41 Rustic Bathroom Ideas That You Will Adore

The bathroom is a perfect place to cleanse and unwind you after a stressful day. If you would like to enjoy a relaxing bath on your daily basis, take inspiration from delightful rustic bathroom ideas below.

Rustic style is typically associated with the countryside. In this article, you will also find modern and farmhouse rustic sanctuaries. Let us have a look at these!

1. Rustic Country Bathroom Mirrors

rustic bathroom decor with a good light

This country bathroom features exposed beams, weathered wood planks, and cabinets for a homey feel. Stone tiles and river rocks add more nature-inspired textures to the scene.

Copper pieces and light fixtures keep the space warm. Lastly, a camo-edged mirror ties the room together.

2. Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Pictured here is a lodge-style bathroom. Weathered wood ceiling, floor, and vanities carve an inviting scene.

The orange accents bring energy to the interior. A white clawfoot tub stands out from the rest of the room. Windows let sunlight shine.

3. Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

soft color rustic bathroom decor

Khaki shiplap walls, wooden framed mirror, and wicker storage box lend the bathroom a farmhouse vibe. Patterned floor tiles create visual interest.

The reclaimed wood vintage buffet has been turned into a charming vanity. It delivers a high dose of rustic charm to the space.

4. Rustic Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery

Raw wood beams and stone brick walls introduce rough textures. Large windows allow the bather to see a breathtaking outside view.

Graystone floor tiles generate a more polished appearance. An area rug injects pops of color, while wooden deer antler chandelier doubles as decor.

5. Rustic Bathroom Shower Ideas

White tub, window trim, shiplap wall, and subway tiles keep things bright. The weathered wood floor gives the bathroom a welcoming air.

Antique stool, caddy tray, and beaded chandelier offer unmatched rustic luxury. Meanwhile, striped window blind asserts a sense of privacy.

6. Small Country Bathroom Ideas

As the image shows, white ceiling, pedestal vanity, and beadboard wall panels develop a fresh look. The navy tub infuses a bit of drama.

Wall sconces, ornate wood stool, and white flowers carry French country flair to the scheme. The checkerboard floor and oversized artwork steal the show.

7. Rustic Bathroom Ideas Pinterest

Gray beadboard wall panel and black slate floor tiles produce a rustic appearance but in a refined manner. Chevron tiles and patterned basket catch the eye.

Deep blue clawfoot tub and wall sconce carve a vintage feel. Potted greenery and flowers beautify the scene.

8. Rustic Bathroom Paint Colors

This bathing space is mostly dressed in the cream color palette. It contributes to the bathroom’s relaxing ambiance.

Freestanding tub, lounge chair, and throw pillow convey a feeling of coziness. Sheer cafe curtain, chandelier, and chicken wire cabinets ooze understated elegance.

9. Luxury Rustic Bathrooms

The off white shiplap ceiling and window blind imbue the bathing space a serene atmosphere. Gold details bring a touch of luxury to the room.

Untreated wood floor, black galvanized metal bathtub, and textured walls project a rustic style. Pink flowers prevent the space from being colorless.

10. Rustic Bathroom Window Treatments


Marble floor, base molding, and shower walls exhibit a glamorous air. Plenty of white and a counter-to-ceiling mirror both make the space feel larger. Burlap roller shade and unfinished wood units stand out in the modern bathroom design.

11. Rustic Bathroom Tile Ideas

This bathroom looks so homey, thanks to stained wood cabinets, copper tub, and sink. Flagstone floor tiles and rugged stone walls turn the area into a rustic hideaway. Chandelier and downlights illuminate the whole space.

12. Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Rough stone wall awesomely meets reclaimed wood floor and beams. White and cream units lighten up the cabin bathroom. Stone floating shelves hold scented candles. The chandelier and glass sconces cast a romantic glow.

13. Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Frameless glass doors, straight lines, and neutral tones lead to a modern bathroom. Reclaimed wood ceiling, vanity, and walls offer warmth as well as colors. A full-width mirror creates perception of a bigger space.

14. Rustic Bathroom Lighting on Sale

Flagstone walls, wood beams, and weathered iron sconces lend the bathroom a country rustic appeal. Polished concrete floor tiles and a glass panel elicit the city’s slickness. Statuette and flowers in vase finish things off.

15. Rustic Bathroom Decor

This bathroom is filled with rustic pieces, from corrugated tin ceiling to distressed vanity. The cream walls and light fixtures make the space brighter. Colorful wood and metal ornaments adorn an empty wall.

16. Rustic Bathroom Lighting Sconces

Coppers, woods, and burlaps result in a calm lodge bathroom. Wooden deer antler sconces, rug, and framed mirror deliver country flair to the scene. A green copper sink takes center stage.

17. Rustic Bathroom Accessories

Glass shower enclosures, pure whites, and pale beiges contribute to the bathroom’s airy feel.

Limestone tiles, the laminate floor, and framed wood artworks set a rustic scene. Moroccan towels inject character into the area.

18. Rustic Bathroom Sink Ideas

Reclaimed wood vanity, polished stone tub, and sinks make the homeowner get closer to nature.

Rectangular wall tiles and beadboard ceiling visually widen the otherwise narrow bathroom.

19. Rustic Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

The unfinished wood, limestone, and marble pull off a rustic yet refined look. Whirlpool tub, antique finds, and rolled towels transform the bathroom into a pastoral spa. The built-in mirrored cabinet hides unwanted clutter.

