21 Impressive Dining Room Window Ideas for Your Home

Windows can either break or make space. However, many homeowners often overlook the importance of treatment for them. If you want a better view, we’ve outlined some captivating dining room window ideas to steal.

Furthermore, window treatment serves as a focal point of the dining room. It sets the appearance for the entire decorating scheme, too. The covering affects your interior design and impacts how it looks outside the home.

Choosing the right treatment for the windows is truly important. Before purchasing it, know the available options first.

Put the window structure into consideration. Then, decide what feel and appearance you really want to get.

It is great to have amazing ideas on which treatment that’ll meet your unique taste.

Furthermore, whether you’re searching for modern curtains or Roman shades, these dining area window treatments will make the view cooler.

1. Asymmetrical Curtain Ideas for Dining Room Window

curtain ideas for dining room window

Searching for unique dining room window ideas? If so, we suggest trying this design. Here, the ornate customized wooden unit adorns the windows. It instantly lends the interior asymmetrical appeal.

This wooden window treatment is purely decorative. Additionally, it hangs beautifully across the windows’ top. The item gives the dining room both texture, pattern, and architectural interest.

Moreover, the asymmetrical window covering matches with the rustic wood chandeliers. Meanwhile, the white roller blinds deliver some privacy.

2. Dining Room Window Ideas with Frosted Vinyl

window covering ideas for dining room

If you are into simple window treatments, try this design. As the photo shows, the glass windows feature frosted vinyl. The unit effortlessly generates a neat, sleek appearance.

Frosted vinyl maintains the dining room’s contemporary aesthetic. In addition, it is really functional. This window treatment protects your privacy without having to hang the curtains.

Moreover, frosted vinyl carries upscale effects to the dining room. It allows for enjoyable daylight levels and stunning outside views, too.

3. Dining Room Bay Window Ideas

no window dining room ideas

This is one of the terrific dining room bay window decorating ideas. Despite having a simple look, the swag really makes a space. It produces an elegant style. Moreover, you can include the unit in any interior design.

Framing the bay windows with this simple but stunning swag is surely a great choice. It draws everyone’s eye up as well. The covering also doesn’t overwhelm the space.

With this swag, the dining room feels formal as well as traditional. However, it still has casual vibes and country chic.

4. Dining Room Window Ideas with Louvered Shutters

dining room window treatment ideas

Talking about dining room window ideas, don’t hesitate to invest in louvered shutters.

They lend your space a casual flair and laidback atmosphere. Furthermore, the units reinsure the area with an air of sophistication.

The louvered shutters allow the homeowner to create privacy in her home. Moreover, they ensure proper ventilation and offer a classic aesthetic. The items also give the dining room dimension and texture.

Here, the white louvered shutters nicely complement the dining room’s monochromatic color palette. They are maintenance-free and truly easy to install as well.

5. Curtain Ideas for Dining Room Window with Woven Blinds

dining room window treatments 2020

The woven rattan blinds and cornice perfectly reflect the pattern as well as the color of this dining set. This evokes a sense of continuity while delivering architectural interest.

Moreover, the rattan blinds bring color and texture to this dining room. In addition, they delightfully accentuate the interesting point of the space. The pieces decorate the glass windows gorgeously.

The woven blinds will let sunlight shine in. They provide privacy and impart a homey feeling. This small breakfast room is an excellent blend of approachable and refined. We love all the prints and materials.

6. Dining Room Window Ideas with Modern Drapery

dining room window valances

Do you love modern decor? If so, this is one of the wonderful dining room window ideas to try.  Here, the drapes carve an elegant look while infusing a chic treat into space.

Furthermore, modern coverings offer more light control as well as coverage. They make the dining room feel taller, too. The drapes also deliver a touch of coziness to the area.

The horizontal blind spruces up the bay window nook. It asserts a feeling of spaciousness as well. Furthermore, the covering lends an extra dimension to this dining room.

7. Dining Room Window Ideas with Patterned Grills

dining room window coverings

In this example, the patterned grills nicely screen the glass windows of the dining room. The units do not require any further treatment because they are already striking pieces of art.

The black patterned grills easily catch the attention. They also make the whole decorating plan while oozing stylish elegance.

These window treatments are not only decorative but also allow in a good amount of natural light.

Moreover, they complement the dining room’s black and white color scheme. The items match with contemporary furniture, too.

8. Pink Curtains for Dining Room Windows

dining room window blinds and shades

Speaking of dining room window ideas, consider buying light pink curtains. They develop a luxurious look and feminine feel. Furthermore, the units convey calmness.

Moreover, the pale pink curtains create a soft space. Thanks to them, the dining room looks ethereal as well as romantic. It is not only versatile and grounded, but also formal.

The pink curtains pair very well with the ceiling and wall. Furthermore, the window treatments and an oversized mirror lend the dining room visual symmetry.

9. Dining Room Window Ideas with Balloon Shade

kitchen and dining room window treatments

This silk balloon shade imparts a sumptuous ambiance. It carves a dramatic appeal and sends out a romantic atmosphere at once.

Furthermore, this classic balloon shade dresses the dining room window. Thanks to it, the dining room feels cohesive.

Moreover, the sheer curtain accompanies the balloon shade. Those two fabulous window treatments deliver an extra dimension to the dining room. They also ensure your privacy.

10. Pleated Curtain Panels for Dining Room Windows

living room and dining room window treatments

If you are into all things classic, this is one of the dining room window ideas to try. Whether it’s drapery or curtain, pleated panels inject sophistication and grace into space quickly.

Moreover, the patterned pleated panels match stunningly with the arched window shutters. They look both elegant and laidback, too.

