24 Outstanding Colours for Hallways That’ll Steal Your Heart

Although a hallway is a transitional area of the home, it deserves special attention. However, many homeowners overlook the space, so it looks unexciting, cold, and ugly. If you want a fabulous passageway, read up on some superb colours for hallways below.

Before decorating your hallway, you must pick the right colour since it acts as a backdrop. By doing so, the transitional space will appear striking. Without further ado, let’s check these paint colour suggestions out!

1. Baby Blue and Wood Hallway

Normally, a hallway is synonymous with a pathetic and dull passageway. That’s surely incorrect. Speaking of colours for hallways walls, try baby blue.

Here, the baby blue walls soften everything up. Furthermore, they inspire tranquility as well as freshness while providing a lovely backdrop.

The white trim and molding accompany baby blue walls brilliantly. Moreover, the herringbone wooden floor makes the hallway welcoming.

A series of artworks adorn the empty walls. Lastly, the tables, blooms, candleholders emanate a classic flair.

2. Neutral Hallway Paint Colours

Some people feel like they’re moles when entering dark hallways at boutique hotels. That’s why I suggest you implement this scheme for your corridor.

Since the hallway isn’t spacious, the paint must be light as well as fresh. Moreover, you can use artworks to generate drama.

The cool grey walls provide a neutral backdrop for framed works of art. In addition, they accentuate golden accents nicely.

Bare wooden floating shelves and floorboards embrace a rustic vibe. The star and lantern pendant lamps catch the eye, while the rugs keep the hallway homey.

3. Shades of Grey

Sometimes the brighter, the better. This corridor says it all. Cool white serves as a dominant player in this hallway.

Talking about the colours to brighten a dark hallway, you can’t go wrong with crisp white. Not only does it send out an open ambiance but also an airy vibe.

The grey accents via the rugs and walls produce a serene feeling. Due to the blonde wooden surface, the passageway doesn’t seem uninviting.

Dark grey-framed artworks clash with the stark backdrop. Meanwhile, the recessed shelving holds both accessories and books.

4. Colours for Hallways with Wooden Walls

White always seems pure. Additionally, the colour doesn’t compete with the areas beyond the passageway.

If you’re after a relaxing hallway, consider using soft white. Since the shade boasts creamy yellow undertones, it will match any home’s style for sure.

Here, the creamy-white floor tiles let guests focus on decorative pieces in the hallway. Moreover, it goes with the light taupe wall and cool white ceiling.

The wooden walls provide subtle contrast. Furthermore, the greenery in a massive glass vase spruces the hallway up.

5. Narrow Hallway Colours

Many homeowners describe their passageways as dingy and ugly transitional spaces. That’s because they use the wrong colours.

If your passageway is narrow, try an all-white scheme because it’s one of the timeless colours for hallways. By doing so, the transitional space will feel more expansive and airier.

The white backdrop emphasizes the monochromatic artwork and colourful abstract paintings. Unpainted wooden surfaces accompany the indoor plant for an outdoorsy feel. Furthermore, the navy drama infuses serious drama while becoming a statement piece.

6. Classic and Charming

Sometimes, clean white is the way to go. If you pick this classic neutral, consider using it on the hallway walls for an obvious visual impact.

The white walls lend the passageway a light feeling. They prevent the corridor from looking cramped, too. Moreover, the arches generate a classic flair.

I consider white as one of the impressive colours for hallways. The wooden floor and furniture items give the hallway some organic warmth. Furthermore, the Georgian oil painting and intricate decorations complete the scene.

7. Colours for Hallways with Wooden Floors

For homeowners who are short on space, I strongly recommend trying this scheme. As you see, clean white dominates the hallway, from ceiling to hardware-free sideboard.

Bright white surfaces infuse a fresh touch into the corridor. Furthermore, the bare wooden floor harmonizes with them delightfully while evoking coziness.

