29 Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That’ll Astonish You

There’s nothing more incredible than preparing and enjoying meals outdoors. These simple outdoor kitchen ideas will enable you to cook and eat your food in the open air. Moreover, the designs range extensively, from traditional to mid-century modern.

Outdoor cooking spaces don’t have to be fancy and elaborate. With the right design, the outdoor kitchen will function excellently in the yard for sure.

Large outdoor kitchens feature grills, seating areas, storage units, and bars. Meanwhile, small ones only employ prep counters and sinks. Without further ado, here are some outdoor culinary spaces that sizzle with style.

1. Clean and Captivating

Talking about basic outdoor kitchen designs, steal inspiration from this cooking area. The bright white shiplap paneling evokes cleanliness. In addition, they carry a coastal touch to the space.

The stainless steel barbecue grill and concrete prep counter produce modern vibes. Also, there’s a sink that brings function to this airy outdoor kitchen.

The blonde wood dining table keeps things balanced. Meanwhile, the greenery and navy accents infuse unexpected splashes of color.

2. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen is on the minimalist side. Here, the counter, island, and pillars feature hard edges and crisp lines. Meanwhile, marble surfaces develop an opulent look.

Silver appliances inspire modernity. Furthermore, the wall niche minimizes the presence of the television above the sink.

The beige paint makes this outdoor kitchen seem welcoming. Additionally, the island accommodates three bar chairs. Lastly, artificial grass rugs and landscaping plants keep lacklusterness at bay.

3. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Contemporary Touches

I admire the setup of this contemporary outdoor kitchen. The concrete wall cladding and blonde wood planks produce a striking juxtaposition.

This is undeniably one of the swoon-worthy basic outdoor kitchen ideas. Here, the stainless steel faucet and grill are a glam accompaniment to the concrete prep counter.

Because of black pendants and dining chairs, the outdoor kitchen looks sophisticated. Meanwhile, bamboo trees and river rocks represent tranquility.

4. Countryside Outdoor Kitchen

Need some simple outdoor kitchen ideas? Replicate this setting. The formal stonework lends the cooking area visual interest. Moreover, metallic appliances deliver luxe touches to the setup instantly.

A pair of lounge chairs with gray cushions let guests kick back while sunbathing. Meanwhile, vertical striped pillows bring different seating areas together.

The covering with streamlined beams protects this outdoor cooking area from the elements. Tall candle lanterns and planters offer visual height. Furthermore, the statement fruit bowl on the circular dining table provides a finishing touch.

5. Simple Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Ceiling Fan

Cream walls and limestone floor tiles generate an inviting look. Meanwhile, textured dining chairs do not only carry comfort but also promote cohesiveness.

The wooden cabinetry and bar chairs lend the outdoor kitchen organic warmth. Furthermore, they offset the cool-toned marble counter and backsplash.

Also, you can spot a grill. The appliance allows barbecue parties during the summer months. Moreover, the deep brown ceiling fan introduces a terrific contrast. It keeps the whole outdoor kitchen airy, too.

6. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Fireplace

The metallic fireplace, grill, and mini-refrigerator make the outdoor cooking space appear glamorous. Furthermore, the polished concrete flooring evokes comfort.

Here, the white shiplap paneling meets the wood beadboard ceiling fabulously. Meanwhile, the black feature wall inspires drama.

The pendant, sconce, and downlights brighten this outdoor kitchen at night. In addition, the frame art mode TV doubles as an artwork.

7. Stone Meets Wood

If you’re into simple outdoor kitchen ideas, try out this setting. The stone floor and wall ensure that the cooking space is stunningly in line with the surroundings.

The reclaimed wood ceiling and pillars maintain the outdoor kitchen’s rustic look. Additionally, they balance out the silver prep counter and grill.

At night, this outdoor kitchen receives proper illumination from the ceiling light and black wall sconces. Furthermore, the stool and trendy upholstered armchair provide seating.

8. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with White Furniture

This is one of the magnificent covered outdoor kitchen structures. The plain white shiplap ceiling, island, cabinets, and pillars carve an airy setting. Due to them, the cooking area doesn’t feel cramped.