The pleated panels give the dining room great coverage and sunlight control. Additionally, they hang above the arched windows for a more spacious feel.

11. Dining Room Window Ideas with Drapery Panels

dining room window blinds

As you see, the drapery panels come in teal. They effortlessly lend the dining room a relaxing ambiance and welcoming mood. Furthermore, the vertical bands steal everyone’s attention and add more visual interest.

Moreover, the teal drapes break the dining room wall’s color. In addition to creating calm vibes, they banish sunlight as well as heat.

The homeowner hung these drapery panels from the dining room’s highest point. They skew its proportions and make the ceiling instantly feel higher.

12. Neutral Fabric Blinds for Dining Room Windows

dining room bay window treatments

Talking about dining room window ideas, you certainly won’t go wrong with neutral tones. They are undoubtedly the most calming and soothing for any space.

To stay on the safe side without making the dining room boring, pick neutral-colored window treatments. You should put their durability into consideration, too.

Here, the homeowner installed the dark beige fabric blinds on the French doors and arched windows. They give off an inviting ambiance and a romantic vibe. The dining room truly feels cohesive, thanks to them.

13. Dining Room Window Ideas with Tab-Top Drapery

dining room window curtain ideas

These tab-top drapery panels are appropriate for a cottage or rustic homes. They polish the interior very well. Their rich texture brings intimacy as well as elegance to the dining room.

Furthermore, the beige and black tab-top drapes accentuate the dining room. Additionally, they block out the daylight and conceal wall flaws. These window treatments carry depth and drama to the interior as well.

The sheer white curtains welcome the sunlight in. They also enable the homeowner to showcase eye-catching fabric prints in her dining room.

14. Window Treatment Ideas for Small Dining Room

dining room window not centered

This dining room boasts draperies and woven rattan blinds. They ensure less sunlight filtration and extra visual dimension. Moreover, those window treatments create balance.

Interestingly, the homeowner didn’t hang the draperies right over the dining room windows. They make space seem more spacious and soften the hard lines of the rattan blinds.

The woven rattan blinds are stylish on their own. In addition, they let in daylight while keeping your privacy.

Despite featuring small patterns, the room feels unified, thanks to the consistent window treatments and color palette.

15. Dining Room Window Ideas with Capiz Shell Curtains

dining room drapery ideas

Without a doubt, these capiz shell curtains will bedazzle your family and friends. They quickly make the dining room strikingly aglow as well. Furthermore, the pieces give the interior a unique touch.

These curtains feature natural capiz shells. They marvelously adorn the double-hung windows and create a melodious window treatment. In addition, the units send out a coastal ambiance effortlessly.

The capiz shell curtains allow in sunlight while providing some privacy. They complement the beachy dining room’s color scheme, too.

Furthermore, the homeowner left her clerestory windows bare. However, they look stylish and bring plenty of daylight indoors.

16. Artistic Shutters for Dining Room Windows

dining room window valance ideas

If you want to adorn your dining room windows, consider these wooden Prouve-style shutters. Not only are they unique, but also give the interior a fresh look. The units make space modern as well as never plain.

This is one of the delightful small dining room window ideas. The Prouve inspired shutters are ornamental and functional. They let lots of daylight in without making the area feel busy.

Moreover, the Prouve shutters pose as the focal point. They grab everyone’s attention in a jiffy. The items add natural wood tone and texture to the dining room. Meanwhile, the white walls contrast splendidly with them.

17. Dining Room Window Ideas with Roman Shades

dining room window decorating ideas

These Roman shades come in white and soft blue. They set an inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, the units create a casual but trendy look without plenty of fabric gracing around.

Moreover, the gorgeous Roman shades hang on the French doors and windows. In a jiffy, they make the dining room feel more refined as well as personalized.

The white and blue Roman shades lend a bit of color to the room. They block out daylight and deliver some privacy at once.

18. Classic Curtains for Dining Room Windows

dining room bay window curtain ideas

In this case, the dining room employs patterned curtains in gray and black. They carry some drama to space. This window treatment quickly will generate a depth and carve a classy look.

Furthermore, the curtains sport small patterns. They give the French country style dining room a cohesive feel.

The black and gray curtains make the dining room seem bigger since they hang above the windows. Meanwhile, the chairs and vintage decoration offer visual symmetry.

19. Dining Room Window Ideas with Sheer Swags

dining room bay window curtain ideas

In this example, the billowy beige swags magnificently frame both arched and transom windows. They give off a luxurious ambiance. Furthermore, the units inject an elegant flair into the traditional dining room.

Sheer swags carry an airy atmosphere and country chic to space. They will draw your guests’ eyes upward as well.

Moreover, the dining room boasts a lot of intricate patterns. The billowy swags keep the interior from feeling too busy.

20. Double Window Treatment for Dining Room

dining room window dressing ideas

Layering window treatment is an awesome choice. It adds more texture as well as rich appeal to your dining room. Here, the off-white curtains, woven rattan blinds, and cornice look gorgeous together in this design.

The curtains extend up to this dining room’s ceiling. They make space seem taller and ensure complete privacy at once. Meanwhile, the woven rattan blinds instill a cozy vibe and allow in a little daylight.

21. Farmhouse Dining Room Window Ideas

farmhouse dining room window ideas

The crisp white curtains open up the farmhouse-inspired dining room. They make it feel cozy, airy and elevated all at once. Moreover, the items infuse a timeless touch into the scene.

Natural wicker woven blinds let the homeowner adjust her access to sunlight while delivering a rustic charm. They emanate a warm feeling, too.

Updating the windows is truly rewarding and fun. Use our dining room window ideas to help you pick the type of treatment that totally fits your taste. Last but not least, it should strike a balance between form and function.

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