21 Small Balcony Ideas That Will Fascinate You

On breezy summer evenings and bright sunny days, neglected balconies, regardless of their sizes, can be an eyesore. Just because yours is tiny doesn’t mean it becomes a cemetery for broken furniture and dead houseplants. Have a look at my small balcony ideas below.

In this article, you’ll find dozens of ways to transform an unloved balcony into a cozy space. Also, it can be a fabulous hangout for both entertaining and unwinding. So let’s check these remarkable tips and ideas out!

1. Scandinavian-Style Small Balcony Ideas

Have a green thumb? It’s time to convert your pint-sized balcony into an urban jungle. Here, the outdoor area boasts stunning dwarf palm trees and succulents in terracotta pots.

Also, the warm white shiplap walls carve an inviting air while working as a lovely backdrop for the greenery. Furthermore, the foldable wooden table and chairs harmonize with the plants.

The rattan and glass candleholders exude chic Scandinavian vibes. Moreover, the black metal rails produce instant drama. Lastly, the monochromatic patterned rug tops the concrete floor.

2. Beautifully Boho

Searching for cozy balcony ideas? If so, take cues from this picture. The outdoor area employs concrete block flooring that contrasts with the wooden furniture.

The shrubs, herbs, and flowering plants bring life to the compact balcony. Additionally, the hammock chair, ball garland, and macrame decor introduce a welcoming bohemian appeal.

There’s also a monochromatic mandala rug that accentuates the boho style. Moreover, throw pillows with tropical leaf prints adorn the balcony.

The white-painted wooden mailbox becomes a plant stand. Furthermore, the lantern, string lights, and candles give the balcony a soothing glow.

3. Small Balcony Furniture Ideas

This super tiny balcony features a space-saving pastel gray table. To get more legroom, the homeowner simply folds the unit down when not in use.

The wooden and metal chair accompanies the table delightfully. Moreover, the plain white wall and rails clash with it in a subtly.

Underfoot is the black-painted concrete floor. Apart from generating drama, it directs the eye to the geometric area rug perfectly. Also, the white bulbs blend seamlessly with the backdrop.

The black planter wall accommodates boho decorations. Furthermore, gorgeous houseplants keep the balcony lively. Terracotta and deep brown pots inspire warmth, while the gray throw pillows evoke instant comfort.

4. Small Modern Balcony Ideas

I can’t help but admire this tiny balcony. As you see, it boasts red brick walls and metal railings. Furthermore, they infuse an industrial aesthetic.

The L-shaped wooden frame and cushions sport gray but in two different shades. They pair with metal rails perfectly while adding interest.

The beige floor emanates a peaceful feeling. Moreover, the large red area rug spruces it up. This balcony also has a simple long table for a sleek aesthetic.

The red, colorful, and chevron-patterned throw pillows punch the gray sofa up. Lastly, the tiered black wooden planters hold ornamental grasses while adding visual depth.

5. Small Balcony Ideas with Blooms

There are tons of magnificent small balcony ideas. Despite its tiny size, this outdoor space looks both gorgeous and welcoming.

The wooden frame goes with the warm gray cushions splendidly. Since the unit is somewhat big, it can seat three people.

Because of the crisp white backdrop, the dark wooden planter wall becomes notable. In addition, the wicker planters lend the small balcony a tropical twist.

The star-shaped light fixture and string bulbs embrace a festive touch. Moreover, black metal candle holders and metal planters produce an industrial flair.

There are a knot throw pillow and a macrame wall hanging. They evoke a relaxing vibe, while the pink blooms and blanket balance out the balcony’s masculine appeal.

6. Tiny Yet Terrific

Talking about small balcony ideas, this one steals my heart. The homeowner painted her walls beige for a relaxing and inviting scene.

Underfoot are metallic floor tiles. Not only do they offer a little shine but also brighten up the balcony. Moreover, wooden furniture units emphasize cool white cushions.

