21 Fantastic Apartment Balcony Ideas to Inspire You

For people who dwell in apartments, having sprawling backyards is surely impossible. However, if they have balconies, a little attention will transform their unloved outdoor spaces into favorite hangouts. Before revamping yours, browse through these apartment balcony ideas.

The furniture pieces that you pick for your apartment balcony are very crucial. They should be weather-resistant. Moreover, plants are excellent for sprucing up the area. Also, consider privacy when decorating the outdoor space.

1. Eclectic and Exquisite

This apartment balcony looks special due to the eclectic blend of decorating styles. Two gray chairs with white seat cushions introduce a mid-century modern appeal.

The patterned throw pillows lend the apartment balcony a Mediterranean vibe. In addition, they make the outdoor area seem cohesive.

There’s also a metal table with a stone top. Furthermore, it offers a rustic atmosphere. Meanwhile, the unpainted wooden floor accentuates the blue furniture featuring a concrete planter.

Potted houseplants accompany sleek glass railings. Moreover, the dwarf shrub, orange pumpkins, and colorful flowers punch the balcony up.

2. Small Apartment Balcony Ideas

Dwell in an apartment? If so, chances are you have no massive space to accommodate furniture items. Choosing a minimalist look is a brilliant idea for certain.

You should make a long-lasting balcony investment. Moreover, consider opting for certain materials such as plastic, teak, redwood, synthetic wicker, and wrought iron. They can handle outdoor elements well.

This tiny apartment balcony, for example, features two metal wire chairs and a stainless steel table. Apart from generating a minimalist appeal, they allow two individuals to enjoy remarkable city views.

Lastly, the black spiral wall sconce looks impressive against the light gray wall. It illuminates the apartment balcony while evoking a modern feel.

3. Cheerful and Captivating

Speaking of apartment balcony ideas, take cues from the photo above. The concrete fence and white metal rails encase this outdoor space.

The bare wooden planks appear on the floor for outdoorsy vibes. Furthermore, the creamy-white brick wall and ceiling exude calmness.

Two armchairs become centerpieces on this apartment balcony. Additionally, they infuse the outdoor area with fresh energy.

The orange table and planter provide instant warmth. Also, they clash with the green pot and bright blue furniture units. Moreover, plants and pink blooms inject some life.

4. Apartment Balcony Decoration Ideas with Plants

With many apartment balcony ideas to select from, this space is still worth copying. Here, the dweller transformed her dull outdoor area into an urban jungle.

The untreated wooden floor and unpainted brick walls surely nod to the rustic style. Moreover, they make the apartment balcony more inviting.

There are a few wooden raised beds on the balcony. They complement the floor and walls while holding ornamental grass and flowers.

Natural green accents evoke a sense of serenity. In addition, the light brown wall highlights climbing vines, while the floating bench lets you sit comfortably with a cup of black coffee.

5. Apartment Balcony Ideas with Resin Wicker Chairs

Talking about apartment balcony ideas, consider adding just a few furniture pieces. By doing so, your pint-sized outdoor area won’t seem cramped.

The deep gray resin wicker table and curved back armchairs bring serious sophistication to the apartment balcony. Moreover, they produce visual depth.

The cream seat cushions and pastel gray tabletop soften the look. Additionally, the concrete floor and sleek metal rails exude a modern vibe.

Underfoot is a taupe and gray patterned area rug. In addition to serving as a focal point, it provides another layer of comfort. Lastly, the lantern on the tabletop spruces the apartment balcony with an energizing pop of red.

6. Small Balcony Furniture Ideas for Apartments

Have an overlooked apartment balcony? If yes, it’s time to transform your area into a marvelous hangout for entertaining.

As you see, cool white dominates his tiny apartment balcony. The light shade appears on the fences, walls, and ceiling for an airy nuance.

The wooden and black metal chairs give the balcony added function as well as style. They make for a cozy outdoor dining area, too.

