26 Mesmerizing Blue and Gray Living Room Combinations for You

Many homeowners admire the blue and gray living room combination. It makes sense because those two hues make a classic yet versatile pairing. Furthermore, there are many outstanding ways to include them in your space.

Of course, gray and blue layer together excellently. Here, I’m presenting different living room looks featuring those popular colors. Moreover, you’ll surely admire my ideas since each of them generates a certain visual effect.

1. Blue and Gray Furniture

An easy way to have a two-tone living area is using furniture pieces. This modern living room, for example, boasts light gray sofas and vibrant blue armchairs. Furthermore, they generate a splendid contrast.

Although the room mostly embraces cool neutrals, it seems appealing due to varying gray shades. Moreover, they give off a cocooning feeling.

The accents of brown and red warm the living area up. Lastly, the indoor plant instantly reinvigorates the scheme.

2. Blue, White, and Gray Living Room

If you’re after a fresh look, consider trying this blue and gray living room combination. The crisp white backdrop and curtains evoke a clean atmosphere.

The pale gray sofa lends this French country living room a calm ambiance. Moreover, the patterned rug and sofa chair offer elegance. Additionally, the powder blue ottoman serves as a coffee table with the help of a wooden tray.

Various blue shades appear on the lamp, throw pillows and chairs. They produce visual interest and a relaxed feeling, while the wooden floor and trim balance them out.

3. Blue and Gray Living Room Combination with Nautical Details

Speaking of gray and navy living room ideas, this scheme is worth applying. The very light gray walls and door frames make the interior airy.

The deep navy sofas inject drama into the living area. Furthermore, they clash with pale gray tones sharply.

The unpainted wooden floor and tables evoke a nautical feel. Table decorations and anchor throw pillows become other nautical elements in this living room. Lastly, the striped rug and artworks exude cohesiveness.

4. Gray Living Room Ideas with Blue and Yellow Accents

Don’t you adore this blue and gray living room combination? The velvet sofa and walls wear light shades of gray but in cool and warm tones. They make the scheme appear serene, too.

The pale gray walls let the houseplant and console table be notable. Furthermore, the bold blue velvet throw pillows and sofa chair break the monotony.

Here, both yellow and green act as accent colors. Moreover, they inject extra bursts of color into the scheme.

Since an ottoman table holds a wooden tray on top, it becomes a coffee table. Lastly, the statement rug pleases the eye and ties the living area together.

5. Blue and Gray Living Room Combination with Striking Patterns

The gray walls and white ceiling generate a subtle contrast. Moreover, hints of black lend the living area a bit of drama.

As you see, the living room looks airy and stylish. However, it was once too dull, so the homeowner arranged several navy and white patterned throw pillows on the warm gray furniture.

The navy blue ottoman table highlights the crisp white wooden tray. Furthermore, the pink accents via area rug, throw pillows, curtains, and flowers soften the palette. They balance out grays and blues well.

6. Warm Gray and Navy Living Room

You love gray shades but don’t want a chilly-looking living room. If that’s the case, paint the walls warm-toned gray. Here, they let navy furniture pieces such as throw pillows, and seat cushions shine.

The brown leather tufted ottoman and artwork frame carve a warm feeling. Furthermore, they offset the cool gray floor and white fireplace.

The rattan side table with a glass top keeps the palette airy. Lastly, the two-tone geometric area rug beneath the classy ottoman produces a unified look.

7. Gray, Yellow, and Deep Blue Living Room Ideas

Talking about blue and gray living room combinations, don’t hesitate to create visual contrast. This interior, for example, boasts light gray molding and crisp white walls. Furthermore, they lift the dark navy shade on the sofa.

The navy sofa provides a remarkable backdrop for pale gray and yellow throw pillows. Additionally, the dark gray oval coffee table gives off further drama and a sophisticated feel.

Pops of bright yellow make the palette seem more lively. The gold pendant light exudes glamor, while the rug and massive artwork bring the room together.

8. Blue and Gray Living Room Combination with Purple and Yellow Hints

This transitional living room handles grays and blues perfectly. Not only does it look relaxing but also sumptuous and elegant.

Varying gray shades on the wall and furniture radiate tranquility. Moreover, bold blue velvet units evoke a luxurious air.

The two-tone tables provide a sleek feel. Additionally, the fireplace and chandelier send out a classic appeal, while the hints of yellow as well as purple make the interior more dynamic.

9. Blue and Gray Sofa Combination

I love this cool blue and gray living room combination. Here, the soft blue sofa contrasts with the deep gray throw blanket and pillow.

The pale gray walls and carpet ensure that the living room still feels open and airy. Furthermore, patterned round ottoman and stool steal the show.

Black-framed artworks also hanging on the wall. Additionally, they make the interior more visually pleasing. Lastly, the pale gray and blue allow brighter colors such as red, yellow, and turquoise to pop.

10. Gray Living Room with A Navy Sofa

If you’re into a contrasting scheme, then go for it. This contemporary living, for example, looks captivating due to the navy sofa. Moreover, it makes neutral and patterned throw pillows more visible.

The shelving unit against the warm gray backdrop accommodates accessories and books. Meanwhile, the two-tone ottoman table boasts a crisp white tray and a vase with cheery yellow blooms.

Moreover, the roller blinds prevent the navy sofa from overpowering the space. Furthermore, the wood accents lend the area a touch of warmth.

11. Teal Blue and Gray Living Room Combination

There are tons of impressive blue and gray living room combinations. This space employs warm gray walls that exude serenity and sophistication.

Further, the unpainted wooden surfaces and rugged stone fireplace bring the outdoors in. Also, the room features black metal geometric chairs. Not only do they accompany the floor lamp and coffee table, but also produce a minimalist appeal.