The crisp white backdrop allows you to incorporate unusual pendant lamps and colourful works of art into the hallway. Lastly, the dark wooden candleholder and ornate metallic bowl introduce visual interest.

8. Grey Colour Schemes for Hallways

Talking about colours for hallways and stairs, don’t hesitate to try dark shades. Remember, they’re just paints. Furthermore, you could choose a moody shade like deep grey.

Dark grey appears on the trim, stairs, arch, molding, and walls. Not only does it look dramatic and sullen but also elegant. In addition, the shade won’t go vapid for sure.

Deep grey pairs fantastically with many colour schemes like cool white. Moreover, the hallway is nothing short of sumptuous due to gold accents. The large white blooms and wall sconces lend the transitional space some characters.

9. Colours for Hallways with No Natural Light

Just because the hallway has no sunlight doesn’t mean dark hues are your enemies. This windowless corridor, for example, boasts a deep warm grey ceiling and walls. They inspire serious sophistication as well as intimacy.

The deep grey creates a solid statement. Since the transitional space doesn’t receive any sunlight, you need something bright like crisp white. It will surely prevent the entire hallway from being too gloomy.

The black floor provides further drama. Moreover, the mirror steals the show. Lastly, the table and pendant lamps give the hallway proper lighting.

10. White and Grey Hallway

Searching for marvelous colours for hallways? If so, you should bring shades of grey to your transitional space.

This passageway, for example, features walls that wear light and dark greys. Additionally, they seem serious yet tranquil and sophisticated.

The hallway employs a grey colour scheme. However, it doesn’t feel overly dingy due to the stark white base molding and walls.

This space serves as a playing field for bold shades. Here, bursts of red and blue perk the hallway up suddenly, while the framed pictures transform the hallway into an art gallery.

11. Calming Colours for Hallways

Do you want an inviting passageway? If yes, apply this scheme. The hallway wears a blend of whites, light taupes, and tans. Those neutrals produce a timeless charm while infusing some warmth.

The hallway doesn’t feel lonely since the homeowner added a built-in bench to it. Moreover, the seating makes the transitional space homey and comfortable.

Here, the colourful artworks become stunners because of the tan backdrop. Meanwhile, the traditional pendant lamp and spotlights illuminate the hallway. Lastly, warm white recessed shelving accommodates framed family photos and books.

12. Azure Blue and White Hallway

Speaking of vibrant colours for hallways, you can’t go wrong with medium azure. The shade covers the entire walls of the transitional space. Furthermore, it suddenly injects happy energy into the area.

The white trim details and arch are an outstanding complement to azure blue walls. Additionally, framed artworks give the hallway interest.

Wooden floorboards perfectly balance out the azure blue and cool white. Moreover, the golden pendant lamp inspires glamour.

13. Airy and Welcoming

If you have a windowless passageway, a white colour scheme is surely a safe bet. As the picture shows, the white molding, built-ins, walls, and ceiling represent openness. They inspire airiness, too.

The black artwork frame and handrail lend the hallway a touch of instant drama. Despite the dominant white, the hallway seems inviting due to the dark wooden floor.

The recessed shelves and built-in dresser quickly impart a modern vibe. Baby blue wall panels soften everything up. Because of the colourful book covers, the hallway looks lively.

14. Go for Impact

Talking about colours for hallways, don’t hesitate to use bright blue. The shade is not only adventurous but also appealing and intense.

I love the vibrant blue ceiling, built-ins, and walls. They embolden the otherwise lackluster passageway while clashing with the charcoal gray wooden floor magnificently.

The life-size statue on the floor and small ornaments on the open shelving turn the hallway into an eccentric space. Lastly, the minimalist window allows a decent amount of natural light to enter the passageway.

15. Playful Colours for Hallways

Most homeowners typically associate a hallway with a dreary and unexciting space. As you see, this passageway says the opposite.

