20 Master Bedroom Ideas That Will Amaze You

A master bedroom is everyone’s favorite space in the house. It is place to take refuge and relax the muscles after a tiring day at work. Not to mention, master sleeping space feels like a personal oasis.

If you really want an inviting and practical master bedchamber, take a look at my ideas and tips. They help you turn your dream bedroom into reality. Regardless of the room size and your decor style, I have got you covered.

1. Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Neutral color scheme generates a calm atmosphere. Windows allow the homeowner to enjoy an enchanting outside view from the bed.

Tufted armchair, table, black bed, and floral square stools are the ultra-comfy furniture pieces. The chandelier and wall hangings complete the look.

2. Small Master Bedroom with Storage

This small master bedchamber has a palette of white, light gray, and sand. It turns out to be a soothing oasis. Gold table mirror and tufted headboard produce a luxurious air.

Dark wood sideboard and nightstands are used to stow things. The room is spruced up by tall potted plant and orange accents.

3. Master Bedroom with Bathroom Floor Plans

Muted colors offer a sense of serenity to the spacious master bedchamber. Floral prints and stripes subtly add visual interest.

The bathroom and conversation area result in a multipurpose space. Billowing curtains, blankets, and throws provide cozy textures.

4. Beautiful Master Bedroom Designs

I wish I could move into this bedroom. It overlooks a breathtaking river. The potted plant brings outdoor inside.

Indigo blue bed and nightstands impart sophistication as well as restfulness. Gingham and elephant throw pillows lend the room tons of personality.

5. Master Bedroom with Sitting Area

Although this bedchamber employs subdued hues, it does not look stark at all. The statue, oversized wall art, and striped bedding truly catch the eye.

Chaise lounge, tub chair, stool, and table promote an intimate seating area. Ceiling and pendant lights illuminate the room at night.

6. Office Nook in Master Bedroom

Are you an entrepreneur? If yes, steal this idea. The master sleepy space comes with a home office. It enables you to work from home any time.

Coffered ceiling and mirror create the perception of more space. Framed artworks, striking prints, and plants infuse extra oomph into the zone.

7. Master Bedroom Ideas 2018

This master resting space is mostly decorated in cream, off white, and sand. Those neutrals emanate a peaceful ambience.

Curved wingback chair, floral bedding, and painting give the space old world appeal. Wood laminate floor and built-in fireplace magnify the homey vibes.

8. Large Master Bedroom Ideas

Soft purple walls brighten up the bedchamber in seconds. Black spindle bed, side table, and chest of drawers add depth.

Plush bedding, French country rug, and silk curtains set a luxe sleeping space. Throw pillows unify the room.

9. Fireplace in Master Bedroom

As you can see, this bedroom is super stunning. A fireplace heats up the entire area, while polished wood furniture units develop a refined look.

The rug, fireplace cover, wall sconce, bedding, curtains, and table lamps exhibit the Victorian atmosphere. Leather tufted ottoman introduces an upscale setting.

10. Master Bedroom Size and Layout

Who states neutral-toned bedroom can’t be glamorous? That’s so wrong. Just pair the subtle colors with metallic accents, sexy lines, and silky fabric.

The windows serve as a bridge between indoors and outdoors. Light taupe carpet offers optimum comfort underfoot.

11. Farmhouse Master Bedroom

White foundation, windows, and doors keep this resting space airy. The distressed nightstands and cowhide rugs carve a farmhouse feel.

Tufted end bench and vintage chandelier stamp the traditional style. Metallic table lamps ooze a sense of masculinity.

12. Romantic Traditional Master Bedroom Ideas

This is the master bedroom for two. Bay window and furniture units evoke an aura of splendor. Shiny wood floor and ornate fireplace produce a homey feel.

Silk bedding and curtains exude luxury without overwhelming the eye. Crystal chandelier and wall sconces emit a romantic glow.

13. Master Bedroom Furniture Set

Pictured here is a grand bedroom with mahogany furniture sets. They offer comfort, style, and an intimate ambience at once.

Deep red bedroom curtains are a dramatic contrast to cream walls. Along with table lamps and bed linens, they promote an ideal sleep environment.

14. Master Bedroom Color Ideas

Sand, ivory, and white are the big players in this sleepy space. The room turns out to be a quiet and stress-free hideaway.

Marble fireplace, silk curtains, and leather throw pillows lend the area opulence as well as timeless beauty. Meanwhile, windows maximize daylight.

15. Master Bedroom Plan

The tray ceiling conveys a sense of spaciousness and grandeur. Plus, it adds visual appeal to the sleeping zone.

Dark wood bed, floor, and nightstands elicit warmth. French country rug, leather armchair, and vintage chandelier elevate the room.

16. Master Bedroom Wall Decor

White and wood combo is seriously charming. Here, wooden furniture pieces provide subtle luxury, while white walls impart a feeling of refinement.

Floral curtain and bedding is a feast for the eyes. Scenery wall art and artificial plants in vase serve as the decorative elements.

17. Modern Master Bedroom Lighting

Light gray walls contribute to the sophistication and elegance of this bedroom. Black wall hanging, side tables, and throws deliver dimension.

Unpolished wood floor, shag rug, and textured comforter keep the space feel grounded. Downlights and mid-century modern table lamps cast a bright glow.

18. TV in Master Bedroom Ideas

The bed, tray ceiling, dark-toned wooden floor, and rug exemplify the upscale setting. White nightstands bring shabby chic style to the home.

Tufted loveseat is a nice spot for chatting and reading. A flat screen TV completes the space.

19. Master Bedroom Ideas 2019

This grand bedroom looks warm. Exposed beams, wooden floor, furniture and shutters are all it takes.

The end bench, tub chair, and armchair provide ample seating area. Rug, bedding, curtains, and table lamps scream French country flair.

20. Master Bedroom Ideas Modern

White ceiling, walls, and furniture units create a crisp, clean look. Meanwhile, red accents give the room energy and passion.

Carpet, tufted chaise lounge, roll-up blinds, and bed linens amplify the coziness of the space. Metallic vase and hardware glitz up the room.

In short, master bedroom seems more attainable than you think. Bear in mind that you must be true to your personal taste. Are you so psyched to do the home improvement? Let’s get started!

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