20 Marvelous Star Wars Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

Whether you are a true fan of Yoda or Darth Vader, take a gander at our remarkable Star Wars bedroom ideas.

They help saturate the sleepy spaces in that science-fiction movie. The theme itself won’t get out of trend soon.

Furthermore, the Star Wars film series has been popular for decades. With the new movie release, different generations love the genre. Many adults and kids want their own sleepy spaces with this famous theme.

Today, you’ll discover some ideas to include the Star Wars vibes in the bedroom. They can offer great starting points. Feel free to personalize them for a one-of-a-kind space as well.

1. Blue Star Wars Boy Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom carpet

This is one of the terrific Star Wars bedroom ideas for boys. The space wears different blue shades. You can find them in lampshades, in soft area rug, in bedding, and on the walls.

Moreover, the Star Wars movie shows through perfectly in bedding and wall hanging.

Wood exposed beams and furniture units introduce a nice color contrast. They also prevent the bedroom from becoming too monochromatic.

The red toy lightsaber hangs on the wall horizontally. It doubles as an extra decoration to complete the Star Wars theme without looking too cutesy.

2. Star Wars Bedroom Ideas Baby Boys and Girls

star wars bedroom cheap

If you are a geeky parent, steal the look of this nursery. The Star Wars baby’s bedroom is not complete without a fluffy tauntaun rug.

This baby’s nursery is a perfect combination of soft textures as well as colors and Star Wars. It is an excellent sleepy space for your little one. Moreover, the vinyl decals and throw pillow display movie quote.

The toy lightsaber titivates the soft nursery. Meanwhile, bright blue and crisp white walls provide a lovely contrast to dark-toned wood furnishings.

Lastly, sheer curtains let in just enough sunlight for an open, airy baby’s sleepy space.

3. Dark Stark Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom diy

Not all Star Wars bedroom decorations have to be airy and bright. This is definitely the sleepy space for the ultimate fan.

The ceiling depicts a deep night sky. Furthermore, it features little stars. There are also sun flairs that awesomely fade into the brighter blue walls. Light gray flooring offers a delightful contrast.

Moreover, the bedding solidifies the bedroom’s Star Wars theme. Meanwhile, numerous art items and posters embellish the walls. The bookshelves showcase small toys and collectibles.

4. Twin Boy’s Bedroom in Star Wars Theme

star wars bedroom dunelm

Do you have two small boys? If yes, this is one Star Wars bedroom ideas to try. The intricate design gives the space a more mature feel. Meanwhile, the spaceship and star decals adorn the dark blue walls.

Bedroom walls’ lower part sports a subtle gray-blue hue. The color certainly reminds you of mechanical spacecraft parts. Meanwhile, the white molding sets two shades apart. Red accents give the space visual depth.

Millennium Falcon 3D model suspends from the white ceiling. It seems like the unit is flying freely through space.

Lastly, a black wooden bunk bed imparts a fun ambiance. The furniture provides a fantastic contrast to other colors, too.

5. Planet Hoth Inspired Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom for baby

Here, the Star Wars decorative pieces saturate the bedroom completely in the movie.

Furthermore, the entire room’s theme makes your kid feel like he is on the cold planet, Hoth. This is where the spectacular battle took place.

The gray bed is reminiscent of the T-47 air speeder. This unit comes with a comfy trundle underneath which provides additional sleeping space.

Fluffy bedding, blue paint, and texture walls make a Hoth-inspired winter wonderland.

Moreover, the homeowner kept the rest of his furniture simple, so it doesn’t detract attention away from the Star Wars-themed bed. Certain elements also lend this bedroom a personal touch.

6. Lego Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars accessories for bedroom

This is definitely a fun Star Wars inspired bedroom. Moreover, Lego details remind your young man of his favorite video game. The wall art is the room’s focal point. Meanwhile, gray-blue walls tastefully offset it.

