15 Purple Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to bedroom color, you won’t go wrong with purple. This hue is not only striking but also brings a dramatic impact to the space. If you love it, luck is in your hands. I have collected some lovely purple bedroom ideas.

The range of purple shades is hard to rival. That means you can play with purple tones. You will also get a distinct atmosphere by mixing it with the other colors. The end result must be mesmerizing.

Purple Bedroom Design

In case you are new to purple bedroom design, uphold the simplicity. Paint the walls in medium and periwinkle purple. To create a unified look, choose heather purple bed sheet and two-tone throw pillows.

The white bed frame, coffee table, and daybed make the space feel open. While the straw rug evokes tropical flavor, the bursts of energetic colors infuse cheers into the area.

Purple Bedroom Accessories

A minimalist bedchamber would be stark and unattractive without the accessories. Here, the purple throw pillow and flowers in the metal container pair well with the monochromatic space color scheme.

Furthermore, the magenta stripes also catch the eye. And the wooden floor emanates the much-needed warmth. What else could you want?

Purple Sofa Bed

This purple sofa bed is a perfect spot for taking an afternoon nap. It is accompanied with purple throw pillows that come in various sizes. They provide maximum comfort for certain.

The personal sanctuary gets more ravishing. Thanks to the fake white tulip flowers. In addition, the white curtain and coffee table balance out the intense purple units.

Purple and Mustard Bedroom

Are you fainthearted? If no, give this idea a glance. The purple and light mustard is another impressive color duo. It lends the bedroom strong and playful character. Not to mention, it greatly transforms the area into something welcoming.

The white wall serves as the backdrop for mustard and purple wall-mounted shelves. The circular area rugs steal the show. And the wooden floor offers rustic charm.

Lime Green and Purple Bedroom

As the image shows, the purple goes nicely with any color including lime green. This combination does not only make the area more lively but also mind-relaxing.

The brick wall and stainless-stool are undoubtedly industrial. Plus, the light pastel orange bed and pillow covers soothe the room. While the potted plant spruces up the area.

Purple Throw Blanket

I truly fall for this simple yet divine bedroom. The walls are painted in white in order to give the area breezy and sunny ambiance.

For the colors of throw pillows and bed sheet, look no further than light pastel orange. This tone obviously provides a tranquil setting. A pop of deep purple enhances a sense of splendor.

Purple and White Bedroom

As the neutral hue, white is so versatile. That’s the reason you should include vibrant tone like purple in predominantly white space. Here, the purple pillow, wall-mounted shelf, and floral rug embrace the fun character of an attic bedroom.

The white walls, rolling desk chair, bed frame, and walls create a visually bigger retreat. Additionally, the natural light gets into the room through dormer windows.

Purple Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

This bedchamber will meet a teenage girl’s expectation. It features pastel orchid purple bedding, bean bag, daybed, and round table top. They produce girly and calming atmosphere at the same time.

For a princess-like personal oasis, you should install the French country chandelier. Then, hang classic framed artworks on the wall. And place European-style armchair in front of the desk.

Purple Wall Decor

If you need an appealing escape, do not forget to apply this idea. The white dominates the room. It injects the airy, open and tranquil vibes into space.

Moreover, the greeneries perk the area up. The purple wall hangings and polka dots work as eye-catching wall decor. While the shelving unit displays the items neatly.

Purple Flower Decor

No doubt, this bedchamber is minimalist. There is just monochromatic bedding. Without the purple flower decor, it will look lifeless and unexciting. Here, the lavender and aster add a breath of fresh air into the room.

The white and unpolished wooden pots with sisal rope create a rustic appeal, while the light blue curtain reflects youthful personality.

Purple Bedroom Walls

If you think deep purple is overly dramatic, go for softer tone then. This picture is an amazing example. The pastel light lilac bedroom walls balance out the magenta curtain, pillows, and eggplant purple blanket.

Other than that, the floor, rug, armchair, and headboard bring layers of textures to the space. And a crystal chandelier is a remarkably beautiful addition.

Purple and Aqua Bedroom

This image proves that purple and aqua can marry together. The aqua chunky knit blanket and vase exude the beach vibes. Plus, the purple scented candles, desk ornament, bed sheet, and pillow develop energizing mood.

The wooden bedside table produces a rustic aesthetic. Not to mention, the geometric and arabesque throw pillows are true showstoppers.

Romantic Purple Master Bedroom Ideas

Purple is often associated with passion, royalty and romantic. So, this color is the perfect choice for a master suite. Here, the white ceiling, sheer curtain, and walls make the area feel open.

The purple curtain and velvet bedding offer a posh look. Not only that, but the gold sunburst mirror, metallic shag rug, and nightstands also magnify a sense of luxury. And an indoor plant boosts a calming air.

Purple Bedroom Paint

Too much purple will lead to visual chaos. That’s why just paint the wall in violet purple. For the other walls, coat them in white to get breathtaking contrast.

The wooden furniture gives the space a rustic chic. Then, the striped pillows, red throw, and colorful flowers embellish the room. The mirrors themselves add dimension to the area.

Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Having various purples in a bedchamber? Why not! When done right, the result is super enticing. Here, the mauve and lilac are glued together with pastel dark grey.

The pink bed sheet and pillows promote the sweet character. Furthermore, the red flowers freshen up the bedroom. And the golden table lamp brings a state of opulence to the space.


Well, those are the wealth of purple bedroom ideas. Pick the one that fits your budget, personal taste, environment, and lifestyle. You can also mix and match the furniture pieces to attain fantastic interior design.

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