20 Ravishing Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Inspire You

Lighting is one of the crucial elements in the bedroom. It allows you to indulge in your favorite books, chill out, stretch, work from bed, meditate, get dressed and undressed. That’s the reason you shouldn’t neglect bedroom lighting anymore.

Furthermore, proper illumination prevents unlucky accidents, especially during evening hours. Knowing the advantages of installing light fixtures, it is time to brighten your ultimate sanctuary. Don’t know what to do? Check these out!

1. Bedroom Lamps Amazon

As you can see, this apartment bedroom is well-furnished. Two matched lamps from Amazon on side tables create a formal style. Pot lights accompany the table lamps perfectly.

Giant glass windows provide ample natural light and breathtaking outdoor view. Curtains, tufted headboard, and bedding exude an aura of coziness.

2. Bedroom Lighting Ideas Pictures

Are you a bookworm? Give this idea a go. The armchair, footstool, and table lamps result in an ultra-comfy reading spot.

There is also an armless chair to sit and reflect on your day. A retro floor lamp offers more brightness.

3. Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

This master bedchamber is adequately illuminated by table lamps. Meanwhile, the spotlight lets the accent wall to be notable.

Zesty orange table runner, bolster, and throw pillows add a shot of vibrant color to the space. Two-tone striped rug generates a cohesive feel.

4. Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Do you have a tiny bedroom? No worries. You can keep your area from being gloomy with the help of wall sconces and downlights. They effectively save space too.

Under-bed storage hides the clutter. The black stool is tucked away below a floating table. Wood floor, panel and bed platform introduce a homey ambiance.

5. Bedroom Wall Sconces with On-Off Switch

In this hotel apartment, the bedroom employs wall sconces. They look more outstanding against dark floral wallpaper.

Deep gray headboard and throw pillows contrast strikingly with white linens. Striped rug instantly grabs the attention.

6. Bedroom Lighting Design Guide

As shown in the photo, bedside and task lamps cast a soft glow after the sunsets. During the day, the sunlight enters the bedroom through the windows.

Brick-effect wallpaper behind the headboard lends the zone an industrial edge. Bed runner and throw pillows energize the area.

7. Bedroom Lighting Ideas Pinterest

This bedchamber is not spacious, but it has a ton of personality. It is filled with a knit blanket, linen bedcover, rug, and monochrome throws.

Contemporary bedside reading lamps on wooden nightstands shed bright light. Dried grasses decorate the room.

8. Best Lighting for Bedroom

Love a clean-looking bedroom? Settle for white color scheme. The white-and-metallic table lamp goes well with the overall design.

A big leaf in the glass vase brings a breath of fresh air to the space. Blue patterned blanket and throw pillow keep the area from becoming stark.

9. Best Ceiling Fans with Bright Lights

Do you have a spacious sleeping zone? If yes, use this idea as an inspiration. The ceiling fan with light, table lamps, and downlights give sufficient illumination.

Neutral tones carve a restful atmosphere. Framed works of art help achieve a visual balance. Potted plant fills the dead corner.

10. Bedroom Lighting Tips

Black bed frame, headboard, wardrobe, and side tables add dimension to the space. Pastel turquoise wallpaper and throw pillows enliven the bedroom.

Square-shaped LED ceiling lights, sleek wall sconces, downlights, and ball pendant are evenly spaced around the area. They illuminate every corner of the room really well.

11. Cool Bedroom Lighting

This bedroom is nicely brightened by pot lights, table lamps, and mesmerizing backlit bed platform. They flood the space with plenty of light.

Black-framed mirror leans against the white wall. Carpet and throw pillows promote an inviting aura.

12. Hanging Lights for Bedroom

Obviously, this modern bedchamber makes you feel well-rested. Textural contrasts and earth tones quiet down the room.

Two hanging pendant lights are installed in place of table lamps. Along with downlights, they emit proper brightness, while roll-up blinds add a sense of privacy.

13. Brightest Lamps to Light a Room

Here, the walls are clad in two-tone striped wallpaper. Moreover, sand-colored long curtains and carpet develop a laid-back setting.

A pair of classic table lamps on nightstands sets the romantic lighting scene. The floor lamp in the corner of the bedroom illuminates the reading nook.

14. Bedroom Lights Decor

This bedroom has a lot of pink and white. Those colors lend the sleeping space a womanly flair. A shag area rug pampers the feet.

Ceiling lights give out a soft light and decorate the room at once. They go nicely with indirect light fixture above the accent wall and low hanging pendant lights.

15. Modern Bedroom Lighting

Concrete walls inject the industrial charm into this modern sleeping zone. Blue throw pillows and armchair refresh the area.

Rich textures contribute to the room’s cozy feel. Duo floor lamp brings a radiant light to the reading spot and bed.

16. Lights for Bedroom Wall

Even though this bedchamber is small in size, it doesn’t seem cramped and dingy at all. It is due to white base and sleek furniture pieces.

Backlit headboard, LED strip light under floating side table, floor lamp, and spotlight provide warm glow. They help to maintain a restful zone.

17. Recessed Lighting in Bedroom

During the daytime, this bedchamber receives plenty of sunlight. But in the night, recessed downlights and table lamps shed optimum light.

Bursts of turquoise and blue emanate a coastal vibe. Decorative mirror and artwork complete the scene.

18. LED Lights for Bedroom Ceiling

I’m in love with the high contrast between dark tones and subtle hues in this bedroom. A pair of swan statues carves an intimate setting.

The downlights, LED ceiling accent light fixture, and under-cabinet lights form a well-lit space. Dark wood floor warms up the room.

19. Beautiful Table Lamp

You hardly get out of the bed like this, right? I do, too. The knit blanket, shag and textured throw pillows result in a snug atmosphere.

A table lamp next to the bed is absolutely fancy. Its body resembles diamond in appearance. Plus, it provides illumination for late-night reading.

20. Bedside Table Lamps

This bedroom boasts two stylish table lamps. They produce a warm light during the night.

Unfinished wood bed frame and side tables expose nature’s beauty. Black and green beddings lead to a lively yet dramatic space.

When it comes to bedroom lighting, consider your budget and personal taste. Lighting placement also does matter.

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