20. Small Rustic Bathroom on a Budget

Are you on a tight budget? Use barn wood planks and faux concrete wall panels to cover your bathroom walls. Install metal and glass shelves to display the spare towels. Lastly, hang curtain from the ceiling for complete privacy.

21. DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves

This bathroom is a perfect spot to take long soaks. Many creams and wood elements make any bather feels welcome.

Vintage light fixtures introduce captivating details. A DIY wooden shelf holds bath essentials and candleholders.

22. Woodsy Bathroom Ideas

Stone tiles, reclaimed wood elements, and iron hardware bring in rustic aesthetic. White tub, towels, and flowers steal the spotlight. Meanwhile, brown curtain acts as a room divider.

23. Rustic Shower Tile

The exposed brick vanity and shower wall along with stone floor tiles carve a cozy environment.

Wooden bath bucket and soaking tub offer an Asian feel. Potted plants, flowers, and gold pendant lights decorate the space.

Achieving a rustic bathroom is easy. You should incorporate less refined materials into the space. That way, your rustic dream will come true. Implement those rustic bathroom ideas to create a characteristically personal oasis.

24. Rustic Batroom Mirror

Nothing is more country than repurposing an old piece like this vintage dye-cut mirror. The surprisingly modern design gives a new life to something touching on nostalgia and tradition, while also being able to match with any decor style that comes your way!

25. Rustic Bathroom Corrugated Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past! Cover up those bumps with reclaimed metal to add character and country flair. The white tub, sink, cabinet really pop against all that rustic charm – it’s like these two spaces occupy different worlds!

26. Rustic Country Bathroom Display

The bathroom is often overlooked as a space for displaying your most prized possessions. Put those “ugly walls” to good use by hanging up artwork, dishware, and bath products you’ve collected over the years!

27. Rustic Bathroom Hooks and Hangers

Have you ever thought about how old timey hangers might make a bathroom feel more homely and warm? Why not try hanging them up on the wall next to some modern hooks, like so!

28. Rustic In Modern Bathroom

A chic and rustic styled bathroom with a beige floor and walls create the perfect space for relaxing. The lower shelf underneath provides ample room for storage without sacrificing style.

29. Soft All Over

Use a soft color on both the walls and cabinets to create an inviting space with country charm. The wood counter gives this rustic bathroom character, while detailing sets off the look nicely.

30. Repurposed Rustic Items

The resourcefulness of this barn is truly evident with the ingenuity of its occupants. Old troughs from a local feed store were reused as shower and sink, proving that one does not need to spend an exorbitant amount on luxuries such as these- all you have to do is be creative!

31. Rustic White Bathroom

Old, weathered wood is the perfect touch for this all-white space. The tongue and groove planks give it warmth without making things too crisp or cold.

32. Upcycled Pieces

A claw-foot tub is nestled in the master bathroom of this family’s country dream home. The old workbench has been transformed into a beautiful vanity with a new vessel sink, and an old door knob became the perfect way to make up for not having any nails on hand!

33. Wood and White Rustic Charm Bathroom

This modern rustic bathroom is designed to keep the natural elements in mind, with herbs and wood finishes. The wooden shelves overhead create a cozy feel while adding character to this room. A simple mirror on an old board wall captures your attention only after you make your way over to see what’s behind it – beautiful!

34. Rustic Blue Bathroom Decor

With the sleek metal industrial vanity lights, rustic wood framing your mirror and corner cabinet that holds all of your bath time essentials in tow, you can’t go wrong with this family bathroom. The color combination of white, blue, and distressed gray is a perfect match for these modern yet classic decor styles!

35. Mix Modern And Rustic

The perfect mix of modern and rustic decor is a touch that can make any bathroom feel both cozy and updated. The wood vanity paired with the black metal mirror gives this space an authentic farmhouse vibe, while still looking chic in its natural style. For those who want to avoid heavy cabin-like vibes but also don’t want their bathrooms feeling boring, opting for lighter woods along white tiles are the way to go!

36. Embrace the Rustic Details

Have you ever seen a bathroom more inviting than this one? Exposed brick is so in right now, and it’s just what your home needs. If exposed brick isn’t for you but that rustic feel of the past still appeals to you then consider adding wood paneling or even something as simple at wallpaper with bricks on it to give your space an old-timey vibe.

37. Add a Barn Door for Rustic Bathroom Decor

Barn doors are a great way to add rustic style and interest to any space. Not only do they provide quick access, but also help divide spaces into zones that can be used for different purposes.

38. Pull in Natural Materials

Rustic design is all about rough textures, unfinished materials and natural elements. This stunning sink uses the natural limestone to create a dramatic contrast between it’s raw material finish with that of other features like distressed brick walls finished in light wood or an unfinished wooden vanity cabinet.

39. Pallet Wood Mirror Frame

The rustic bathroom decor features a mirror that is framed with weathered lumber, which makes it look like an old window. It’s great for storing perfume bottles and other items away from the sink area where they can be easily accessed by your guests. The box also provides some extra storage space in small bathrooms as well as adding color to this masculine room thanks to its flowery design!

40. Add A Rustic Wallpaper for Your Bathroom Decor

A rustic bathroom that doesn’t require a lot of work? We love this idea from Design Milk that features chevron wallpaper and farmhouse shutters. This is perfect for renters who want to upgrade the look without having to alter anything else in their apartment!

41. Rustic Wishkey Barrel Sink

A whiskey barrel can be repurposed for a rustic bathroom by cutting out the door to make it easy access and installing plumbing inside of the barrel. A copper basin is fitted in one end, giving you an awesome sink that’s perfect for any rustic design. You’ll love how simple this idea really is!

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