29 Helpful Small Walk in Pantry Ideas

A storeroom in the kitchen is helpful. Many problems will be solvable with its existence. Building one would not be a matter unless there is no extra space to spare. Does it occur to you, too? No worries, these small walk in pantry ideas will help you.

When you have a walk-in pantry, there will be room to store your kitchen appliances, dry goods, and any other requirements inside the cooking space.

In other words, all of the necessities will be within your reach. You will not need to take a walk to the utility room back and forth.

Also, a walk-in pantry will be especially helpful for a kitchen with frequent cooking times or for a household with many members.

Even though the space availability might be a problem, do not back up now, because there will always be a way to solve it. Hence, twenty-nine small walk in pantry ideas will be presentable on this page.

1. Stylish and Bright Walk-In Pantry

We’ll start our lists of small walk in pantry ideas with this one that has seamless access. So, the trapezoid opening does not have any door, and it is one of the ways to big up a small space. In addition, it takes place beside the refrigerator, making it easier for you to get what you need.

With the stylish black floor and wall, the light tone shelves and the stored necessities pop up. In other words, this interior trick gives you a brighter and better vision.

2. Lighting Ideas for Gray Walk-in Pantry

This gray walk-in pantry relies on several lighting fixtures. First is the wall sconces pair on the right and left side of the storeroom doors. Second is the recessed lights hidden on top of every shelf.

Such an illumination setting would make finding something an easy task even when you do not remember which one is where.

3. Walk-in Pantry Shelving Ideas

Your next small walk in pantry ideas here are all about shelving. It has green paint finishing for consistency. Of course, the outside wall and ceiling moldings are of the same shade. Moreover, it uses a marble countertop in the middle of the storeroom for statement.

Not to mention, the gold scheme accents are remarkable. It makes storing things an elegant job. All the while, this walk-in scullery increases its storage capacity by a lot through the door shelves.

4. Traditional Cool Shelving in Roomy Walk-in Pantry

It is, apparently, a part of a kitchen supply store named Almacen de Cocina. Nevertheless, to us, it is somebody else’s kitchenette storeroom that offers us some small walk in pantry ideas.

With two to three wooden sticks, the door shelves secure the 8-tier necessities safely. This idea is so traditional yet typical in maximizing storage spaces.

Inside, the shelving is no joke. It uses those think planks to bear the weight of everything stored there.

5. Neat Arrangement in Narrow Walk-in Pantry

As not to forget where you put which supply, you should execute these neat small walk in pantry ideas. Someone uses layers of shelving and racks here. Firstly, you see the five-tier white racks that reminisce those on convenience stores, right.

Then, rattan baskets of various sizes come into view to support those dry foods and other necessities coming in the irregular shape of the packaging. They could not stand on their own.

Next, smaller racks are present to keep cans and jars organized. Lastly, there are three white round swivel shelves at the corners to put tall bottles together.

6. Terracotta Backsplash inside White Kitchen Pantry

Even though it is not for everyone to see, it does not mean that you cannot have a stylish kitchen storeroom. Here, you see a white walk-in pantry, designed with terracotta backsplash in the middle part of the cabinet, nautical vibe, and light tone wood floor.

By the way, the many shelves call for a lot of storage spaces. You could keep a beverage dispenser, mortar and pestle, cake display, dishware, chopping board, cookies, candies, and many other things without a cramped feel.

7. Small Walk in Pantry Ideas to Add Home Value

As an additional part of the kitchen, it is optional to have a storeroom. Yet, surely, its existence adds the value of the house.

So, no matter how big your small walk-in pantry dimensions are, always value yours through thorough design as exemplified by the one in the picture.

It features a white ceiling, walls, and shelving, while the floor uses gray vinyl planks. With this compact storage, it is astonishing how a rice cooker, microwave, pressure cooker, several pans, and even an air fryer could fit along with many foods and other goods.

8. Corner Kitchen Pantry in Full Height

You may see this one as a kitchen cupboard, but as long as you could walk inside, then it’s another small walk in pantry ideas.

Here, dry foods in various packages, cereal boxes, kitchen appliances, dishware, and even recipe books find their places to stand neatly on the shelves.

But for certain bottles, the vertical rack is present to lie them down. Somehow, this customized cabinetry is pleasant to see.

9. Hidden Walk-in Pantry Ideas

If the door closes, no one will know that a walk-in pantry is there, at the end of the brown kitchen amenity.

The opening has no grip whatsoever, so it is only natural not to tell. It is not a bad idea, anyway. Hence, your small walk in pantry ideas has a way to modernize the cooking area.

10. Small Walk-In Pantry Featuring Slate Tile Backsplash

This well-designed kitchen pantry features a slate tile backsplash in the same shade as the rest of the interior.

It combines corner shelves, lower drawers, as well as baskets out of wicker and metal to store the cooking necessities. Even, someone keeps the sourced cookbooks there for easy cheat.

11. Natural Small Walk in Pantry Ideas with Stone Floor

A light-tone wooden cupboard is all for the look. It is typical, functional, and timeless on its own, let alone when the natural stone floor completes the set.

You know that you own the best walk-in pantry with this design.

12. Walk-In Pantry with Countertop

This light gray kitchen pantry features a butcher block in light tone wood. Certainly, this one also promising just like the other small walk in pantry ideas.

