No matter how small your bathing space is, there must be a designated spot to hold spare towels, beauty products, and toiletries. If you are searching for brilliant bathroom shelf ideas, you have landed at the right place.

These storage solutions will help you turn a messy bathroom into an inviting retreat. Other than that, you can optimize your wall space and display pretty items.

1. Bathroom Shelving Units

White pedestal sink, toilet, rug, base molding, and shiplap walls open up the room. The tall metal étagère straddles the toilet. There are also smaller and wall-mounted etageres. They all celebrate traditional flair.

2. DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Build bathroom shelves out of unfinished wood crates. They accommodate tissue paper rolls, wicker baskets, flowers in vase, and towels. For easy access to your stuff, use a wooden ladder.

3. Bathroom Open Shelves Ideas

The homeowner utilizes the awkward wall space above her toilet for open shelves. They display artificial flowers, bamboo baskets, framed artwork, astonishing towels, and vase. The scented diffuser exhibits spa-like vibes.

4. Shelves for Small Bathroom

Here, two pure white floating shelves fit into the corner of the bathroom. The walls and shelves create a seamless look. Metal and rattan baskets help declutter the space.

5. Styling Bathroom Shelves

Over the toilet are reclaimed wood shelves. The black iron pipes sturdily support them. Those open shelves carry farmhouse charm and rustic vibe to the interior. Greenery, vintage finds, and framed pictures complement the shelves.

6. Recessed Bathroom Shelves

Candle and a potted plant brighten up the area. The built-in shelves maximize every square inch of the tiny bathroom. They also encourage the homeowner to keep her knick-knacks and towels tidy.

7. Bathroom Shelving Ideas over Toilet

Hexagon and subway tiles add visual appeal to this modern farmhouse bathroom. Thick nautical ropes suspend white shelves above the toilet. Those units match well with the overall bathroom design.

8. Bathroom Shelf Decor

Reclaimed wood boards and metal brackets lead to farmhouse-inspired shelves. They handle wicker baskets and bathroom necessities. White backdrop allows the rustic shelves to stand out. A potted indoor plant decorates the space.

9. Bathroom Shelf Ideas Pinterest

The white painted walls stretch the bathroom. Monochrome wall-mounted shelves offer minimalist aesthetic. They let gray towels, raw wood boxes, body washes, and potted plants catch the attention.

10. Bathroom Shelves Home Depot

White open shelves with stainless-steel brackets look awesome against a gray backdrop. They carve an industrial feel. Vintage lantern, ceramic jar, and birdcage sit elegantly on the shelves.

11. Wooden Bathroom Shelves

Dark-toned repurposed wood shelves display towels, perfumes, and bath essentials. They warm up the space too, while stainless steel hooks keep towels off the floor.

12. Decorative Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Light gray, cream and white soothe the mind. Rich-toned wood open shelves set a homey scene. Meanwhile, the intricately stunning metal brackets steal the spotlight.

13. Narrow Bathroom Ladder Shelf

This pocketsize bathroom features a stool and a single shelf. The white, metal, and wood ladder shelf leans against two-tone wall. It houses cleaning products and houseplants.

14. Glass Bathroom Shelves

As you can see, the glass floating shelves hug the corner of the bathing space. Do they not only hold towels and fancy perfumes but also exude an airy atmosphere.

15. Brushed Nickel Bathroom Shelving

Gray backdrop allows brushed nickel shelves to take center stage. They display some items and ooze industrial charm at the same time.

16. Bathroom Shelves Walmart

Window and neutral shades generate a sunny setting. Black metal details on both sides of raw wood shelves add a fabulous contrast to the bathroom. Meanwhile, potted indoor plants breathe life into the space.

17. Shower Shelf Ideas

Above is a single reclaimed wood shelf with stainless steel brackets. It provides enough space for a blue storage box, greenery, and black-framed artwork.

18. Bathroom Shelves Design

Those blue-painted wood open shelves are simple in design. However, they amazingly can house black framed wall artwork, potted succulents, an ornamental piece, and candle.

19. Shower Shelf with Hooks

Black wire basket shelves carry industrial flavor to the bathroom. They pop against pale blue backdrop.

Moreover, the hooks accommodate a yellow towel and fashion necklaces. The gold accents infuse a glamorous air into the scheme.

20. Bathroom Wall Shelf Unit

Whitewall is such an ideal backdrop since it lets a single wooden shelf sing out. It lends the bathroom unparalleled warmth and functionality too.

Perfumes, mini potted houseplant, and jarred cleaning products are left out on the shelf. They give the bathing space shots of color.

21. Bathroom Wall Shelf with Baskets

Pale gray backdrop conveys a feeling of serenity. It subtly contrasts with the off-white wall shelf.

Moreover, the shelf boasts black faucet hooks. Wicker baskets keep the small items out of sight. Decorative wooden balls and gold towel ring round out the room.

22. Bathroom Shelf Ideas above Toilet

Here, two open shelves have the same color as the backdrop. They produce a cohesive look and exude a sense of spaciousness. Blue toothbrush, cream soap, and liquid hand washes appear to be floating in the air.

23. Rustic Wooden Shelves for Bathroom

Stainless steel cable suspends distressed painted wood shelves. Those storage units invite a rustic vibe into the bathroom. There is a metallic towel bar under the wall shelves as well.

24. Industrial Shelf with Towel Bar

Light gray wall poses as a nice backdrop. Black, stainless steel, and glass shelves look excellent against it. Purple towels and bath necessities sit on them. The chrome towel bar provides extra storage space.

25. Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

A narrow rectangular shelf comes in white. It is delightfully attached to the white wall. Moreover, it highlights a few cleaning products. Both the shelf and backdrop make the bathroom feel larger.

26. Bathroom Wall Shelves Ideas

The white square tiled wall serves as a crisp background. It allows the metal-and-glass shelf to be noticeable. The clear wall shelf keeps your beauty essentials within arm’s reach.

27. Bathroom Shelves for Towels

White single wall shelf and brackets do not overwhelm the space. Along with the door and backdrop, they enlarge the small bathroom. The open shelf itself enables the homeowner to grab her towels and bath necessities with ease.

Those bathroom shelf ideas help to get your creative juices flowing for sure. Implement any of them in your bathroom. I guarantee it becomes organized, chic, and appealing.

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