29 Good Colors for Bathrooms That Will Wow You

If you plan on redecorating your bathing space, consider grabbing a paintbrush. Luck is yours because I’ve compiled some good colors for bathrooms. Furthermore, these ideas include dramatic hues, subdued neutrals, and bold shades.

Since a bathroom is a personal space, picking the right shade is truly crucial. In this post, there are chic paint colors that can give it a new appearance. Moreover, I believe that they’ll work wonders in your interior.

1. Cool Gray and Clean White

Short on space? Try sticking to neutral bathroom colors like crisp white and pale gray. They’ll make the area seem bigger as well as brighter.

Here, light gray walls provide a clean backdrop for the white vanity and toilet. Moreover, the monochromatic mosaic tiles instantly give the bathroom a striking look.

The metallic hardware infuses shine into the interior. Lastly, splashes of bright yellow and light blue break the monotony.

2. Good Colors for Bathroom Walls

This bathroom has an earthy look due to the brown ceiling, door, and wall. Furthermore, they generate a calm, spa-like ambiance.

As seen, the metallic gold accents and orange walls exude warmth. Additionally, the silver hardware and concrete floor offer a visual balance.

The tub and towels wear different green shades. Also, they energize the bathroom, while the houseplants impart outdoorsy vibes.

3. Touches of Color

If you find bright white overly intense, consider implementing this kid’s bathroom scheme. The warm white marble accent wall opens up the otherwise gloomy space.

The wooden floating vanity and ceiling infuse organic warmth. In addition, they balance the concrete floor and walls out.

Colorful accents throughout the bathroom carve a cheerful ambiance. The cute pendant lamps brilliantly pull in the vibrant hues, while the cool white vanity top accentuates the sink bowl.

4. Soothing and Splendid

This bathroom boasts a perfect blend of neutrals such as taupe, tan, creamy white, and beige. They produce a timeless appeal as well as an inviting feeling.

In this bathroom, the neutrals generate a spa-like atmosphere. Furthermore, the massive window enables you to enjoy the scenery while having a long soak.

The tub offers mesmerizing details. Moreover, the black accents inspire elegance. Lastly, the flowers keep the scheme lively.

5. Good Colors for Bathroom Vanity

Although this bathroom employs a peach wall, it still looks grown-up. The peachy hue evokes cheerfulness while clashing with the bright white vanity top and subway tiled walls.

The black vanity imbues the bathroom with serious drama and sophistication. Moreover, hints of gold infuse a touch of glam.

The accessories spruce this tiny bathroom up. In addition, the patterned floor tiles draw the eye and unify the bathing space.

6. Pretty In Hot Pink

Speaking of good colors for bathrooms, don’t hesitate to use pink shades. As you see, this girl’s bathing space boasts hot pink walls. Not only do they inspire playfulness but also impart a feminine appeal.

The ornate mirror carves a princess-like ambiance. Furthermore, the white furniture units and trim details brighten up the look. Both artworks and towels jazz up the interior, while the gray floor tones keep pink walls from overpowering the bathroom.

7. Windowless Bathroom Paint Colors

Talking about good colors for bathrooms, try using varying gray shades. Not only do they add some edge, but also provide a soothing vibe.

Since the bathroom is windowless, the homeowner installed the glass shower doors and sink. By doing so, the bathing space doesn’t feel gloomy.

Bursts of color via the mirror, wall decorations, and towels infuse some vibrancy. Moreover, the cool gray striped walls truly let them pop.

8. Yellow and Gray Bathroom

If you fancy something dramatic, consider using charcoal gray in your bathroom. Moreover, it seems more sophisticated than muted gray.

Here, the charcoal gray surfaces offer a cozy feeling. Also, taupe and white clash with them in a mesmerizing manner.

Two round mirrors balance out the sharp edges. Lastly, yellow accents on the chair and vanity keep monotony at bay.

9. Good Colors for Bathrooms with Tubs

Light taupe is surely a classic neutral. However, the shade doesn’t seem bland. This bathroom says it all. The space looks tranquil due to the dominant pale taupe.