Dozens of different planters accommodate seasonal flowers and ornamental plants. Also, they come in various neutral shades for a unified look. Furthermore, the wooden tray holds a glass vase with striking blooms.

7. Very Small Balcony Ideas

This balcony reminds me of a pergola. Since the outdoor space employs unpainted wooden details, it receives a rustic flair and homey feeling at once.

The homeowner only filled her tiny balcony with a few furniture items. Here, there are two metal chairs. Not only do embrace an edgy look but also unleash the dweller’s inner minimalist.

The light gray floor and fence melt with the metal chairs. To keep her balcony from looking lackluster, the homeowner added the flowering plant in a terracotta pot.

8. Contemporary and Charming

When it comes to small balcony ideas, consider going minimal. Here, the blonde wood fence encases the outdoor space. In addition, it highlights nature’s true beauty.

The gray cladding introduces a subtle but splendid contrast. Furthermore, the dark green doors allow the tiny balcony to blend beautifully with the surroundings.

There are two black wall sconces flank the deep green doors. Apart from lending the balcony drama, they illuminate the outdoor area.

The armchairs and table make for an inviting seating area. Furthermore, they jazz the balcony up with invigorating splashes of orange.

9. Small Balcony Ideas with Cheerful Accents

The exposed brick walls and weathered metal trellis give the small balcony a rustic appeal. Furthermore, the interlocking deck tiles adorn the basic slab.

This balcony employs reed fencing for a tropical flair. Moreover, the chevron area rug doubles as a centerpiece without overpowering the area.

The monochromatic stool cushion and fabric screen accompany the rug. Wooden boxes and planters are the homes of the flowering plants.

Yellow accents suddenly energize the otherwise dull balcony. Furthermore, the banana-themed cushions provide comfort while sending out a happy ambiance.

10. Tiny Wooden Balcony

Speaking of small balcony ideas, do not add furniture pieces that can overcrowd your outdoor space. Here, the homeowner kept things simple.

This small balcony, for example, boasts dark brown wooden planks on the ceiling, fence, and walls. Due to them, the outdoor area seems very welcoming.

The gray floor and trim lend the balcony a visual balance. Furthermore, two metal wire chairs allow two people to enjoy the clear skies.

There’s also a gray synthetic wicker chair in the corner with white cushions. The sky blue table punches the balcony up. Moreover, the pale blue and light green throw pillows provide soft touches of color.

11. Small Balcony Ideas with Sleek Furniture

With loads of small balcony ideas, your options are unlimited for certain. Since the space isn’t massive, don’t bring bulky furniture items to the outdoor area.

This balcony features metallic railings. Not only do they infuse some shine but also give off an industrial aesthetic. Furthermore, the black table legs harmonize with them.

The wooden tabletop and foldable chair ensure that the balcony looks welcoming. Moreover, the outdoor space has a navy rug atop the beige floor for drama.

Metal flower boxes hang on the railings, while terracotta pots nestle on the table and floor. Also, they accommodate visually pleasing blooms and succulents.

The two-tone throw pillow injects a Moroccan flair. Lastly, the light blue patterned blanket offers an elegant touch and lively appearance.

12. Log Cabin Balcony

Looking for small balcony ideas? If so, copy this option. As you see, the tiny area belongs to a log cabin. In addition, it overlooks the breathtaking woods and mountains.

The curved ceiling and walls lend the balcony exquisite wooden details. Not only do they set a warm scene but also soften the area’s look.

Wooden logs become the wall panels on this balcony. Furthermore, they instill a rustic atmosphere while the bare wood planks heighten the outdoorsy feeling. Lastly, the rocking armchair and stool round out the space.

13. Small Balcony Ideas with Shelving Units

If your balcony isn’t expansive, take advantage of high ceilings. The room, for example, has ceiling-to-floor shelving units. Apart from providing more legroom, they evoke a modern industrial aesthetic.

The black metal frames clash with the light wooden boxes. Moreover, the shelving units hold greenery, books, and decorative vases.

Bright white bricks make for an incredible backdrop. Furthermore, it emphasizes stylish shelving units and pairs with the beige accent wall.

