28 Terrific Color Ideas for Garage Doors to Inspire You

Exterior details are such a crucial feature of the home. Also, they can serve as a focal point. Moreover, painting them helps change your abode’s appearance significantly. Here are some remarkable color ideas for garage doors you’ll surely love.

Garage doors typically occupy a lot of space. That means they have a serious impact on the way the abode looks. If you paint them in the right color, those units can raise your home’s curb appeal as well as value.

 1. Garage Door Colors for Beige Houses

This house looks fresh with the help of the beige exterior walls and pastel gray roof. Apart from sprucing the abode up, they also evoke calmness.

The redwood-stained garage door carves a welcoming mood. Furthermore, it blends with surrounding palm trees and shrubs. Since the unit has a darker tone, it does not get lost in the home’s overall look.

2. Monochromatic Garage Door

When it comes to color ideas for garage doors, two neutrals are surely better than one. This home, for example, boasts a black and white garage door. Not only does it emanate a modern feel but also produces a cohesive appearance.

The garage door pulls in the roof’s dominant colors excellently. Moreover, the crisp white trim highlights it well, while the navy wall instantly lends the house added drama.

3. Houses with Brown Garage Doors

If you find black harsh for your decorating style, consider painting the garage door deep brown. The shade offers similar drama. It also brings a feeling of warmth to the house.

Here, the dark walnut brown garage door provides a classic appeal. However, it doesn’t seem dated. Furthermore, the unit allows the predominantly gray abode to become one with the woodland.

4. Traditional Wooden Garage Doors

Speaking of how to match garage door paint color with the house, put the style of the above into consideration. Here, the stained-wooden doors suit the traditional house perfectly. They welcome every family member, too.

The brown wooden garage doors exude a classic aesthetic. Furthermore, they accompany the rustic details of the stone-and-wood house.

5. Charming Color Ideas for Garage Doors

This house embraces rustic details via flagstone pillars and stone walls. Moreover, it features a wooden roof and siding.

The homeowner painted wooden barn garage doors dark brown. They offer the feel of a lavish stable barn or house.

The double barn garage doors provide visual interest and generate a classic look. Meanwhile, wall sconces light them up at night.

6. Rustic But Enchanting

Talking about garage color ideas for brick houses, brown-stained wooden barn doors are the way to go. Apart from complementing the rustic surfaces, they instill a toasty vibe, especially during the wintertime. The units also boost the abode’s curb appeal.

The black metal trim emphasizes the grandeur of the barn garage doors. Lastly, the bold red accents jazz the house up.

7. Minimalist Color Ideas for Garage Doors

Without a doubt, white becomes one of the most common garage door colors. Furthermore, you can blend this neutral shade with any color, be it vibrant or subdued. Also, it’s suitable for any architectural design.

The bright white garage doors give the house a clean look as well as an open feeling. Moreover, they clash with taupe exterior walls impressively, while the black handles infuse a bit of drama.

8. Gray House with Wooden Garage Doors

Color ideas for garage doors are almost limitless. This house, for example, has rugged stone siding and pillars. For a unified look, the homeowner paired them with medium-toned wooden garage doors.

The garage doors provide a visual appeal. They emanate warmth to balance out crisp white and gray tones, too.

Here, the clean white trim allows the brown garage doors to be more notable. Furthermore, two potted flowering plants flank them.

9. Delightful Color Ideas for Garage Doors

If you never get enough of wooden garage doors, so do I. Not only are they captivating but also inviting and timeless.

In this picture, the cedar garage door gives off a homey feeling. Although the unit nods to the minimalist style, it steals the show, thanks to the gray trim.

Since the house features rugged brick walls, the garage door softens the look. It also provides exquisite wood grains.

10. Gray Meets Pastel Blue

Have no idea what color garage door with gray houses? Don’t worry! Just implement this tried-and-true scheme.

The house predominantly wears gray. You can find that neutral shade on the siding, roof, and driveway. Since the homeowner doesn’t want her garage doors to disappear, she painted them in a different color.

Gray exterior walls soothe the senses. Moreover, the pastel blue trim and garage doors energize the house. Due to them, the scheme doesn’t become drab.

11. Cool vs. Warm

There are lots of spectacular color ideas for garage doors to apply. The owner of this house truly loves gray shades. He used them consistently on the trim, roof, windows, and exterior walls. They inspire timeless sophistication and serenity.

The redwood double garage doors balance gray surfaces out. Moreover, they let the house blend seamlessly with the woods, while the forest green fence and gate complete the look.

12. Nice Neutrals

If your house employs a light color scheme, go for dark-toned garage doors, so they can be the center of attention. Simply take cues from this picture.

Here, the pale gray shiplap siding and walkways give the house a contemporary flair. Furthermore, they play up the wooden garage doors’ warmth and beautiful lines.

The grass and dark brown wooden doors produce a natural look. It’s one of the captivating color ideas for garage doors for sure.

13. Color Ideas for Garage Doors with Strap Hinges

This house is both majestic and mesmerizing. The driveway, staircase, windows, roof, and siding wear varying gray shades. They keep the scheme stylish as well as attractive.

The walnut brown garage doors feature metal strap hinges. They ooze timeless charm and warmth at once. Due to them, the house doesn’t seem out of place.

14. All About Symmetry

Talking about color ideas for garage doors, many homeowners love to combine wood with light gray. That’s a brilliant decision because they make a gorgeous pairing.