Crisp white surfaces and glass doors keep the bathroom airy. Furthermore, the black towel holder offers visual depth.

The sunny yellow wall and shower tiles evoke happiness. Moreover, the fresh blooms soften the bathroom’s look.

10. White and Wood Bathroom

Speaking of good colors for bathrooms, you can’t go wrong with bright white. This shade will make the bathing space look crisp, clean, and airy.

The wooden stool, floor, and accent wall lend the bathroom nature’s raw beauty. Moreover, they suddenly make the interior more welcoming.

The whitewashed tree instills an outdoorsy feel. Additionally, pops of green ensure that the bathroom becomes more dynamic.

11. Good Colors for Bathroom Cabinets

The light blue drawer pulls, walls, and knobs produce a spa-like feeling. Not only do they look dreamy but also pair with cool whites.

The espresso cabinets highlight the light blue hardware. They give off a homey and dramatic setting, too.

Black mirror frames accompany espresso cabinets perfectly. Meanwhile, the white flowers and purple glass vase tone down the bathroom’s masculine appeal.

12. Beachy Blues

Neutral shades reign supreme for a reason. Since they’re versatile, you can coordinate them with other colors easily.

Try covering the accent wall with scallop tiles in varying blue shades. Apart from spicing the bathroom up, they embrace a seaside vibe.

The medium-toned wooden vanity and square shelves ooze warmth. Meanwhile, the white sink and tub maintain the bathroom’s open feeling. Lastly, the pale taupe floor inspires serenity.

13. White and Carolina Blue Bathroom

Talking about good paint colors for master bathrooms, many homeowners choose neutrals like gray and white. Furthermore, they offer marvelous versatility.

Here, crisp whites appear on the chair, tub, ceiling, vanity, and towels. In addition, they ensure the bathroom light feeling.

The tub and floor catch the attention due to their eye-catching patterns. Carolina blue walls brighten the bathroom up, while the light fixtures provide illumination.

14. Good Gray Colors for Bathrooms

When it comes to good colors for bathrooms, nothing beats neutrals. This space features warm gray walls that subtly contrast with the distressed white ceiling. Moreover, they impart a soothing feeling.

The wicker mirror and basket balance the cool whites out. Additionally, the bare wooden accents instantly warm things up while generating a classic look.

The milk jug stool exudes a farmhouse vibe. Furthermore, the limestone floor tiles and concrete vanity top offer cozy textures.

15. Good Colors for Bathrooms with Mosaic Tiles

This bathing space is nothing short of glamorous. The marble surfaces evoke luxury as well as splendor. In addition, they produce a visual interest while keeping the bathroom tranquil.

The mosaic tiles on the walls embrace varying blue shades. Furthermore, they’re surely reminiscent of lapping waves.

The square tiles wear turquoise and light blue shades. They emanate a beachy atmosphere, too. Lastly, the geometric teal tiles give off a modern feel.

16. Modern Industrial Bathroom Color Scheme

Speaking of good colors for men’s bathrooms, give dark gray a chance. Here, the shade appears on the walls. It does not only provide serious sophistication but also drama.

The hexagon tiles on the floor and accent wall offer added depth. Due to them, the bathroom seems very chic. Moreover, the white floating vanity, mirrors, and glass pendant lamps prevent it from appearing overly moody.

The metallic hardware, vase, and photo frames introduce an industrial flair. Meanwhile, the warm white blooms soften things up.

17. Good Colors for Bathrooms with Touches of Red

Need good colors for bathrooms? If so, try clean white. In this space, it becomes a dominant player. The shade exudes openness and cleanliness, too. Furthermore, red accents make the bathroom striking as well as dynamic.

The mosaic tiles come in tan, light blue, muted green, and dark red. They infuse colorful and marvelous details into the bathroom. Lastly, the gray floor tones all bold hues down.

18. Creamy White Meets Light Wood

Sometimes, crisp white looks a bit too intense. If you aren’t into it, creamy white is the way to go. The shade will inject some warmth for sure.