The black vase with greenery sits on the built-in open shelf. In addition, geometric floor tiles wear neutrals while bringing the balcony together.

14. Small Cabin Ideas with Hammocks

You can borrow a few small balcony ideas from this outdoor space. The wooden ceiling, wall, and posts carve a super inviting atmosphere.

There are also walls featuring rugged natural stones. In addition to going with the wooden surfaces, they embrace a rustic style.

Instead of patio furniture, the homeowner added a macrame hammock to her balcony. It allows for open-air naps and sends out boho vibes.

The hammock lets you have a relaxing time by seeing the natural views. Lastly, clear glass rails produce a sleek look.

15. Small Apartment Balcony Ideas

Although the apartment balcony is tiny, it has tons of personality. The gray metal rails imbue the outdoor space with an industrial vibe.

The unpainted concrete floor perfectly accompanies the metal railings. Furthermore, the reddish-brown bricks and blonde wood tabletop lend the balcony a feeling of warmth.

The bold blue cushion spruces the retro metal chair up. In addition, the orange and colorful patterned throw pillows offer extra interest.

16. Compact Balcony with Raised Beds

Who says you can’t garden in a pocket-sized area? This photo proves everything is surely possible. The wooden raised beds accommodate veggies, herbs, and ornamental plants. Also, they’re a remarkable contrast to black metal railings.

The crazy paving infuses a rustic ambiance. In addition, the mobile storage cart keeps gardening tools organized.

The tree stump can double as a stool. Moreover, the blue watering can give the balcony touches of vibrancy and personality.

17. Small Balcony Ideas with Rattan Furniture

Searching for small balcony ideas? If so, try borrowing this idea. Here, creamy-white and pale gray are the dominant players. They make the whole scene inviting as well as tranquil.

The ball garland adorns the bamboo privacy screen. Moreover, the dark brown tiles and trim blend with the floor as well as furniture.

The rattan furniture units and macrame ornament create a bohemian feel. Lastly, the wicker units and plants introduce a cohesive look.

18. Tiny Balcony with A Turf Rug

The black metal railings and furniture frames lend the balcony an industrial aesthetic. Furthermore, due to wooden accents, the outdoor area doesn’t seem cold.

The double-duty bench is a brilliant complement to the balcony. It accommodates two people while boasting ample storage space.

Underfoot is an artificial turf area rug. Moreover, it gives bare feet something comfy. The retro white lamp inspires elegance, while the pineapple throw pillows and table decor exude cohesiveness.

19. Small Balcony Ideas with Lush Plants

This small balcony is attractive and elegant. Furthermore, the concrete floor and planter give it a modern industrial feel. Also, they pair with the gray walls.

The white ceiling and railings ensure an open atmosphere. In addition, rattan pieces and lush plants suddenly evoke tropical vibes.

Pastel pink planters lend the balcony a feminine touch. Moreover, the striking throw pillows and rug infuse vibrant energy.

20. Tiny Balcony Ideas for Guest Houses

As you see, this balcony belongs to a guest house. Moreover, the outdoor area has light neutrals on distressed surfaces for a shabby chic look.

The minimalist wooden chairs let two guests enjoy surrounding views. In addition, the rug provides a cohesive appeal.

The wooden planter and greenery inject a natural vibe. Furthermore, pots on the dark wooden table supply energizing pops of teal, pink, and yellow.

21. Small Balcony Ideas with An Asian Flair

The red brick walls generate a rustic yet appealing backdrop. Furthermore, the black chair and sofa clash with white cushions sharply.

The concrete tiles meet the brick walls harmoniously. Due to them, the pint-sized balcony effortlessly appears trendy. Moreover, plants rejuvenate the balcony, while the Chinoiserie ceramic drum stool promotes an exotic vibe.

Despite their limited spaces, tiny balconies deserve both attention and love. Furthermore, those small balcony ideas help you create a functional and fantastic hangout. Let’s say goodbye to the unattractive outdoor space!

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