizes the interior.

17. Dark Paint Colors for Living Room

The peacock blue wall, black coffee table, tree floor lamp, and open shelving unit make for a modern indoor space.

Medium gray armchair, wood floor and white shag rug lighten the dark shades. Golden decorative items lend the room a lavish feel.

No matter how small your space is, it deserves your attention. Implement one of those living room paint ideas and let your guests gaze upon the interior in astonishment.

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