The skinny tiles come in various hues. Apart from adding some interest, they keep the outdoor cooking space looking cohesive.

Here, the gray prep counter and seafoam green bar chairs develop a relaxing scene. Furthermore, the glass screen and metallic appliances represent modernity.

9. Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Seating

There’s a slew of simple outdoor kitchen ideas, and this setting steals my attention. Here, unpainted wooden bar chairs face the concrete island with a stone top.

The outdoor kitchen floor showcases natural stone tiles. Due to their varying shades and shapes, this cooking area doesn’t become monotonous.

Also, the outdoor culinary space has a metallic grill. Furthermore, it acts as a main centerpiece while enhancing the kitchen’s functionality. The dark green smoker blends with the wooden privacy fence and plants.

10. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Metal Roof

The concrete kitchen floor and immaculate lawn provide a gorgeous contrast. Meanwhile, the metal roof offers some valuable shade during the summertime.

As you can see, evergreen trees work as the backdrop for the green smoker and silver kitchen appliances. The gray counter accentuates sleek dining chairs.

The integrated track lighting ensures that the outdoor kitchen doesn’t seem drab. Lastly, the wooden island, privacy fence, and cabinetry keep things homey.

11. Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

If your beloved yard is short on space, duplicate this idea. The outdoor cooking space only consists of the prep station and grill. Furthermore, it enables you to have a barbecue, mix drinks, or give your meals finishing touches.

This indoor/outdoor cooking area boasts slate flooring and rough stone walls. Moreover, the black accents lend it a dramatic look.

12. Bricks and Blooms

If you’re after a welcoming look, this is one of the simple outdoor kitchen ideas to copy. Red bricks imbue the culinary space with a snuggly vibe.

The stainless steel sink, chiller, grill, and dishwasher carry a bit of glamor. Meanwhile, the stonework offers a rustic feel and a visual appeal. Potted plants and perky blooms soften the scene.

13. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with String Lights

The flagstone stepping stones and wooden steps connect this stylish outdoor kitchen with the seating area. Moreover, Mexican beach pebbles highlight them while creating textural contrast.

In this cooking space, the polished concrete counter and floor introduce a refined feel. Additionally, the stonework generates an extra visual appeal. Lastly, the wooden structure and Edison-style string lights warm things up.

14. Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

If you need simple outdoor kitchen ideas, consider this setting. The circular metal dining table and ornate armchairs exude a traditional aesthetic. Because of them, the homeowner and her guests can have excellent conversations.

The blonde wood covering with black beams offers protection from the sun. Meanwhile, the two-tier marble island allows visitors to interact with the cook.

You can spot the formal stonework that accentuates metallic appliances here. Additionally, black bar chairs inspire comfort and sophistication. The brown ceiling fan over the dining set preserves the breezy atmosphere of the outdoor kitchen.

15. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Splashes of Blue

The wooden planks adorn the floor, privacy fence, and ceiling. Moreover, they radiate warmth while giving the outdoor kitchen natural-looking textures.

Here, the pale gray stonework and marble prep counter lend the outdoor cooking space an airy nuance. Sky blue cushions freshen up the kitchen. Meanwhile, the greenery softens the look of stainless steel appliances.

16. Stylish and Superb

The concrete floor and wall embrace an urban look. Meanwhile, the silver hardware and outdoor kitchen appliances inject a bit of opulence.

In this picture, the homeowner tucked her resin wicker chairs away underneath the dining table. Moreover, the succulents act as centerpieces. Lastly, bright blue throw pillows keep the whole outdoor kitchen lively.

17. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Concrete Beams

Speaking of modern outdoor kitchens, you can’t forget concrete elements. Here, the trendy cooking space boasts concrete beams that offer some shade during warmer months.

The concrete wall, fire pit, floor, and privacy fence heighten the modern atmosphere. Due to two-tone striped pillows, the outdoor kitchen appears cohesive. Meanwhile, the greenery and river rocks offset harsh lines.

18. Rooftop Outdoor Kitchen

Despite its streamlined design, the prep station can accommodate several metallic appliances. Moreover, it blends with adjacent privacy walls seamlessly.

