29 Easy Vegetable Tray Ideas to Keep Your Health on Track

Supposed you are going to hold a casual banquet in near future, like a week or less. What will you serve if people with specific diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, Whole30, ketogenic, low carb, and gluten-free, are among the guests? A veggie platter might be your best bet, then. So, here are vegetable tray ideas.

1. Vegetable Dips for Veggie Tray

The most involved dips in vegetable tray ideas are ranch dip, hummus, cashew cream cheese, and guacamole. But, it does not mean you could not make a brand new recipe of your own, because this effortless and healthful platter of veggies does!

It uses a veggie dip with creamy and sweet flavors. By blending chickpeas, roasted bell pepper, dried cranberries, and avocado, you have a well-tasted dressing for toasted naan bread, small carrots, cucumber, blackberries, red bell pepper, and snap peas.

2. Fish-Shaped Veggie Tray

Vegetable tray ideas allow you to exclude a dip if it is more popular so.

Using an oval plate, this serving is settable with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, several varieties of cucumbers, baby carrots, plus red and yellow bell peppers.

3. Fruit and Veggie Platter Tray for White Holiday

If you look at it from the side of the Greek yogurt ranch dressing, a Christmas tree will come into view with the stacking stars at the top. The key ingredients for this tray are pretzels, broccoli, cheddar cheese, baby carrots, green apples, and crackers.

By the way, even though you could present a store-bought dip, the homemade version would be healthier. To make a cup, you only need three minutes by stirring non-fat Greek yogurt, garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill, kosher salt, Worcestershire sauce, and cayenne pepper together.

4. Veggie Tray Loved by Adults and Kids

This delish relish platter is servable by completing vegetable tray ideas using dips of avocado yogurt dip and hummus.

You could have the first dressing from onion, cilantro, pepper, lime juice, cumin, salt, glove, and the main ingredients blended.

As seen, the two dips are the best match for grape tomatoes, baby carrots, jicama, cucumbers, radishes, endive, mini bell peppers, petite green beans, and marinated mushrooms.

5. Simple Veggie Tray Ideas for Kids

You might find it hard to feed your kids some healthy veggies. Thus, take advantage of the turkey-feast occasion to make this colorful crudité platter using vegetable tray ideas.

The ingredients are green leaf lettuce, red bell pepper, baby carrot, yellow bell pepper, orange bell pepper, mushroom, and ranch dressing.

6. Symmetrical Arranged Crudité Tray

Symmetrical probably is the best arrangement on the list of vegetable tray ideas, because you only need to copy the other side identically.

Here, you have seen loads of the same ingredients with earlier idea. Only, it adds olives and celeries on the plate.

7. Veggie Tray for Game Night

Here comes a tray full of vegetables, some crunchy snacks, and a few slices of bread for snacking at night games.

The platter is then complete with the presence of French onion dip. It is a very simple dressing recipe because you will have a bowl only by combining sour cream and store-bought onion mix.

8. Cute Veggie Tray Ideas for Turkey-Festive Dinner

Appetizers in a feast are very important, especially for kids if the opening dish is full of veggies. As not to face any rejection, follow the vegetable tray ideas in a turkey shape for appeal.

Remember, the face is crucial. So, make one as similar as possible using red bell pepper, baby carrot, and candy for the eyes.

9. Lengthy Trays of Healthy Snacks

A different way to assort the ingredients means another insight from vegetable tray ideas. Above the countertop, you see an array of six lengthy trays of vegetables and crackers neat arrangement.

Even though the ingredients might not be the same, you could resemble the look using celery, carrot, green bean, snap peas, cucumber, bell pepper, zucchini, and okra.

10. Veggie Tray Ideas for Party Appetizer

On an oval plate, you could serve a party appetizer deliciously. It involves a lot of greens, a few reds, a bit of orange, and a bowl of white dip.

Benedictine spread, blue cheese dressing, or ranch would be the best pair for the presented ingredients.

11. Crudité Tray with Three Dips

Some trays are better with no dip while several others are more delish with more than one kind. Here, you see an example of the latter.

This crudité tray pairs with three kinds of dips that resemble the looks of the Levantine appetizer baba ghanoush, the Middle Eastern dip hummus, the mild-tasting cream cheese, or spinach dip.

12. 8–12 Servings of Vegetable Catering Tray

The vegetable tray guide for serving goes by 5 veggie pieces for a person. So, for 8–12 people, you should arrange 40–60 pieces on a platter.

Meanwhile, suppose a person consumes 3 tablespoons of dip, then you will have to afford 2 cups for 12 people.

As for the ideal serving of non-veggie ingredients, like bread or crackers, is 2 pieces for a person. So, it makes 1–24 pieces for 8–12 people.

13. The Simplest yet the Most Beautiful Veggie Plate

This veggie platter uses a large ceramic tray consisting of seven plates, one of which is the dip bowl in the middle of the arrangement.

With this kind of serving dish, be sure to group the ingredients by color. It plays a major role in the presentation.

14. Crudité Basket

Now, for your next vegetable tray ideas, you will get to learn how to arrange fresh fruits and vegetables within a basket.

Since it is all about presentation, anything is usable as the serving dish, as long as the item has a visual appearance. In addition, for the sake of appearance, you should pair the colorful ingredients with white dipping sauce.

Some of the recommended ones are Mexican white dipping sauce, homemade ranch, chipotle mayonnaise dip or sauce, Alabama white barbecue dipping sauce, and Japanese white sauce.