The deep teal sofa instantly gives off a dramatic look. Additionally, the striped throw pillow intensifies the colors, while the accents of yellow brighten up the scheme.

12. Gray Living Room with Blue and Dark Brown Furniture

A warm-toned pale gray shiplap walls and white ceiling emanate beach-house vibes. Meanwhile, the wooden beams, floor, and furniture pieces offer so much warmth.

Moreover, the denim blue furniture items keep the palette from looking basic. Furthermore, dark brown sofa chairs infuse added warmth and timeless luxury. They impart an elegant feel, too.

The patterned rug does not only jazz up the floor but also makes the palette cohesive. Lastly, splashes of coral give the living room a dynamic look.

13. Blue and Gray Living Room with A Fireplace

The black window frames and dark denim sofa chairs inject drama. They contrast with very light gray walls. Moreover, the wood floor and brick fireplace exude coziness. Meanwhile, the floral throw pillows complement the solid-colored furniture.

14. Blue and Gray Living Room Combination with Orange and Green Accents

This cobalt blue and gray living room will steal your guests’ attention for certain. The very light gray ceiling and walls instill an airy vibe, while the bold blue furniture creates a statement.

The rich- and medium-toned wooden surfaces infuse a toasty atmosphere. Moreover, the muted green curtains carve a comfortable feel.

There’s also a tiered side table that comes with gold accents in this room. Additionally, glass shelves accentuate decorative pieces. Pops of red and orange give the interior extra boldness.

15. Beachy and Bodacious

Gray living room are nearly endless. The space, for example, has very light gray walls with crisp white trims.

The sofa and area rug wear slightly darker shades of gray. Meanwhile, the sky blue curtains and whitewashed table tops emanate a seaside vibe.

White and teal sofa chairs catch the eye. The fabulous throw pillows complement the otherwise plain sofa. Lastly, the artworks with black and silver frames make the walls less boring.

16. Blue and Gray Living Room Combination with a View

The textured wall, floor, rug, and furniture units sport gray. However, they don’t look flat since there’s a variety of gray shades.

This living room employs a window wall, so you can see the green scenery while sitting on a comfy sofa. Furthermore, the view offers a refreshing feeling.

Throw pillows wear different blue shades. Due to them, the whole living room becomes more attractive. Moreover, dark gray jugs and pink blooms complete the look.

17. Terrific and Tranquil

Without a doubt, this blue and gray living room combination captivates many hearts. The pale gray walls and warm white furniture provide a simple foundation for statement blue pieces.

The bare wood floor and sideboard carve coastal vibes, while the sisal rug amplifies the beachy ambiance. Moreover, the indoor plants lend the scheme some life.

18. Beige, Blue, and Gray Living Room

That cool gray backdrop and beige sofa create a subtle but stunning contrast. Furthermore, the silver accents offer a bit of glamor.

The blue and white pagoda curtains evoke Asian vibes. In addition, the throw pillows make the sofa appear more interesting. Lastly, the artworks unify the palette.

19. Living Room with Blue and Gray Furniture

Here, the living area embraces an open space design. The sofas and walls wear light gray shades. Furthermore, they instill a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

The cobalt blue tufted sofa chairs and navy throw pillows keep dullness at bay. Ornate patterns and bursts of yellow spruce the room up.

20. Eclectic Blue and Gray Living Room Combination

The dark gray door and side tables bring depth to the scheme. Moreover, layers of cool and warm grays evoke a cozy feeling.

There’s a navy sofa that accentuates the muted blue and multicolored throw pillows. Lastly, the painting as well as the two-tone rug lend the interior a warm air.

21. Sleek and Serene

This is another blue and gray living room combination that I love. The sofa, as well as shiplap walls, sport cool and warm grays for a peaceful ambiance.

The subdued blue sofa calls attention to the two-tone geometric area rug. Moreover, the bare wooden accents, ferns, and flowers impart an outdoorsy feel.

22. Monochromatic Living Room with Teal Furniture

This monochromatic living room is stark no more with the addition of dark teal furniture pieces. Furthermore, the cream ottoman table offers a relaxing scene.

The painting lifts the living room. Moreover, the vase, throw pillows, and flowers supply blue shades for a unified appearance.

23. Rustic Blue and Gray Living Room Combination

If you think that rustic is remarkable, then try this scheme. The pillar, floating shelf, beams, and chairs infuse outdoorsy vibes instantly.

The trunk table, armchair, and throw blanket bring drama due to their dark blue shades. Meanwhile, the accent wall and cream rug soften the look.

24. Dark vs. Light

This is such a fabulous navy blue and charcoal gray living room combination. The super pale gray sofa accommodates blue-gray throw pillows perfectly.

The navy throw blanket and charcoal gray coffee table infuse depth. Lastly, whites, light wooden accents, and metallics brighten up the scheme.

25. Brown, Gray, and Blue Living Room

I can’t help but love the blue and gray living room combination in this photo. The light- and dark-gray painted walls meet muted brown curtains excellently.

The bright Aegean blue sofa chairs perk the scheme up. Moreover, accents of wood and subdued orange balance out the cool grays and blues.

26. Gray Living Room with Bursts of Blue

This living room embraces shades of gray on almost every surface. Additionally, the bold blue sofa and striped wingback chairs offer a lavish look.

The natural stone fireplace and unpainted wooden furniture evoke a rustic charm. Lastly, hints of orange and red make the scheme slightly welcoming.

Don’t hesitate to try any of those blue and gray living room combinations. Not only are they easy to implement, but also provide marvelous results. Before giving them a go, consider your interior conditions first.

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