In addition, the countertop’s presence contrasts not only the shelving but also the darker slate floor.

13. Pantry at the End of the Aisle

Your next small walk in pantry ideas take place at the end of some aisle. Built-in dark tone scheme, it depends on a lot of LED lighting for brightening illumination.

The order is not only visible on the shelving, but the floor also takes the role of vertical hardwood planks.

14. Walk-In Pantry Ideas with Fridge

For the sake of grouping, the idea of involving a fridge in the walk-in pantry is pretty much worth considering.

With the amenity inside, you will not have to walk to another place to grab the cold ingredients. Specifically, it has everything to store different kitchen supplies, from the shelves to open a cabinet to bottle racks.

15. Small Walk in Pantry Ideas: Ladder

Maximizing the storage space up high to the ceiling could cause another yet problem for not-so-tall persons: unreached parts!

Thus, you need a supporting footing, like a ladder, to reach the unreached. But then, how do you incorporate such a facility? Well, take a look at the picture.

16. Food Dispenser for Walk-In Larder

From the previous pictures, you have seen examples of walk-in pantry storage systems. In this case, it even involves a food dispenser for grains and nuts.

Well, you have to admit that it is better than scooping or pouring from a container.

17. Well-Designed Drawers in Walk-In Store Room

Some professionals have done the grouping here. They do not let the empty containers be scattered, label the supplies, and even still have a place for the kitchen towels.

Further, using some well-designed drawers, they keep the ones with irregular packs.

18. Walk-In Storeroom with Decorative Wall

You need to have an attention diverter to make you think that it is okay to have a compact space. Here, the wall does the honor.

The idea is to give black patterns on a white base using dark paint. It is presumably okay to do it with watercolor or acrylic paint, though.

19. Shiplap Wall Design for Small Walk in Pantry Ideas

The design here calls for a standing ovation. How come is it not when the shiplap walls, the uniformed shelves with brackets, the glossy countertop, and the light tone wood floor spell perfection?

Not to mention, it also benefits from the room under the benchtop to make some other shelving for storage.

20. Small Walk in Pantry Ideas from Kitchen Furniture Store

Your next ideas come from a kitchen furniture store called Humphrey Munson. Starting from the light gray and white interior, it uses a darker shade of grey for the shelves with black brackets.

Then, it incorporates baskets made of wicker and fabric to store the goods.

21. Kitchen Storeroom Using Varying Storages

Just as the other pantries with shelving, that is how this one does too. Only, it involves a lot of different storage containers.

For example, you see a bucket on the topmost shelf. Also featured inside are swivel shelves, spice rack, big bowls, and even vintage-looking shopping baskets.

22. Advanced Storing Arrangement in Walk-In Pantry

Mounting shelves give a larger space impression within a compact area. That is why there is nothing whatsoever under the lowest shelf of your next small walk in pantry ideas.

In addition, someone increases the storage capacity this pantry has by involving door racks, many-loader spice racks, glass containers in various shapes and sizes, plus wicker and fruit baskets.

23. Kitchen Cabinet with White Paneled Doors

The designer makes it as if it was only a cabinet when someone opens the door. Turns out, it is another small walk in pantry ideas that full of cooking ingredients.

What makes it deceptive, though? Of course, it is the white paneled doors resembling the usual opening for cupboards.

24. Fusion Design for Walk-In Storeroom

This unique kitchen pantry combines a lot of materials and finishing in one place. For example, on the left side, you see an exposed brick pillar that holds wooden shelving with rattan baskets. Next, black metal grid shelves stand with forty-eight square slots to store small-to-medium kitchen necessities.

Not to mention, there are also the classic subway tiles wall, solid countertop, and concrete floor featured in the picture.

25. Kitchen Storeroom with Sliding Door

When you do not have a spare space to afford a hinged door, the sliding one would be the best. As it opens and closes at one slide, it does not take any space to let you in and out.

26. Bookshelves in Front of Walk-In Pantry

It is more like a utility room without a laundry machine rather than a walk-in pantry. Of course, it is due to the varying stored kitchen necessities inside, such as occasional kitchenware, dry foods, and cooking ingredients.

On top of that, bookshelves are present in front of the room. There must be the key to successful dishes kept there.

27. Hidden Pantry in A Glossy Kitchen

Do not be judgmental over the cover of some book. Now, it becomes a new statement: do not judge a pantry by its door.

Someone might open your humble doors to where she thinks is a mere cupboard, only to find a satisfying walk-in storeroom.

Well, hidden pantries somehow are on-trend these days. Why do you not follow the flow? It is a good idea for a little bit of surprise

28. Small Walk in Pantry Ideas with Folding Doors

Apart from sliding doors, folding openings are also a good alternative to save some space. They take less than the hinged doors would.

Here, this walk-in pantry uses them to give you an example.

29. Very Small Walk-In Pantry

To use the provided space at its optimal capacity, someone brain-racks a method and makes use of some U-shaped shelves inside a very small walk-in pantry. The shelving is visible on the top two.

More or less, the neat arrangement also takes part in optimizing the storage space.

Small walk in pantry ideas above shows you that no matter the size, a storeroom is still functional and accommodating. Just bear in mind that it is not only the storeroom that matters for successful storing, but the grouping, shelving, lighting, and interior design also become the decisive factors.

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