15. Turkey’s Side Profile for Crudité Platter

It is another appetizer idea for a turkey-feast event, but it takes the shape of the side profile rather than the front.

Imitate the vegetable tray ideas shown here by preparing a whole carrot for the head and chili pepper for the wattle. The rest would be arranging purple olives, radishes, mushrooms, and other vegetables as seen.

16. Spooky Smile on Vegetable Tray

So far, you have seen some vegetable tray ideas to celebrate November 24th and December 25th. Then, you could take this suggestion for a celebration that happens before the said two months: Halloween.

Well, only using a veggie platter that you get to see the carrot version of Jack-O’-Lantern.

17. Fun Vegetable Tray Ideas for Giving Thanks

Someone was in charge of the appetizers and was supposed to arrange olives, pickles, and sliced vegetables on glass bowls.

Instead, she grabbed a tray and set a cute little turkey with the addition of cherry tomatoes and radishes before having the roasted one.

18. Relish Tray Using Glass Containers

No less than twenty-four glass containers filled with processed ingredients are settable on a tray. Specifically, two of which are the dipping sauces.

If you want to pull off the vegetable tray ideas, you had better have tuna mousse, Sainsbury’s hummus, cinnamon honey butter, or sesame halva spread.

19. Vegetable Party Tray with Dressing-Filled Cabbage

Purple vegetables are appetizing yet rare. So, when you know one of the kinds in season, you had better arrange it on your veggie platter this instant.

But, do not set it in pieces. You have to make it as a centerpiece, taking the role of the dipping sauce bowl.

20. Veggie Platter for Bridal Shower

Do not suffer alone as to fit your upcoming wedding dress by consuming no carbs whatsoever. Instead, make sure your bridesmaids are in this together by serving them one of the healthiest vegetable tray ideas on your bridal shower.

The dipping sauce that best matched the concept would be herb and garlic goat cheese dip.

21. Turkey Recreation Vegetable Tray

Someone create the vegetable tray ideas that have this turkey as the feast appetizer. Here, she makes the head and neck from a combination of carrot and cucumber.

After that, she designs the rest of the body using radishes, olives, Gemlik olives, cherry tomatoes, and veggie sticks.

22. April 17th Veggie Tray

Vegetable tray ideas for the celebration of the year’s latest three months are already present in previous numbers. So, let this point be an insight of spring festive!

This tray wants to portray the animal of the season using cauliflowers as the face and ears plus red bell peppers as the necktie.

23. Crudité Tray for Ketogenic Diets

For those who are on a ketogenic diet, the vegetable tray ideas in this picture are for you. After setting cow rinds and some fresh veggies of your liking, place a large scoop of Muffuletta dip in the middle.

This dressing is obtainable by mixing parmesan cheese, Boursin cheese, and softened cream cheese, before folding them in an olive salad, shredded Swiss, and salami.

24. Nutritious Charcuterie Board for AIP Diets

This charcuterie board is not only for AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diets but also paleo and grain-free. Intended to be an appetizer, it is indeed nutritious that you could even have it for a meal.

Besides the frequent ingredients in the vegetable tray ideas, what is present in the nourishment are beet, daikon radish, gingery sauerkraut, plantain chips, prosciutto, liver pate, cured salmon, and coconut yogurt Tzatziki for the dipping sauce.

25. Grocery Store Crudité Platter

This crudité platter calls it completion with the presence of tart cherry thyme butter and herby white bean dip. To get the sweet spread for baguette bread, process unsalted butter, dried tart cherries, fresh thyme leaves, salt, and honey together in a food processor.

Meanwhile, you could have the creamy dip by pulsing basil, olive oil, cannellini beans, lemon juice, rosemary, thyme, pepper, salt, and water also in a food processor.

Then, the two dressings become a perfect pair for marinated feta and other recurrent ingredients in vegetable tray ideas.

26. Relish Tray Full of Grilled Vegetables

To serve this tray, you need to prepare bell peppers, onions, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, cremini mushrooms, asparagus, and tomatoes.

The prepping stage continues from slicing to brushing all of the ingredients with olive oil for color and flavor. Meanwhile, the herby dressing calls for olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, parsley leaves, and dried basil.

27. Savory Appetizers for a Blessing Gathering

This turkey-like dish uses the frequent ingredients arranged rainbow-way on a round tray. Uniquely, the dip is not servable on a bowl but directly atop the vegetable arrangement as the neck.

Although, you will need a sealable plastic bag to have it in shapes.

28. Vegetable Tray for March 17th

For the day, it must be a dish in the signature color on the plate. Thus, any kind of vegetable is okay, as long as they are green.

The options vary in a range of broccoli florets, sugar snap peas, green bell peppers, zucchini, celery, asparagus, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, or green beans.

For the white dip, you could pick from the options of creamy cilantro lemon, ketogenic cream cheese, paleo ranch, garlic and herb dip, mayonnaise, or cottage cheese.

29. Festive and Fun Veggie Tray

Mostly assembled by a four-year-old, it is such a simple dish, involving the frequents with yellow peppers cut in stars. The white dipping in the middle is a loaded spinach dip.

As you have known from our twenty-nine points above, the veggie platter is all about arrangement savvy. Besides the vegetable of several types, other elements to consider are the serving plate, crackers or crunchy snacks, fruits, nuts, condiments, and savory or sweet dip.

With a certain assortment, you have to make sure that every surface of the platter is not visible. Only by then, your veggie platter looks appetizing. So, which one of our vegetable tray ideas is your favorite?

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