22 Terrific Bathroom Accessories Ideas to Inspire You

You may not have a spacious bathroom with a fancy tub and marble tiles. Nevertheless, small accents can take your bathroom from meh to marvelous. My bathroom accessories ideas will help you achieve a cozy and stunning retreat.

These small details do not only make the bathroom look excellent, but also save a huge amount of money. In addition, your bathing space gets more organized and attractive with a little effort. So, read on for insanely chic accessories.

1. Bathroom Accessories Amazon

This white-painted Mason jar bathroom set is bought from Amazon. It invokes a farmhouse feel in a split second.

There are also white soap dish and tissue storage box on the wall-mounted wooden shelf. A cream-framed mirror over bathroom set creates the illusion of more space.

2. Bathroom Decorating Ideas Picture

Pictured here is a stainless-steel towel rack with shelf. The shelf accommodates white, yellow, brown, light gray and taupe dispensers.

The backdrop is a black-painted textured concrete wall. It allows the white towel and accessories to steal the show.

3. Bathroom Accessories Walmart

The crystal-glass toothbrush mug, shampoo dispenser, and soap dish from Walmart create a spotlessly clean setting. They stand out against concrete vanity top.

Limestone sink and wooden toothbrushes bring the elements of nature indoors. Stainless-steel faucets lend the bathroom an industrial edge.

4. Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

As you can see, the white floating vanity comes with pullout drawers. It looks awesome against medium gray backdrop.

The pullouts hold spare towels and beauty products. Both contemporary vanity and drawers keep the room tidy.

5. Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

The gray tray houses ceramic water glass, hand soap dispenser, and 4-hole toothbrush holder. Those bathroom pieces match well with marble vanity top.

Moreover, they promote an uncluttered environment. The potted plant adds freshness to the space.

6. Rustic Bathroom Accessories

Rattan tray provides space for a white towel and tissue box. Meanwhile, rattan storage box keeps some beauty stuff in place.

The rattan bathroom gadgets offer the rustic charm. Marble vanity top exudes an air of opulence.

7. Industrial Bathroom Accessories Sets

Metal tray, soap dish, liquid shampoo dispenser, razor holder, cotton ball organizer, and tissue box are painted matte black. They produce an industrial feel.

Furthermore, white-painted brick backdrop gives the bathroom rustic appearance. Polished concrete vanity top exhibits a masculine vibe.

8. Bathroom Decor Ideas Pinterest

This bathing space is accessorized with black polyresin dispenser, cotton jar, soap dish, toilet brush holder, and tumbler. They bring texture and instant drama to the area.

The concrete vanity top embraces the rustic style. White backdrop is a nice contrast to black bathroom decorative pieces.

9. Bathroom Accessories Design Ideas

Stainless-steel hand towel holder contributes to the bathroom’s industrial flair. The wooden table takes the chill off the metal unit.

Subway and hexagon tiles result in a playfully contemporary space. The greenery emanates an invigorating vibe.

10. Target Bathroom Accessories

The homeowner incorporated a stainless-steel toilet paper holder into his bathroom. He mounted it to the wall. It stores toilet paper roll nearby.

Moreover, the holder teams well with concrete backdrop. It demonstrates industrial flair.

11. Blue Swirl Bath Accessory Set

Navy subway tiles in a vertical stack bond pattern lead to a dramatic backdrop. They contrast delightfully with white vanity top.

Blue swirl-toilet-brush holder, soap dispenser, and toothbrush mug adorn the area. Along with hand towels, they unite the room.

12. IKEA Bathroom Accessories

This chrome-plated ring hanger from IKEA keeps the soft gray towel off the bathroom floor. Since it has no visible screws, the space looks organized.

The towel holder, metallic-framed wall hanging, and hardware carve an industrial flavor. White vanity and backdrop open up the room.

13. Bathroom Accessories Sets

Here, I have bathroom set made of premium stainless steel. It is not just durable but also gives the space an expensive appearance.

Additionally, it provides space for displaying robe, towel, and toilet paper. The gray backdrop evokes a sense of masculinity.

14. Modern Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Concrete wall tiles offer a rough texture. Stainless-steel soap dispenser holder and hardware celebrate modern industrial design.

Red liquid soap in a bottle and blue makeup brush mug spice up the room. Light gray backdrop and white vanity let them stand out.

15. Luxury Bath Accessories

Sleek concrete vanity and wall tiles represent the industrial aesthetic. They go perfectly with metal hardware.

Stainless-steel shelf and holders accommodate towel as well as ornaments. The houseplants keep the space from being boring.

16. Monochrome Bathroom Themes Ideas

Blush pink accent wall softens the look. A pendant light illuminates the space in the night. Black and white soap dishes continue the monochrome theme.

The wooden rod is outfitted with white shelf and black hooks. It displays soap, hand towel, book, and toothbrush holder.

17. Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Are you on a tight budget? Use round metallic items as the support for your shampoo dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush mug.

The gleaming vanity top pairs fabulously with the accessories. Wood decor infuses warmth into the scene.

18. Traditional Bathroom Sets

White vanity top and walls preserve a clean bathroom. They also visually stretch the space.

Classic marble soap dishes elicit the feelings of grandeur and luxury. They let your soap dry naturally too.

19. Robe Hook Bathroom Set

Those metal hooks are both stylish and functional. They keep your bathrobes in place.

The accessories add the right final change to the bathing space as well. White backdrop allows them to sing out.

20. Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Are you living in an apartment? Steal this idea. The long wooden storage box has two fixed compartments. It holds bathroom essentials and hand towels.

The caramel floor tiles and wooden accessory warm up the area. White walls maintain a bright room.

21. Minimalist Bathroom Accessories

Here, natural stone mosaic tiles lend the bathroom a rustic touch. Along with sanitary ware, they set a serene ambiance.

The minimalist metal bathroom gadgets support liquid soap dispenser and comb holder. They inject a dash of glam into the area as well.

22. Unique Bathroom Accessories

This white toilet roll holder is made of porcelain. It looks uniquely appealing and sturdy at once.

Not to mention, the holder oozes understated sophistication. Surely, it is a high-end addition to the cream textured wall.

I hope that you enjoy my list of bathroom accessories ideas above. Choose the stuff that truly meets your needs and budget. So, are you ready for a quick bathroom refresh?

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