20 Impressive Modern Bedroom Ideas You Must Know

A modern bedroom never fails to astonish everyone. Its simplicity promotes a sleep-friendly environment. The design makes any resting space feel calm, functional, and sophisticated. There is no reason not to have such retreat.

If you love the idea of modernism, take inspiration from my gallery of fresh-looking bedroom ideas. From modern rustic bedroom to the minimalist scheme, you’ll find something delightful here. Plus, they help you do the job right.

1. Modern Bedroom Design Trend

The homeowner used different shades of gray in his bedroom for a masculine vibe. Clean lines on wall panels give the space a modern touch.

Plush bedding, rug, billowing bedroom curtains, and pillows convey coziness. Two table lamps on either side of the bed introduce a contemporary edge.

2. Ultra Modern Bedroom Designs

Gray bed, blankets, and pillows create an uber-cool sleeping space. Wood floor, end bench, and accent wall bring warmth to the room.

Wall of glass provides ample natural light and fascinating outdoor views. Floating nightstands and low hanging pendants save space.

3. Modern Bedroom Interior

This bedroom is not just trendy, but also rejuvenating, thanks to wood accents and white color palette. A splash of blue evokes chic and happiness.

The metallic floor lamp adds a dash of glam. Striped wallpapered wall, indoor plant, and artworks perk up the area.

4. Modern Wood Bedroom Sets

As you can see, black and dark taupes carve a restful atmosphere. They also generate an alluring, dramatic look.

White pendant lights, flowers, pillows, and books capture attention. Wood floor and furniture sets develop a casual feel.

5. Single Chair for Bedroom

Neutral tones come together in this bedroom. They instill a relaxing ambiance in a split second. The chair and desk make for a contemporary workspace.

Tufted headboard, rug, wicker pouf, and throws infuse cozy layers into the area. A ladder bookshelf keeps the room uncluttered.

6. Modern Bedroom Designs 2017

The light fixtures contribute to room’s lavish setting. Comforter and plush pillows cozy up the resting space instantly.

Wood plank wall poses as a focal point. Laminate floor exudes a sense of cohesiveness. White nightstands are backed by wood and black walls.

7. Modern Bedroom Ideas Pinterest

Straight lines and sharp edges undoubtedly demonstrate modern design. Meanwhile, the neutral hues promote serenity and relaxation.

The sitting area and home office transform the bedroom into a multipurpose sanctuary. Black framed wall hangings create a unified look.

8. Modern Furniture

White ceiling, beige accent wall, and sand-colored carpet lead to a peaceful environment. Printed throw pillows add spice to the room.

Black furniture units, textiles, and accessories generate an edgy, modern style. Downlights and table lamps illuminate the whole area.

9. Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets Sale

This bedchamber is delightfully furnished with contemporary furniture pieces. Camel panel and black wall form a splendid contrast.

Two pendant lights convey a sense of organization. Copper and gold accents are the luxe finishing touches.

10. Simple Bedroom Design

As shown in the photo, this sleepy space is calmingly minimal. Black nightstands along with dark gray wall offer glamour and dimension. A wall-mounted bed oozes an aura of airiness.

Modern sleek wooden wardrobe and brown carpet radiate warmth throughout the room. Striped bedding and metallic table lamps lend the room visual appeal.

11. Modern Bedroom Designs for Small Room

The walls are clad in white-and-gray striped wallpaper. They make the space more gorgeous. Hardwood floor provides timeless elegance.

Bed, desk, built-in wardrobe, and nightstands result in a streamlined look. Tray ceiling helps create the impression of more space.

12. Modern Single Bed

I believe your teenage boy doesn’t want to leave this bedroom. It boasts white and blue color scheme. The furniture units of homework station can move around with ease.

Wood single bed and potted plants bring nature inside. Star wall stickers encourage restful nights and sweet dreams.

13. Modern Bedroom Design 2019

This sleeping space comes with en suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. Crisp white ceiling and walls expand the room visually.

The upholstered bed, matching nightstands, and black table lamps stamp a contemporary style. Floral prints and metallic blue keep the starkness at bay.

14. Modern Master Bedroom Designs 2018

I fall in love with this stylishly organized master bedchamber. The artworks, pendant lights, side tables, and pillows produce symmetrical balance.

Sheer curtains serve as the sunlight filter. Wooden floor maintains the homey ambiance of the room. A pop of green prevents the area from becoming too basic.

15. Black and White Bedroom

Black panel acts as a dramatic backdrop for the white bedding. Sand blanket and pillows calm a restless mind.

Wood furniture units and artworks on the accent wall show off clean silhouettes. Clashing geometric patterns add a sense of modernity.

16. Mid Century Modern Bedroom Images

White color scheme and windows help to preserve a clean, sunny bedroom. Bold prints and fun colors accentuate the area.

Chipboard headboard, wooden tabletop, and crate nightstands infuse rustic aesthetic into the room. Stool and table lamps lend the space mid-century modern charm.

17. Small White Bedroom Ideas

For certain, the owner of this bedroom is a travel junkie. The world map adorns the empty white wall.

Black, gray, and navy colors tone down the cheerful vibe. Stacked white crates and metallic shelving units hold things. Sheepskin rug and flowers add a soft touch.

18. Minimalist Bedroom

Whether or not you are a beginner minimalist, this bedroom definitely wins your heart. The ceiling and walls are coated in white for an airy feel.

Chevron wood panel is the star of the room. It rivals polished concrete floor’s coolness too. Bulky nightstands are replaced by low stools.

19. Danish Modern Bedroom

Are you crazy about Nordic design? This idea is exactly for you. Cream comforter and curtains evoke restfulness as well as elegance. Black wall offers a bit of drama.

Wood floor and mini potted plant infuse natural elements into the room. Wall lamps save valuable floor space.

20. Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

Can’t decide between going boho or modern? Duplicate this look. Black and gray concrete walls contribute to the masculine flair of the room.

Plenty of natural textures set the ultimate boho vibe. Plush bedding and upholstered swivel recliner chair maximize comfort.

In a modern bedroom, function reigns supreme. However, it still enables you to incorporate aesthetic and personal style into the scheme.

21. Room With Shades Of Nature

The natural design of this bedroom is perfect for a relaxing and comfortable space to rest in. The plants provide an aesthetic that’s simpler than the stark minimalism so many associate with minimalist homes, making it both inviting and peaceful.

22. An Elegant Monochromatic Bedroom Design


Black and white themes make way for the beauty of architectural elements. This bed, with its cantilever design, looks like it belongs in a futuristic society where architecture reigns supreme.

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