The geometric accent wall offers a touch of personality. Furthermore, the marble tabletop embraces an upscale feeling.

7. Cozy Apartment Balcony Ideas

This is another eclectic apartment balcony. The outdoor space employs a pastel blue and white anchor area rug that exudes a nautical flair.

The brick walls and metallic railings lend the apartment balcony a modern industrial touch. Moreover, the bright white table and chairs are not only foldable but also open up the outdoor area.

Potted plants nestle on the tables, in the corner, and on the floating shelf. In addition, they make the apartment balcony feel like an urban jungle.

Throw pillows with pineapple prints offer tropical vibes. Speaking of apartment balcony wall decor, the space boasts a wooden beach sign, a flamingo-shaped piece, and lanterns.

8. Apartment Balcony Ideas On A Budget

I do love this apartment balcony. As the image shows, the wooden planter wall carves the tone for the outdoor space. Meanwhile, the globe string lights illuminate the area and generate a festive ambiance.

The blonde wood pallet sofa features white seat cushions. Apart from being weather resistant, they make the apartment balcony seem airy.

Straw floor poufs work as additional seats. Furthermore, the rug ensures that the apartment balcony is cozy.

Farmhouse planters hold striking flowering plants. Potted houseplants enliven the apartment balcony, while candles evoke a relaxing vibe.

9. Back to the Basics

Speaking of decorating an apartment balcony, picking the right materials for furnishings is vital. Do not invest in puny furniture pieces.

This apartment balcony, for example, has a couple of wrought iron chairs. Not only do they carve instant drama but also withstand bad weather elements.

The outdoor table features wrought iron legs and a concrete top. Furthermore, it makes the apartment balcony feel cohesive.

The metal rails and floor clash with adjacent red bricks. Also, they provide a sleek minimalist aesthetic. Moreover, the dweller kept the rest of his apartment balcony simple.

10. Modern Apartment Balcony Ideas

If your apartment balcony is pretty spacious, why not set up a cozy lounging spot? This outdoor space boasts ample seating. Moreover, the minimalist deep gray sofas provide maximum comfort and drama.

Large planters come in dark gray, too. Furthermore, they infuse serious sophistication, while the metal coffee table and textured wall lend the balcony an industrial flair.

Because of statement plants, the apartment balcony becomes a tranquil hangout. Two sleek green chairs energize the space. Topping off the light gray floor is a geometric patterned rug. In addition, it inspires cohesiveness.

11. Apartment Balcony Ideas with Affordable Decking

This is one of the fabulous apartment balcony ideas. Normally, balconies feature concrete floors that lack personality. You surely can spice yours up by installing interlocking wooden deck tiles.

I highly suggest you use interlocking deck tiles since they’re a breeze to install. Moreover, they’re suitable for renters because the pieces aren’t hard to remove.

Here, the black sofa and navy wall give the apartment balcony a dramatic statement. In addition, crisp white seat cushions make the outdoor area brighter.

The potted plants on the wooden floor perk the apartment balcony up. Due to the metallic gold piece, the area seems slightly luxurious.

12. Tiny Balcony Furniture for Apartments

If your apartment balcony isn’t expansive, don’t add bulky furniture items to it. Here, the outdoor space only boasts a sleek round table and two curved back armchairs. They make for a stylish sitting area for the dweller and her spouse.

Exposed brick walls and fences offer a rustic flair. Moreover, polished concrete floor tiles provide something comfortable underfoot. The plants and blooms enliven the apartment balcony with bursts of yellow as well as green.

13. Classic and Cozy

Searching for charming apartment balcony ideas? If yes, have a look at this picture. The space features brick walls and gray wooden planks. Furthermore, they embrace a rustic feeling.

The wrought iron sofa, table, and chairs accompany the ornate railings. In addition, they infuse a classic touch.

Lounge chairs with beige cushions evoke laid-back vibes. Moreover, the wooden screen offers protection from prying eyes, while shrubs and green planters rejuvenate the apartment balcony.