The Lego AT-AT walker sits in the bedroom’s corner. Tiny Star Wars decorative pieces complete the boy’s sleepy space. An Attack of the Clones themed bedding maintains the room’s childlike style.

Minimalist furniture units do not divert attention away from adorable Star Wars accessories. The LED light bars reside behind the wall mural. They make fabulous lighting.

7. Bedroom with Dark Star Wars Decorations

grown up star wars bedroom

Speaking Star Wars bedroom decorations, they focus on Yoda, Skywalker, Leia Organa, and other heroes. However, you could opt for the dark side.

Here, the bedroom features a dark blue accent wall. The life-size Darth Vader decal injects Star Wars vibes into space. Meanwhile, classic vinyl wording from the movie’s beginning emphasizes the theme.

The lighter blue bedding displays Darth Vader images and stormtroopers. Chewbacca artwork adorns the plain wall. Meanwhile, the dark carpet and wood furnishings add visual depth to this bedroom.

8. Colorful Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom items

This is one of the captivating Star Wars bedroom ideas. The bright blue walls provide the backdrop for the sleepy space.

Furthermore, the decals boast epic characters such as Darth Maul and Yoda. They lend the area a touch of excitement.

Moreover, the bedding reminds your child of different ships from the Star Wars movies. It also features an x-wing and ties fighter.

The furniture pieces are a bit more mature. They make the bedroom a perfect transitional sleepy space for pre-teens and older kids.

Black floating shelves hold Star Wars memorabilia. The neutral lighting and curtains ensure that the decorations as well as colors do not saturate the bedroom completely in the movie.

9. Star Wars Loft Bedroom Ideas

star wars inspired bedroom

The sunny loft is an ideal place to generate a Star Wars-inspired bedroom. Whether for a college student or a teenager, this sleepy space boasts an eye-catching mural.

Moreover, the mural serves as the bedroom’s focal point since nothing else displays Star Wars. The crisp white with only a couple of splashes of color creates a clean and futuristic space.

This bedroom features a mechanical desk chair. It is reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit.

10. Star Wars Bedroom Ideas for Adults

star wars bedroom lamp

Who says the Star Wars theme is only for kids? The grown-up can have a fun sleepy space, too.

In this case, the bedroom boasts minimalist wall decals. It also features sleek furniture pieces, a basic lamp, and bright white bedding.

Furthermore, the decals nicely depict Luke Skywalker, Millennium Falcon, and Death Star. They provide a subtle, grown-up Star Wars style.

Even the closet Star Wars fans will admire this bedroom. It also won’t turn people who aren’t geeks of the genre away. This space could be an excellent combination for any couple.

11. Spectacular Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars lightsaber bedroom light

Talking about space themed bedroom ideas, incorporate metal bunk beds into the teenage boy’s sleepy spaces. It will definitely provide a fun base. Here, the bed features toys and storage underneath.

For older children, change the cubbies with toys to a study desk. You could transform the window into an outer space hatch. Keep the seating minimal, too.

Moreover, LED lighting mimics blue sun flairs, while black accents depict outer space. The Star Wars memorabilia as well as toys complete the scene. White walls make your young man feel like he is in the ship’s corridor.

12. Star Wars Bedroom Decor Ideas

star wars bedroom mat

Speaking of Star Wars bedroom ideas, some have more fun and adorable design. They appeal to small kids. Here, the walls boast mottled paint that fades stunningly from dark blue sky to bluish snowy landscape.

The decals sport the opening words. They also showcase planets and a little stormtrooper. Moreover, the Star Wars bedding infuses more blue layers into the bedroom.

Furthermore, the bedroom features crisp white doors and accents. Dark-toned furniture pieces bring depth to the interior. This is certainly an ideal place as a transitional space for teenage boys.

13. Black and Gray Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom decor

Typically, Star Wars bedroom ideas have varying shades of blue. However, they are definitely not for everyone. If your teen boy wants something different, you could use warm tones to decorate his space.

