29 Small Entryway Flooring Ideas to Welcome the Guest

A foyer is the first area to seize guests’ attention when visiting your dwelling. Thus, this spot should appear remarkable and well-maintained simultaneously, especially the floors. In this article, you will find small entryway flooring ideas that will trigger your decorating instincts.

So you do not have to worry when facing a narrow entrance that needs some improvements.

For some people, adorning a narrow mudroom will be a little tricky. But if you can implement these small entryway flooring ideas well, you will get a final result that is no less than the grandeur one.

So, let us explore the twenty-nine small entryway flooring ideas below. And make sure you didn’t skip anything!

1. Small Entryway Flooring Ideas with Black and White Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles are famous for their bold and complex patterns. Generally, they come in a mix of contrasting colors.

Like this one above, black and white will ideally add drama to your classic or traditional themed entryway.

Because this entrance stands enclosed in style, it would be better to hang a large mirror on the wall to reflect all the objects in front of it.

That way, your small entryway will appear more comprehensive than before.

2. Front Entryway Flooring with Hardwood

Hardwood is authorized for its durability and ease of cleaning from stains. So it is pretty standard if you adopt this material for flooring in your entryway.

Usually, hardwood comes with several tones and finishes. You merely have to choose the one that best fits the theme of your home.

It is better to go with the light-tone hardwood flooring for the modern farmhouse style. Then combine it with white for walls and built-in benches; and blue for doors and ceilings.

3. Geometric Tiles Among All-White Décor

We come with geometric tiles in black and white for the following small entryway flooring ideas. The combination of these two colors is relatively neutral for any decoration.

However, as these tiles already have a bold pattern, add another element in a muted tone, so it doesn’t seem overcrowded.

You can place some classic furniture such as a mirror with a sculpted frame and a tufted bench to give a distinctive flair in your mudroom.

4. Light Gray Mud Room with Pattern Tiles in Taupe

Set your mudroom in light gray to give it a subtle feel. Yet, you can still go with accented tile flooring to give this room a little statement.

Hence, the mudroom will not look too dull to the eyes.

When it comes to color selection, taupe is best for providing drama without making your entire entryway seem overwhelming.

5. Simple Small Entryway Flooring Ideas with Slate

Besides hardwood, slate is also popular among homeowners to be installed in heavy-traffic spaces such as entryways.

The fairly rough surface can give off a definite rural vibe. Consider painting the door a lighter color than the flooring so that there is a focal point in the foyer.

6. Repaint the Floors in Bold Colors

For homeowners who are bored with the hues of your old tile flooring, making massive improvements this time is impossible to do.

Then, repainting the tiles can be the best step you should take.

The red and black color combination is known to be powerful, and you can go with these tones without hesitation.

Repainting the tiles in red, black, and a bit of yellow will immediately state your entrance hall better than before.

7. Remain Eccentric with Mosaic Tiles and Wallpapered Wall

Are you looking for retro-style small entryway flooring ideas? If so, try installing mosaic tiles as above.

Visually, the mosaic tiles are enough to add drama to your small foyer. However, suppose you are okay with incorporating many patterns in one room.

Then, you can match it with a wallpapered wall and hang some light fixtures like big metal balls.

8. Enhance the Flair with Entryway Flooring Transition

Providing a transition to entryway flooring seems to be a trend these days. If you plan to join with it, then try to install pattern tiles in the outer area and wood paneling in the inner space of your entryway.

Indeed, this design is not for everyone, but it is enough to turn your entryway into a stylish and timeless one of a kind.

So, do not hesitate to go with this style.

9. Small Entryway Flooring Ideas with Sealed Concrete Tiles in Honeycomb Style

Sealed concrete tiles for entryway flooring not only give a refined impression. This material also turns out to make your narrow space appear more expansive.

Concrete tiles generally come in many shapes, and one that is hexagonal will succeed in giving a pop of texture to your mudroom.

To provide a more cheerful guise, paint your door pastel yellow.

10. Install Pattern Tiles Only in One Spot

Giving personality to the mudroom is not always by installing pattern tiles throughout the space.

Alternatively, you can accent only certain spots close to the built-in storage or bench.

Meanwhile, you can leave the rest with tiles in a neutral color as above.

11. Japanese Foyer with Slate and Raised Laminated Floor

These small entryway flooring ideas come to you with two kinds of floors. Those are slate and laminated flooring.

Installing these two materials together forms a coherent transition in your entryway. Then, complete it with a wooden floating cabinet as above.

Without a doubt, this design will amaze guests once they enter your foyer.

12. Yellow Ceramic Flooring for Another Vintage Vibe

Some homeowners may think that the yellow ceramic tiles in the entryway are old-fashion. However, with a slick decoration, all those assumptions can disappear.

Look how attractive the entryway is in its way. Instead of making your home look outdated, it exposes the beauty of a rare vintage style.

To display a unique flair, you can adjust the walls and ceiling with light-tone wood. As a final touch, beautify it with wooden furniture and a wicker basket.

13. Patterned Vinyl Flooring for Entryway

Adopting small entryway flooring ideas with vinyl flooring is a brilliant move you have ever taken. Without much consideration, this type of flooring brings several advantages for you.

One of them is that it comes with a large selection of motifs. And you can pick everything that fits your preference the most.

Like in the picture above, you can see that the gray Moroccan tiles have given an excellent personality to the entryway.

It even goes well with a few touches of wood elements.

14. Traditional Small Entryway Flooring Ideas with Ceramic Tiles in Terracotta

If you have old ceramic tiles in terracotta in the entryway, please do not rush to replace them. Instead, let the color expose its classic charm.