Cool white dominates the hallway for a light feeling. Moreover, the window introduces an airy and bright ambiance. The rich-toned wooden surface makes the corridor seem intimate as well as welcoming.

Consider adding a built-in bench to the hallway, so it doesn’t seem pathetic. Also, include a coral patterned wallpaper and colourful throw pillows for a more striking corridor.

16. Creamy Yellow Hallway

Creamy-white seems fresh and pure. In addition, the shade still infuses some warmth into the hallway. Also, it lets the passageway feel airy as well as welcoming.

Here, crisp white blends with the existing shade brilliantly. Furthermore, the light tan floor provides a subtle contrast.

White shades let guests focus on the orange carpet, wall lamps, and artwork frames. Lastly, the windows allow them to enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery.

17. Contrasting Colours for Hallways

There are various colours for hallways. When in doubt, try bright white. The shade works in any passageway nicely. Furthermore, it can act as a playing field for vibrant accents.

Due to windows and cool white walls, the hallway seems more expansive. Because of the dominant white, the homeowner can integrate colourful accents into her transitional space.

The stark white backdrop draws attention to statement artworks. Moreover, the multicoloured rug, lamp, and sideboard inspire cheerfulness. They suddenly bring in a modern vibe, too. Lastly, the pale cream floor balances out the vibrant units.

18. Pastel Paint Colours for Hallways

Whether your passageway gets much sun or not, don’t hesitate to use yellow. The shade exudes light, happiness, and warmth at once.

Instead of bright yellow, try the pastel one. It still lends the transitional space a cheerful ambiance without producing a jarring look.

After painting the walls pastel yellow, coat the trim details, ceiling, and arch with bright white paint. Then, add a chair and console table to the corridor for an inviting vibe. Lastly, incorporate a houseplant and warm gray rug to generate a cozy feeling.

19. Stunning Rustic Hallway Colours

The board and batten walls in this hallway wear cool white. Moreover, the light-toned wooden sliding door and floor keep the transitional space welcoming.

There’s also a shabby chic bench that imparts a comfortable feeling. Furthermore, three eye-catching throw pillows jazz up the gray cushion. The patterned rugs and colourful artwork offer an interest.

20. Taupe, White, and Wood Hallway

If you plan on following the natural trend, this is one of the enchanting colour schemes for hallways to try. Tan walls evoke a timeless appeal, while crisp white accents brighten the corridor up.

Wooden elements radiate instant warmth. Moreover, the gold frames represent luxury. In addition, the pendant lamps complete the hallway’s look.

21. Moody Yet Mesmerizing

Speaking of paint colours for hallways and stairs, don’t be afraid of trying dark shades. Here, the passageway employs deep gray walls for serious sophistication.

The stairs and vase also wear lighter shades of gray. Crisp white, blush pink, and wooden accents keep the hallway from looking too sullen.

22. Gray and Yellow Hallway

Here, gray is light but dark enough to appear sharp with bright white trim. Additionally, the medium-toned wooden floor and flaxen yellow walls warm things up.

There’s a sleek wooden table at the hallway’s end. Lastly, the statement rug and yellow blooms enliven the transitional space.

23. Tranquil Colours for Hallways

Due to the creamy white, this passageway still seems inviting and airy. Furthermore, bricks, bare woods, and flagstones contribute to the hallway’s rustic appeal.

The throw pillows and built-in seating embrace coziness. Meanwhile, the hints of black make the corridor slightly dramatic.

24. Contemporary Hallway Paint Colours

Pale cream, light gray, and stark white gather in this hallway. Furthermore, those neutrals inspire sophistication and serenity.

The built-in furniture pieces keep belongings organized. Additionally, the neutral backdrops let visitors focus on the fabulous rug and artwork.

In conclusion, a hallway is not a mere transitional space. Moreover, you can beautify it with a few excellent coats of paint. After reading those colours for hallways, there’s surely at least one scheme that captivates your heart. Which palette do you love most?

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