13 Attic Bedroom Ideas You Can Be Proud Of

Generally, an attic is described as a space for storing your items. However, instead of keeping the area uninhabited and dusty, you can turn it into a cozy bedroom. In this occasion, I have collected some mesmerizing attic bedroom ideas.

Before getting into our ideas, do make sure you clean the attic up first. It will make your attic project much easier for sure. Now, without further ado, check these out and find the look that truly fits your preference and style.

Small Attic Bedroom Sloping Ceilings

Attic space can be converted into anything, including a bedroom that doubles as a mini music studio. In such a room, you are able to practice your musical skills. Do not forget to display your favorite musical instrument like a guitar.

Paint the walls in crisp white. So your room seems larger than it is. Install the wooden floor and ceiling beams to get a rustic and warm touch. Then, fill the small attic bedroom sloping ceilings with a red rug and two-tone striped pillows.

Attic Bedroom Design

If the country attic bedroom designs win your heart, why not give them a try? As you can see, this attic area has been converted into a cottage getaway. The floor, bed frame, cabinet, chairs, and ceiling beams evoke a sense of rustics.

Moreover, the white walls give the room a sunny and open ambiance. The hints of chintz on the bed sheet and table cover adorn the area. And a vintage chandelier lends the space old-world character.

Attic Bedroom with Slanted Walls

This master suite is great for you and your spouse. The dormers let you two to enjoy a stunning skylight view. Even the attic bedroom with slanted walls feels roomy thanks to the white space scheme.

In addition, there is an ultra-comfy bed located in between the nightstands. The black table lamps contrast nicely with the white walls while the faux fur chairs offer a luxurious statement.

Wooden Attic Bedroom

Do you like the attic bedroom ideas on Pinterest? This guest bedchamber might entice you. It is not only spacious but also relaxing. The wooden wall panel, brick wall, and exposed ceiling beams are so rustic on their own.

The dark furniture provides a dramatic visual effect. Plus, large windows connect the guest bedroom with surrounding nature. The metallic accents emanate the glamorous air.

Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom

I believe your kid will love this fun bedchamber. The skylights make the low ceiling attic bedroom sunny and airy. The white ceiling itself produces an open setting.

Furthermore, the pastel green and striped walls deliver youthful vibes to the entire area. The yellow blanket, desk, chair, and wall-mounted lamp create an instant cheer. And a potted plant spices up the bedroom.

Very Small Attic Ideas

Need very small attic ideas? You are in luck. Here, I have a simple yet outstanding bedroom as an example. Of course, you must stick to the neutral palette, so your sleeping zone does not feel cramped.

For ceiling, floors, and walls material, go for the unfinished wood. A traditional chandelier helps to beautify and to illuminate the space. The textured rug rounds out the room.

Attic Bedroom Storages

This bedchamber is so eye-pleasing. The pigeon blue and white dominate the room in a magnificent way. Additionally, the wooden floor and bed frame introduce warmth.

The wall and roof windows bring more natural light into the room. After dark, ceiling light and wall sconces brighten the area. There are also some built-in attic bedroom storages to stow the stuff.

Attic Bedroom Decor

Attic Bedroom Decor

Since you are short on space, choose monochrome design interior. This attic features a bedroom, pocket-sized kitchen, sitting area, and a tiny dining room. The ceiling and walls make the attic visually bigger.

The light wooden floor soothes the look. Add to that, a clock, a pair of black round mirrors, and rectangular wall hangings become the perfect attic bedroom decors. Plus, the greeneries develop an organic setting.

Attic Bedroom Design Photo

Attic Bedroom Design Photo

Do you want to remodel an attic area for your teenage daughter? This idea is a must-try. As you can see in the attic bedroom design photo above, the yellow and light blue hues exhibit a playful nuance.

The vibrant ambiance is accompanied with wooden drawers, cabinets, and a black blanket. They effectively balance out the bold elements. And the light wooden floor creates some mind-relaxing vibes.

Building an Attic Bedroom

Building an Attic Bedroom

Are you a fan of industrial design? Build an attic bedroom like this one. It boasts tall metallic pendant lights, low table with metal hairpin legs, as well as concrete and wooden floors.

There is a gorgeous contrast of black and white, too. The leather round bean bag generates a plush appeal. The dormer windows help you to get daylight into the room. Meanwhile, the plants add some life to the area.

Grey Attic Bedroom Ideas

Grey Attic Bedroom Ideas

For certain, grey attic bedroom ideas suit men the most. In this bedchamber, the shining grey pendant lights, headboard, velvet bed sheet, and pillows offer a masculine character.

Moreover, brick end wall and minimalist metal coffee tables take the industrial charm to the next level. The bedchamber seems brighter and roomier with the help of white color. And the greeneries complete the look.

Attic Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Attic Bedroom Ideas for Adults

There are tons of attic bedroom ideas for adults but this one is too divine to pass. The wooden floor, furniture, exposed beams, and white ceiling infuse soothing atmosphere into the area.

The leaf print bed sheet and indoor potted plants create tropical vacation vibes. In addition, a floral rug pampers the feet as well as prettifies the room. A paper dome pendant light steals the show. What a personal escape!

Attic Master Bedroom Ideas

Attic Master Bedroom Ideas

If your home is spacious, you must think about attic master bedroom ideas. You can opt for a specific design like modern industrial. Here, the white ceiling is fantastically embellished with wooden beams.

The brick and concrete walls have cool textures that provide a distinct personality. Then, the pendant light, metal floor lamp, coffee table, and sofa with casters are undeniably rustic. The throw pillows add bursts of colors to the space.


Whether your home is small or big, altering an attic into a bedroom is absolutely a great investment. To make the personal sanctuary more welcoming, you must focus on the details. Lastly, I hope those attic bedroom ideas inspire you.

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