The stained wooden doors lend the house a rustic feel. As you see, almost every surface wears gray, from roof to siding to handles. Moreover, they don’t detract from the wood’s natural beauty.

15. Dark Color Ideas for Garage Doors

Want to achieve a professional look? You should coordinate the abode’s appearance by using the roof color as the scheme of the garage doors.

This house, for example, has a muted navy roof and dark gray siding. In no time, they generate a serene mood.

The garage doors supply shades of muted black and navy. Also, they add a trendy touch to the house. Moreover, the crisp white trim calls attention to them.

16. Color Trinity

Some color ideas for garage doors use subdued shades, while others employ vibrant tones. If you aren’t into the latter option, try this scheme.

The clean white garage doors go with the pastel gray cladding. Moreover, the black metal handles and strap hinges look crisp against them.

To keep the garage from being monotonous, incorporate bold and pale green accents. Lastly, add ornamental plants in the tall pots and hanging planters.

17. Shades of Gray

White surely can be an incredible choice for garages and homes of different styles. However, sometimes, the color is simply too stark.

If the house already features a light and dark gray shades, paint garage doors medium gray tone. Moreover, they’ll create a cohesive feel without making the abode look flat.

Here, the barn garage doors lean toward a modern style to match the house. Lastly, the concrete driveway rounds out the palette.

18. Inviting Color Ideas for Garage Doors

Traditional homes normally sport pale splashes of color or calming neutrals. Moreover, they can include rich hues. This house is one of them.

As you see, the house boasts ornate details via antique light fixtures. The brick walls and warm white accents carve a welcoming ambiance. Furthermore, they infuse it with a timeless charm and an understated beauty.

The Z-style redwood barn doors give the garage a remarkable look. Also, they complement red bricks while balancing out the grays on the stone driveway and roof.

19. Garage Door and Front Door Color Combinations

This house looks visually bigger because of the predominantly white facade. Furthermore, the smooth concrete driveway and staircase contribute to its modern feel.

The homeowner painted his garage doors medium gray and coated the front door in a darker shade of gray. They excellently break the dominant white while offering a polished look. Lastly, the natural stone details evoke a rustic flair.

20. Color Ideas for Garage Doors with Splashes of Orange

Neutral shades aren’t uncommon. However, they are surely not the only great options. For an energetic house, consider adding the garage doors a vibrant pop of color.

As the image shows, orange garage doors generate an outstanding focal point. Moreover, they keep the minimalist wooden house from being monotonous.

The orange garage doors do not only make a bold statement but also carve a happy feeling. Lastly, they go fantastically with the wooden roof and siding.

21. Dark Yet Delightful

Need color ideas for garage doors without handles? If so, try this palette. The light-toned wooden siding lends the house a rustic aesthetic.

The deep brown garage browns nod to a minimalist style. They provide much-needed warmth while showing off their stunning and dainty lines.

Also, the garage has a dark gray trim that accentuates the doors. Moreover, it gives the house added depth.

22. Three Is Better Than One

As you see, the garage is spacious and welcoming at once. Both the roof and shiplap siding employ gray but in different shades.

The wooden cladding lends the garage gorgeous details. Moreover, they meet the cool-toned siding and roof harmoniously.

I consider this option as one of my favorite color ideas for garage doors. Three honey-stained wooden doors pick up the warm hues in the cladding. Also, they carve a polished look.

23. Color Ideas for Garage Doors with Rustic Details

Bright white can make the house seem bland. In certain instances, light gray or tan might be a better option. Those neutrals team with various home styles.

This rustic house features tan garage doors. Furthermore, they effortlessly radiate serenity and warmth, while the natural stone trim highlights them perfectly.

24. Same Shade

I can’t stop admiring this massive wooden house. The light and medium-toned wooden surfaces exude natural splendor.

For a cohesive feel, the front door and triple garage doors wear pastel gray. Lastly, the muted teal roof breaks the monotony while lending the house sophistication.

25. Captivating Contrast

The black roof, trim, and pillars create a sense of drama. In addition, they look crisp against the predominantly white house.

The deep gray appears on the front door and garage doors. It lends the house a sophisticated appearance, while the concrete driveway emanates a modern feel.

26. Go Black or Go Home

Black homes are popular now. However, if you don’t want to embrace the dark color on your entire house, consider painting the garage doors black.

This is another modern house. The beige staircase, walls, and pillars brighten the look. Furthermore, matte black garage doors generate a dramatic statement.

27. Beach-Inspired Color Ideas for Garage Doors

This house is somewhat minimalistic yet marvelous. The cool white shiplap siding infuses it with a coastal ambiance as well as an airy vibe.

The bright blue sliding garage door contrasts with the white siding. Also, it evokes cheerfulness. As you see, the house also boasts other shades of blue for a more dynamic look.

28. Wood and Stone

Before entering this house, the guests already know that it’s welcoming due to the taupe walls. Moreover, the stone details provide nature’s raw beauty.

The homeowner painted his barn garage doors dark walnut brown, so they can blend with the stones. Furthermore, the metal wall sconces and plants accompany them nicely.

With various color ideas for garage doors, the options are nearly limitless. Pick the palette that fits your neighborhood and decorating style. Also, if you plan to put yours on the market, then consider the tastes of potential buyers.

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