22 Fantastic Corner TV Stand Ideas to Inspire You

If you live in a small home or apartment, it’s important to maximize your living space. Here, we have rounded some magnificent corner TV stand ideas.

They help prevent corners from becoming waste. These corner TV stands are also a perfect addition to corners in various areas.

Moreover, they comprise the bottom, middle, top, and sides. You can optimize space by constructing it yourself or buying one.

Having a corner TV stand can improve your room’s layout. The unit will make it more lively and inviting too.

If you plan on purchasing one, do not rush and take a gander at these charming furniture pieces.

1. Corner TV Stand Ideas for Rustic Style Rooms


Love all things rustic? If so, then give this handmade corner TV stand a go.

You could craft the unit with repurposed wood pallets. We suggest leaving it unpainted for an outdoorsy feel.

This simple reclaimed wood TV stand completes any rustic entertainment center.

Furthermore, the unit has a rectangular frame. Likewise, it features two open counters that can accommodate your DVDs, speakers, and books.

2. Corner TV Stand with Doors

Corner TV Stand with Doors

Speaking of corner DIY TV stand ideas for living room, consider this one.

As you see, the unit captivates with its pure white paint. It also oozes country charm, while developing a welcoming environment.

This corner TV stand is both solid and striking. It pairs well with French country home decor.

Additionally, the unit includes two doors to hide electronic devices from view.

3. Corner TV Stand in Black

Corner TV Stand in Black

Without a doubt, this minimalistic black corner TV stand is a perfect complement to the modern home. It creates the stage for movie marathons and big games.

You can incorporate the unit into your entertainment space or living room.

Furthermore, this corner TV stand increases your home’s functionality. It infuses drama to the area too.

The unit also carves a sophisticated feel and mingles perfectly with the black setting.

4. 65″ Corner TV Stand Ideas

65in Corner TV Stand Ideas

This 65-inch corner TV stand has got a lovely light gray color. It matches any living room decor as well. Since the unit is quite small, it suits every room.

Moreover, this corner TV stand lends the space a mid-century modern vibe due to its tapered legs.

Two doors conceal large storage compartments for stashing away magazines or electronics. They also employ metallic pull knobs.

5. Wooden Corner TV Stand

Wooden Corner TV Stand

Looking for wooden corner TV stand ideas? If yes, you should buy this unit.

As the picture shows, it has a honey finish. No surprise, the living room looks more welcoming and homey.

The wooden corner TV stand features two-story parts in a hexagonal shape. It comes with open shelves as well. They house books, family pictures, and small decorations.

6. Corner TV Stand Ideas for Flat-screens

Corner TV Stand Ideas for Flat-screens

Generally, flat-screen TVs have a great base to ensure even weight distribution.

However, you should make sure that the stand isn’t too small to prevent the display from toppling or bumping.

This black-and-wood corner TV stand is sturdy, elegant, and sleek. It can accommodate most TVs and turn 360 degrees too.

The unit also includes storage compartments for decorations and electronic devices.

7. Corner TV Stand from Oak

Corner TV Stand from Oak living room

This oak corner TV stand never gets out of trend. The unit also screams timelessness and elegance.

In this case, muted yellow backgrounds allow it to be the accent furniture piece.

Moreover, this brown oak corner TV stand looks terrific next to the white fireplace and mirror. It also boasts open shelves in different sizes.

They let you organize your decorative items for a clutter-free room.

8.  Modern Corner TV Stand Ideas

Modern Corner TV Stand Ideas

Undoubtedly, this white-and-wood corner TV stand will be a great option for modern homes and apartments. It has sharp edges and straight lines.

In addition, the unit goes well with the overall room’s design.

Furthermore, the corner TV stand gives the space a clean look. The ornamental pieces sit beautifully on its white open shelves. They bring lively splashes of color to the otherwise neutral living room.

9. Shaker-style Corner TV Stand

Shaker-style Corner TV Stand

We love this shaker-style corner TV unit. It rests flush delightfully against the living room wall.

Moreover, the stand saves space and houses flat-screen TVs in a graceful manner.

This Shaker-style corner TV cabinet is splendid and supportive. It is also durable, thanks to wood construction.

The doors with black pull knobs cover spacious compartments, while open shelves display books and decorations.

10. 60-Inch Corner TV Stand Ideas

60-Inch Corner TV Stand Ideas

This built-in corner TV stand looks awesome in a large entertainment space. It lends the room a contemporary flair.

Furthermore, the item carries style as well as functionality to the interior.

Moreover, the unit can hold up to 60-inch TV. The nine open shelves showcase CDs, magazines, books, and home cinema devices.

Meanwhile, the single shelf over the stand provides extra storage space.

11. Corner TV Stand with Integrated Mount

Corner TV Stand with Integrated Mount

As the image shows, this simple but trendy corner TV stand boasts an integrated mount. It can do a complete 360-degree turn.

The unit also makes the dining room ceiling seem higher. While the TV fits perfectly into the rectangular wooden storage compartment.

Furthermore, two metal supports inject the industrial charm into the dining area, while the electric fireplace produces a warm ambiance.

12. Glass Corner TV Stand Ideas

Glass Corner TV Stand Ideas

This glass corner TV stand is very minimalistic. It can accommodate tube TVs or flat-screens, plus the item comes with 3 story parts. Moreover, the metal frame adds an industrial flavor to the unit.

Since this corner TV stand is not large, it certainly fits every space. Furthermore, the glass shelves keep the living room from feeling heavy. They display books, DVDs, magazines, and tiny decorative items.

13. Tall Corner TV Cabinet

Tall Corner TV Cabinet

Without a doubt, this tall corner TV stand is a nice companion for your culinary space.

