21 Bedroom Fireplace Ideas That’ll Leave You in Wonder

The warm hearth is surely a vital part of any interiors. Snuggling by the central heating on cold days brings back some dreamy memories. Here, we’ve had captivating bedroom fireplace ideas for you to try.

The sleeping quarters should be both snuggly and welcoming. Moreover, the fireplace can transform a plain bedroom into an ultra-comfy sanctuary. It does not only enhances the space but also delivers style and extra heat.

These stunning spaces offer to decorate inspirations as well as renovating ideas. They’ll inspire you to integrate a fireplace into the bedroom, too. Furthermore, this list covers some fabulous designs of the fireplaces.

From luxury marble mantels to sleek surrounds, we believe there must be a fireplace that fits into your decor.

Moreover, the top designers have incorporated fireplaces into the relaxing bedrooms to make them more gorgeous.

1. Contemporary Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

bedroom with fireplace ideas

This master bedroom boasts a sleek fireplace. It lends contemporary minimalism to the sleepy space. Moreover, the clean lines tastefully highlight the unit.

The black and white fireplace injects character into the bedroom. Additionally, it warms up the entire space on cold nights.

Furthermore, the fireplace looks more appealing with the help of a framed monochrome photograph. The homeowner also created a cozy conversation area next to it.

2. Bedroom Fireplace Ideas with TV

small bedroom with fireplace ideas

Searching for master bedroom fireplace ideas? If so, we recommend trying this design. Here, it instantly makes the space both inviting and stylish.

The fireplace brings modern panache as well as warmth to the bedroom. Meanwhile, the stained oak panels surround it elegantly.

Hanging the television over the fireplace becomes a hot trend. In this case, the Samsung flat-screen TV mounts nicely above the unit. Lastly, two bright red armchairs stimulate intimate conversations.

3. Glamorous Classic Bedroom with Fireplace

bedroom fireplace wall

This striking bedroom certainly wows everyone. It features a magnificent white fireplace. In a jiffy, the unit gives the space warmth as well as elegance.

The homeowner showcased watercolor artworks over the fireplace and on the walls. They perfectly complement her master bedroom’s color palette.

Moreover, the glass vase sits atop the fireplace mantel. The ottoman and chair make a cozy bedroom. Blackened brass light fixtures, wool curtains, and a four-poster bed exude a luxurious feeling.

4. French Country Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

bedroom fireplace decor

In this case, the sumptuous bedroom employs a classic style fireplace in taupe. It does not only create a soothing vibe but also produces an inviting atmosphere and a glamorous look.

The fireplace poses as the bedroom’s focal point. Moreover, the homeowner created a seating space in front of it. Meanwhile, a French lamp and antique vase sit atop the French wooden table.

Furthermore, the watercolor artwork hangs above the fireplace mantel. Vintage embroidery panels, gilded tapestries, and pencil seashell drawings take the white wall from meh to mesmerizing.

5. Master Bedroom with Marble Fireplace

bedroom fireplace wall

The marble trim gives the fireplace a glamorous, inimitable look. It matches the master bedroom’s theme perfectly. In addition, the unit brings elegance and timeless grandeur to the interior.

Moreover, the brown marble trim accentuates the fireplace. The artwork and vintage wall sconces mount above the unit. They also lend the bedroom visual symmetry.

The 1920s armchair and Moorish chairs juxtapose the retro pendant light. Light gray custom carpet contrasts wonderfully with the brown marble fireplace. It warms the master bedroom up as well.

6. Bedroom Fireplace Decor Ideas

bedroom fireplace and tv ideas

Talking about Victorian bedroom fireplace ideas, you should consider this design. Here, the black marble fireplace infuses both glamor and drama into the sleepy space. It fills the area with romance as well as warmth, too.

Furthermore, this master bedroom features knotty pine panels. They carry rustic charm to it. In addition, the wooden paneling amazingly surrounds the black marble fireplace.

The muted red bed and window curtains imbue the bedroom with a regal feel. Meanwhile, velvet with customized fringe covers the floral Napoléon III armchairs.

These furniture pieces reside on the floor by the fireplace gracefully.

7. Woman’s Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

bedroom with fireplace and tv

This retro woman’s bedroom is complete with a fireplace. The unit itself sports crisp white trim. It is certainly a stark contrast to the pale lilac wall.

