29 Divine Landscape Ideas for Front of House You’ll Adore

Before walking into homes, guests certainly see the front gardens. This is why homeowners must dedicate both attention and energy to them, so they seem visually appealing. These landscape ideas for front of houses will make you prepared.

When decorating front yards, homeowners can surely use anything. Since such areas need the most care, you should get creative.

In today’s post, I’ll present mesmerizing ideas to landscape the front part of the house. Furthermore, they include boulders, rocks, evergreens, and flowering plants.

Also, some feature vertical plant arrangements, while others display horizontal landscaping.

1. Hilly Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Need landscape ideas for front of houses? Try this option. The hilly front yard boasts a concrete retaining wall and driveway. In no time, they carry modern vibes.

The ornamental grass and groundcovers contrast with gray-colored boulders. Moreover, they generate a neat appearance.

Evergreens make for a simple yet stunning landscape since they last for many years. Furthermore, they’ll raise the home’s curb appeal while offering easy maintenance.

2. Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The concrete walkway and driveway showcase crisp lines. Additionally, they perfectly complement the modern house facade.

Speaking of landscaping, the front garden combines various types of decorative plants. The evergreen shrubs ensure continuous greenery. Meanwhile, the ornamental grass delivers some height and visual appeal.

The sculptural jacaranda tree becomes the focus of attention. Furthermore, it will welcome visitors with its gorgeous purple blooms and incredible fragrance.

3. Landscape Ideas for Front of House with Vines

Although the front of the house is small, it deserves attention. Here, the rugged stone retaining walls flank the cool-toned steps. Furthermore, they lend the yard textural contrast while radiating a timeless charm.

The front row displays flowering plants. Their bright yellow blooms give the front of the house some cheer. Meanwhile, the evergreen shrubs infuse year-round greenery.

There’s also a sculptural tree that produces another fabulous visual interest. Also, its tiny red flowers provide an extra splash of color. Moreover, vines grow over the stone retaining walls. They prove how resilient Mama nature is.

4. Large Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

This front garden belongs to a log cabin house. Moreover, it features a flagstone pathway that offers natural tonal variations.

Both sides of the flagstone walkway look lively due to different kinds of plants. Here, you can spot groundcovers, some tall decorative grass, and evergreen plants.

The strategic arrangement of the boulders lets this yard blend with the surroundings. Lastly, a couple of tall conifers in the front garden complement the ones behind the log cabin house.

5. Brilliant Landscape Ideas for Front of House

The modern farmhouse boasts white exterior walls with straight lines. That’s why the homeowner opted for a rustic landscape to break the monotony.

Here, the stone walkway, walls, and pillars inject touches of nature. In addition, they enable this modern farmhouse house to blend with the surrounding environment.

The boulders maintain the front garden’s rustic look. Meanwhile, the decorative plants lend the whole yard a riot of oranges, yellows, and greens.

6. Stylish Front Garden

This front yard is one of the landscape masterpieces. Although the garden doesn’t feature blooming plants, it seems fabulous and shipshape. As you see, the homeowner played with different shapes here.

The black driveway and gravel walkway accentuate the immaculate lawn. Furthermore, round and rectangular boxwood plants evoke a sense of diversity.

The bright white square planter houses delicate ornamental grass that softens the look. Additionally, there are a few sculptural trees. Lastly, the garden light fixtures emphasize them.

7. Landscaping Ideas for Front of House with Rocks

Without a doubt, this front garden is drool-worthy. The warm-toned concrete pathway magnificently contrasts with rocks of varying gray shades.

The black strip edging keeps the gravel and blooming plants in place. Additionally, it separates gray river rocks from the flowerbeds.

Ornamental grass imbues the front yard with a subtle textural contrast. Meanwhile, white garden globes of different sizes brighten the landscape. Furthermore, the decorative accents flank the entrance door and pathway.

8. Unique Landscape Ideas for Front of House

As you see, the two-tone path guides visitors to the wooden front door. Meanwhile, round evergreen shrubs ensure the garden always seems lively.