As the picture shows, it is higher than in most kitchen cabinets. The unit enables you to watch sports comfortably from a dining chair.

Moreover, the tall corner cabinet can house a tube TV. It also reinsures the kitchen with functionality and elegance.

The blue stand and cabinetry spruce up the neutral cooking area.

This stand allows maximum use of your corner space. Meanwhile, the drawers and storage compartment with door keep small decorations in place.

14. 50-Inch Corner TV Stand Ideas

50-Inch Corner TV Stand Ideas

This blonde wood corner TV stand is basic yet beautiful. Since the unit wears simple color, it matches nicely with most media room decors.

In this example, the built-in stand can hold 50-inch flat-screen TVs. It also will spruce up the media room and carve an inviting vibe instantly.

Moreover, this wooden corner TV stand features storage compartments with doors. They keep the space neat and organized. Meanwhile, wood ceiling beams lend some rustic appeal to the media room.

15. Corner TV Stand in White

Corner TV Stand in White

Looking for beautiful corner TV stand ideas? Give this design a chance. As the image shows, the unit looks so enchanting with its off white paint. It delivers a vintage flavor to the interior too.

This wooden corner TV stand is tall. It also fools the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher. Moreover, the open shelves display books, DVDs, and vintage decorative pieces.

There are storage compartments with two doors underneath the TV. They serve as perfect homes for electronic devices.

16. Bedroom Corner TV Stand Ideas

Bedroom Corner TV Stand Ideas

This bedroom features a wooden corner TV stand. It carries a rustic feel and a cozy atmosphere to the sleeping space. The unit also employs a mounting bracket and doubles as an accent wall.

The wooden corner TV stand takes the chill off the polished concrete floor and metal window frames.

Meanwhile, snowy white walls allow it to draw the eye. The fireplace adds warmth and glamor to the room without consuming plenty of scopes.

17. Corner TV Stand Ideas with Fireplace

Corner TV Stand Ideas with Fireplace

Here, the indoor-outdoor living room tastefully showcases cowhide and lounge seats.

Furthermore, the modern fireplace brings the wood accent wall to the next level. The wooden mantel itself holds deer antlers.

The flat-screen TV attaches to the wall. Additionally, the stand embraces modern living. Meanwhile, the black square ottoman complements it well.

Unlike previous corner TV stand ideas, this one just uses a mounting bracket. The black metal chandelier provides soothing illumination.

18. Corner TV Stand for A Small Room

Corner TV Stand for A Small Room

Looking for small corner TV stand ideas? If yes, consider purchasing this unit. It comes in a contemporary form. The metal frame and glass open shelf lend the space a glamorous shine.

The TV stand prevents the living room corner from going to waste. Furthermore, a glass shelf can accommodate DVDs, speakers, magazines, or family mementos.

Triangle corner TV stand is a compact but captivating furniture piece. Meanwhile, the flagstone floor and walls along with the brick fireplace add some textures to the room.

19. 55-Inch Corner TV Stand

55-Inch Corner TV Stand

This furniture unit is ideal for up to 50 inch TV. Furthermore, it offers an unpretentious look. In addition, the stand celebrates nature’s timeless glory.

Moreover, this unfinished wood corner TV stand has a slender shape as well as a hexagonal frame. It also boasts four open front shelves and two drawers.

The four open shelves on both sides of this corner TV stand are smaller than the front ones. However, they are large enough for storing your favorite tiny ornamental pieces.

20. Gray Corner TV Stand Ideas

Gray Corner TV Stand Ideas

As you see, this entertainment center boasts a wooden corner TV stand. The unit matches nicely with the rest of the room. It also delivers a rustic aesthetic and an engaging mood to space.

The wooden corner TV stand employs drawers with long metal handles. It offers functionality and ultimate comfort. Meanwhile, the open shelf above the unit showcases faux plants and speakers.

22. DIY Corner TV Stand Ideas

DIY Corner TV Stand Ideas

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, try this idea. First, prepare some flush head screws and ¾″ plywood panels with the measurements of 32×36 and 32×35 ¼ inches.

Put the ¾ 32×36 inches board on the floor with its ¾ 36-inch edge lay on the work surface. Then, align your ¾ 32×35 ¼ inches panel on the ground.

Next, you should place the ¾ 32-inch edge up against your 32×36 inches face’s one end along the perimeter to create the right angle. Be sure the outside 32-by-35 ¼ inches board flushes with the ¾ 32×36 inch panels end.

Drive the wood screws through your ¾x32x36 inches panel’s outside into the ¾x32″ edge every two inches along with the board’s height with a woodworking gun. This is the side assembly.

You have to align the ¾x36 inch-board on the side assembly’s top to the plywood panel’s one corner. Remember, flush the black-colored corner and utilize the 36-inch side to assembly.

Make a smooth curve along with the wood panel from the side assembly’s front side to the opposing edge. Then, transfer it onto the other two ¾x36x36 inches boards using a ruler and pencil.

Cut out the front face curve from each board and sand their edges until they are smooth. Then, chop the ¾ inch off the straight side of the panel to form the middle shelf.

Put the shelf panel on the side assembly’s upper edges carefully. Next, drive the screws every three inches to link the board to the sides’ top edges.

Lay the panel in the side assembly’s center. Then, install brackets below the shelf and screw them into place.

Turn the TV standover. Then, align the rest of the shelf panel over its sides. After that, drive screws into their lower edges every 3 inches to secure the bottom part into place.

You have to turn the corner TV stand upright. Finally, finish the unit with a wood stain and let it dry naturally.

In short, television units are truly important. These wonderful corner TV stand ideas can assist you to pick the right one for your home. So, what is your favorite piece and why?

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