The fireplace highlights the bedroom’s beauty. A pair of monochrome artworks hang over it. They lend the interior a stylish look quickly. Meanwhile, the metallic wall sconces accompany them.

A white table and purple lounge chair make for a comfy seating area. The 3D artwork adorns the wall above the bed with a blue cashmere blanket. Lastly, a patterned rug, red candle, and flowers enliven the bedroom.

8. Corner Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

1 bedroom apartment fireplace

The neutral canvas infuses a relaxing vibe into this bedroom. Meanwhile, the window walls let you enjoy the breathtaking ocean view from the sleepy space. They also allow a great amount of daylight to shine in.

Moreover, this master bedroom features Jean Royère ottoman poufs. They look nice on the gray cashmere carpet.

The walnut cabinet hides a pop-up TV. White linen bedsheets and throw pillows keep the whole interior looking clean.

The concrete corner fireplace is attractive. It does not really consume any extra space, too. Additionally, this tall unit goes with the wood ceiling and floor very well.

9. Marble Bedroom Fireplace with White Trim

installing a bedroom fireplace

Speaking of master bedroom fireplace ideas, you won’t go wrong with marble. Here, the material truly fits the vintage theme. Moreover, the crisp white trim contrasts fabulously with the light gray wall.

In front of the marble fireplace, there are customized slipper chairs with throw pillows. They infuse optimum comfort into the master bedroom. Meanwhile, the small metal table holds a vase full of pink flowers.

The Robert Ryman all-white canvas hangs over the fireplace, while the wood-framed artwork livens up the wall above the neoclassical chest.

Lastly, the area rug and floor-to-ceiling curtains deliver a touch of grandeur to the area.

10. Minimalist Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

bedroom chimney ideas

This master suite belongs to the New York apartment. It boasts a sleek fireplace with limestone open shelves. The shelving accommodates decorative pieces.

Furthermore, the minimalist fireplace adds both character and style to this master bedroom. The Samsung TV mounts awesomely over it. Framed works of art look great against the stark white background.

The armchair and stool set sits on the gray carpet next to the fireplace. In an instant, they make the sitting area super cozy. A dark wooden nightstand lends the bedroom extra warmth while holding a vase and lamp.

11. Black Marble Bedroom Fireplace with Seating Space

small bedroom fireplace ideas

Here is another contemporary master bedroom. As you see, it features a black marble fireplace. The unit lends the sleepy space a luxury appeal and dramatic effect at once.

The muted green Gracie wallpaper stunningly frames the marble fireplace. It does not only jazz the bedroom up but also carves a tranquil setting.

Furthermore, the green velvet lounge chair and beige armchair in front of the marble fireplace ooze comfort. The bed wears Casamanca silk.

Meanwhile, the statement pillow titivates it. The table lamp exudes a contemporary vibe.

12. Simple Bedroom Fireplace Ideas with Open Shelf

bedroom corner fireplace ideas

This master bedroom employs a simple but stylish fireplace. Since the unit sports a black hue, it is undoubtedly a drastic contrast to bright white walls. The open shelf keeps the sleepy space looking trendy and airy.

Moreover, the sleek fireplace boasts selenite logs from Creel and Crow. Meanwhile, ornate framed painting mounts above it. The item delightfully complements the master bedroom’s color scheme.

Windows let the homeowner enjoy the mesmerizing outdoor view from her master bedroom. Shag carpet and fur blanket convey coziness.

13. Rustic Style with Fireplace

bedroom chimney breast ideas

This master bedroom belongs to the Montana home. The customized walnut four-poster features bed linens. In a flash, they create a welcoming statement.

Furthermore, the stone fireplace lends this bedroom a rustic flavor. It effortlessly carves an inviting cabin feel as well. The basket holds some firewood.

The off-white walls and floor-to-ceiling curtains exhibit a serene vibe. They also make the master bedroom feel both airy and open.

14. Contemporary Bedroom with Brick Fireplace

bedroom fireplaces ideas

Do you love contemporary design? If yes, this is one of the bedroom fireplace ideas to implement.

Here, the guest room boasts an Aboriginal mat behind the bed. Meanwhile, the multicolored area rug instantly draws the eye.