I also admire the vertical landscaping in this garden. There are a couple of concrete planters on top of stone gate pillars. They accommodate several small but striking plants.

The stone edging divides the front yard into the lawn and evergreen bed. Moreover, hydrangea flowers scream elegance while accompanying other plants in the garden.

9. Outstanding Landscape Ideas for Front of House

If your property is on the modern side, this is one of the landscape ideas for front of houses to copy. The wooden wall and stone pavers give the landscape a natural atmosphere.

White blooming plants titivate both sides of the concrete walkway. In addition to delivering beauty, they generate a subtle visual contrast.

The decorative grass and evergreens infuse an extra breath of fresh air. Furthermore, they offset sharp edges of the walkways. Lastly, the houseplant and statement trees in the front yard complete the look.

10. Easy Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

If you need landscape ideas for front of houses, look no further than this look. The mountain lodge house features stone pillars and exterior walls. Here, the flagstone pathway brilliantly complements them.

The gravel edging keeps the front yard looking neat while ensuring excellent drainage. Moreover, it highlights punchy blooms of potted plants. In addition, pumpkins of different colors and sizes adorn the entrance.

Woodchips efficiently conserve water, so the plants stay hydrated. Meanwhile, the conifer and statement trees add height. Furthermore, the immaculate lawn invigorates the entire front garden.

11. Front Yard Ideas No Grass

With many landscape ideas for front of houses, you might be overwhelmed. Just take a cue from the front yard above. It doesn’t employ lots of plants, yet it looks attractive.

Talking about front yard landscaping plants, try integrating palm trees and spider plants. They aren’t hard to maintain.

Just give them fertilizer as well as enough water. Don’t hesitate to pair them with stunning Hawaiian ti plants.

The statement tree displays foliage in gorgeous autumnal colors. Furthermore, the gravel walkway and woodchips provide visual contrast.

12. Landscape Ideas for Front of House with Decorative Grass

Pure white exterior walls give off a clean look. Furthermore, they clash with the cream gravel and wooden steps.

In this front garden, the gravel gathers around the statement tree. Meanwhile, the tall distressed planter lends the yard some personality.

The concrete walkway suits the modern house well. Moreover, the crisp white backdrop highlights decorative grass. In addition, the bright red Adirondack chair punches up the front yard.

13. Landscaping Ideas for Front of House with Porch

The gray siding and white walls make for an inviting house facade. Moreover, the porch features a few furniture pieces and bold, printed throws. Also, there’s another seating area with gray armchairs and eye-catching pillows.

Speaking of landscape ideas for front of houses, the homeowner grows shrubs, conifers, and ornamental plants. Moreover, two small topiary trees generate a visual balance.

The mulches separate the lawn from the evergreen beds. Meanwhile, the light gray paver walkway creates a cohesive feel. It allows landscaping plants to shine, too. Lastly, garden lights provide proper lighting at night.

14. Modern Meets Nature

Need some marvelous landscape ideas for front of houses? This look is worth copying. The concrete steps instill modern vibes due to their straight lines.

The deep gray river rocks and boulders inspire peacefulness. Meanwhile, evergreen shrubs and tropical plants bring the otherwise bland yard to life.

Furthermore, minimalist garden lamps illuminate the concrete path during nighttime.

15. Country Landscape Ideas for Front of House

This country front garden amazes me because of its variety as well as arrangement. Moreover, the granite walkway complements exposed brick walls.

Round, rectangular, and curved boxwood plants ensure long-lasting greenery. Meanwhile, woodchips let them be centerpieces in the front garden. Lastly, blooms imbue the yard with pops of pink, red, and purple.

16. Can’t Get Enough of Plants

The gray gravel path generates a sense of distinction in this garden. Furthermore, plants of varying heights ensure that the sloped yard doesn’t appear monotonous.

Here, the green groundcovers contrast with the concrete driveway. Lastly, two potted evergreens steal the spotlight.

