20 Splendid Gazebo Lighting Ideas to Inspire You

Gazebos are certainly a great backyard retreat. They allow people to spend a breezy summer evening and enjoy the beautiful sights. If you plan on having it, scroll through our gazebo lighting ideas.

Moreover, gazebos are turret shaped or octagonal pavilion structures. Some hug the garden walls, while others are freestanding. They offer shelter, shade, and decorative features in any landscape too.

The gazebos generally include pergolas, pavilions, Alhambra, rotundas, and belvederes.

They are also in the Persian and Chinese literature. You can find these structures in warm regions and at Montacute House, England.

In this feature, we have collected a few gazebo designs. It covers amazing yard lights to enhance your outside sitting area too. Here are terrific outdoor light fixtures available on the market.

1. Lighting Ideas for Roofed Gazebos

gazebo lighting ideas uk

We love this covered and wired gazebo. Since the structure meets outdoor standards, the yard lights are safe to install here.

The vintage chandelier emphasizes the round table. It exudes an industrial charm and develops a classic look. Furthermore, the black metallic frame and open light bulbs create an impressive contrast.

There are also string lights overhead. They feature full rounded bulbs. These light fixtures produce a charming appearance and provide extra illumination.

The dweller used copper paint to update her weathered table base. She also protected the walnut tabletop using marine-gray varnish, before placing it atop the metal legs.

2. Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas

outdoor gazebo lighting ideas

This octagonal-shaped gazebo nestles in a large public area. It works as a rain shelter too. Additionally, the structure wears white and light gray. The colors emanate a light feeling effortless.

The gazebo employs metal-and-wood garden benches. Not only do they offer ample seating space, but also generate a rustic feel.

Furthermore, the loft-style pendant lamps under the gazebo roof emit even light. They make an outstanding focal point and carve an inviting vibe. We really admire their design.

3. Portable Gazebo Lighting Ideas

yardistry gazebo lighting ideas

As the picture shows, this fancy portable gazebo sits in the backyard garden. It protects you and your friends or family from the sun’s UV rays. The structure also offers shelter upon the slight mist.

Speaking of pop up gazebo lighting ideas, there are vintage pendant lamps under the roof. They do not only illuminate the outside sitting area but also send out a romantic atmosphere.

The charming pendant lamps match tastefully with chairs and tables. Moreover, they are ideal for temporary use. Meanwhile, the curtain panels give the gazebo an airy vibe and elegant look.

4. Backyard Gazebo Lighting Ideas

gazebo lighting

This fixed gazebo couldn’t be lovelier for certain. We mean, if you had it in your backyard, living here would be great. The structure itself is freestanding and features a completely waterproofed roof.

Moreover, the stone fireplace and floor let the gazebo mingle in flawlessly with the enclosing setting. The triangle pendant lamps and track lights are minimalistic. They lend the space a stylish look too.

The Tiki torch next to the outdoor kitchen is truly cool. It does not only ooze its dazzling charm but also enlivens the gazebo. Furthermore, the unit helps you create magical spring evenings.

5. String Lights for Gazebo

lighting ideas for gazebo

Here, we show you a fixed gazebo in New Braunfels Square. The octagonal pavilion structure creates a majestic appearance. Meanwhile, Greek-style pillars make space feel like a glamorous ballroom.

The string lights gracefully cover the gazebo roof. They produce an intimate illumination and a dramatic statement at once. In addition, these units bring a touch of whimsy to the outdoor area.

String lights jazz up the gazebo while creating a magnificent aura. Furthermore, they are really easy to install. Just be sure there’s a socket nearby. You can also drape them around your railings.

6. Balcony Gazebo Lighting Ideas

 hot tub gazebo lighting ideas

Do you have an upstairs balcony? If so, take inspiration from this gazebo. It nestles in Hollywood Hills Residence. Here, the screen tent shields the outdoor seating area from rain and sun.

The candle chandelier reinsures the gazebo with a classic appeal. Additionally, it is suitable for temporary use. If you are into this vintage light fixture, choose the waterproof screen tent.

