18 Kids Bedroom Ideas for A Lovely Sleepy Space

Whether your children are toddlers, teenagers, newborns, or twins, you must designate a place in the home as kids bedroom. So, they can sleep, play, chill out, study, and enjoy their time. Besides, the space fires their imaginations.

Probably, designing and decorating children’s bedroom sound like intimidating jobs. Fear not. My spectacular ideas serve to inspire you. Even you won’t believe you can create a sleeping zone that is functional and dreamy.

1. Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Although this bedchamber has a white color palette, it does not seem bland at all. The black polka dot stickers decorate the room in a subtle way.

Unfinished wood house bed frame, brick wall, shag rug, blanket, and throws provide cozy textures. Freestanding shelving unit hold books, potted plants, and playthings.

2. Children’s Bedroom Color Schemes

The homeowner covered a bedroom for her girls in white and blue color schemes. They give the space an airy, cheerful, and light setting.

A chest of drawers is used to stash away little women’s stuff. Polka dot bedding delivers a whimsical touch. Table lamp casts a bright glow during the night.

3. Kids Bedroom Sets IKEA

This child’s resting space is uber chic. It features streamlined sideboard and Alseda stool from IKEA. You can also spot raw wood clothing rack and minimalist works of art.

Cloud-shaped throw pillow and stuffed bear add a sense of playfulness. Two-tone striped area rug steals the spotlight in an instant.

4. Kids Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

White wall and floor make this tiny children’s bedroom larger than it actually is. Black iron bed frame and shelving are a high contrast to them.

A happy mood is set by splashes of blue, pink, and yellow. Sheep wall decal is both budget-friendly and attractive. Low stool and striped blanket draw the eye.

5. Children’s Bedroom Furniture for Small Rooms

Working with limited space? Take a cue from this small children’s bedchamber. The bed is such a space-saving furniture piece. There are under-bed drawers and shelves to keep things in place.

Pastel gray and blue on accent wall exhibit a calm ambience. Chevron stool, rug, and short curtains brighten up the room.

6. Kids Bedroom Sets

Any kid obviously loves the subtle contrast between white and pink walls. Shag rug and bed linens enhance the room’s comfort.

Unfinished wood furniture units embrace the rustic look. Detachable bed ladder, ball throw pillows, storage containers, and ornaments add some boldness to the scheme.

7. Kids Toy Storage

White walls open up the room. Wood laminate floor warms up the children’s bedchamber in minutes.

Storage cubes and wicker baskets are used to save toys. Car-shaped rug and space wall decal make the sleeping zone more eye-catching.

8. Children’s Room Interior Images

Not only is this children’s bedchamber colorful, but also welcoming. White bed and storage cubes offset blue walls.

Flush mount ceiling light illuminates the whole area. Road playmat, throw blanket, and framed wall ornaments complete the room.

9. Kids Bedroom Decor

This bedroom belongs to a schoolgirl. Varying shades of pink lend the space girliness and dimension.

White chair, freestanding shelving unit, and wooden desk result in a comfy homework station. Felt ball garland and decorative whiteboard are the adorable additions.

10. Kid Friendly Color Schemes

When it comes to decorating children’s bedroom, blue and white are the go-to colors. They generate a clean and serene environment.

Shag rug, pouf, and blankets carve a snug ambience. Stuffed animal and shaped throw pillows reinforce the youthful vibe.

11. Children’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

If your kids prefer vibrant hue, paint the walls of the bedroom in purple. When combined with orange pieces, the space feels so fresh and inviting.

Wood furniture and white floor exude a sense of cleanliness. Rolling chair allows for an easy movement. A striped blanket brings the room together.

12. Toddler Room Decor

This toddler’s bedroom is nicely furnished with raw wood house bed, chairs, and side tables. Decorative kites and scooter rocking chair give the area personality.

Star and cloud-shaped throws infuse a kid-inspired atmosphere into the zone. Pops of blue radiate happiness.

13. Kids Bedroom Furniture

As you can see, blanket, felt ball garland, and bouncy throw pillows complement the white cradle. Different textures and lots of patterns offer the boho aesthetic.

Framed artworks and colorful sprinkle wall decal suddenly make the nursery room more interesting. Sideboard, rolling crate, ladder shelf, and storage baskets provide plenty of storage space.

14. Cozy Kids Furniture

Your kids definitely can’t handle the cuteness of this bedroom. Pendant lights, blankets, decorative pieces, and wall stickers add pastel panache to the space.

Bed frame, stool, and upholstered armchair convey a feeling of coziness. White and gray rugs pamper their feet.

15. Children’s Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Monochrome color scheme allows the homeowner to update his kid’s bedchamber as she grows up. Pink blanket and geometric pendant light convey softness.

Wrought iron bed frame, wooden deer antler wall decor, and navy bench keep the room from becoming too girly. Birch tree wallpaper lends the space a rustic feel.

16. Kids Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

If you are working with small space, white color scheme is the best way to go. It enlarges your kid’s resting zone.

Unpainted wood house bed and light gray chair evoke subtlety. Laundry bag and shelving unit help maintain a clutter-free room. Rocking chair and plush toys ooze a little playfulness.

17. IKEA Kids Bedroom Ideas

This little man’s bedroom is not basic despite its monochrome color scheme, thanks to yellow accents. They deliver an instant cheer to the space.

Sleek sideboard and chair are from IKEA. Signs give the room a unique touch. Pendant and string lights flood the room in brightness.

18. Kids Desk

Vibrant hues of the rainbow shine through this kid’s room, from wall decal to paper bunting. Stuffed cactus and houseplants bring a sense of nature to the scene.

Black desk, bed, chair, and side tables contrast captivatingly with the white walls. Round rug, blanket, and bedding transform the area into a snuggly escape.

Those kids bedroom ideas could be the inspirations for the upcoming project. Be sure you pick the design that suits your budget, style of the house, and kids’ interest.

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