The rustic wooden dining table introduces visual balance and warmth. In addition, Scandinavian-style chairs gather around stylishly. Lastly, succulents, hot pink blooms, and mismatched planters keep this outdoor kitchen exciting.

19. Don’t Miss the Views

This is one of the mesmerizing yet simple outdoor kitchen ideas. The two-tier stone island provides workspace while accommodating resin wicker chairs.

The beams offer some shade on hot days. Furthermore, the stonework and landscaping plants blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Visitors also can sit in the outdoor eating space with upholstered chairs. Meanwhile, the scenery makes them instantly feel relaxed. Weathered chandeliers evoke a timeless elegance.

20. Bright and Welcoming

The beadboard kitchen cabinets come in plain white. Not only do they brighten the outdoor cooking space but also accentuate the marble prep counter.

Here, the natural stone bread oven improves the outdoor kitchen’s usefulness. Meanwhile, the 2-tier island lets guests see the cook preparing meals. Lastly, the wooden structure overhead keeps things inviting.

21. Full Yet Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This lakeside kitchen is complete with a dishwasher, a grill, a sink, and a mini chiller. Furthermore, it provides an outdoor seating area and some storage space.

The composite decking and stonework create terrific textural contrast. Meanwhile, the printed throw pillow with red accents grabs attention.

22. Classic Colors

Talking about simple outdoor kitchen ideas, try using black and white. They will allow both decorations and accent colors to shine.

The black rectangular table and woven chairs develop a formal look. Moreover, they emphasize potted plants.

Meanwhile, the beadboard ceiling and metal sconces give off a modern farmhouse feel.

23. Beachy and Bodacious

Need some outdoor kitchen ideas? Apply this setting. The crisp white covering, walls, and pillars keep the whole scene airy. Meanwhile, the deep gray paneling emphasizes the frame TV.

High gloss tiles of varying blue shades adorn the prep counter. Furthermore, they carve a coastal ambiance, while the greenery livens things up.

24. Spanish Influences

The taupe cabinetry, grill, and sconces produce visual symmetry. Meanwhile, arches and decorative tiles lend the outdoor kitchen Mediterranean vibes.

In this kitchen, the planter on the counter carries unexpected bursts of color. Furthermore, the striped upholstery and wooden furniture pieces offer a balanced look.

25. French Country Charm

The warm white siding, railing, and prep station deliver an airy vibe. Due to the covering and glass windows, the homeowner can use her cooking space in any weather.

This kitchen receives a French country aesthetic from the rug, chandelier, printed cushions, and decorative tiles. Meanwhile, fresh blooms of different hues perk up the setting.

26. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with a Fire Pit

The wooden covering and beige wall imbue this outdoor culinary space with a homey vibe. Meanwhile, the fire pit warms guests up after swimming.

Here, the rectangular table and striped dining chairs evoke a formal feel. Stainless steel appliances carry an industrial aesthetic, while towels deliver touches of color.

27. Close to Nature

The stonework allows the concrete prep counter and metallic grill to be the focus of attention. Since this outdoor kitchen is clutter-free, guests can enjoy the craftsmanship.

Due to the wooden pergola and built-in lights, the outdoor kitchen stays welcoming. Moreover, muted green printed cushions blend with the backyard environment.

28. Marvelous and Multifunctional

Love all things Tuscan? If yes, this is one of the simple outdoor kitchen ideas to try. The pizza oven serves as a statement appliance while offering firewood storage.

The stonework, red accents, and fresh flowers transport you to the Italian countryside. Meanwhile, metallic appliances give the outdoor kitchen an urban twist.

29. Crave Contrasts

In this outdoor kitchen, exposed bricks clash with stainless steel appliances. Meanwhile, the black range hood, cabinetry, and rafter add drama.

The dining set and fire pit produce visual symmetry. Also, the chandelier and fan exude vintage vibes, while gray curtains soften the look.

Hopefully, those simple outdoor kitchen ideas prevent you from being overwhelmed. They prove homeowners can increase backyards’ functionality without breaking their banks. Use the design that speaks to your personality and property.

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