Both small and large candles carve ambient lighting. Meanwhile, white curtains scream elegance.

A patterned rug, throw pillows, and side tables showcase exquisite details. The red flowers lend pops of color to the outdoor space.

7. Mesmerizing Gazebo Lighting for Garden

pop up gazebo lighting ideas

This is undoubtedly one of the most stunning gazebo lighting ideas to try. String lights with bulbs illuminate the seating area in the backyard garden. They also impart a welcoming mood and develop a rustic flair.

Moreover, the solar-powered stake lights delightfully lead to the backyard gazebo. They are great for installing in the ground near it. The light fixtures make the walk towards the building more romantic as well.

Meanwhile, the chandelier adds soothing lighting to the outdoor space. Candles on the table give the gazebo a wonderful finishing touch.

This place is definitely perfect for enjoying the tones of the environment in the summertime twilight.

8. Octagonal Gazebo Lighting Ideas

gazebo lighting fixtures

In this case, the gazebo nestles at Poco Diablo villa. Although the unit is small, it creates a big statement, thanks to string lights. They make the structure look fancier than it truly is.

Furthermore, the string lights produce nighttime drama. They deliver warmth to the garden area instantly. Here, the pieces beautifully cover the roof, posts, and railings of the gazebo.

The rainbow string lights lend the outdoor space a dreamy touch. In addition, they spice up festive holiday decor.

These outdoor string lights are water-resistant. However, we do not suggest leaving them outside in more than only light rain.

9. Lighting Ideas for Gazebo with Hot Tub

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Searching for hot tub gazebo lighting ideas? If yes, give this one a shot. The blue LED light offers a captivating display. It makes the backyard more alluring and lively at once.

The glass star pendant lamp shines brilliantly in the outdoor space. It is the center of attention too.

Moreover, the gazebo sports moon and star patterns. Both the light fixture and woodwork send out exotic Moroccan vibes.

Candles look fantastic on the hot tub’s perimeter. They emit a relaxing glow as well. This place is ideal for enjoying the surrounding nature and terrific night skies.

10. Gazebo Lighting Ideas with Spotlights

gazebo lighting led

We love the magnificent pool cabana ambiance in this outdoor space. The upholstered chairs and throw pillows evoke a comfortable atmosphere. Meanwhile, the lighting lends the backyard a dramatic effect at night.

There is a couple of principal lighting in this backyard. They do not only improve navigation but also deter prowlers.

The spotlights accentuate some backyard features like a swimming pool, gazebo, fireplace, and large pillars. Stone walls adorn the space and exude a rustic flavor while blooming flowers carry beauty to the area.

11. Lighting Ideas for Contemporary Gazebos

gazebo and lighting

This is surely one of the delightful contemporary gazebo lighting ideas.

Here, space features string lights dangling over the roof. They quickly generate a cozy ambiance. The items deliver visual drama to the backyard as well.

Moreover, vintage lanterns sit on the tables. They lend the outdoor space a touch of ornamental lighting. The units imbue the gazebo with an intimate atmosphere too.

Both string lights and lanterns transform your gazebo into a personal sanctuary. It is undoubtedly a perfect place for gathering with friends or enjoying a great book.

This space also converts daily happenings into good memories.

12. Grand Gazebo Lighting Ideas

lighting around gazebo

We can’t stop admiring this graceful gazebo. It nestles wonderfully in O’Brien Park. The structure boasts a standing seam metal roof which giving the unit a big visual impact.

White pillars, chairs, and sofa develop a clean look. They contrast with trees and flowers nicely. Wooden storage cubes house bottled beverages. Vibrant flowers in a vase and small statues jazz up the rectangular table.

The metal pendant lamp hangs from the gazebo roof. It illuminates the outdoor seating area as well as radiates industrial charm. Meanwhile, the spotlight tastefully highlights the ornamental tree.