Here, the dark taupe walls feature vinyl decals with Yoda’s quote. Meanwhile, the bedding wears shades of black, burgundy, and brown. It also solidifies the Star Wars theme.

The tauntaun rug warms the floor up. Cherry wood furniture items carve an inviting mood. Small decorations titivate the dresser. Lastly, lightsabers add a pop of blue into the bedroom.

14. Fun Cartoon Star Wars Themed Bedroom

star wars bedroom furniture

People normally associate Star Wars bedroom ideas with dark and serious decorations. That’s not always the case. Here, the bright sleepy space boasts a mural featuring storm troopers, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, and Kenobi.

Moreover, the mural with blue details steals the attention. The lighting, bedding, and round rug wear blues in different shades. They complement the wall art really well.

Crisp white furniture units hug the light blue walls. In addition, they pair tastefully with the whole color scheme.

15. Classic Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom curtains

If you like something classic, this is one of Star Wars’ bedroom ideas to steal. These days, new movies grab attention. However, old classics are popular for a long time.

Here, the kid’s bedroom includes A New Hope mural. It perfectly amplifies the Star Wars theme. This space also employs simple window blinds, dark blue walls, and stark white furnishings.

Your teenage girl or boy likes the classic movies of Star Wars the most. This is a great way to create a big impression in his or her bedroom.

16. Blue and White Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

 star wars childrens bedroom accessories

If you want your kid to love Star Wars early, apply this idea. The nursery looks visually pleasing, thanks to white furniture and bright blue walls.

Large open shelves hold Star Wars decorations and toys. Meanwhile, the lightsabers above the crib adorn the wall.

The planet and stars mobile completes the science-fiction theme. It entertains your baby, too. Bedding continues the bedroom’s blue and white color scheme.

17. Black and Red Star Wars Bedroom

lego star wars bedroom

This is one of the cool Star Wars bedroom ideas. The decoration style employs classic blacks and reds. They make a nice and fun theme for older or younger kids. Black walls lend the space dimension.

The red chevron patterned curtains add color to the interior. Meanwhile, the bedding ties everything together.

Moreover, decorative pieces work like Star Wars toys and design elements. The homeowner kept the rest of the bedroom walls white, so space doesn’t feel too cluttered.

18. Star Wars Bedroom Ideas with Tauntaun Rug

star wars boy bedroom ideas

The nursery doesn’t always wear pastels. Here, the baby’s room boasts dark colors. Taupes and blacks dominate the space.

Moreover, the crib, changing table, and curtains go well with the black accent wall. They sport blacks in varying shades. Vinyl decals match the taupe walls perfectly.

Two blue lightsabers embellish the bedroom walls without looking too cutesy. Meanwhile, the tauntaun rug tops the floor. It picks the colors and partners with taupe as well as white crib really well.

19. Inviting Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

star wars bedroom pottery barn

If painting the walls doesn’t seem possible, then this idea is certainly for you. The bedroom features a Chewbacca plush toy. It spices up the bed.

The white rug is reminiscent of tauntaun. Blue striped bedding reminds your child of R2D2. Natural wood headboard and black lettering provide a backdrop for it.

White walls and black frames pull the bedroom’s colors together. Lastly, the metallic side table rounds out the science-fiction look.

20. Classy Star Wars Inspired Bedroom

star wars bedroom clock

This Star Wars themed bedroom will be an ideal sleepy space for any ship’s captain. The print combinations and classic hues generate a cohesive feel.

Moreover, the design is grown-up enough for adults or older kids. It boasts trendy Star Wars prints as well. A mix of yellow, gray, and blue works nicely together for the bedding and walls.

The red window coverings and corner bookshelf bring enough vibrant color to the room. They keep the bedroom elements appealing and multidimensional.

Whether you create a sleepy space for children or adults, don’t hesitate to try our Star Wars bedroom ideas. They will awaken the force instantly in your abode. The theme itself won’t get out of trend anytime soon.

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