23 Incredibly Wonderful Photos of Steve Aoki House

Talking about celebrity homes, people probably envision a glamorous abode. Today, we’re going to take you all inside the Steve Aoki house. The electro-house producer and DJ turned his property into an artwork.

At an auction, Steve Aoki purchased a humongous 16,000 sq ft property. He did not start looking for a mansion in the Las Vegas desert. However, people might say that the mega house found him.

Moreover, Steve Aoki bought the house for $2.8 million. Then, he has invested $5 million to transform it into his playhouse. The famous DJ also spent 2 years remodeling the massive abode.

Steve Aoki only said he needs to own the desert property. Later, the music star found that it requires lots of work. His outrageously cool playhouse features a sneaker closet, in-ground pool, and fabulous recording studio.

If you are a fan of Steve Aoki, take a gander at these pictures. Let’s dive into his modernist and technologically smart living space.

1. Steve Aoki House Scott Disick

steve aoki i'm in the house lyrics

The Steve Aoki house is truly expansive. He has completely renovated it. Moreover, the popular DJ even removed the floors.

Furthermore, Steve Aoki opened the house’s doors to his friend Scott Disick. This allowed the fans of reality TV to know the DJ’s desert home. The chart-topper also enlisted the property show host to decorate the room.

In Scott’s premiere episode of Flip It Like Disick, Steve let all the fans marvel at his grand playhouse. The DJ’s Las Vegas mansion boasts four bedrooms.

2. DJ Steve Aoki House

steve aoki swedish house mafia

When Steve Aoki purchased the property, it actually was a shell. He also envisioned the mansion to be an art gallery-esque funhouse. Well, the house is essentially his brain.

Moreover, the DJ also thought about a lot of incredible ideas. After that, he told a general contractor to turn his vision into reality. He gutted the desert house and truly changed everything.

Once the remodeling project has completed, Steve christened the mansion “Aoki’s Playhouse”. As you step inside, the reasons are totally obvious.

Steve Aoki owns art pieces that worth millions of dollars. He also has items by Damien Hirst and Bansky. In this example, the electro house producer displayed a Dragon Ball toy neatly on his black piano.

3. Sneaker Closet in Steve Aoki House

steve aoki house party

This walk-in closet proves that Steve Aoki is a true sneaker fan. The DJ has an extensive collection of sneakers.

Steve Aoki calls this room a sneaker archive. As you see, the monochrome closet in the Las Vegas home showcases his mesmerizing shoes.

Moreover, the closet features black shoe racks. They are an awesome contrast to crisp white walls.

The units allow Steve Aoki’s sneakers to steal the show as well. Meanwhile, creative lighting emphasizes his eye-catching shoes.

4. The Hallway of Steve Aoki House

steve aoki house summerlin

Speaking of Steve Aoki’s house, the DJ does not like bringing many people into his playhouse. Moreover, if he doesn’t know them, definitely they can’t come over. The music star said that there are too many things in the abode.

Steve Aoki himself is not much into big parties. People who come over are only their close friends and family. For him, the playhouse is his haven.

However, that doesn’t mean the music star has never hosted the chandelier-rattling fête.

When Steve Aoki was a college student, he had more than 400 bands playing in his living room. Unfortunately, this destroyed it. The party is the thing that the chart-topper doesn’t want to happen again.

The DJ’s waxwork statue by My3DNA resides in the hall. It is definitely one of the most mind-blowing works of art in the Steve Aoki house. The life-size sculpture looks so realistic, while self-portraits nicely frame the unit.

5. Living Room in Steve Aoki House

steve aoki house vegas

Steve Aoki proclaimed that his Las Vegas desert mansion is the only house that appears the way it should look. Before the renovation, this living room was plain.

Moreover, Steve Aoki sprawling’s house boasts many unusual yet fun features. One of them is a hanging rope swing. It does not only pose as a piece of art but also adds functionality to the space.

This living room boasts a color scheme of bright white and cool grays. The artworks lend the streamlined interior a whimsical touch. Lastly, the dragon tank is Steve Aoki’s mansion’s focal point.

