After a really long and stressful day, all you want is lying on your bed. However, you cannot feel relaxed in a heavily cluttered room. Therefore, you need some minimalist bedroom ideas to make yours more comfortable.

The minimalist design is typically characterized by a neutral palette and clean lines. If you want to have a serene personal sanctuary, take a gander at these.

Minimalist Bedroom on a Budget

As seen in the picture, the minimalist bedroom is suitable for people with a tight budget. It only employs bed, wooden bedside table, stacked drawers as the nightstand, and some embellishments.

The sleep retreat seems bigger and brighter with the help of white space scheme. Then, the hanging beige blazer, scented candles, and flat shoes give the room a feminine touch.

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Are you thinking of minimalist bedrooms for small rooms? This one will definitely tug at your heart. Here, I show you a baby’s room that is simple yet alluring. The white floor and walls create a visually expansive space.

Moreover, moon-shaped baby crib comes in dark brown. It develops a marvelous contrast. And the paper bird mobile adds a pop of vivid color to the area.

Elegant Minimalist Bedroom

This bedchamber is not spacious, but it grabs the attention in no time. There are plywood desk, built-in cabinet, and mirror frame. Plus, the white brick wall and reclaimed wooden floor lend the area a rustic appeal.

The headboard details are not only exquisite but also elevate the design. A wicker pendant light illuminates the room as well as offers a stylish impression. I believe you can hardly say “no” to this elegant minimalist bedroom.

Minimalist Interior Bedroom

Some of you might think the black and white bedroom is too cold and uninviting. Then, why don’t you include bright colors? In this version, the homeowner opts for blue and pink.

The contrast between grey and white is pleasing to the eye. And a white pendant light brightens the whole room in a trendy way. What a gorgeous minimalist interior bedroom!

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

No doubt, this sleeping zone gets an industrial influence, in the forms of metal bedside and floor lamps. Here, the minimalist bedroom furniture is the wooden headboard that doubles as the desk.

The white brick wallpaper generates the rustic effect while the dark brown blanket complements the room. And white flowers adorn the area. I wish this chic room could be mine.

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Tips

Are you crazy about a Nordic style? I have a few Scandinavian bedroom design tips for you.  First, choose neutral colors such as grey, black, and white. Second, bring natural elements into the room. Third, fill the space with sunlight.

The white walls serve as the perfect backdrop for deer antler and black lamp. Additionally, wooden bedside table and floor exude tangible warmth. Potted plants liven up the area.

Romantic Minimalist Bedroom

Whether or not you and your spouse are newlyweds, this romantic minimalist bedroom is worth to try. Place the four-poster bed in between a couple of sleek bedside tables and pendant lights.

The black and white contrast is fabulous here. A red rose in the vase injects the romantic vibe into the area. The unvarnished wooden floor exhibits a calm atmosphere.

Japanese Minimalist Bedroom

Most of the Japanese fancy simplicity in the design. They also do not hesitate to utilize the attic area and transform it into a bedroom because it offers privacy as well as a breathtaking view.

The unfinished wooden floor, bed frame, and ceiling beams emanate the clean setting. Plenty of windows bring natural lights into Japanese minimalist bedroom. And potted greenery channels your inner Zen.

Minimalist Room Decor DIY

They say minimalism is always associated with a bland aesthetic. Well, this is indeed wrong. The blush pink walls keep the starkness at bay. They make a captivating statement, too.

The unpainted wooden bed frame and floor lend the space a rustic edge. Meanwhile, the DIY half wooden crates decorate the room as well as house artificial flowers, vintage alarm clock, sign letters, and books.

Minimalist Bedroom Tumblr

For sure, the minimalist bedrooms on Tumblr are incredibly attractive. That’s why you should create the same look in your home. Here, the bedding is simple. You only spot low-slung wooden bed frame, white bed, and black blanket.

Moreover, the geometric metal plant containers are located next to the bed and hung from the ceiling. They quickly steal the spotlight.

Minimalist Shared Kids Room

Kids’ bedchamber can be uncluttered, fun, and calming, too. The key is the minimalist design. In this case, the concrete walls and wooden floor effectively highlight the colorful shelving units and orange striped bed cover.

The grey shag rug provides comfort underfoot. In addition, the ball-inspired bean bag infuses the playful air. The black and white pillows complete the look.

Monochrome Minimalist Art

A bold statement is not just about vivacious colors, but also a classic contrast. Here, everything comes in black and white from ceiling to the bedding. Not to mention, the cityscape wall decal is a cool monochrome minimalist art.

The strings of lights cast a warm glow. They beautify the space, too. A white fur rug complements the area and pampers the feet.

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

This bedchamber is minimalist yet cozy. Just imagine sleeping on an ultra-comfy bed. There are also colorful throw pillows that catch the attention.

The triangle wall decal and geometric pendant light pair well with the streamlined sleeping area while the white wingback armchair adds a state of sophistication to the room.

Industrial Rustic Minimalist Bedroom

The white wooden floor and metal lamps exhibit the industrial rustic flavor. I personally love the stools that replace the nightstands.

Since the room is predominantly white, it feels open. The windowed walls let you enjoy spectacular surrounding views. A splash of green introduces a cheerful personality.

Modern Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Are you searching for turquoise modern bedroom ideas? This one is the best route to go. The black and white space scheme makes the turquoise staircase and floating cabinetry pop.

Even though the room is minimally decorated, it does not feel monotonous at all thanks to the potted greeneries and oversized pendant light.


In essence, a minimalist bedroom is all about living a mess-free life. So, if you are ready to tidy up your abode, give any of those ideas a try. I guarantee the result will amaze you.


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