20 Types of Bulbs to Illuminate Your Home

Lighting is the most indispensable thing in every home. Therefore, choosing the right one from loads of types of bulbs that meets your requirements is necessary.

Therefore, continue on reading to figure out different types of bulbs that can illuminate the space while adding a certain nuance.

1. Globe LED Bulb

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Globe LED bulb is one of the types of bulbs that might look like an incandescent lamp. However, it uses LED technology rather than filaments, which makes it become a cost-effective choice that lowers your electric bill.

Now, light-emitting diodes (LED) has cornered the market because it is renowned for being energy-efficient and long-lasting. Some globe LED bulbs can last for more than 10 years.

These types of bulbs also offers a pleasing light that resembles natural daylight, thanks to the blue light, the color end of the spectrum.

Due to the intense light that a Globe LED has, many experts advise you to use it in the kitchen and bathroom, but not in the bedroom and living room as it will hinder you from getting a goodnight’s sleep.

2. Twisted Fluorescent Lamp

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Likewise, this type of fluorescent lamp features a twisted design that will illuminate the space and add visual interest to the room.

Just like any other fluorescent, this type of bulb offers you some benefits and drawbacks. One of the reasons why many people use it is that it is energy efficient.

Additionally, a fluorescent lamp, including the twisted one, tends to use approximately 75% less energy than the typical traditional bulb. It is also 75% less heat when you compare it to an incandescent one.

Consequently, this type of bulb only uses 20 watts of power, which leads to cost savings, and maintains a cooler temperature in the room.

While this type of bulb offers you a lot of benefits, especially with the electric bill, it also has some drawbacks that you need to take into consideration.

One of the most notable disadvantages of a fluorescent lamp is mercury. In short, fluorescent lamps contain about 4 milligrams of mercury, which is much smaller than the amount that you find in a thermometer.

Still, you cannot discount the fact that it is a harmful substance.

3. Tube Fluorescent Lamp

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This is one of the types of bulbs that also popular as another version of a fluorescent lamp. Just like the twisted one, it will help you salt away some money by cutting down on the electric bill.

Furthermore, you will not find your room become uncomfortably hot because this long tube fluorescent lamp emits less heat than an incandescent light does.

However, you may find that this type of bulb is typically more expensive than a traditional one because it costs as much as three times higher than the conventional one.

Still, it is not supposed to be a big deal because it will reduce your electricity bill.

Besides, a fluorescent lamp generally has a long lifespan. A conventional light bulb can last from 800 to 1,500 hours.

On the other hand, this long tube light will illuminate your home for approximately 10,000 to 50,000 hours. Thus, it is worth the money.

4. Flame Shape Bulb

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If you are a big fan of a classic look, then this flame-shaped bulb will be on your list.

Many homeowners use this type of bulb with chandeliers because they want to carve out a classic ambiance. Thus, the idea is to replace conventional candles.

Moreover, these types of bulbs come in various shapes to match your requirements well. When purchasing this lamp, you will be likely to find these letters as prefixes:

  • C = Candle or “Conical”
  • B = Bullet or “Torpedo”
  • F = Flame style
  • CA = Candle Angular

Besides the various shapes, you can find them in the form of dimmable LED lights or incandescent bulbs. Consequently, you can pick them according to your style and desire.

5. Incandescent Lamp

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If you are looking for a dimmable type of bulb, an incandescent will be your safe bet because all of the variations serve you this benefit.

Unlike, incandescent lamps, some fluorescent and LED lights are dimmable. However, you have to check the package thoroughly to find whether you can dim them. If you keep dimming them, they will eventually burn out.

An incandescent bulb has a filament inside. It produces lights when the electricity heats it, and eventually, the lamp glows and illuminates the space.

It does not contain any mercury whatsoever. This is the motive why loads of people still use it.

Another benefit of using an incandescent light is its affordable initial cost comparing to LED bulbs.

Also, it does not contain any dangerous materials, such as mercury and sodium so that you can dispose of it easier because it will not explode when exposed to air.

An incandescent bulb offers you a stable and reliable quality of lighting because it does not need some time to warm up. It provides full brightness as soon as you turn on the light.

Despite the advantages that this type of bulb can give, it also brings several disadvantages that you should not discount.

The initial cost of this type of bulb is relatively cheap, but it is notorious for raising electricity bills because it requires more energy to run, which leads to endangering the environment.

An incandescent bulb does not give you a wide variety of light colors. Unlike the LED counterparts, it always comes in orange. Therefore, it is not suitable for task lighting.

This type of bulb is also notorious for being fragile because of the thin glass that protects the filament. It will take a big concern because you will eventually find it hard to dispose of, especially if you have kids or pets around.

The last but not least, an incandescent lamp tends to emit a large amount of heat, making the room uncomfortably hot.

6. Spotlight Bulbs

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This type of bulb produces intense light in a certain area to highlight a particular object. Therefore, people usually use it in a stage, over the countertop, and in a garden to improve the yard landscaping.

Spotlight bulbs usually in various beam angles, so you need to check the package when purchasing it.