The whitewashed brick fireplace gives the guest bedroom an industrial flair and a clean feeling. Firewood delivers a rustic charm to it. A dark wooden stool sits atop the hearth, while the artwork quickly steals the spotlight.

Moreover, retro wooden chairs lend the conversation area a rustic appeal. They allow the homeowner and his guest to hang out in style.

15. Alabaster Stone Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

bedroom fireplace decorating ideas

This master bedroom marvelously opens to the sky basin views and outdoor space. It features a stylish fireplace with a polished alabaster surround. The unit itself has a chevron tile pattern.

The alabaster fireplace and sweeping outdoor views make a romantic master bedroom. Meanwhile, the stone accent wall infuses a rustic vibe into the sleepy space.

Furthermore, the homeowner displayed the black-framed artwork on the stone wall above the fireplace. The chair, throw pillow, and table contribute to the sitting area’s comfortable ambiance.

16. White and Wood Bedroom

bedroom fireplace mantel decor ideas

As you see, the fire spectacularly glows in this master bedroom. The sleepy space itself belongs to the Swiss retreat of Giorgio Armani.

Furthermore, the bed boasts a fur coverlet. Meanwhile, a black nickel base bears the mahogany tabletop.

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The fireplace fills the guest’s nights with warmth. Additionally, it generates a contemporary flair and snuggly atmosphere at once. Furthermore, the unit injects the character into this bedroom.

Dark-toned wood fireplace surround, floor, and walls cozy the bedroom up. They deliver a glamorous cabin appeal to space, too. Lastly, the floor-to-ceiling curtains in beige make the sleepy space seem bigger.

17. Fireplace with Mantel

electric fireplace ideas for bedroom

Looking for vintage bedroom fireplace ideas? If so, do not hesitate to apply this design in your abode. The neutrals quickly give the interior a relaxing atmosphere.

The gold framed botanical prints spruce this bedroom up. Meanwhile, the ottoman, blanket, and sofa chair keep the area feeling cozy.

Moreover, the fireplace instantly heats the master bedroom. The wood-framed mirror and potted houseplants decorate the mantel. They match the theme of sleepy space as well.

18. Beige and Turquoise Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

corner fireplace ideas for bedroom

Here, the Garouste pendant lamps and FontanaArte mirrors beautifully flank the monochrome painting. It hangs over the bedroom fireplace. Meanwhile, the beige carpet pampers the guest’s bare feet.

Moreover, the fireplace sports a black marble trim for a luxurious look. There is a super comfy conversation area in front of it. It includes two blue velvet armchairs.

The pedestal table with a glass top accommodates the vase with flowers.

19. Bedroom Fireplace Ideas with Glass Doors

fireplace ideas in bedroom

This master suite boasts a gray bed with linen upholstery fabric. It has a Queen Anne style. The pale beige silk curtains deliver instant glamor to the bedroom.

Tufted bench lets you and your spouse have congenial conversations. The beige and white fireplace fits completely into this master bedroom. Meanwhile, black doors give it a touch of drama.

Furthermore, the framed artworks over the mantel adorn the space, while the wing chair and table sit next to the fireplace.

20. Ample Seating Space in Bedroom

master bedroom fireplace ideas

In this case, the master bedroom features a beige fireplace. Moreover, the ornate wall sconces and chandelier over the mantel carve a vintage flavor. The flowers and vibrant painting brighten up the sleepy space.

The homeowner positioned a slipcovered sofa, low wooden table, and rug in front of this bedroom fireplace. Cowhide armchair and lounge chair bring extra seating to the room. Lastly, a tiered side table holds decorations.

21. Small Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

bedroom fireplace surround ideas

This small master bedroom features crisp white walls. They do not only make the sleepy space seem larger, but also develop an airy ambiance. The windows bring lots of natural light indoors.

The limestone mantel nicely accentuates the bedroom fireplace. It displays framed artwork and tiny decorations. Meanwhile, the black framed mirror instantly gives the space dimension. This sitting area looks so elegant, right?

We do hope those bedroom fireplace ideas inspired you. They show that central heating is really crucial. It provides character, aesthetics, and function. That’s why we suggest building one in your sleeping quarters.

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