17. Elegant and Exquisite

Don’t you admire this cottage garden? The stone retaining wall draws attention to the decorative grass, shrubs, and flowering plants.

The narrow concrete walkway lets the eye focus on the orderly lawn. Meanwhile, the statement tree, blooming plants, and shrubs deliver visual height.

18. Peaceful and Pretty

Because of stone and cream walls, the house is perfectly in line with the surroundings. Meanwhile, round river rocks and boulders impart rustic vibes.

The cacti, dwarf palm trees, and blooming plants carry bursts of colors. Thanks to those beauties, this front garden gets more exciting.

19. Incredible Landscape Ideas for Front of House

This oceanfront house features a curved stone path. As you see, it leads to the arch and glass doors while evoking rusticity.

The boulder and ornamental palm trees set a relaxing scene. Meanwhile, flowering plants bear blooms in yellow, pink, and red.

20. Contemporary Farmhouse Front Garden

Who doesn’t love this contemporary farmhouse garden? The concrete path emanates a modern ambiance instantly.

The grass between concrete slabs softens the look. Furthermore, the lawn, ornamental grass, and round shrubs liven the yard up. Lastly, the blue flowering plant lends the landscape an extra pop of color.

21. Flowerbed In Front of House Pictures

If you need landscape ideas for front of houses, steal this look. The concrete walkway and steps highlight the lawn.

The flowerbeds boast dwarf bananas and pink blooming plants. Furthermore, the date palm trees become the centerpieces in this front garden.

22. Stunning Landscape Ideas for Front of House

This spacious front garden employs boxwood hedges. Moreover, the curved gravel path guides visitors to the wooden doors.

The gate with brick pillars looks gorgeous due to red and pink blooms. Meanwhile, tall trees, bushes, and yellow flowering plants round out the landscape.

23. Minimalist Yet Marvelous

The walkway consists of concrete planks. Meanwhile, the lawn is a terrific contrast to the light gray concrete driveway.

Here, the strip edging separates the gravel from the garden bed. The massive tree provides shade while stealing the spotlight.

24. Mediterranean Landscape Ideas for Front of House

The pavers make for a long-lasting driveway. Moreover, cream marble steps inspire glamor while carrying timeless elegance to the front yard.

Boxwood hedges lend the front yard a shipshape look. Furthermore, the ornamental palm and olive tree produce Mediterranean vibes. Meanwhile, shrubs and bushes enliven the space.

25. Expansive and Enchanting

Here, the curved stone driveway calls attention to the adjacent lawn. Additionally, bushes and evergreen shrubs add different textures.

This expansive front yard also boasts tall trees. Not only do they give lower plants some shade but also generate a tranquil ambiance.

26. Royal Front Garden

This is one of the glamorous landscape ideas for front of houses. The royal garden above is surely worth replicating.

Brick pavers warm the front aristocratic garden up. Meanwhile, they direct the eye to flowerbeds of varying sizes. As you see, they employ conifers, shrubs, and invigorating blooming plants.

27. Cascade Landscape

This charming front garden looks elegant and shipshape. Moreover, it features a lawn, some ornamental grass, and conical shrubs.

Flower pots sit on white and gray stairs. In addition to generating visual symmetry, the blooms also welcome the homeowner’s guests with their perky colors.

28. French Country Garden

The pavers and multitone stone tiles make for a superb driveway. Meanwhile, the masonry edging frames the shrubs and hydrangeas. Lastly, the tall trees give them some shade while creating an idyllic landscape.

29. Flowery Garden Bed

The concrete slabs lend the walkway a stylish look. Furthermore, the grass between them balances out their sharp edges.

Here, the homeowner divided the blooming and non-flowering plants in the garden bed by color. Meanwhile, trees and bushes accompany them.

I guarantee those landscape ideas for front of houses will come in handy. They can help you raise your property’s curb appeal. Since first impressions do matter, do not let your precious front yard become lackluster.

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