30 Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas That You’ll Adore

It might be problematic to organize your limited shower room, especially if it is a shared one. You need to mind everybody else’s business, in terms of preferences, location, cleanliness, and space so that it is eventually agreeable. Lucky for you, there are thirty small bathroom shelf ideas on this page.

It will also give you suggestions to organize a small ensuite where you use the limited space all by yourself. The ideas revolve around how you could take the optimum advantage of the bathroom’s narrow size.

1. Two-Third Mirrored Cabinet and Drawers

This ensuite offers some nice small bathroom shelf ideas. It uses a vanity set and wall cabinet with a mirror as its storage. Instead of the wall, the toilet paper holder is attachable to the vanity for space-saving.

As the main color is clean white for a larger space illusion, the storages utilize timber veneer to pursue a natural appearance and warmth. You must admit that the two tones play harmoniously together.

The hanging cupboard is presumably customizable as it fits the space above the toilet flawlessly. However, remember to mind your head whenever you are about to stand as the cupboard hangs quite low.

2. Floating Shelf Bathroom Idea

A Maplewood house in New Jersey has this bright orange powder room. This amenity uses a floating shelf over the lavatory to hold toilet paper and some decorations.

Appear in crisp white, the washbasin, litter bin, urinal unit, storage space, window, door trim, and the ceiling accentuate the whole room very well.

3. Narrow Counter and Wall Mounted Shelving

A Markham bathroom in Ontario, Canada, features some small bathroom shelf ideas. It uses a narrow counter to display a framed decoration.

Several inches higher, a pair of wall shelves are present unevenly, holding a cup of scented candle and other adornments.

4. Plus, Atop Toilet Tank Cover

This toilet uses similar storage as the one in the first picture above. The difference is the shelving cabinet does not have any cover or mirror. Besides, it has a tiled backdrop using the same tiles as the flooring below.

The owner also takes advantage of the space above the toilet tank cover to showcase some self-care supplies and a mini scented plant. This idea is adoptable only if the said part is free from a flush button, or if the lavatory comes with a flush lever. Otherwise, your toiletries will make the button hidden.

By the way, if you wonder what scented plants that best kept inside a bathroom, some of the recommendable ones would be money plant, Aloe vera, peace lily, English ivy, orchid, ferns, and lemon balm.

5. Under-Mirror and Glass Floating Shelf

This bathroom features a shelf between the mirror and the vanity set to stow the toothbrush equipment. It also provides some space for the electrical outlet.

A glass shelving is also visible inside the shower room within an arm’s reach for comfortable storage.

6. Peach Built-in Shelf and Windowsill

This powder room depends on a glass floating shelf above the sink, a peach built-in shelf, and a windowsill for storage.

While the glass shelf displays daily self-care supplies, the peach one is where some flowers in the vase stay.

7. Full-Mirrored Medicine Cabinet and Tiled Wall Niche

This washroom separates the powder room from the walk-in shower using a glass partition. With that, it suggests some no counter space in bathroom solutions.

First, there is a wooden towel rack, installed quite far from the showering area. Next, a lengthy mirrored cabinet is present from above the sink to the ceiling.

Right below the cabinet is a long niche, built in the middle of the wall. Starting from the edge of the powder room all the way to the end of the walk-in shower, it serves a long permanent shelf.

8. Recessed Medicine Cabinet

A contemporary bathroom in a New York house relies on a glass shelf and a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror as its storage.

Why are there two mirrors installed closely from each other? In case the glass shelf is full of toiletries, decorations, or other things that block the larger mirror from functioning well, the owner could depend on the smaller one to check his appearance.

Besides the glass shelf and medicine cabinet, there is a basket attached to the corner of the walk-in shower. You could see it from the mirror showing a reflection of it.

9. Black Wall Niche

An all-white London bathroom in a Victorian apartment features a dark wall niche. Finished in black metallic, it provides contrasting display and storage space. It is a house for two mini-plants, an LED strip, the lamp switch, and the sink tap.

Besides the wall niche, there are more storage spaces on the windowsill and behind the mirror. The sill before the window is wide enough to hold a big planter.

10. White Bathroom Counter

A reed diffuser and some bottles find themselves a place to stand. The white counter above the toilet and also the wall-mounted sink is not the only storage space this bathroom has.

Moreover, a mirrored cabinet helps its job to stow everything required by the owner.

11. Bathtub Storage Ideas

This small bathroom uses a lot of space for storage. For example, the bathtub utilizes a lengthy glass floating shelf, two towel racks, and a tub tray.

But the bath is a freestanding one. It does not lean against the wall, so they could hang the towels on the provided space.

Meanwhile, the other storage or display spaces in this bathroom are the shiny narrow shelf to hold some kids’ paintings, vanity set, the white counter under the vessel sink, and the sills above the taps.

12. Wooden Shelf in A Black-and-White Powder Room

This midcentury modern powder room in a Detroit house uses only a single wooden shelf to separate the upper and lower wall. It is where a planter of stonecrops stays.

Using the same tone as the flooring, it balances black and white surfaces seen all over the area.

13. Small Bathroom Shelf Idea with Shelving Bathroom Alcove

When you do not have extra space for storage, make some. In this coastal bathroom case, linen, towels, a vase of red flowers, and two baskets of knick-knacks are storable neatly inside a tall shelving alcove. Also, the owner makes a pretty high hole to create a wall niche with shelves.