14. Super Tiny Apartment Balcony Ideas

As you see, the apartment bedroom looks onto the balcony. Simple metal railings do not only represent a modern appeal but also generate an airy scene.

The dweller hung her potted herb and flowering plants from the railings. Moreover, the bold red patterned blanket sends out a comfy feel.

The light gray patterned seat cushion softens the look. Above are throw pillows that come in brown, light pink, and pale beige.

15. Seaside Apartment Balcony

For people who dwell in seaside apartments, this is one of the apartment balcony ideas to apply. The clean white ceiling embraces a light feeling.

Since the apartment balcony overlooks the ocean, the dweller installed glass panels. They do not obstruct spectacular views.

The concrete floor melts with the railings. Furthermore, black geometric planters offer instant drama, while the succulent and tall plant carve a lively look. Lastly, the monochromatic armchairs with gray cushions unify the apartment balcony.

16. Bohemian Apartment Balcony Ideas

If your apartment balcony is somewhat tiny, consider going for a modern boho look. Here, the outdoor space receives serious drama from the planter wall as well as the floor.

Crisp white surfaces balance out the black ones while offering a clean atmosphere. Furthermore, the balcony boasts pint-sized lounge and dining areas.

The rug, throw blanket, and pillows provide layers of comfort. Moreover, the plants liven up the apartment balcony without occupying too much space.

The geometric planter is a sight for sore eyes. Additionally, the rattan ornaments and a wooden sign send out bohemian vibes.

17. Mysteriously Mesmerizing

An apartment balcony is a safe place to experiment with moody hues. The plant stand, candleholders, sofa, floor, and accent wall wear black. In addition, the units provide a serious yet sophisticated look.

The textured fence and walls give the apartment balcony character. Due to the black backdrop, adorable throw pillows become visible.

Two monochromatic rugs produce a unified feel while giving off a super cozy ambiance. Herbs and colorful blooms please the eye.

18. Rustic Apartment Balcony Ideas

Don’t let your apartment balcony go overlooked. You can borrow this marvelous idea. As the picture shows, the black metal rails encase the outdoor space while oozing drama.

The round wooden table softens the apartment balcony’s look. Also, it accompanies two foldable chairs for a homey dining area.

Interlocking deck tiles generate rustic vibes. The plants and white blooms invigorate the apartment balcony, while the muted blue rug infuses a touch of color.

19. Urban Jungle

There are numerous apartment balcony ideas to apply. I can’t help but adore this outdoor space. Here, it looks tranquil and lively because of the plants. In addition, they convert the area into an urban oasis.

The black wooden planks accentuate the wicker pouf, jute rug, and boho-style throw pillows. Furthermore, two rattan chairs emanate a relaxing air.

The large planters provide textures and personality at once. Moreover, the gray sheepskin throw blanket lends the apartment balcony utmost comfort.

20. Pretty and Inviting

Just because your apartment balcony is super tiny doesn’t mean it should look pathetic. This space seems gorgeous due to soft pink blooms.

Interlocking wooden deck tiles offset the warm white rug. Additionally, the white seat cushion on the gray bench highlights the throw pillows.

Speaking of small apartment balcony privacy ideas, this one boasts galvanized metal panels. Furthermore, they harmonize with the concrete plant stand.

21. Simple Yet Striking

This is one of the modern apartment balcony ideas that I admire. White and black produce a sharp visual contrast.

The deep brown privacy screens keep nosy neighbors out. In addition, they let colorful ball lights steal the spotlight.

Since the dweller lives in the apartment alone, she only added a hanging chair to her balcony. Furthermore, it exudes a chic vibe and laid-back ambiance. Fresh blooms and leaves jazz the scene up with pops of red and green.

After reading up on those apartment balcony ideas, I hope you don’t neglect your precious outdoor space anymore. Remember, the area is truly worth decorating. Last but not least, copy any of the examples above that suit your budget as well as preference.

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