22 Bathroom Ceiling Ideas That Will Captivate You

Most of the time, many homeowners ignore their bathroom ceilings. The ceiling offers great potential and helps customize the lavatory area. That’s the reason I collect impressive bathroom ceiling ideas for you.

This design guide aims to urge you doing a bathroom update. Moreover, it turns your dream bathing space into reality. From exposed beams to a tray ceiling, you must want one. So, let’s scroll down to find inspiration.

1. Rustic Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The ceiling is covered in reclaimed wood planks. They carry nature-inspired texture and timeless grandeur to the space.

Three iron ceiling-lights compliment the ceiling and illuminate the room when night falls. What a rustic sanctuary!

2. Small Bathroom with Vaulted Ceiling

Do you have a small space? It’s no problem. Build a vaulted ceiling to make your bathroom appear larger than it is.

Clad the ceiling in pure white grooved wood planks for a stylish look. Use weathered wood beams and vintage metal chandeliers to adorn the ceiling.

3. Skylight in Bathroom

Who doesn’t love this bathroom? It is welcoming and magnificent, thanks to Cathedral ceiling. In seconds, it opens up the area.

The skylights keep the space sunny and allow you to gaze at the stars from your bathtub. High gloss finish wooden beams evoke an air of opulence.

4. Beadboard Bathroom Ceiling

This bathroom boasts a beadboard ceiling. It gives the space a refined coastal look. The narrow planks of beadboard introduce rustic charm.

Downlight and square flush mount ceiling light cast a bright glow. White walls instantly refresh the room.

5. Bathroom Ceiling Paint

Here, the ceiling is painted medium Yale blue. Does it not only make a bold statement but also draw the eye upward.

White crown molding, walls, and sanitary ware generate a clean environment. Blue and white French country curtain spice up the space.

6. Bathroom Ceiling Cladding Wood

The long slim gray subway tiles on the walls convey a sense of sophistication. Window walls allow the bathroom to bask in the sunlight.

Wooden ceiling cladding renders coziness to the space. Its telltale groove creates visual interest.

7. Bathroom Light Fixtures

The soft neutrals come together in this bathroom. They emanate a serene ambiance and lead to a Zen-inspired space.

White-painted ceiling keeps the area from feeling moody. The recessed lights in the ceiling brighten the whole room.

8. Small Bathroom Ceiling Designs

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, you won’t go wrong with white color scheme. It intangibly expands the space.

The smooth surface of ceiling projects modern design. LED accent light and recessed lights provide optimum illumination.

9. Black Bathroom Ceiling

This bathing space is nothing but cool. The tops of the walls and ceiling are coated in black paint. They trick the eye into seeing a taller ceiling.

Additionally, black ceiling brings instant drama to the scene. Meanwhile, cylinder flush mount lights and saber wall sconces generate a well-lit room.

10. White Painted Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Are you crazy about beach style? Try this idea. The white wood plank ceiling exhibits a seaside ambiance.

Muted sage green walls contrast softly with the ceiling. Starfish ornaments up the cottage vibe.

11. Dimmable Bathroom Lights

Slim taupe subway tiled-ceiling and wall define the claw-foot tub area. The glass enclosure demonstrates an open setting.

The rest of the ceiling is painted gray. LED accent light and dimmable downlights create a soothing atmosphere.

12. Unusual Bathroom Lights

The light gray ceiling is a subdued contrast to white walls. Many pot lights in the ceiling resemble the star-studded sky.

Gray and white mosaic tiles take the bathroom from plain to polished one. Wooden open shelves display gray towels.

13. Modern False Ceiling Design for Bathroom

This bathroom is so breathtaking, thanks to modern false ceiling. It makes a grand statement and creates the illusion of more space.

The downlights and LED ceiling lights cast an atmospheric glow. Bathtub brings a touch of interest to the area.

14. Bathroom down Ceiling Designs

As you can see, the bathroom features slanted and drop ceilings. The homeowner painted them white for a crisp, airy look.

Crystal flush mount light and downlights maintain a dazzling room. Plant and flowers add splashes of color to the otherwise neutral scheme.

15. Recessed Coved Bathroom Ceiling

This bathing space is extravagant. Look at the crystal chandelier. It renders superior illumination and luxury.

The recessed coved ceiling lends the room the old-world Victorian charm. Accent light and pot lights set a warm ambiance.

16. Coffered Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Beige walls convey a feeling of tranquility. The upholstered chaise lounge, shag rug, wood floor, and velvet throw blanket cozy up the space.

Metal-coffered ceiling elevates the bathroom design. A drum pendant light adorns the area.

17. Tray Bathroom Ceilings

There are two cream floral-patterned tray ceilings in this bathroom. Along with the walls, they promote an intimate setting.

White crown molding is a lovely contrast to the ceilings. Built-in oval bathtub, framed artwork, and base molding carve a royal feel.

18. Creative Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The pillar, classic wall sconces, and geometric floor tiles preserve a lavish bathroom. Corner tub optimizes the small space.

Curved and recessed ceilings scream elegance. Flowers and leafless tree decor titivate the scheme.

19. Black Bathroom Ceiling Light

The black ceiling gives the bathroom a dramatic effect. Meanwhile, LED downlights look like blinking stars in the night sky.

Window walls allow for a mesmerizing city skyline view. I won’t mind spending my lazy evenings in this space.

20. Bathroom Ceiling Trim

White base molding, ceiling, and trim contrast with gray walls divinely. Black furniture units stand out from the rest of the room.

Two fixed pendant lights light the bathroom. Burlap window blinds and wooden jug warm up the space.

21. White Glossy Bathroom Ceiling

The white ceiling has a high gloss finish. It creates a glamorous air, while pot lights keep the space from being dim.

Beige and wood walls deliver a homey ambiance to the room. A corner shower saves space on the floor.

22. Bathroom Ceiling Ideas Cheap

This bathroom employs corner tub and shower. Wood cabinets balance out the coolness of gray and metal elements.

A white coat of paint on the ceiling makes the space feel airy. The light fixtures provide even brightness.

I hope my bathroom ceiling ideas motivate you to embark on the home improvement journey. You can either hire an expert or do the installation yourself. The choice is in your hands.

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