28 Gorgeous Color Ideas for Dressers That Will Amaze You

If you currently have an old furniture item, don’t throw it out. Moreover, consider giving unwanted junk a new life and look. Here, I’m sharing 28 mesmerizing color ideas for dressers to inspire your upcoming weekend project.

Painting the furniture is somewhat easy. Furthermore, it doesn’t always cost you much cash. I suggest you transform the piece into a masterpiece this weekend. Without further ado, here are fabulous ways to paint an old dresser.

1. Lovely Lacquer

Speaking of paint color ideas for dressers, your options are limitless. This bedroom, for example, has a bulky tan dresser. Also, it comes with a hidden desk to save some space.

Apart from boasting a practical design, the tan dresser gives off a restful vibe. It becomes an indispensable furniture item in the bedroom, too.

The high-gloss lacquer finish lends the dresser a high-end look. Moreover, the acrylic drawer pulls maintain the area’s light feeling.

2. White Painted Dresser Ideas

White is surely wonderful, and this photo says it all. As you see, the warm white walls provide a sweet backdrop for a dresser in the nursery.

The chunky white dresser carves a contemporary feel. In addition, the golden-brown drawer knobs pair with the mirror excellently.

If you don’t want to paint your dresser crisp white, simply find one online. Then, add cute accessories on top.

3. Glorious Green

This kid’s bedroom employs pastel lime green walls. Furthermore, they clash with the clean white moldings and ceiling remarkably.

The vintage dresser wears bright green. Additionally, the drawer knobs come in the same shade. They provide a sense of continuity.

Adorable decorations sit atop the dresser with matching knobs. Lastly, butterfly- and flower-shaped mirrors complete the scene.

4. Nature Meets Modern

Without a doubt, the homeowner gave her bedroom a mid-century modern makeover. Take a look at the wooden dresser with tapered legs and knobs. It accompanies indoor plants and generates outdoorsy vibes.

The dresser shows off the spectacular wood grains. Furthermore, it offsets the dark gray backdrop, while the geometric mirrors and hanging planters create a stylish look.

5. Painted Antique Dresser Ideas

Talking about color ideas for dressers, take cues from this twin girl’s bedroom. The space features pastel greens and oranges. Moreover, those vibrant shades evoke cheerfulness.

The metallic dresser has a dark brown frame and drawer pulls. It tones shades of orange and green down, too.

As you see, the antique dresser offers a timeless charm. Furthermore, the unit looks more attractive due to the whimsical table lamp and bird-shaped accessory.

6. White and Blue Dresser

There are obviously tons of color ideas for dressers. This children’s bedroom, for example, includes a white dresser that looks crisp against the deep blue backdrop.

The white dresser is bland no more with the help of the blue drawer knobs. Although the pieces are small, they provide an added touch and make a difference.

Tan dog accessories sit on the cool white dresser. Moreover, the framed patterns offer visual interest and bold touches of color.

7. Muted Color Ideas for Dressers

Who said chalkboard paint has to be black? I strongly recommend trying a muted color to convert a basic dresser into a masterpiece.

This is one of the outstanding chalk paint ideas for dressers. The homeowner finished his dresser in a chalkboard navy hue.

The chunky dresser picked up the navy shade of the rug and throw pillow for a cohesive look. Meanwhile, dainty black drawer knobs lend it a bit of drama.

8. Dresser Turned Shelves

Need clever DIY ideas for old dressers? If so, try this brilliant option. Here, the homeowner gave her bulky dresser a second life by transforming it into a shelving unit.

First, she removed the drawers from her dresser and then painted it crisp white. The unit blends with the backdrop seamlessly in the playroom.

The dresser is practical and trendy. Moreover, the bright orange shelving unit provides extra storage while adding a burst of color.

9. Color Ideas for Dressers with Marble Tops

I love this shabby chic bathroom. It boasts light gray shiplap walls that instantly create a tranquil ambiance. Also, there are black vintage wall hangings.

The dark-toned wooden dresser was once at a re-sale shop. Not only does it inspire warmth but also lends the bathroom a shot of personality.

The white marble top contrasts with the wooden dresser magnificently. In addition, it effortlessly brightens the bathroom color scheme.

10. Ombre DIY Dresser Ideas

This is one of my fave color ideas for dressers. Don’t you love the chest of drawers in this teenage girl’s bedroom too?

The homeowner used various shades of soft blue on the drawers to create an outstanding ombre effect. Also, she added several crystal glass drawer knobs for a luxurious vibe.

The blue ombre drawers go with the crisp white frame. Additionally, the unit is feminine and classic since it has no distressing.

11. Light Color Ideas for Dressers

Talking about paint ideas for dressers, I recommend sticking to neutrals. This bedroom, for example, includes a chunky pastel gray dresser with matching drawer knobs. Furthermore, it exudes restfulness and timeless sophistication.

The gray dresser infuses the teen girls’ bedroom with some texture due to the drawer fronts. Two clean white headboards flank it gracefully.

12. Dark Gray Dresser

This master bedroom wears several shades of white as well as gray. They make the interior seem more interesting and relaxing.

The long dark gray dresser injects the master bedroom with depth. Moreover, it carves a dramatic design statement and timeless look. Lastly, the crystal glass knobs on the drawers prevent the whole area from feeling heavy.

13. Cream Meets Golden Brown

When it comes to charming color ideas for dressers, look no further than bright cream. This neutral shade produces a soothing ambiance and feminine appeal. Also, it keeps the accessories and family heirlooms organized.

The golden brown accents give the dresser a touch of glamor. They match with the ornate metal chandelier and storage box handle, too. Furthermore, the rest of the bedroom embraces a white and cream scheme.