The beam angle you choose will depend on what kind of task you want the bulb to perform. If you want to highlight a certain object, like a picture on the wall, you will need to buy the narrow one.

Furthermore, the wider beam angle is suitable for a larger area, such as in the kitchen and hallway.

7. Compact Fluorescent Lamp



Compact fluorescent light is the simple form of this type of bulb.

Just like other types of fluorescent lights, this compact one offers energy efficiency that will cut down on your electric bill.

Moreover, it has a long lifespan that allows you to have a nest egg. Just be careful with the mercury found in it.

8. Dimmer Switch

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A dimmer switch does not belong to any types of bulbs. Still, it offers a significant impact on the ambiance of your room and your savings.

Installing a dimmer switch allows you to save more energy because it enables you to control the amount of light that you provide to a certain room.

By accomplishing this, you will own the possibility to expand the lifespan of the bulbs.

However, a dimmer switch is not compatible with all types of bulbs at home. Therefore, kindly do some research before purchasing and installing it.

9. Mercury Lamp

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This type of bulb uses energy more efficiently than an incandescent does.

The main charm of a mercury lamp is the clean and bright white light, which makes it a perfect option for outdoor and overhead lighting. It is also great for spotlights in sports complexes.

Besides producing clean white light, a mercury lamp has a long lifespan. It can last for at least 24,000 hours, which makes them a top-notch choice in streetlights, factories, and sports arenas.

Despite all the benefits, you also need to remember that mercury is notorious for being a harmful substance. Likewise, it demands scarce minutes to warm up to produce the desirable white light.

The added thing that requires to recognize is the UV radiation that this type of bulb emits. If the outer part breaks while the inner one is still producing light, it will be harmful to your health.

10. Fluorescent Lamp

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This type of bulb comes in various sizes and shapes, making it perfect for any room in your house.

Like any other fluorescent light, it is electricity-saving and will lessen your electric tab. Nonetheless, you must cautious with the mercury that this lamp has.

11. LED Bulb

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LED bulbs are notorious for being expensive. However, it is worth your money because it can give you the right light without raising your electricity bill significantly.

Besides, the long lifespan allows you to salt away your money because you do not have to replace it frequently.

Another good thing about this type of bulb is it emits less heat, which lowers the risk of starting a fire.

Although it is not dimmable and does not produce the same quality of light as the incandescent does, it is much safer. Thus, a smart choice for households.

12. LED Panel

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Fluorescent modular ceiling lights may give you sufficient lighting for space. However, it can raise your electricity bill.

Now, you have a better option. Installing LED panels in the ceiling gives you more lighting than a fluorescent does without costing you a fortune. Besides, this type of bulb is renowned for being long-lasting.

When you buy an LED panel, you have to choose whether you want to create cool white or warm white lighting.

A cool white LED panel offers a clean modern look with 4,000 to 5,000K of color temperature. It is suitable for offices, commercial areas, retail, and schools.

On the other hand, a warm white LED panel provides a more traditional golden color with 2,700 to 3,000K of color temperature. It is suitable for nursing homes.

13. Adapter

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Adapters are your safe bet when it comes to maximizing the lighting in a certain room without installing more lights.

You might think that it is dangerous. Do not worry about that. An adapter is relatively safe to use. Besides, it is also easy to install even if you are not a specialist wireman.

14. Diode

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A diode is a type of bulb or device that permits current to flow in one direction through a built-in electric field.

This type of bulb used to consist of red-hot wires that ran through the middle part of a metal cylinder found in a glass vacuum tube.

The modern diodes might be a bit different because they are made of doped silicon.

15. Reflector

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A reflector is a type of incandescent bulb whose surface has a reflective coating. It usually features a frosted finish to eliminate highlights that are likely to occur at a short distance.

16. Sodium Lamp

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As the name suggests, this type of bulb is an electric discharge lamp that uses ionized sodium. It produces nearly monochrome yellow lighting that you usually find in street.

In fact, people usually use it as street lighting due to its efficiency and ability emit yellow light that penetrates fog.

17. LED Strip Light

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If you are an avid gamer, LED strip lights may not be a new thing for you. People usually use them to illuminate a game room and create a certain effect.

This strip light consists of an abundance of individual LED emitters. It requires low-voltage DC power to operate. More importantly, in an extensive assemblage of hues. This one could be a nice bedroom decoration.

18 Halogen Lamp

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This type of bulb produces a warm yellowish glow rather than the bright white one that LED lighting usually emits.

However, a halogen bulb is riskier than a modern LED light. When it gets hotter, it creates a fire risk, especially if it contacts with inflammable materials.

19. Circular Fluorescent Lamp

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A photographer and a vlogger tend to be familiar with this type of bulb. Like other fluorescent lamps, it provides a white glow without raising the electricity bill. People usually use it to record a video indoors.

20. Corn Lamp

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If you are looking for a bulb that can produce extremely bright light without breaking your bank, a corn lamp will be your safe bet. It is proper for a barn or a shop.

You may find many types of bulbs in a store, and they have their benefits and drawbacks. Now, it is your turn to choose on what lights that are suitable for your home or office.

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