6. Steve Aoki’s Sleeping Quarters

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As we mentioned before, Steve Aoki favors gray and white color palette. Here. The bedroom features a streamlined bed in black. It also boasts a polished concrete floor and cylinder marble side table.

Steve Aoki truly loves ultramodern particularly postmodern technical detailing.

Since the DJ embraces minimalism, he doesn’t have many furniture pieces in his sleepy space. The hammock gives the bedroom a playful vibe.

Stark white bedding contrasts with the black side table and bed frame awesomely. The sheer curtains come in three different colors. They tie Steve Aoki’s bedroom together.

7. The Exterior of Steve Aoki House

steve aoki homepage

Steve Aoki put his personal touch on the Las Vegas mansion’s exterior space. When the musician moved in, he said it was basically 40,000 square feet of the desert.

Moreover, Steve Aoki found nothing when he saw the backyard for the first time. Now, it is certainly one of the most marvelous backyards in the world.

8. Steve Aoki’s Walk-In Closet

steve aoki home we'll go

In addition to collecting sneakers, Steve Aoki has a massive collection of T-shirts and jackets in his walk-in closet. As an avid fashion fan, he displayed the clothing on the racks.

Furthermore, Steve Aoki’s closet features walls of mirrors. They make it seem more expansive. Meanwhile, the LED strip lights stylishly illuminate the space.

If you wanna see more references for walk-in closet, we have some magnificent ideas in this website.

9. Steve Aoki House Tour

dj steve aoki house

Steve Aoki spent 2 years working on his desert house. The DJ bought the property in 2014. Then, the musician moved into the home in 2016. Now, it becomes the chart topper’s playhouse.

Moreover, the whole Steve Aoki house is actually an amazing riot of color. Here, the unit wears vibrant colors.

10. 3D Sculpture by Banksy

steve aoki home las vegas

Steve Aoki’s main floor boasts three-dimensional art pieces from KAWS, his favorite artist. Furthermore, the room employs the Banksy 3D sculpture. It depicts the python eating Mickey Mouse whole.

The 3D sculpture by Banksy becomes Steve Aoki’s prized possession. He also finds that piece of art really cool. Furthermore, the DJ got the installation from the Dismaland exhibit in 2015.

11. Steve Aoki House with Foam Pit and Trampoline

steve aoki home we'll go (take my hand)

We seriously can’t get enough of Steve Aoki house. As you see, the trampoline room features a remarkable 20-foot mural by Los Angeles graffiti artist, Neck Face. It magnificently splashes across the whole wall.

Before the renovation, the room was a racquetball court. Since the musician is not into that sport, he transformed it. The DJ incorporated a rope swing, foam pit, and giant trampoline into the space.

Moreover, the large trampoline itself boasts a picture of Steve Aoki’s face. The DJ uses the high balcony as a platform for taking leaping into his ginormous black and blue foam pit.

12. KAWS Figures in Steve Aoki House

steve aoki home

Steve Aoki house includes an amazing collection of art. Furthermore, the musician himself dedicated his entire room to KAWS three dimensional sculptures.

Without a doubt, Steve Aoki is an art fan. KAWS is one of the DJ’s favorite artists. The 3D figures make for a striking museum.

This minimalist room features fabulous KAWS vinyl figurines. The white walls and open shelves allow them to catch attention. Moreover, the artist also created a personalized piece that advertises Steve Aoki’s clothing line.

13. Steve Aoki Home’s Color Palette

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As you see, the room’s color palette is pure white and dark gray. The space looks very modern and cozy, too.

The throw pillows in light colors stand out against large black sofas. Golden cylinder tables inject a luxurious feeling into the room.

Furthermore, the room boasts unusual figures and artwork. The art collection does not only give the interior character but also lends it a touch of whimsy.

14. Artistic Bathroom of Steve Aoki

steve aoki home design

Steve Aoki’s bathroom sports bright white walls. They open the whole space up effortlessly while generating a clean environment. Black roller shades nicely adorn the windows and give the interior drama.

The minimalist marble tub carves a lavish look. Moreover, the shower features some cool graffiti.