Besides, you can merely add some unique furniture in the corner of the room to make it even more enjoyable.

You can start by placing a sturdy barn wood bench, exposing the beams on the ceiling, hanging classic chandeliers, and mounting a wall art with a natural landscape.

15. Medium-Tone Hexagon Vinyl Flooring

Through its hexagonal shape and distress accent, medium tone vinyl flooring will make your entryway look brighter and more characterful.

Accompany it with a traditional bench in darker brown and cabinets in light green to amplify the earthy vibe in the room.

16. Lay the Carpet on to Add Drama

For a stronger impression, dare choose honeycomb tiles in black or charcoal hues with white edges. Then, you can lay on the carpet in muted patterns to add drama.

To avoid an overpowering setting, ensure these small entryway flooring ideas come with all-white interior decor.

17. Moroccan Doormat on The Laminated Floors

Laminated flooring gained popularity after hardwood because of its smooth surface and displaying the original structure of wood.

Even so, letting this feature comes alone would feel meaningless. Therefore, it would be better to place a Moroccan doormat to give a distinctive flair in your open entryway.

18. Foyer with Reclaimed Wood Flooring to Get an Antique Look

Small entryway flooring ideas with well-maintained reclaimed wood will last a long time. Obviously, this material will be suitable for the entryway in your home.

However, the colors and textures are pretty simple, requiring other elements in your foyer to make it look more aesthetic.

One way you can adopt is to provide a wall treatment like wainscoting or a coffered wall around it.

19. Black Floors for Neutral Hue

In the modern small entryway flooring ideas, black tiles have been the favorite choice among homeowners.

Besides its good ability to hide stains, it turns out that black tiles are also a neutral color that matches various home concepts.

To make the mudroom remain refreshing and far from dull, painting some walls with sage green and placing an indoor plant in the corner of the room is a step that will never go wrong.

20. Small Entryway Flooring Ideas with Black Vinyl Sheets

It is common knowledge that vinyl sheets come in many shapes and patterns. One of them is in the form of a hexagon with constellation accents as above.

This kind of flooring design is quite timeless to be applied. You can be creative with it and install those tiles for the modern minimalist to luxurious contemporary homes.

21. Grey Stone Tiles for Entryway

No one forbids you to have a stone flooring on the entryway. Whether or not this material is easy to clean from stains, stone tiles in gray will create an excellent pop-of texture in your mudroom.

Next, install a shiplap for the entire wall and paint the built-in shelving white. Meanwhile, leave the door in the same tone as the floor to provide a cohesive color mix.

22. Install the Vinyl Flooring in Random Pattern

Small entryway flooring ideas in this article refer not only to the material choice but also to the installation pattern.

Suppose you choose vinyl sheets as your entryway flooring. In that case, you can try to install it in a random pattern to give unlimited distinctive flair to your foyer.

23. Dark-Tone Hardwood Floors for Contemporary Home

Hardwood floors with sturdy surfaces will be very convenient to be applied to a contemporary or modern rustic house.

Moreover, ones with dark tones will succeed in giving drama to your white open entryway without making it overwhelming.

Consider placing a wooden bench with a distressed accent to strengthen further the rural vibe among the modern architecture of your home.

24. Small Entryway Flooring Ideas in Satin Finish

The final appearance of hardwood flooring comes in many ways. One of them is a satin finish as above.

The satin finish will be remarkable among your predominantly white enclosed entryways. This floor will continue to be stunning, although without having to come with a glossy surface.

Of course, it still managed to balance the beauty of the abstract painting on the wall.

25. Weave Style of Vinyl Flooring for Entryway

After coming up with a random pattern before, now is the time for you to present vinyl flooring in a weave style.

This pattern will look like a maze on your entryway floor from afar.

When you plan to take medium or dark tone vinyl sheets, make sure the rest of the interior comes in a lighter or neutral color to avoid looking cramped.

26. Mixed Shape Tiles in Black with Blue Décor

Mix many shapes and sizes of tiles in your entryway flooring to add a bit of drama. To play it safe, make sure it only comes with one hue.

If you do not mind, it is still stunning in two color combinations, too.

Following the picture above, the small entryway flooring ideas with black ceramic tiles will still go well with your bright interior decor.

Not only perfect with blue, but later, you can also combine it with your favorite colors. Everything will be fine as long as it does not make your entryway way too dark.

27. Red Moroccan Rug on White Concrete Flooring

White concrete floors will look superficial in your traditional style entrance. But you do not need to worry because you can immediately elevate its aesthetical value by laying the Moroccan rug on it.

Choose one that is red to give a pop of color and pattern in your entryway.

28. Small Entryway Flooring Ideas in Bohemian Theme

Welcome the guests with bright decorations in your entryway. Then, you will achieve this by combining medium-tone vinyl flooring with a few touches of Boho decor in the space.

Firstly, start by laying on the colorful rug on the floor and placing a cushion on the bench with identical hues.

You can also present an attractive focal point by mounting a sunburst mirror right in front of the door.

29. Ocean Blue Carpet on The Stone Tiles

Stone flooring in the mudroom is actually enough to provide characteristics. However, there is nothing wrong with placing the ocean blue rug on it if you want a bit of distinctive flair.

Visually, this entryway concept will suit your coastal-themed house perfectly.

From the several options above, we can conclude that the balance of decoration is the key to making your narrow entrance looks broader and more attractive.

Well, from all the small entryway flooring ideas before, of course, you have made the best pick. Make sure it goes well with your overall interior décor to enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

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