30 Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas You Want to Copy

When decorating homes, most people ignore their guest bedrooms. However, such sleeping areas deserve serious attention. Therefore, this post has rounded up 30 modern guest bedroom ideas.

Furthermore, a guest room lets guests reflect after a tiring day, get enough sleep, and unwind with a book.

A cozy guest bedroom also allows your loved ones to enjoy interior design aesthetics. Additionally, it enables them to see the fabulous details in the space.

Knowing the importance of a guest bedroom, be sure to make it snuggly and stylish.

Whether you lean toward a simple interior or a modern space with vivid colors, these ideas will guide you to the right guest room setup.

Here are some outstanding guest rooms that remind any guest of a 5-star hotel.

1. Small Guest Bedroom Ideas with Modern Furnishings

Modern guest bedroom ideas and sleek furnishings seem inseparable. Here, the uber-stylish bed, headboard, and side table convey simplicity.

To pull off the airy look, the homeowner used white paint on her guest bedroom walls. Ceiling-to-floor sheer curtains produce the illusion of a bigger guest room.

Besides, the LED headboard lighting and mismatched lamps add visual appeal while keeping the guest room bright.

Additionally, a touch of marble offers a classy vibe. Meanwhile, the textured carpet balances out the sleek pieces.

2. Modern Rustic Guest Bedroom

Without a doubt, modern guest room ideas are innumerable. In this example, the homeowner adorned the otherwise bare ceiling and walls with light wood planks.

Thus, they impart a rustic flair and an inviting nuance.

Furthermore, the neutral bedding, black track lights, and minimalist bedside tables add visual symmetry.

Varying sizes of black art frames keep monotony away while injecting drama. Also, the indoor orchid, rolling blind, and rug complete the guest bedroom.

3. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas with Curves

This guest bedroom is equal parts impressive and homey. Moreover, it gives off tranquil vibes since it features no heavy accessories.

The wooden bed and curved bedside tables counteract the low white-painted walls. Meanwhile, blonde wood beams provide appealing curves to soften the guest room’s appearance.

Besides, the room lets the guest enjoy awe-inspiring window views.

Ceiling fans circulate air in this guest bedroom, whereas the accent pillow and contemporary lamps round out the space.

4. Cozy and Gorgeous

Need modern guest bedroom ideas for awkwardly shaped spaces? Therefore, take inspiration from this unique but head-turning guest room.

Heavy ceiling beams bring drama while becoming rustic accents here. Also, they complement the dark-colored headboard and art frames.

Limestone tiles, natural-colored wood furnishings, and all things white open up this guest room. Further, brisk pops of color let the bareness of the guest bedroom fade.

5. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas with Sitting Areas

Speaking of magnificent modern guest bedroom design ideas, copy this space. Homeowners outfitted the guest room with a gray custom bed.

Additionally, the light-toned wooden feature wall, flooring, and nightstands generate warmth.

The welcoming sitting area includes a black tufted bench. Hence, it matches the wall lamps and steel window frames.

Natural decorations, mismatched African baskets, and patterned fabrics turn the guest room into a real showstopper.

6. Japanese-Inspired Guest Bedroom

You can achieve a cozy but trendy guest room by adding natural wood flooring and a ceiling beam. Also, integrate the wooden bed, window frame, and floating nightstands to complement them.

For a touch of whimsy, install a goose feather pendant lamp. Here, taupe and lime green accents keep things tranquil.

The stunning bonsai sits atop the wooden surface next to the built-in tub.

Like windows, it also bridges outdoor and indoor areas. Meanwhile, LED lights embrace modernism.

7. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas for Rounded Roofs

This room will delight any sleepover guest. The buffalo plaid bedding lends the bedroom a country flair.

Since the pattern also exudes an outdoorsy vibe, it harmonizes with the wooden furniture, rounded ceiling, and walls.

The gray vase and tables balance out the bulky units. Matching ceiling and table lamps unify the guest bedroom.

Furthermore, windows let your overnight guest enjoy the cool views from the armchair.