We love the juxtaposition of these bathroom elements. Lastly, the hanging towel holder keeps the DJ’s towels off the floor.

15. Steve Aoki’s Recording Studio

house of steve aoki

Before the remodeling project, this room was a movie theater. Steve Aoki converted it into his Neon Future Cave. The space is technologically smart.

The recording studio boasts a stalactite-like ceiling. It features LED lighting and juts with sharp edges. This space develops an enclosure feeling.

Moreover, the studio reminds us of the NASA control room. Here, the DJ made some top hits. Steve Aoki also has hosted other musicians in it.

16. Dining Room in Steve Aoki House

steve aoki house tour

Steve Aoki’s 16,000 sq ft house is predominantly white. These dark dining room ceiling and walls are an unexpected contrast to the home. Meanwhile, two striking chandeliers emphasize the long table.

Furthermore, Steve Aoki chose a Game of Thrones-inspired palette. The dark walls lend the dining room a dramatic effect. Flowers in cylinder vases quickly titivate the interior.

17. Stylish Kitchen of Steve Aoki

steve aoki card house

Don’t you love this kitchen? It belongs to Steve Aoki house. The musician is really proud of his gorgeous and trendy culinary space. Also, the white and gray color scheme makes the room feel timeless and sophisticated.

The marble kitchen island and cabinetry deliver a sumptuous feeling to the room. Meanwhile, the metal stools and fixtures fit into the streamlined interior.

Lastly, pendant lamps, LED, and recessed lights brighten the culinary space.

18. Steve Aoki Swimming Pool

steve aoki house disick

Here, we show you Steve Aoki house pool. It boasts the DJ’s recognizable logo. Moreover, the musician loves jumping into the unit from his roof.

Steve Aoki was not satisfied with the swimming pool’s depth and location. That’s why the musician built it closer to his house.

This in-ground swimming pool has a depth of 16 feet. Steve Aoki likes recording videos of other celebrities and musicians jumping from his balcony into it.

19. Steve Aoki House with Crestron System

dj aoki house

After buying the property, Steve Aoki converted the house into his dream living space. The Crestron system makes it technologically savvy. This technology platform controls the curtains, climate, blackouts, and sound.

The bedroom features large walls with sheer curtains in shades of white, taupe, and black. Vintage wooden stools hold books and offer extra seating.

Two egg chairs lend the Aoki’s bedroom a snuggly atmosphere. Meanwhile, the red area rug keeps the sleepy space from feeling lifeless.

20. Steve Aoki KAWS Museum

steve aoki house flip it like disick

This KAWS museum features stark white walls. They unleash Steve Aoki’s inner minimalist. The room also boasts technical lighting, a colorful rug, and a gray fireplace.

There is a usable swing in Steve Aoki’s living room. Meanwhile, the KAWS 3D pieces bring a dash of whimsy into space.

21. Steve Aoki’s Gymnastics Studio

steve aoki house instagram

Steve Aoki replaced the racquetball court with some fun features such as a foam pit, trampoline, and ping-pong table.

As the photo shows, Steve Aoki’s ping pong table has a futuristic style. The entertainment room also provides more space for his friends or family to sleep.

22. Skateboarding Ramp of Steve Aoki House

steve aoki home we'll go lyrics

Steve Aoki house is one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings in the world. Furthermore, the DJ built the skateboard half-pipe on his massive property.

The skateboarding ramp blends with the Las Vegas desert nicely. Moreover, Steve Aoki loves shredding his half-pipe.

23. Steve Aoki’s Room with Record Collection

steve aoki house pool jump

Steve Aoki has collaborated with many musicians like Linkin Park, Louis Tomlinson, Lil Jon, LMFAO, will. i.am, Iggy Azalea, and Afrojack. He displayed his record collection in this room.

The black record rack contrasts strikingly with the stark white walls. A tufted leather sofa creates a classy setting. Meanwhile, yellow decor and indoor bamboo trees give this room energizing splashes of color.

In conclusion, Steve Aoki house is both expansive and enchanting. Those pictures certainly offer some amazing design inspiration. We guess you’re fantasizing about the home of your dreams now.

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