However, the idea is executable only if the wall has enough depth. Otherwise, you could provide larger space for storage using a counter vanity set like how this bathroom uses a coral-painted one with a white countertop.

14. Granite Shelf O’er Toilet

After remodeling, a transitional bathroom in Hawaii has a granite shelf atop its lavatory. Being the result of extending the vanity set, it is used to set a reed diffuser, candles, and some decorations.

Meanwhile, open storage under the sink could save the toilet paper refill and other self-care supplies

15. Solid Wood Shelving Set

This neat bathroom uses solid wood material to build the vanity set and over-the-toilet shelving. It is visible again on the wall corner to divert everyone’s attention from the room compact dimension.

In addition, the shelves are thin but one of them is strong enough to bear a planter of orchids

16. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a stylish small bathroom shelf idea. This washroom consists of six wooden shelves to store bathrobes, towels, and toilet paper.

The decision of excluding the said storage from the shower room is a nice move since the uncovered storable things could get splashed by direct water contact.

17. Wooden Shelving with Quirky Hanging System

Broken white is the main attraction in this clean bathroom. Hence, the mounting shelving has a wooden tone finish to accentuate the entire space.

Also adorning the washroom is black color visible on the quirky hanging system of the shelves, the mirror trim, toilet paper holder, water taps, and other little details

18. Customized Toilet Alcove

It is a way to maximize the limited toilet space with small bathroom shelf ideas. There is a customized alcove consisting of four slots to hold the toilet paper, soap dispenser, bidet remote control, and some supplies.

Meanwhile, above the lavatory is a medicine cabinet with a little open room at the lower part.

19. Illuminated Shelf Idea

The built-in shelf featured in this bathroom has an illumination of its own.

On the other hand, the LED light is installable under the mirrored cupboard to highlight the hexagonal pattern on the backsplash tiles.

20. Batik-Like Patterned Niche

A potted mini sansevieria finds itself a place to stay on a wall niche above the lavatory. Moreover, blue and yellow patterned tiles are visible, finishing the backdrop of this bathroom alcove.

It also consists of two shelves to stock some self-care supplies, towels, and decorations.

21. Bathtub Ledge

This bathroom uses some shelving with decorative brackets to be some spaces for bathtub storage. On top of the shelves are three mirrors, decorative sea conch shells, and a vase of vining houseplants.

Some hooks are present under the shelves to add practicality, as well as, maximize the limited space. Since the bathtub is a claw-foot one, it does not lean against the wall and gives some room to hang the towels, shower puffs, or other things.

22. Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Console Sink

Features in the bathroom is a console sink with no rack whatsoever underneath it. Hence, a basket is present to give some bathrobes and towels a supply room.

While the rest of the space that provides a bit storage spot isa atop the toilet tank cover, around the basin, in front of the mirror, and on the windowsill

23. Wooden Storage for Black Half Bathroom

This masculine half bathroom uses wooden toned storage stow towels, a soap pump, and a potted plant.

Meanwhile, most of the space is coverable with black stain, white comes as accents on the toilet, floor, ceiling, and illumination. In addition, appears as an attention diverter is a shelf in natural wood finishing.

24. Angled Bathroom Shelf

The shelf in this bathroom has an unusual lower part presumably because it makes use of the attic space.

However, it gives an advantage. That way, you do not need any bracket whatsoever to make the shelf attachable to the wall.

25. Granite Sink Top Shelf Extension

Extending the sink top over the toilet is one of the small bathroom organization hacks. As a result, it adds your storage options and raises functionalities.

This powder room also depends on the mirrored cabinet with an open shelf at the bottom for extra storing space.

26. Limestone Over-Sink Shelf

After remodeling, this contemporary bathroom in San Francisco has some additional features for supplies storing.

First is the limestone shelf, extending from the vanity counter to over the lavatory. Then, at the cupboard side, a holder for toilet paper is present.

The Second is the customized frameless mirror set. Between the studs is a cabinet as deep as seven inches, while the right section opens to a wall inset medicine cabinet.

27. Wall Inset Shelving

Making a wall inset is indeed a practical way to have a neat storing space inside your small bathroom, and so does this powder room.

Besides the niche, a vanity set also offers a wider and tidier place to put away the self-care supplies.

28. Small Wet Bath Storage Ideas

Everything here is intentionally up off the floor. It only uses wall-hung amenities, like the toilet, shelf, foldable single bench, and washbasin, to provide a more spacious impression.

Since it features a walk-in shower without any curb, the involved materials are water-resistant.

29. Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Modern Washroom

This modern bathroom approaches Asian style with Japanese bathtub. Yet, the rest of the elements pursue modernism.

Certainly, it is visible on the used material, like on the permanent shelf under the mirrored cabinet, ceramic vessel sink, and the limestone floor.

30. Matchless Toilet Paper Storage

There is the quirky toilet paper storage beside the mirror. Yes, this bathroom uses it for a few curves among the straight lines.

Other storing spaces inside this washroom are the black shelf above the lavatory and the hand towel holder under the sink.

After scanning all small bathroom shelf ideas above, which one applies to your washroom space? Whichever it is, make sure it also provides comfort for you and the ones you share the bath with.