13. Traditional Gazebo Lighting Ideas

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This garden patio is truly enchanting. The fireplace quickly heats the outdoor space. Meanwhile, table and armchairs deliver a French country flair to the scene. Blue and yellow throw pillows instill a cheerful vibe.

The wooden gazebo comes with a waterproofed roof. It allows you to sit comfortably and relax at anytime of the day.

Stone patio tiles lend the patio a visual interest. Potted plants and flowers liven up the outdoor space instantly.

Talking about wooden gazebo lighting ideas, this space uses three different types of illumination. The string lights produce a dramatic impression. Table and tall stake lamps ooze vintage elegance.

14. Lighting Ideas for Accented Gazebos

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Unlike their portable counterparts, the fixed gazebos offer more illumination options because they can house wiring.

You could hang a stunning outdoor chandelier from the roof or choose one that is slightly heavier.

Moreover, we recommend using special covers for your outdoor chandelier outlets. They will protect them from harsh weather.

In this example, metal light fixtures provide even lighting. The spotlights around the landscape illuminate the pathway.

Synthetic thatched roof exudes tropical vibes, while orange sofas and patterned throw pillows perk up the gazebo.

15. Rustic Gazebo Lighting Ideas

gazebo lighting canada

This gazebo is such a welcoming space for summer, spring, and fall. It also allows thee and your relatives to have congenial conversations. Stone fireplace and wicker armchairs give the outdoor space a rustic flavor.

The weathered metal chandelier highlights the long wooden table and succulents in small terracotta pots. It quickly draws the eye up too.

Moreover, string lights with bulbs dangle casually under the gazebo roof. They carry a vintage industrial appeal to the outdoor space. The light fixtures turn the area into a backyard paradise.

16. Modern Gazebo with Swimming Pool

gazebo chandelier canada

Looking for modern gazebo lighting ideas? If yes, you should implement this design. Here, the LED solar-powered garden lights illuminate the space. They take the landscape from meh to marvelous.

LED solar lights are definitely eco-friendly. Just be sure you charge their battery during the daytime. The swimming pool pairs perfectly with a modern wooden gazebo.

We also like the facade of the home. It looks truly glamorous. Meanwhile, the grass and trees match nicely with the gazebo’s natural color.

17. Yardistry Gazebo Lighting Ideas

gazebo chandelier lighting

We wish we had this monument gazebo. It has a considerably extensive size. Therefore, the structure would be a remarkable focal point for your backyard too.

The roofing and curtain panels are optional. However, they provide extra protection. Furthermore, the features possibly add vibrant pops of color to the gazebo.

Moreover, the backyard employs LED garden globes. They are not only cost-effective and highly-mobilized yet also durable. The light fixtures lend the space both aesthetics and function.

18. Pool Patio and Gazebo

gazebo lighting home depot

In this example, the brick gazebo is small. However, it makes the outdoor space more visually pleasing and inviting.

The metal pendant light is perfect for hanging in the building’s center. Additionally, it injects an industrial vibe into space.

Moreover, armchairs, built-in benches, and sofas offer plenty of seating area. The throw pillows carry splashes of color to the gazebo.

19. Stone Gazebo Lighting Ideas

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Your gazebo features a waterproofed roof, so why not installing these pendant lamps? They deliver a classy appearance and Mediterranean feel to the outdoor space in an instant.

The industrial ceiling fan goes well with the hanging lights. Both table and chairs look super gorgeous. Their intricate details scream elegance.

Natural stone floor and pillars infuse a rustic charm into space. Meanwhile, wooden roofs and cabinet doors warm up the backyard.

20. Lighting Ideas for Minimalist Gazebos

gazebo festoon lights

This gazebo-inspired structure with steps nestles in Levin II Residence. As you see, the freestanding unit has no covered side. It lends the landscape an industrial appeal and a minimalist flair.

The spotlight and lighting under the perimeter of the pool are so interesting. In addition, they deliver both life and lights to space at night.

Essentially, the light fixtures give any outdoor gathering a little magic. Moreover, there are almost endless gazebo lighting ideas. Choose the one that really speaks to your style.

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