8. Mid-Century Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas

I cannot resist staying in this guest bedroom. Due to the dominance of gray and white, the guest sleeping area feels more spacious.

The dark gray bed injects depth. Furthermore, the inviting sitting area complements the uber-cozy bed with mismatched pillows.

Windows keep the guest from missing the jaw-dropping views. Meanwhile, blue and silver accents spice up the guest room.

9. Airy and Striking

Although the guest room is confined, it feels larger because bright white walls do exist. The vintage upholstered chair brings personality.

In addition, the flooring and headboard keep the airy nuance of the guest bedroom. Warm orange pieces tone down the matte silver and gray-blue elements.

The guest room receives enough drama via black closet doors, sleek side tables, and window frames. Here, the greenery and layers of texture make the guest room way cozier.

10. Sleek and Chic

After a hectic day, your guest surely needs a clutter-free bedroom. This space is not only snuggly but also tidy and trendy.

The wooden feature wall, bed, and storage furniture introduce sleek lines. Moreover, the bedding and colorful flowers soften them.

The textured navy pillow is the center of attention. Japanese and glass vases make the otherwise dull guest bedroom alluring.

11. Layers of Texture for Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas

Modern farmhouse guest room ideas typically contain layers of texture. Here, the comfy blanket, rug, feather lamps, and varied pillows improve the cozy factor.

Underfoot is the natural-colored wood flooring. The homeowner installed it to tone down all things white and gray.

Also, the X frame bedside tables add glamor. Meanwhile, the wire mesh globe pendant adds artificial lighting and softens sleek furnishings.

12. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas for Two Guests

If your space enables you to host two overnight guests, emulate this idea. You can spot a pair of cozy beddings that complement the striped headboard.

Besides, the sideboard and nightstand keep the mess at bay.

Without the mirror, long windows, and clear glass windows, this guest room could have appeared small.

The rug and fabric table lamps complement indoor plants. Furthermore, they make sleepover guests always feel at home.

13. Urban Modern Guest Bedroom with Gold Accents

Some people mistake modern guest bedroom ideas for bleak sleeping areas. Here, varied geometric shapes and metal furnishings add an urban vibe.

Deep gray and brown elements keep the guest room from lacking depth. Moreover, astounding accent pillows catch the guest’s eye.

The sitting area features an antique décor. Meanwhile, gold accents make this guest room not only aesthetically pleasing but also lavish.

14. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas with Corner Shelves

This guest bedroom belongs to a modern green home. The natural wood bed and flooring infuse much-needed warmth.

The pure white bedsheet highlights the printed and dark navy pillows. Meanwhile, the pastel blue chair complements the corner shelf.

In addition to the brilliant use of space, the guest bedroom contains multicolored paintings. They take the walls from plain to pleasing, too.

The monochromatic calendar adds function.

15. Timelessly Terrific

The white bedding lives magnificently with the pale gray-painted walls while adding height. For an inviting look, the homeowners included some wooden elements in their guest room.

Steel-framed doors connect the guest room to other areas in the house. Moreover, they keep your guests from feeling alienated.

The artwork above the white headboard takes cues from the large rug and mustard yellow décor. Thanks to its presence, the guest room appears cohesive.

Also, the arrangements of table lamps and pillows create visual symmetry.

16. Vibrant Color Palette

Just because you adore modern guest bedroom ideas doesn’t mean you can’t add vibrant hues. This guest room is equal parts modern and lively.

The rug, pillows, and artworks let homeowners go bold. Pure white surfaces embody openness.

Moreover, trailing plants perfectly complement the blonde wood bed frame.

17. Glamorous Guest Bedroom

The homeowners pulled off a sumptuous look by installing a marble fireplace in the guest room. It adds unmatched splendor while blending with the gray walls.

Varied brown shades and wood tones speak of homeliness. Meanwhile, windows allow the guests to see the outside landscape.

18. Pure White

Modern guest bedroom ideas let you experiment with other styles. This modern coastal room seems airy because of the porthole-inspired windows and white shiplap paneling.

