20 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Spruce up Your Space

Needless to say, the kitchen cabinet has vital roles in your abode. This furniture keeps the cooking area organized and stunning by hiding the necessities. Besides, it hugely affects the look and mood of your kitchen.

Today I’m sharing different kitchen cabinetry ideas that go beyond bare cupboards. Whether you aim for functionality or aesthetics, these options won’t fail to astonish you. Pretty soon, you want to update the culinary space.

1. Best White for Kitchen Cabinets 2019

The off white cabinetry and subway backsplash tiles generate a contemporary kitchen. They provide an air of elegance as well.

Black countertop and rattan dining chairs infuse natural drama. Patterned window blinds act as a wow factor.

2. Kitchen Cabinets Colors

This kitchenette appears so relaxing, thanks to the beige-painted shiplap cabinets. The under-mount sink intensifies the farmhouse feel.

Wood floor and rattan chairs exude a cozy atmosphere. Glass windows let you see outside while preparing the food.

3. Cherry Wood Cabinets

In this galley kitchen, cherry wood adds a glamorous finish to the cabinets. Plus, it radiates splendor and blends perfectly with the floor.

Black and red granite countertops call attention to the cream walls. Windows and skylight bring lots of daylight into space. Flush ceiling light casts a soft glow after the night falls.

4. Modern Kitchen Cabinets Pictures

Here, I have a minimalist culinary space that boasts ergonomic wood cabinets. Their natural stripes steal the spotlight in no time.

White backsplash and floor tiles make the room bigger than it truly is. Metallic cooking appliances give the kitchen an industrial flavor.

5. Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

The walls are painted beige. They quiet down the cooking area. Rug, table runner, floor, and chairs cozy up the room.

Old wood cabinets look more captivating when coupled with granite countertops. Fresh flowers and potted greenery prevent the space from being lifeless.

6. Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 2018

If your cooking zone is breezy, open, and sunny, add an impressive contrast to the scene. You could outfit the kitchen with dark brown cabinetry and dining set.

Large glass windows capture jaw-dropping outdoor views. Track lighting offers industrial appeal and brightens the dining area.

7. Kitchen Cabinet Wood Colors

The birch wood cabinets inject natural brown color and rustic character into the room. Since the lower cabinets are raised, they open up the floor space.

Pastel gray backsplash and countertop introduce a calm ambiance. Limestone floor tiles bring outdoors indoor.

8. Modern Kitchen Cabinet Pictures

You can spot straight lines and sharp edges in this kitchen. They result in a sophisticated modern cooking zone. Curved edges soften the scene.

Black countertops and white base cabinets create high contrast. Matte gray and glossy red upper cabinets are so enchanting. Windows maximize existing daylight in the living space.

9. Maple Wood Cabinets

White ceiling and cream walls emanate a soothing vibe. Two flush ceiling lights prevent the space from becoming poorly lit.

Maple wood kitchen cabinets convey timeless beauty. Underfoot is stained concrete floor. Lastly, black dining set and cooking appliances tie the room together.

10. Kitchen Cabinet Colors

The cooking zone looks fresh with the presence of ivory white cabinets. Glass door upper cabinet shows off the tableware.

Cream ceiling, black wood dining set, and peach walls produce a homey aura. Flowers in vase and works of art adorn the dining area.

11. Inexpensive Rustic Cabinets

As seen in the image above, flush ceiling lights keep the area bright. White foundation produces a flawlessly clean environment.

Glossy wood cabinetry bounce the light back into the area. Countertops and polished stone floor tiles are congruent with the overall kitchen’s design. Meanwhile, black kitchen appliances ground the room.

12. Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small Spaces

Despite of its small size, this culinary space is trendy and full of rustic charm. The hardware-free wood cabinets are used to stow kitchen essentials.

White countertop and horizontal window blinds continue the modern theme. Black household appliances create a bold impression.

13. Rustic Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Terracotta floor tiles and oak kitchen cabinets marry together in this traditional kitchen. Along with the countertops, they add nature-inspired vibe.

Ornamental plates are highlighted by recessed down light. Glass windows help the area get adequate sunlight and let you see the enticing sights.

14. Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

If you think about painting your cabinets, white is the best color for certain. It brightens up the kitchen. Other than that, it works well with any setting.

Here, super white cabinets, floor, and backsplash lead to a stylish kitchen. Raw wood open cabinet exudes a sense of airiness. Lush houseplants revitalize the space.

15. Kitchen Countertop Ideas with White Cabinets

This kitchen feels up to date and light, thanks to white cabinets. They pair fabulously with stainless-steel hardware and countertop.

Pastel gray clock on white wall lends the cooking zone simple elegance. Yellow flowers add color and instant freshness to the room.

16. Kitchen Cabinet Pictures

Unfinished wood floor, kitchen cabinets, and dining chairs deliver rustic charm. Stone island and granite countertops bring more texture to the log cabin.

Deer antler chandelier exhibits nature’s wilderness. Matte white refrigerator pose as the centerpiece.

17. White Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Pastel blue statement walls make white-painted wood cabinets more noticeable. Stained wood floor contrasts with cabinetry in a lovely way.

Framed mirror provides much-needed dimension. French country area rug carves global classic appeal, while quartz countertop offers high-end visual interest.

18. Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

Wooden cabinets in this modern farmhouse are painted pure white. They give the kitchen ample storage space.

Dark wood floor, black concrete countertop, and chairs emanate depth. Lantern pendant lights and down lights flood the sizeable kitchen with warm glow.

19. White Kitchen Cabinets

If you dwell in a flat, steal this idea. The all-white kitchen doesn’t look sterile, thanks to glossy backsplash. It livens up the whole space.

Floating white cabinets develop a contemporary feel. The curved faucet visually softens the straight lines.

20. Gray and White Kitchen Cabinets

Gray and white is a perfect pairing. Here, white glass door cabinet keeps plate collection in place, while the pastel gray one adds a cool touch.

The mugs and knives are neatly on display. Black metal hardware and stainless steel appliances emit classic industrial charm.

Replace your old kitchen cabinet with the new one is such a major investment. So, be sure you make the right decision.

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