The marble floor, vanity top, and shower walls inspire lavishness. Moreover, the unpainted wooden surfaces generate a homey feeling.

Hints of black lend the bathroom a slightly dramatic look. The windows and a massive mirror keep the bathing space airy.

19. Good Colors for Bathrooms with Metallic Mirrors

Looking for good colors for bathrooms? If yes, try dark navy. Here, the bold shade infuses the powder room with serious drama.

The deep navy walls provide a sophisticated backdrop and contemporary edge. Furthermore, since the bathroom boasts a cool white sink and backsplash, it doesn’t seem overly dingy.

The skylight lets a decent amount of sunlight enter the bathroom. Additionally, the ornate mirror employs a metallic gold frame. It inspires elegance as well as glamor too.

20. Monochromatic But Mesmerizing

The cool white sink, door, tub, and subway tiles exude airiness. Furthermore, the light wood accents and terracotta pot warm things up instantly.

The charcoal gray surfaces lend the bathroom instant drama and a chic look. Because of the window, metallic hardware, and glass shower doors, the space appears brighter.

21. Relaxing and Good Colors for Bathrooms

Sage green walls give off an earthy feel. In addition, they make anyone feel calm instantly. The bright white molding and door go with them perfectly.

The bright green mirror does not only reflect the light but also punches up the bathroom. Furthermore, the wooden floor and vanity balance out the metallics and gray-blue marble.

22. Mint Green and Warm White

Creamy white walls and floor tiles suddenly make the bathroom inviting. They don’t overpower the bathing space, too.

The mint green mirror frame and vanity create a fresh yet fun look. Moreover, bright whites and beiges mix well with the subdued green window shades.

23. Good Colors for Bathrooms with Colorful Accents

The tub, walls, mirror, and vanity top come in cool white. Although the palette is simple, the bathroom still looks appealing due to the colorful wall decorations.

Splashes of purple and pistachio energize the bathroom. Moreover, the hexagon floor tiles, blue vases, and yellow flowers exude playfulness.

24. Seaside Shades

Seafoam green walls give off a beachy ambiance. Also, they blend with the cool white sink, vanity, and subway tiles marvelously.

The woven wicker pot, plant, and light wood accents bring the outdoors in. Furthermore, they produce a laid-back atmosphere.

25. Navy and White Bathroom

The muted navy walls and rustic rope mirror embrace a nautical ambiance. In addition, they infuse a soothing vibe.

White appears on the vanity, artwork frame, and molding. Moreover, it visually expands the space, while the marble top represents timeless splendor.

26. Dreamy and Good Colors for Bathrooms

Sky blue wall tiles make anyone feel relaxed. Moreover, they meet light gray granite vanity top in a captivating manner.

The light-toned wooden mirror frames and vanity carve a soothing vibe. Lastly, the pebble floor tiles unify the bathroom.

27. Go Dark

Here, deep gray walls evoke moodiness and sophistication at once. Because of clean white units, the bathroom doesn’t look too gloomy.

The warm gray vanity pairs with the blonde wooden top perfectly. Moreover, the orange towel and beach-themed artworks enliven the interior, while patterned tiles inspire cohesiveness.

28. Serene and Spacious

A combination of crisp white, tan, and beige lends the bathroom a timeless charm. Moreover, they give off a soothing air.

The wooden chair, vanity, mirror frames, and shelves radiate organic warmth. Lastly, the plants create a complete look.

29. Yellow, White, and Teal Bathroom

Talking about good colors for bathrooms, consider this scheme. Due to the cool and warm whites, the interior seems airy. Furthermore, the mustard yellow wall and recessed shelf punch up the space.

The subway and hexagon tiles help break up the look. Furthermore, the muted teal towels offer a bold touch and tranquil atmosphere at once.

Those good colors for bathrooms will surely transform any bathing space. Before redecorating your bathing space, be sure to know its ultimate use. Moreover, don’t forget to decide what kind of ambiance you’re after.

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