The bench, bolster, rug, and bed impart varying gray shades. Furthermore, the sleek art draws attention to the hardwood flooring.

With the silver lamp, the modern coastal guest bedroom doesn’t lack glamor.

19. Oriental Meets Modern

This small guest bedroom includes folding doors to save some space. The gray bedding and muted green walls embrace tranquility.

The cabinet and ornamental plates provide Asian-inspired details. Moreover, the metallic stool lets the guest spend time reading a book or two.

20. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas with Poufs

Here is another room that belongs to an all-white guesthouse. White curtains, lampshades, pillows, and textured tables enlarge the confined guest bedroom.

The hardwood flooring introduces a sense of depth. Meanwhile, the bench and spectrum poufs complement the rug underneath.

Lastly, artworks convey minimalism and cohesion.

21. Modern Shabby Chic Guest Bedroom

The distressed metal bed frame imparts a shabby chic appeal. Tall gray curtains trick the eye into thinking the guest room is bigger.

All things wood keep the whole guest bedroom welcoming.

Meanwhile, pink marble lamps, pillows, and snake plants bring the sleeping area for guests to completion.

22. Mesmerizing and Masculine

Need modern guest bedroom ideas for male visitors? The bedroom above will surely spoil any male guest. Red bricks and leather nightstands radiate masculine energy.

The industrial lamps flank the gray bed.

Furthermore, the artificial turf, orb chandelier, soft carpet, and statement pillows make this masculine guest room welcoming.

23. Texture Above All

Modern guest bedroom ideas should not be lackluster. The blue accent wall does not only impart texture but also carves a bold statement.

For drama, homeowners used dark-colored flooring and bedding. Windows, acrylic nightstands, and mirrors make the guest room more open.

Meanwhile, the painting and geometric pieces are the finishing touches.

24. Modern Meets Global

Who doesn’t want another stay in this guest bedroom? The entire space is trendy yet homey. The headboard, wooden bed, bench, and storage furniture convey a feeling of modernism.

The Moroccan bedding introduces global-inspired details. Since homeowners installed rustic wooden beams, the space stays characterful.

25. Modern Eclectic Guest Bedroom

If I were the guest, I would happily sleep in this charming bedroom. The plush bedding, leather bench, and vintage chair inject so much comfort.

White nightstands match the adjacent bed and walls. Meanwhile, the oversized bicycle artwork leads the eye to luxury accent pillows.

26. Go Bold

Do not listen to people who say modern guest bedroom ideas are uninteresting. This room for visitors seems airy, inviting, and cohesive.

The black pillow generates drama. Coral and red elements take the guest room from sterile to striking. Also, the silver orchid planter and table lamps convey a sense of luxury.

27. Scandinavian Meets Industrial

The bedding boasts different gray shades. Over the low headboard, you can see mind-blowing artworks that impart vibrant bursts of color.

At the foot of the guest room bed, there is a slatted metal bench. Moreover, bicolor bedside tables and Scandinavian lamps complete the area.

28. Master Bedroom Ideas for Guests

Aside from looking upscale, this master guest bedroom feels extra cozy. The blue patterned carpet, orange body pillow, and colorful blooms complement printed accent pillows.

The solid gray bed anchors the master bedroom.

Moreover, two kinds of lamps provide marvelous lighting, while the artwork reminds the guest of a fun beach bonfire.

29. Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas with Bookshelves

Almost everything in this modern guest bedroom comes in stark white. The only thing that warms up the otherwise cold area is the flooring.

The bookshelf keeps the books within reach. Furthermore, the IKEA wavy mirror above the nightstand softens straight lines.

30. Modern Boho Guest Bedroom

I cannot stop saying ‘wow’ when seeing this modern guest bedroom. The Kartini wooden bench lends the interior an Indonesian flair.

The basket atop the curved bench complements boho accent pillows. Meanwhile, the greenery calls attention to the larger-than-life abstract painting.

Those modern guest bedroom ideas allow you to host your overnight guests in style. No matter where your design sensibilities rest, you will get inspiration here.

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