19 Bedroom Curtain Ideas That Are Worth Your Attention

Bedroom is your retreat. That’s why you should dress it up. Nothing sounds easier than hanging bedroom curtain. It makes the space more appealing, but also helps you get a great night’s sleep.

If you are searching for curtain ideas, luck is on your side. I scoped out these photos of amazing curtains to pull the bedroom together. You find the one that works best in your sleeping zone.

1. Bedroom Curtain Ideas Pinterest

This bedroom is sunny and bright, thanks to walls of windows. They allow abundant natural light and spectacular ocean views in.

Sheer white curtains add a sense of elegance. Plus, they work as a room divider. A sculptural ceiling light draws the eye upward.

2. Curtain Color Matching

Undoubtedly, this room belongs to a man. The taupe curtains cover a big window. They produce a masculine character and match perfectly with the accent wall.

Wood floor, unfinished bed frame, and two wicker table lamps bring an element of nature indoors. Oversized artwork steals the show.

3. Different Bedroom Curtains

You wish you could stay longer in this hotel room, right? The beige walls create a calm atmosphere. Sand-colored carpet reinforces an aura of serenity.

Layered curtains transform the room into a luxe sanctuary. The army green panels block out the sunlight, while the sheer ones serve as light filters.

4. Bright Curtains for Bedroom

White base makes this bedroom feel open. Wooden book holder, jute pot, shag rug, velvet blanket, and throws generate a refined bohemian style.

Filmy blue curtains brighten up the sleeping zone. Sheer curtains let the sunlight in. Framed artwork adds visual interest to the area. Meanwhile, palm tree revitalizes the room in an instant.

5. Bedroom Curtain Buying Tips

If your bedchamber is mostly white, go for patterned purple taupe curtains. They suddenly break up the starkness of the room. Not to mention, those window treatments inject character into the space.

Wood floor and dark brown bedding both radiate warmth. The glass balcony sliding door maximizes the natural light in the room.

6. Canopy Bed Curtains IKEA

Needless to say, this villa bedroom is gorgeous. Look at the ivory curtains that elegantly decorate the canopy bed. Gray wood blinds offer a classic touch.

Beige floor tiles elicit a sense of softness. Moroccan table lamps exude the exotic appeal in no time.

7. Striped Curtains Target

Boys’ bedroom has to be cheerful. Due to this reason, you must incorporate blue, orange, and red into the sleeping space. These colors develop a playful ambiance.

Sheer white curtains give the room the light finishing touch. Striped blue curtains are from Target. They produce a fresh look.

8. Long or Short Curtains in Bedroom

This bedchamber boasts an all-white color scheme. The long white curtains create the impression of a higher ceiling. They also allow the daylight to stream in.

The fireplace warms up the space. Indoor potted plants bring some life to the bedroom. A French country rug keeps the area from being too sterile.

9. Bedroom Curtain Ideas with Blinds

Here is a predominantly white bedroom with dark teal panel curtains. Not only do they lend the sleeping zone boldness, but also provide a sense of privacy.

White blinds carve a tranquil and airy space. Wooden headboard evokes an intimate air. Area rug, textured bed cover, and pillows cozy up the area.

10. Contrast Curtains

The headboard undeniably demonstrates French country flair. It pairs nicely with white linens and pillows. Black framed wall decor takes the center stage.

Multi-tone striped curtains block off the bed. In addition, they are a striking contrast to white sheer curtains.

11. Curtain Thickness

This bedchamber features sheer gray curtains and thick solid white panels. They are congruent with the overall flow of the bedroom.

Wood floor balances out the metallic wall sconces. The greenery perks up the space. Sleek side tables and floating TV stand offer a touch of modernity.

12. Gray Bedroom Curtain Ideas

The black knobs contrast beautifully with white built-in wardrobe. Meanwhile, the windows are adorned with floor-to-ceiling gray curtains. Gray blanket magnifies the manly feel.

Striped bed cover and pillows are a feast for the eyes. Lantern on the wooden floor puts a traditional spin on the modern room.

13. Bedroom Curtains Ideas for Short Windows

White ceiling, floor, and walls create the perception of more space. The sideboard, armless chair, and bed exude an airy setting.

Soft pink curtains complement the short windows. Other than that, they deliver a romantic ambiance. Flowers and houseplants style up the Scandinavian bedchamber.

14. Bedroom Curtain Ideas Small Rooms

Curtains are not always used on windows. Here, pale pink curtains divide a small room and break up the white’s blandness.

A plush cactus and indoor plants prettify the space. Next to a king-size bed, there are two wooden side tables. Framed artwork, brown and pink throw pillows tie the room together.

15. Blue Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Blue and translucent white curtains result in a cool teenager’s bedroom. They provide privacy and keep the space look bright.

The bicycle, standing globe, and skateboard infuse personality into the area. Meanwhile, light bulbs and wrought iron bed frame carve an industrial feel.

16. Bedroom Curtains Pictures

Gray cot and wall panels clash fabulously with yellow blanket as well as wall ornament. Wood sideboard, floor, and plant bring outdoors in.

Subtle pink curtains and wood blinds block out the pesky daylight. Gold duo floor lamp is a fancy addition to the baby’s bedroom.

17. Bedroom Curtain Ideas Small Windows

Does your bedroom have small windows? If so, pair them with white tie back cotton curtains for a feminine, open look.

Furthermore, beautify the area with fresh flowers on vase. Put blanket and throw pillows on your bed to boost up the comfort.

18. Four Poster Bed Canopy Curtains

Unconcealed ceiling beams and brick walls promote a rustic look. Sheer white canopy bed curtains quickly emanate a royal atmosphere.

Gray shag rug, bedding, stool, and throw pillows evoke sophistication. Red plant adds a pop of energizing color to the otherwise neutral room.

19. Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas

In this bedchamber, sheer curtains magnificently meet sand-and-brown panels. Since they are hung from the ceiling, the space seems larger.

Tufted velvet headboard and purple chair ooze splendor. Lastly, an orb lights up the room in a marvelous way.

Do not forget to give any of those bedroom curtain ideas a try. I believe your sleeping space would be more comfortable and welcoming.

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