23 Striking Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas for Your Retreat

If you have a tiny bathroom, do not worry. The wallpaper can take yours from meh to mesmerizing without occupying any usable space. Today, I am spotlighting some awesome bathroom wallpaper ideas to inspire you.

When it comes to wallpaper patterns, colors, and styles, the choices are nearly endless. No wonder, these beautifully wallpapered bathrooms will leave you astonished.

1. Jungle Wallpaper

In this contemporary bathroom, the accent wall is covered in jungle-inspired wallpaper. It features tropical birds and trees. In no time, it develops a bold look.

Makeup bag, mirror, wall hanging, and potted plants generate a harmonious setting. White and pastel green wall keeps the tiny bathroom from feeling busy.

2. Blue and White Bathroom Wallpaper

The white color scheme makes this space bright and airy. The room also appears larger than it is.

The walls are adorned with navy and blue patterned wallpaper. They bring a fun final touch to the otherwise plain bathroom. Gold accents offer a dash of luxury.

3. Bathroom Wallpaper Lowes

This bathroom employs grasscloth-wallpapered walls. Do they not only produce a comforting vibe but also prevent the bathroom from being plain.

Black framed mirror, artwork, and iron towel bar stand out against the subtle backdrop. The vanity with shelf evokes a feeling of airiness.

4. Elegant Bathroom Wallpaper

As seen in the picture, the bathroom walls are lined with silvery wallpaper. They highlight the metallic tones on window blind and drawer knobs.

Marble floor and countertop carry ageless style to the area. Vanity, wall sconces, and candleholders boost the bathroom’s elegance.

5. Floral Wallpaper

Pastel gray wainscoting and white base molding result in a peaceful bathroom. Meanwhile, dark wood floor warms up the entire area.

The floral wallpapered walls titivate the space. Along with the clawfoot tub, they transport the homeowner to the Victorian era.

6. Bathroom Wallpaper 2018

White shiplap wall, door, and soaking tub exhibit a cottage atmosphere. Greenery and raw woods bring the outdoors inside.

The light gray abstract wallpaper carves a serene vibe. It also allows a tree branch towel bar and linens to be the center of attention.

7. Bathroom Proof Wallpaper

Navy vanity adds instant drama to the bathroom. It contrasts marvelously with white countertop and wall.

The wallpaper includes colorful birds and butterflies. Both wallpaper and flowers in vase effectively freshen up the area.

8. Banana Leaf Wallpaper Bathroom

The bathroom walls are sheathed in banana leaf wallpaper. Not only does it celebrates a tropical flair, but also enlivens the zone.

Moreover, dark wood and whites ensure the bathing space is not overwhelming to the senses. Gold details quickly glamify the room.

9. Cheap Bathroom Wallpaper

Are you not committed to paper your whole space over? Try this idea. The house-themed wallpaper introduces lovely patterns and bright colors.

The cream floor evokes a sense of tranquility. Lastly, extra linens inject a coordinated feel into the scheme.

10. Wallpaper for Bathrooms Laura Ashley

White and blue floral wallpapered walls add a wow factor to the bathroom. Other than that, they deliver a feminine tone. Meanwhile, fresh flowers in pink glass jars complete the look.

11. Water Resistant Wallpaper

Who says the bathroom wallpaper must be vibrant? That is not true. In this example, the floral wallpaper grabs the attention despite its monochrome palette. It accentuates the light gray veins of marble countertop too.

12. Vintage Botanical Wallpaper

This bathroom is far from boring, thanks to vintage birds-and-trees wallpapered walls. In a split second, they inject pizzazz into the space. Fresh flowers, semi flush mount ceiling light, and wall sconces round out the scheme.

13. Contemporary Botanical Wallpaper

The mirror creates an optical illusion of a bigger space. Marble sink sets a glamorous environment, while the rattan-shelving unit holds spare towels and books.

Furthermore, the wallpaper boasts contemporary botanical prints. Along with greenery, they prevent the bathroom from being lifeless.

14. Whimsical Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Floating gray vanity promises an easy cleanup. The white ceiling, countertop, door, and sinks keep the bathroom feel light.

The walls are dressed with black zebra-themed wallpaper. They serve as a showstopper, while fresh flowers beautify the zone.

15. Newspaper Wallpaper Bathroom

Pictured here is an attic bathroom. The monochrome wallpaper undeniably is inspired by newspaper. It delivers an old-timey feeling to the bathing space. A rattan basket on toilet top houses paper rolls.

16. Removable Wallpaper

Windows and light tones make this pocketsize bathroom appear more expansive. A bold rug looks enchanting on a white and gray floor.

The wall covering is not just astonishing, but also easy to remove. Not to mention, it will not break the bank.

17. Dark Bathroom Wallpaper

Well, this bathroom is mind-blowing. The walls are clad in crocodile black wallpaper. Marble countertop and gold accents ooze unmatched luxury. A crystal chandelier and white floor keep the room from being too gloomy.

18. Modern Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Geometric wallpapered walls add visual interest without overburdening the eye. They produce a modern appeal as well. Wooden floor offers a dash of organic warmth to the bathroom dominated by cool tones.

19. Black and White Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Although this powder room has a monochrome color palette, it looks so interesting, thanks to rose wallpaper. Yellow towel pops against the wall. Shade sconces cast a bright glow, while mirror reflects the light.

20. Vinyl Wallpaper

As you can see, white and blue floral wallpapered walls are a feast for the eyes. A two-tone clawfoot tub lets the bathroom feel more unified. Marble countertop carves an upscale setting.

21. Bathroom Wallpaper Waterproof

The floor and walls are dressed with black tiles in a stack bond pattern. They evoke a sense of seriousness. The metallic floral prints on inky wallpaper make a major style statement. White units are a lovely contrast to the bathroom.

22. Marble Bathroom Wallpaper

This bathroom shines with style, thanks to black marble and crocodile gray wall coverings.

Moreover, they luxuriously give the space elements of nature. Metallic sconces and shapely mirror finish things off.

23. Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas 2019

White horizontal wainscoting panels and vanity carve a crisp look. Vertical striped wallpaper tricks the eye into seeing a higher ceiling. Freestanding tub, velvet chair, and area rug carry a relaxing vibe into the area.

Those bathroom wallpaper ideas are worth to try. Pick the wall coverings that meet your budget, bathroom color scheme, and taste. Finally yet importantly, you should make sure they could withstand water as well as humidity.

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