14. Color Ideas for Dressers in Boys’ Bedrooms

Old is gold. If you agree with this phrase, give this furniture makeover a chance. The deep brown dresser emanates an inviting vibe. It clashes with the cool tones of gray and white walls beautifully, too.

The metallic drawer knobs surely evoke an industrial appeal. Moreover, the accents of orange, blue, and green lend the teen boy’s bedroom a joyful ambiance.

15. Warm White Dresser

This bathroom employs a warm white-painted dresser. It soothes the homeowner’s soul as well as provides ample storage space.

The cream top pairs with the drawers impressively. Furthermore, pastel gray knobs lend the dresser an added touch. Lastly, the purple paper flowers in a glass vase carve a feminine flair.

16. White Chalk Painted Dresser

Of course, this living room leaves any visitor in awe. The white wall lets the abstract painting catch the attention.

The white chalk paint on the dresser creates a seamless look. Furthermore, it ensures that the interior appears airy. Also, there are tiny black knobs on drawer fronts that contrast with the item sharply.

Sitting on top of the white dresser is decorative pieces, from potted faux plant to artwork. Due to them, the unit doesn’t look plain anymore.

17. Distressed But Delightful

Speaking of neutral color ideas for dressers, you should try this duo. Here, both the chunky dresser and nightstands wear a very light gray shade. Moreover, they keep the homeowner’s belongings in place.

The dresser has a slightly worn appearance because of the distressed finish. Additionally, black drawer knobs accompany it excellently. Furthermore, varying blue shades on the bedding break the dominant gray.

18. Navy Chalk Paint Dresser Ideas

With a coat of chalk paint, an old dresser can be a remarkable furniture piece. Here, the homeowner used navy on almost every surface, from top to drawer fronts.

The navy chalk-painted dresser looks crisp against the bright white background. Meanwhile, the silver drawer knobs infuse a luxurious vibe.

The painting picks up the dresser’s navy shade for a cohesive feel. Lastly, the framed photo, table lamp, and faux plant round out the scheme.

19. Bright Color Ideas for Dressers

If you find an old dresser at your local resale shop, consider purchasing it. Then, painted it in bright shade to spruce the scheme up.

This massive bedroom feels relaxing since it features different gray and white shades. Furthermore, the vintage sunny yellow dresser with a mix of drawer handles enlivens the interior. In addition, the throw blanket and pillow make the room seem unified.

20. Color Ideas for Dressers in Modern Bedrooms

Talking about two-tone color ideas for dressers, you must copy this furniture makeover. The dresser becomes a statement piece due to the cool white frame and deep navy drawer fronts. Moreover, the chunky metallic hardware creates a sumptuous look.

The two-tone dresser allows the decorations and table lamp to steal attention. Lastly, the circular rug magnificently pulls in the colors of the teen boy’s bedroom.

21. Pretty In Pink

If you plan on decorating your girl’s sleepy space, consider applying this idea. The bedroom has striped walls that supply two shades of soft pink. Furthermore, they lend the scheme a feminine facelift.

The bold pink dresser evokes vibrancy and cheerfulness. Moreover, it comes with intricate drawer pulls and fronts.

The vintage dresser becomes a focal point due to its paint color. Additionally, the tan area rug tones it down perfectly.

22. Color Ideas for Dressers with Ornate Details

Bedrooms always have room for soft colors. This space embraces them at its best. As you see, it wears light taupe, cream, and pale gray.

The duck egg blue dresser provides a vintage appeal and a feminine flair. Moreover, the exquisite drawer pulls accompany it beautifully.

The wooden floor effortlessly balances out all the cool tones. Meanwhile, coral accents make the scheme more lively.

23. Nature-Inspired Dresser

Inspiration comes from anywhere. If you consider yourself an outdoor person, this is one of the striking color ideas for dressers to apply.

The bedroom already featured faux plants and framed botanical prints. That’s why the homeowner painted her dresser vibrant green to bring the scheme together. Moreover, the metallic dark gray drawer pulls provide a delightful contrast.

24. The Bolder the Better

Color ideas for dressers in girls’ bedrooms are surely limitless. As you see, the vintage dresser and headboards sport hot pink. They jazz up the light taupe and white space.

The dresser generates a seamless look and youthful appeal. Moreover, the teal-and-white table lamp looks fantastic on top of it. Lastly, the polka dot bedding makes the palette seem cohesive.

25. Light-Toned Wooden Dressers

The warm white walls inject a peaceful air. Meanwhile, the black accents via accessories and hexagon tiles bring drama to the bathroom as well as the bedroom.

There are three light-toned wooden dressers. The homeowner left all of them unpainted, so they can show off their attractive grains. Furthermore, the slim metallic drawer pulls lend the furniture pieces a stylish flair.

26. Turquoise and White Dresser

This teen girls’ bedroom boasts varying shades of purple. They offer a feminine feel while giving the space a dynamic look.

The bright white-and-turquoise dresser freshens up the scheme. Moreover, metallic drawer knobs provide a little bit of luxury. Lastly, the bed canopies come in a darker shade of turquoise.

27. Color Ideas for Dressers with Distressed Finishes

The pastel blue dresser looks delightful against the powder blue walls. Furthermore, it infuses the cottage-style bedroom with a retro vibe.

Unlike other dressers on my list, the dresser boasts cut-outs. Additionally, the distressed finish gives off a slightly worn appearance.

28. Navy and Wooden Dresser

This baby boy nursery combines pale taupe walls and white shiplap panels. Moreover, they make the interior seem truly relaxing.

The dresser has a light-toned wooden frame. Also, it features navy-painted drawers for a masculine appeal, while the metallic drawer pulls provide an industrial touch.

That’s a bunch of my terrific color ideas for dressers. Furthermore, I do hope they inspire your furniture project. Lastly, painting a dresser surely can unleash your creativity. Happy decorating, folks!

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